Monimaster App Reviews Cell Phone Monitoring for Parents

Monimaster App Reviews Cell Phone Monitoring for Parents
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MoniMaster, a parental control tool, allows you to view and monitor various phone data and activities for the safety of your child.

MoniMaster allows you to keep track of all Android models.

MoniMaster is an app that tracks your child's Android phone actions and location in order to safeguard them from harm.

The Best Android Monitoring Software

The world's most advanced parental control app for monitoring and guiding your children's internet activities on their Android phones.

How We Assist Parents in Keeping Their Children Safe

You should be aware of their location.

Track your children's current location and view detailed location history. Set up Geo-fences as safe zones (home, school, etc.) and receive notifications when your child enters or exits certain areas.

Prepare ahead of time.

On your child's Android phone, go through all of the photos/videos in the gallery and read all of the sent/received/deleted text messages. If you receive any odd messages, take action ahead of time.

You should be aware of who they are messaging.

With Android phone monitoring software , you can keep track of all of your child's social media app activities, including shared photographs, emojis, and stickers. You are kept up to date.

Monimaster App Reviews Cell Phone Monitoring for Parents

Almost Everything is Viewable on Your Children's Android Devices!

Without rooting the target device, this Android surveillance tool allows you to see practically all of the data on your children's phones. The online data viewing dashboard can assure that you are being watched in complete secrecy.

View Phone Documents

On the target device, access to contacts, text messages, images, videos, browsing history, and installed programs.

Control and tracking from afar

Tracking the location of the phone from afar or creating a safe zone for it. Can also remotely capture screenshots, take photos, and record phone calls.

Keep an eye on your social media apps.

Account actions and app alerts can also be monitored in addition to shared photographs, emoticons, and stickers.

With MoniMaster, you'll always know what your kids are up to!

MoniMaster not only monitors app data but also allows parents to follow their children's whereabouts and view frequently used contacts on their Android phones.

Location Spy

To ensure that children remain secure, know their specific address and location history.

Contacts on a Regular Basis

Check your children's phone logs and text messages to learn about their frequent contacts.

Activities in the App

To avoid social media addiction, keep track of the apps your children use on a regular basis.


Check the keystrokes on your children's devices to see what they're looking for and saying on the internet.

Taking Screenshots

Tracking screenshots allows you to keep an eye on your children's devices in real-time.

Logger for Wi-Fi

Track the Wi-Fi loggers on your children's devices to see where they've been.

In Three Easy Steps, You Can Monitor Your Child's Android Phone!

No prior technical or computer experience is required to use this Android phone tracker. You can monitor your child's Android phone by following these simple steps.

1. Register and make a purchase

Create a genuine account with your email address and purchase the plan you require.

2. Install and Download

Finish the setup process, download the app, and log in to your account.

3. Begin tracking your progress.

To begin monitoring the target devices, go to the monitoring panel on your browser.

Industry leaders and millions of families rely on us.

The 'MoniMaster Parental Control and Family Locator program is designed to help busy parents manage their parenting responsibilities more effectively. AlternativeTo, APPLE FANS, DIGITAL, and other industry leaders have now approved our MoniMaster software.

No matter where you are right now, how distant you are from your child, or which devices your child and you have, your child is always with you as long as MoniMaster is available.

MoniMaster allows you to monitor your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch without having to jailbreak them.

MoniMaster for iOS can track over 20 different file kinds, including social media communications (WhatsApp, LINE), SMS, phone calls, and media files.

Monitoring App for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

One of the greatest iPhone parental monitoring apps for extracting information from your target's iOS devices.

Why should you use MoniMaster to keep an eye on your iPhone?

20+ iPhone file types to keep an eye on

More than 20 file kinds, including social app communications and media files, can be monitored.

Without jailbreaking your iPhone, you can spy on it.

There is no need to jailbreak the iPhone, ensuring data security and a higher monitoring success rate.

All data is exportable to a local computer.

All of the files being tracked can be exported to a local computer, which is an advantage over our competitors.

For a little price, you can take advantage of the tremendous features.

For the yearly plan, you can receive this fantastic iOS monitoring product for only $9.16 per month.

Technical assistance that is both professional and prompt

You'll get access to technical assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure a smooth iPhone monitoring experience.

MoniMaster iPhone Monitoring's Powerful Features

MoniMaster, a wonderful assistant you can trust, can monitor more than 20 different sorts of data on the monitored iPhone.

Support for monitoring WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, Viber, QQ, and Kik chat history, as well as media files, emojis, and other social apps.

Reading Messages: Read all of the target users' sent and received messages, including deleted data.

Checking iPhone Text Files: View data from iPhone Reminders, Calendars, and Notes.

Tracking of Incoming and Departing Calls: Keep track of all incoming and outgoing calls, including names, timestamps, and length. It is possible to check all of the contacts.

Checking Media Files: Look for any form of multimedia files on the target iPhone, such as images, movies, and voice memos.

Viewing Safari and Bookmarks: View all of the target person's Safari searching histories and bookmarks to see what they're up to online.

