Mobile Spy Free Download - Phone Software Full Version

Mobile Spy Free Download - Phone Software Full Version
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Mobile Spy Free Software: Advanced mobile phone monitoring. Make sure your kids use their smartphones responsibly Monitoring text messages, GPS location , call details, photos, and social media activity. View the screen and location LIVE!

Mobile Spy Free Download - Phone Software Full Version

Features Mobile Spy Free


You will be able to access both incoming and outgoing call logs . Plus, all related data such as contact name, time, date, and duration.


You can view the full list of the target phone’s contacts. You also get the possibility to block unwilling people from calling or sending SMS.


You will be able to read SMS and view MMS and all related data such as contact name, time, date, and message or photo. Noteworthy is the fact that Mobile Spy Free can show you even deleted SMS/MMS.


You can decide which applications, sites your kid/employee is allowed to reach. Plus, you can get access to blackberry pin messages, iMessages, Wi-Fi Inserting, and set SMS Commands, activity filtering & alerts, and get comprehensive reports.


You can see all incoming and outgoing videos and photos/screenshots.


Stay informed about the current location of your kid/ employee


You can view all websites entered and any searches done with the target phone. By the way, you will be informed even when the internet access is done in a browser incognito mode.


Skype Spy , Telegram Spy , Line Spy, Viber Spy , WhatsApp Spy , Snapchat Spy , and Facebook Messenger Chats Spy.

Other features:

Calendar and Events Timeline

Desktop/Mobile Monitoring Solutions

Keystroke & Password Logging

Multiple Device Management

A "No jailbreak Required" Options

Control Panel

Additional Device info

Device Wipeout and Device Locking

Mobile Spy Free Download

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The World’s Most Advanced Mobile Spy Software Free: What Is It Like?

Kids don’t tell you the truth, do they? Wish to ensure that your employees work when they are supposed to, right? Do they minimize or hide windows when you walk by? We have the perfect solution for you – try Mobile Spy Free, one of the latest Free cell phone Spy monitoring software apps currently available. This cutting-edge phone tracking program lets you monitor any compatible smartphone and makes it possible to see exactly what the target person is doing, when, and how. Be updated with everything your kid or your employee does. No more secrets! It’s high time you stopped employees/kids from abusing the privileges of texting and calling! Reveal all their web and computer usage habits.

Fast Mobile Spy Overview

When compared to similar services, Free Mobile Spy is greatly packed with outstanding capabilities. Indeed, it boasts 25+ cool features:

Call logs (incoming and outgoing) and all corresponding information

SMS/MMS and all corresponding information (even deleted SMS/MMS)

GPS Locations


Desktop/Mobile Monitoring Solutions

Browser Incognito Mode



Contacts along with the possibility to block unwilling people from calling or sending SMS

Keystroke & Password Logging

Multiple Device Management

Wi-Fi Inserting

Blackberry Pin Messages

Website Usage & Searches


Calendar and Events Timeline

Social Activity Spy: SpyFacebook, Spy Twitter, and Spy WhatsApp

Spy Emails

Instant Messages: Viber, Telegram, Line, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger Chats, Skype, and Snapchat

Spy iMessage s

File Usage & Transfers

History recover

Activity Filtering & Alerts

Powerful Administrative Tools

Remote Settings: Control Panel, Additional Device Info, Device Wipeout and Device Locking

Keyword alerts

Application blocking

A “No Jailbreak Required” Option

Hide/Show icon

Comprehensive Reports

SMS Commands.

Plus, Mobile Spy Free offers some other benefits, including the following ones:

Quick Installation

Ease of Use: no need to be tech-savvy to install and use it

24/7 Support and Assistance


Step-by-Step Instructions

Remote installation help


Live Chat

Free Updates

Tech Support

Multi-lingual Interface

Several packages to choose from

Discounts for further purchases

Multiple payment alternatives.

The Mobile Spy Free Application Is Great For:

Safeguarding your children. Secretly monitor your kids to always keep them out of harm’s way.

Tracking your employees. Keep an eye on your employees to ensure that they use their phone or their working time in a proper way.

Backing up data from your phone.

Tracking your phone if it was stolen.

Key Advantages This Mobile Spy Software Offers

Being one of the industry-standard smartphone surveillance software programs, Mobile Spy offers many benefits for both parents and business owners.

