Call Logs Spy Monitor call logs on iPhone and Android

If you are a busy person and want to keep a check on your kids and employees, SPY24’s secret call log monitoring can tell you who your kids or employees are calling from their phones. SPY24 provides an easy remote solution for all your Android and iOS monitoring needs.
Track Call History

Track Call History

Monitor Phone Call History

SPY24 allows you to view complete details of incoming and outgoing calls. You can monitor dialed numbers, contact names, etc. of the target device.

Discover Contact Details

SPY24 lets you monitor contact name, number, email, or other saved information from the target phone.

Find Out Frequently Contacted People

Discover most frequently contacted people and view contact information and call duration with time and date.

Check Call Duration

With SPY24 call logs monitoring, you can find out the time duration of dialed or received phone calls.

How to Monitor Call Logs Via SPY24?

Watch a tutorial to learn how you can monitor call logs via SPY24?

What is SPY24 Call Log Monitoring?

With SPY24, you can remotely monitor all the calls received and made from the target phone or tablet. Instantly check names and numbers of all callers and other details like time, date stamps, and Geo Tags. SPY24’s call log monitoring is so reliable that you won’t need to use any other app, ever!

View all dialed, received, and missed calls.

Check caller’s name and number.

View time and date stamps.

View Calls’ Geo Tags.

Call Analysis – Save Time, Stop Sifting!

Going through others’ innumerable daily call logs could be irking. That’s why SPY24 has come up with the brilliant ‘Call Analysis’ feature that provides you the top 5 callers, top 5 call durations, and a ‘Call Time Activity Punch Card.’ Your busy daily routine deserves a smart monitoring solution like SPY24 and you know it too!

Top 5 Callers

With this, you will automatically get the top 5 callers within the timeline selected by you.

Top 5 Call Durations

You could check not just the favorite callers but also the top call durations.

Call Time Activity Punch Card

Call Time Activity Punch Card, together with the top 5 callers and top 5 call durations give you a complete picture of their phone call activity. The punch card reveals the busiest calling hours of the day for all seven days of a week.

Frequently Asked Questions


Which Devices Are Compatible With SPY24 Call Logs Monitoring?

SPY24 phone call logs monitoring services work with all Android (Gingerbread 2.3 or above) and iOS devices (iOS 6.0 or above) without requiring any rooting or jailbreaking. However, to avoid any hardware- or software-related compatibility issues, visit our Compatibility Page.


What Are The Prerequisites Of Using SPY24?

To monitor phone logs using SPY24, make sure you have a working internet connection (Wi-Fi or data plan) on the device that you wish to monitor.


How Can I Monitor Phone Logs With SPY24?

To monitor phone logs on Android or iOS, go to your SPY24 web account’s Dashboard and select the “Calls” tab from the sidebar menu. On the “calls” page, you can view all the dialed, received and missed calls arranged chronologically (latest call logs first).


I Am Not Receiving Any Phone Logs From The Monitored Device, What Could Be The Reason?

If you aren’t receiving any call logs from the monitored device, it could either be an internet connection problem or the settings of your app. If it’s not the internet connection, then go to the Settings page on your SPY24 web account, and then turn on “Call logs” from the “Toggle features” tab.

Call Logs Spy on Call logs

Call logging is a SPY24 feature that allows you to spy on the call logs of any phone that has SPY24 installed on it. Using this feature you can see things like when the call was made, the name of the person on the other end of the call, the call duration, and more.

What you can do with our call logging feature

SPY24 offers a reliable way to track the incoming and outgoing calls of a target device. This includes missed calls and even calls records that have been deleted. What’s more, all of this tracking occurs silently in the background, allowing you to discreetly monitor your child or employee without them knowing. With our phone call, logs feature you can do things like

See the details of every outgoing or incoming voice call

View contact information for any missed calls

See call logs even if they’ve been deleted

Verify everything including the caller’s name, call duration and time of call

Download all call logs as a spreadsheet for later reference

Why you need to spy on call logs

It is important to know who your child or employees are talking to on the phone. After all, you want to make sure your child is not engaging in risky behavior, or that your employee is not leaking important company data to competitors.

Benefits for Parents

Children of this generation are more or less glued to their phones at all times. As parents, we want to protect our children, but it is not always possible to be with them around the clock. SPY24 allows you to find out if your child is communicating with a stranger or a contact that you consider inappropriate. We also provide insight into missed or deleted calls that could indicate if your children are hiding who they are contacting or if they are being harassed by school bullies.