Monitoring WhatsApp with the Best Software

A fantastic and simple solution for monitoring everyone's WhatsApp conversation and communication activities in minutes!

Monitoring WhatsApp with the Best Software

MoniMaster WhatsApp Monitoring app is a fantastic and simple application that allows you to monitor everyone's WhatsApp chat and communication activities in minutes!

Track WhatsApp in a Variety of Ways

Fantastic software for keeping tabs on your children, employees, or others' WhatsApp data.

Track WhatsApp Conversations

It will display any missed calls or received messages on your computer for you, making it very simple to see who is calling or contacting you when you are not near your phone.

Check Your WhatsApp Messages

Read all types of WhatsApp communications, including text/voice messages, emojis, photographs, video previews, GIF previews, and documents.

Check Your WhatsApp Status

You may privately access various WhatsApp statuses, even deleted or expired ones, as well as quotes, images, videos, and other media.

WhatsApp Calls Can Be Recorded

On both incoming and outgoing calls, you can listen to WhatsApp calls without any restrictions. Allows you to record WhatsApp calls and audio messages from a distance.

All of your WhatsApp monitoring requirements will be met.

Every option you may want is included in the WhatsApp monitoring tool . With the MoniMaster WhatsApp monitoring online dashboard, you can effortlessly store them in the database.

Photos on WhatsApp

You have access to your child's WhatsApp images sent and received without them knowing.

Videos on WhatsApp

You can watch WhatsApp videos without attracting anyone's attention. MoniMaster, on the other hand, simply shows thumbnails of videos to avoid extra data rates.

Screenshots from WhatsApp

Screenshots from WhatsApp might let you save communications and keep track of what they're up to.

Voices on WhatsApp

Listen in on WhatsApp conversations and save the messages to your PC for later perusal.

Documents on WhatsApp

You can download any sort of WhatsApp-compatible file (PDF/DOC/ Excel /TXT/PPT/etc). Files that have been deleted can also be retrieved.

Activities on WhatsApp

You can monitor all activity, including screen time usage, frequency of use, and exact login date and time.

iCloud Account Monitoring for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch - MoniMaster

MoniMaster for iCloud allows you to keep track of a variety of data on your child's iPhone, including GPS location , contacts, photos, videos, and iCloud Drive, among other things.

iCloud Monitoring Solution by MoniMaster

The most powerful iCloud monitoring tool for secretly checking data on the target iPhone is via iCloud.

The Importance of iCloud Parental Monitoring

The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones . And nowadays, many children have their own iPhone, which they use for communication or education. They may have unrestricted access to the internet, which could lead to phone addiction and a vulnerable network environment.

It's not enough to keep an eye on their iPhone's local files; they need also keep an eye on their iCloud data. This information could show what your children do online.

What Our iCloud Monitoring Tool Is Capable Of

Our iCloud monitoring tool may let you monitor a range of data kinds on the target iPhone/iPad/iPod touch without the user sees, and you can track the information you need remotely using our iCloud monitoring tool.

Four Reasons to Choose Us

Supported by an online dashboard

On the online dashboard, you may view all of your iCloud data without any browser restrictions.

There is no way to install an app.

To maintain confidentiality, you don't need to install any apps on the target device.

Retrieve data from a device that has been deleted.

It allows you to examine not only the existing data on your child's iPhone/iPad/iPod touch but also the deleted data.

Save the data to your computer.

Export text-type data (along with other sorts of data in their original format) to your computer in CSV format.

Monitor 8 Different Types of Data on Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

Locations in Real-Time






iCloud Storage

MoniMaster Android Monitoring Features


Logs of phone calls





Calls are recorded.

Data Extraction

Control from afar

App Possibilities


WhatsApp Business is a service that allows you to communicate






Visited the website

Apps for Social Media

LINE/Lite is a program that allows you to send and receive text messages


Messenger Lite is a lightweight version of Messenger.




Fackbook Lite is a free version of Fackbook.

History in the Shadows




Taking Screenshots

Calls are being recorded.

Take Photographs

Logger for Wi-Fi

Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days

There is no root

Messages Sent/Received

Without gaining access to the target phone, MoniMaster allows you to examine sent/received text messages, as well as attached data such as images and videos.

The Benefits of MoniMaster Message Tracker

There are various techniques to find out who your children are texting and with whom they are conversing. When these factors are considered, the most discreet and cost-effective option is to use this MoniMaster Message Tracker to track sent and received messages.

Keep an eye on the details of the messages you've sent and received, such as the recipients' names, phone numbers, and time stamps.

Track your target's messages in complete secrecy from afar.

It is also possible to discover deleted messages.

You may even use keywords to search for specific messages.

All of the data can be synced in real time to the internet dashboard.

Quick and Easy User Guide

MoniMaster is well-known for its powerful features as well as its simple operations. We'll walk you through the processes for both Android and iOS users (Even no need to install any apps on the target device). For further information, consult the official handbook.