Supervise your kids remotely but securely and you will be able to:

Get the possibility to secretly safeguard your kid against bad influence, habits, or unwilling people

Know the inner world of your child

Learn how mature/immature your teen is

Know where your children are at every single moment and set geo zone limits

Set time/sites/application limits or block certain contacts/websites/apps

Make sure your kids use their smartphones responsibly.

Keep an eye on your employees and you will be able to:

Know everything your people are doing during working hours

Eliminate all possible side jobs

Protect your business assets

Increase employee accountability

Reduce theft losses

Motivate your employees.

Mobile Spy’s all-seeing eye will become your ideal partner for all legal spy options.

Android Spy App

Protect your kids from online dangers – choose the only Android tracking app that can solve all your problems! Spyware that really works!

Why do you need a reliable Android spy app ?

Being a parent is the best job in the world that brings true happiness. However, along with all that great joy, it also brings challenges to deal with, especially when it comes to existing today's online dangers. That’s why every concerned parent needs a reliable Android spy app! After all, in today’s world of digital innovation, almost any kid spends most of their time online. Want to protect them? The only way to do it right is to install powerful spyware for Android on their device. The next question is, what Android tracking app to choose? Obviously, you need spyware you can trust!

Mobile Spy is the best choice among existing spy apps for Android!

Although there are many spy apps for Android existing today, this one has proven to be the best tracking app when it comes to underage kids, and there are several good reasons for that. First, this spyware is available at a very reasonable price affordable for everyone. Second, it is very easy to use and install. Finally, Mobile Spy has all the required features you need to protect your minor kid. No wonder, this Android spy application already has over 1,000,000 satisfied customers from all over the world!

Spyware for Android : key features

When we say that Mobile Spy is the best spyware for Android on the app market, we mean it! With its unique set of useful features available at a reasonable price, this Android spy application is a real find for any caring parent. See for yourself!

GPS location

Call history and contact list

Incoming call blocking

Text messages and MMS

Website history

Website and app blocking

Photos and videos

Instant messengers, including Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, and Tinder

This list of Android spy features is actually not exhaustive, as such a powerful tracking app provides its users with lots of other abilities for any taste!

How to install this Android tracking app on the device?

All you actually have to do is to download the spyware for Android on the target device, which means that you will need physical access to your kid’s phone or tablet. The whole process takes just several minutes and doesn’t require any special skills. Once it is done, you can start tracking the target device immediately from your Control Panel. That’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Protect your underage kids online – buy Mobile Spy now!

iPhone Spy App

Undetectable iPhone spy software for caring parents! Choose only the best spy app tailored to protect teens and tweens online!

What is an iPhone spy app?

We live in a world of digital technologies and the Internet, which undoubtedly give us lots of benefits and advantages. However, there is also bad news about that. While teens and tweens tend to spend all their free time surfing the Net, they are very susceptible to online dangers. This is where a reliable iPhone tracker may come in handy! Moreover, the powerful spyware for iPhone is a must-have tool for any caring parent or legal guardian. So the question is, how to find the best iPhone spy app ?

Spyware for iPhone that will exceed all your expectations!

Among all the existing tracking apps and spyware options, finding the right tracker may seem to be challenging. However, that’s not the case, if you know what to look for! First of all, an iPhone spy tracker must be able to protect your kid from cyberbullying, violent video games, sexting, and other dangers. Second, this spyware should be easy to use and certainly available at a reasonable price, which makes Mobile Spy a number one iPhone tracking app today!

Mobile Spy iPhone tracking app features

With such a powerful iPhone spy tracker at your fingertips, you will be able to secure your kid’s Internet activity and even more! Here is just a shortlist of tracking features offered by this spy app:

call management;

SMS and MMS details;

GPS location and geo-fencing;

emails, notes, and calendar tracking;

web history monitoring;

websites and applications blocking;

instant messengers tracking, including iMessage, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, and Skype.

As you can see, such multi-functional spyware for iPhone was designed to satisfy any parent’s needs. Without a doubt, this app is a smart choice when it comes to the protection of underage kids!

More benefits from the trusted iPhone tracker!

The most pleasant thing about this iPhone tracking app is that this software can be used to spy on absolutely any version of non-jailbroken iDevices, including the latest ones! Moreover, you don’t even need physical access to the target device, only its iCloud credentials. However, if you want to install this spyware on a jailbroken phone or tablet, you can also do it with ease. In such a case, however, you will need access to the target device in order to install the iPhone tracker on it.