Thankfully, with SPY24’s spy on call logs feature, it becomes easy to know the extent of what is going on behind any phone call. Parents will know exactly who is calling, how many times they are calling, for how long and at what times.

Benefits for Employers

With the rise of BYOD devices in the workplace, it’s no surprise that employees are increasingly taking personal calls while on the job. As the owner of a company, you know that it’s important to allow your employees to have some freedom with this — as long as it’s not affecting their work. With our spy on phone call logs feature, you can avoid unneeded confrontation by confirming from your portal whether or not an employee you suspect of time-wasting on the phone is actually wasting time or just making a couple of calls.

Benefits for Individuals

We use our phones for different reasons from personal and social calls, to business and service calls. And while most times we hang up and forget the details of the call, there are situations when having a record of a call’s details comes in handy.

If you are using legal services where phone calls are on billable time, it is important to keep track of the call duration you have with a lawyer. Others may find it useful to track the date and number of a call with a service agent who confirmed flight update changes that have not been sent through. In more serious cases, being able to track the number of calls, the times of calls, and the contact name of an individual can be useful evidence for bringing up a legal case against a stalker or harasser.

A convenient way to access your call logs is to back up your call history using SPY24. Where all data will be stored in your online dashboard for easy access at any time.

Why do you need to spy phone call logs with SPY24?

Around 10 billion phone calls are made every day; it could also be your child making a call to some stranger or pedophile they met online.

Of all the time that employees waste at work, 50% is spent on making calls or texting. And obviously, it’s a lot easy for them to pretend to work if their job involves making calls.

If you are worried about your kids’ cell phone activity, you can’t ignore who they are calling from their phones.

Phone call log monitoring is an essential element of workplace monitoring. Making a call is the easiest way for an employee to take corporate information out of company premises without having to physically step out.

SPY24 phone logs monitoring tool isn’t just meant to monitor dialed, missed, or received calls; you can also use this app to spy on text messages, emails, browsing history, social media, and even stored multimedia off the monitored device.

Customer Reviews

SPY24 has helped me in monitoring my kids. Being a working woman it’s hard to keep eye on every digital activity of your children especially teens. SPY24 has also provided me easy and remote access to my daughter’s phone.
Margaret Hersh
I must say SPY24 has proven to be the best employee monitoring software I’ve ever used. Great features, functionality, and user-friendliness. It helped me monitor the staff team of my company more efficiently.
Bradley Morris

What is SPY24 Call History Tracker Feature?

SPY24 call history monitoring feature tracks all the details about inbound and outbound calls of the target device. The call tracker captures phone call history and uploads it on the web dashboard to enable remote call logs spying.

How Call Tracker Feature of SPY24 Helps You?

Keeping track of work and other life routines is difficult. Kids engage and influence by people their parents might not know about. SPY24 enables parents to track call history and discover the contact information of those who are in touch with their children. Track a cell phone call duration and make sure that your kids are not troubled by sexual predators and bullies.

SPY24 also helps companies to track call history of their employee’s mobile phones. Make sure that your employees are not compromising your business data by spying on call logs.

Parental Control

Spy call history of your kid’s phone and know who contact them more often

Employee Monitoring

Track call logs of company-owned phones to assure your business protection

How to Set up Call log History App in Your Target Device?

SPY24 call history tracker allows easy access to call logs of your kid’s and employee’s mobile phones. Here is how to start with SPY24:

  • Sign up with SPY24
  • Choose Operating System
  • Click on Call Logs History from Dashboard
  • Monitor Phone Call Logs
  • No Rooting or Jailbreaking is required

SPY24 works under 100% stealth mode and facilitates parents and employers to spy on the mobile phones of their kids and staff.

Why You Should Monitor

Call Logs of Teens or Employees?

Cell phone call history tracker can help you in multiple ways. For parents, call logs monitoring enables you to find out if your teens or tweens contact any suspicious person. You can always make sure that your children stay in contact with the right people. If you are an employer, viewing call history of work phones can assist you if your staff contacts with your rivals or not.

SPY24 Phone Call History Tracker Enables You to Monitor Call Logs. Its phone call logs monitoring feature uncovers the social circle of your target device holder.