For Android users:

1. Open an account and buy a plan

2. On the target device, download and install the App Assistant.

3. Start tracking your location and look at all of your messages.

For iPhone/iPad:

1.Open an account and buy a plan

2. On the target computer, download and install MoniMaster for iOS.

3. Examine the backup files

4. Begin tracking and viewing SMS messages.


Q: How long does it take for the online control panel to display the latest data?

A: The tool's ability to upload data in a timely manner is determined by the size of the files on the target Android smartphone. The recorded data is shown on the web management panel in about 5-10 minutes.

Q: Can I use my own device to check the latest data?

A: Yes, you may check the updated data from the monitored Android device via the web control panel from any mobile device with a network connection.

Keep an eye on your child's whereabouts.

Keep track of your children's whereabouts with the built-in GPS and review their location history.

MoniMaster Location Tracker has a number of advantages.

MoniMaster can assist you if you are concerned that your child may visit harmful locations or simply want to keep track of where your loved one goes. To secure their safety, simply use this program to keep track of their current location. Here are some of the benefits of doing so.

The data can be updated in real-time if you know the exact location of the target.

There are time stamps on all of the location histories.

Both a map and a satellite image are available.

Even if the target device's GPS is switched off, you can use the Wi-Fi Logger feature to track its approximate location. (Only available for Android)

All data can be accessed through an online dashboard.

Track your target's messages in complete secrecy from afar.

Quick and Easy User Guide

MoniMaster is well-known for its powerful features as well as its simple operations. We'll walk you through the processes for both Android and iOS users (Even no need to install any apps on the target device). For further information, consult the official handbook.

For Android users:

1. Open an account and buy a plan

2. On the target device, download and install the App Assistant.

3. Start tracking your whereabouts and look through all of your histories.

In the case of iCloud:

1. Open an account and buy a plan

2. Check the iCloud credentials of the target.

3. Start tracking your location in real time and view all of your histories.


Q: Is the target Android's GPS location displayed on the map in real time?

A: Yes, the target phone's GPS location is displayed on a Google map in real time, allowing you to track the target's present location and view location history in detail. If the location information is not up to current, you can sync the newest data by clicking the "Sync" button near the "Location."

Is it necessary for me to have physical access to the target iOS device?

A: Unless Two-Factor Authentication is activated, you don't require physical access to the target Apple device.

Keep an eye on your social media chat history.

Read all of the most popular social media conversations and keep an eye on the chat logs.

MoniMaster Social Media Tracker has a number of advantages.

MoniMaster excels in monitoring these apps and is a fantastic solution for you.

For Android users:

Monitor data on popular social media platforms such as WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Facebook, Facebook Lite, Messenger, Messenger Lite, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, Telegram, Kik, Viber, LINE, LINE Lite WeChat, and QQ (chat history, shared photos, emojis, stickers, account activities, and app notifications).

Data from social apps are synced in real time over Wi-Fi or a 3G/4G network.

For iOS monitoring, use the following code:

Monitor WhatsApp , WeChat, LINE, Viber, QQ, and Kik chat histories, as well as shared media files, emojis, and more.

Read all social app backup data from iTunes.

For both monitoring and analysis:

If there are several accounts, there is no need to log out.

During monitoring, it will not send any notifications to the target device.

All of the information can be downloaded to your computer.

Quick and Easy User Guide

MoniMaster is known for its robust features as well as its ease of use; in this article, we'll show you how to monitor Android WhatsApp using MoniMaster; for more information, see the official guide.

For Android users:

1. Register for an account and buy a plan

2. On the target device, download and install the App Assistant.

3. Begin tracking social media and examine all of the data.

For iPhone/iPad:

1. Register for an account and buy a plan

2. On the target computer, download and install MoniMaster for iOS.

3. Examine the backup files

4. Begin tracking social media and examine all of the data.


Q: On the web dashboard, why am I not seeing any social media interactions from the target Android?

A: First, you must enable notification permissions on the target Android phone.

Q: How can I get the most recent data from the monitored Apple device's social apps?

A: After launching MoniMaster iOS Monitoring, select the most recent backup file and complete the scanning process; all data on the monitored iPhone will be displayed; if no backup file is available, connect the device to a computer running our program; it will prompt you to backup the device and extract the most recent data.

MoniMaster Information

MoniMaster, a popular application in our organization, is one of the industry's leading monitoring solutions, with a strong focus on GPS tracking and data monitoring for any Android or iOS device (see Android Monitoring / iOS Monitoring for more information).

This monitoring solution has undergone extensive testing to ensure that every customer who uses it is satisfied with the results, and our commitment to continuous improvement drives us to release updates and upgrades on a regular basis to address any known or unknown bugs that may arise while using our market-leading monitoring app.

Our mission has always been to provide adequate ease and security to our customers. Given the sensitivity of our service, we ensure that all local, national, and global data protection policies are strictly adhered to by all parties involved in the transaction, thereby ensuring the utmost satisfaction of all parties.

We will continue to work tirelessly to keep this cell phone tracking app up to date with new and innovative features, with the ultimate objective of creating an all-in-one monitoring solution for parents to better lead their children.