Still not sure about the purchase of spyware? Try a free 7-day trial version available for everyone! You are guaranteed to like this smart spy!

Whatsapp Spy App

Opt for the best WhatsApp spyware designed for family needs! This powerful spy app is guaranteed to exceed all your expectations!


Track date, time, and duration of every free call

Read text messages

View deleted messages

Monitor WhatsApp Activity on non-jailbroken iOS devices

Track all multimedia messages

WhatsApp spy app as a tool for your family’s protection

When it comes to your family, you must take every precaution to make sure they are safe and protected. This is especially true for underage kids. However, since teens and tweens spend a significant amount of time on their smartphones or tablets, you need to make even more efforts to protect them online. This is where you need a reliable WhatsApp spy app! With such a tracker at your fingertips, you will be aware of all the problems your kid faces on the Internet and, therefore, will be able to protect them from possible depression and frustration. So what is the best WhatsApp spy tracker today?

WhatsApp spyware you should know about

Among a variety of WhatsApp spyware options available on the app market, Mobile Spy strongly stands out. The fact is that this powerful WhatsApp tracker is not just an app able to spy on another person’s WhatsApp calls, text messages, photos, videos, and other multimedia files – it is also an easy-to-use tracker that can be installed on any popular model of both, Android and iOS devices. Moreover, this spyware is compatible with even non-jailbroken iDevices, which makes it the number one tracking app for thousands of people around the world!

WhatsApp tracker features and capabilities

Just like professional spyware, the Mobile Spy WhatsApp tracker boasts a whole range of monitoring features and capabilities. This smart app is intended not only to spy on WhatsApp activity of another person but also to provide its users with full access to the target device. For example, this app is a great tool to monitor:

incoming and outgoing calls;

sent and received SMS and MMS;

emails, notes, tasks, and calendar;

website history;

installed applications;

GPS location;

photos and videos;

instant messages sent via Facebook, iMessage, Viber, Snapchat, Skype, and other popular messengers.

In other words, this spyware gives you a unique opportunity to track every app, program, or activity that takes place on your kid’s phone or tablet!

WhatsApp spy tracker you can download for free!

Any reliable spyware should have a free trial version, and this app is not an exception! Therefore, if you still don’t know whether to buy it or not, you can try its 7-day trial version without paying a dime. It is your risk-free chance to know what it likes to use a professional WhatsApp spy application for your kid’s protection. So what are you waiting for? Download now and enjoy the result!

Snapchat Spy App

Snapchat spy allows you to get access to everything your kids are doing within Snapchat in a completely incognito mode.


View Multimedia Files

Monitor Text Messages

Track Important Details

Compatible also with iOS Spy , Windows Spy , and Mac OS Spy

24/7 multi-language support

Snapchat spy software designed for caring parents

Why do you need Snapchat spy software? The first and the most important reason to spy on Snapchat is certainly the problem of sexting. The fact is that this instant messenger automatically deletes all the sent messages in only several seconds, which makes it just a perfect app for sharing obscene images and even naked photos. As a caring parent, you should understand all the negative consequences of such behavior and, therefore, do your best to prevent your kid from being engaged in this activity. That is why the Snapchat spy app is a must-have!

What is the best way to spy on Snapchat?

Even though many trackers available today claim they can monitor Snapchat activity, only a few can actually do it effectively, and Mobile Spy is one of them. Moreover, this smart app can not only spy on Snapchat but also monitor many other activities that take place on the target device. For instance, with the help of this Snapchat spy application, you will be able to monitor:

GPS location;

call logs;

SMS and MMS;



website history;

installed programs;

photos and videos;

other instant messages, including those sent via Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Tinder, iMessage, and Skype.

That’s not all! Along with the ability to monitor online activity, you will also be able to block all those websites and applications you consider inappropriate for your kid. The Mobile Spy app is a real magic wand for all caring parents!

The Snapchat spy app is available for everyone!

Don’t think that the ability to monitor your kid’s device will cost you an arm and a leg because it won’t! This Snapchat spy app was designed to protect children online and, therefore, is available at a very reasonable price to suit any family budget. Moreover, you can always start with a 7-day trial app version and spy on Snapchat for free – just to make sure that it really works!

How to spy on someone’s Snapchat without them knowing?

Since the Mobile Spy app works in a stealth mode, to spy on someone’s Snapchat without them knowing is not a problem. If you want to monitor another person’s Snapchat account, you simply need to download and install this app on their device. Once it is done, you can spy on their Snapchat from your Control Panel whenever and from wherever you want. However, don’t take our word for it – try for yourself!

SMS Tracker

With a reliable tracker at your fingertips, spying on text messages is as easy as ABC! Try for yourself!


viewing text-messaging data on your personalized control panel

tracking incoming and outgoing messages

tracking deleted messages

Sender/Recipient of the text message

The date and the time of the text message

Text message tracker you are looking for!

When it comes to the kid’s protection from bullies and sexting, having the ability to track text messages they send and receive is crucial. After all, since tweens and teens spend most of their free time on smartphones and tablets, messages are the first things to track in case you see changes in their behavior or mood. Do you know the smart way to do it without them knowing? Certainly, you need to install a text message tracker on their device! Luckily for you, the best text message spy is available to download right here!

To spy on text messages has never been easier!

The powerful Mobile Spy tracker is a unique software that can spy on text messages in stealth mode. Moreover, it allows its users to view not only all incoming and outgoing messages but also those that have been deleted, which means that you will have full access to your kid’s correspondence. No less important is the fact that this tracker is compatible with all popular Android and iOS devices, including those without jailbreak. Therefore, if you really need a reliable spy app to track text messages of your kid, this one is the only choice!

Text message spy with expanded features

To install the Mobile Spy tracker on the target phone or tablet means not only to spy on text messages but also to track all other activities that take place on that device. For example, you will be able to:

monitor call logs and contact list;

view multimedia messages;

read incoming and outgoing emails;

track GPS location;

block inappropriate websites and applications;

read instant messages sent via iMessage, Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, and other messengers.

In this way, this text message tracker is actually not just an SMS monitoring app – it is real spyware able to monitor any activity on the target phone or tablet!

Track text messages to make sure your kid is safe and happy!

No matter why you want to track the text messages of your child, do not hesitate to do it! It will help you keep them safe from painful experiences and frustration. Moreover, you are not alone in it! A friendly team of customer support managers available 24/7 is always ready to answer your questions and give advice. Besides, if you are not sure about purchasing this text message spy application right now, you can always start with a free 7-day trial!

Viber Spy App

Looking for the best Viber spy app for Android or iOS devices? Mobile Spy is exactly what you need! 25+ useful features. Free trial and download.


See the details of free calls

sent and received texts and photos

View group-messaging session logs

Access tracked data via the Control Panel

blocking undesired phone numbers

What you should know about the Viber spy app

Since Viber allows people to send messages and make voice calls for free, it is one of those popular communicating apps that are so attractive to underage kids. It is actually the main reason why every caring parent needs a trusted Viber spy app or software! This is especially true when it comes to cyberbullying, sexting, online predators, and numerous other dangers they may face on the Internet. However, with the powerful Viber spy software, you can control your kid’s online activity, thus protecting them from all possible harm!

Viber spyware that you can trust!

Even though you can find numerous Viber spyware options online, there are only a few apps that can provide you with effective Viber spy features, and the Mobile Spy software is the best of them. This reliable spyware is your unique chance to get full access to your kid’s Viber account remotely. Once installed on the target device, the tracking software will give you the ability to:

see the time, date, and duration of every Viber call;

monitor all texts, stickers, and multimedia files shared via this app;

view all group messages and their details.

Viber spy software with professional spyware features

Along with the ability to track Viber account, this Viber spyware offers a whole range of other monitoring features, including the opportunity to:

track GPS location;

read SMS and view MMS;

monitor call logs;

block age-inappropriate websites and apps;

View photos and videos stored on the device;

read emails and notes;

view messages sent via other instant messengers, such as Facebook, iMessage, Snapchat, Skype, WhatsApp, and LINE.

With this unique Viber spy software, you will know exactly what your kid is doing online, whom they are communicating with, and other useful information required for their protection.

Viber spy software that works on any Android or iOS device!

Mobile Spy Viber spyware is compatible with all popular Android and iOS devices, which makes this software the number one choice for thousands of people around the world. Moreover, it is available at a very attractive price that will never hit your wallet, not to mention a free 7-day trial version you can download right now. In this way, no matter your reason to use spyware, no matter your kid’s device model, no matter your budget – the Mobile Spy software is the best option for you!