Monitor Your Child’s Social Media Accounts With A Cell Phone Spy

Monitor Your Child’s Social Media Accounts With A Cell Phone Spy
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Allowing your child to access social media apps on their phones opens up doors to numerous online dangers. You can protect your children from these dangers with the aid of a cell phone spy app. You may be able to find a free cell phone spy app, but keep in mind – most of these apps do not monitor social media accounts. Choosing an app like SPY24 will guarantee access to your child’s social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and more. We’ve compiled a list of what you can monitor on your child’s social media accounts.


Prevent your child from being bullied or being the bully with a cell phone spy app. By viewing their social media accounts, you can effectively tell if they are receiving harassing messages or photos from classmates. You can also tell if they are responsible for bullying others. If you see threats, hurtful comments, or anything that may be questionable, confront your child about the behavior and correct it or contact the appropriate people to put an end to it.

Monitor Your Child’s Social Media Accounts With A Cell Phone Spy

Permanent Damage

Children and teens often forget about the staying power of comments and images posted online. They don’t realize that what is on the internet is there forever. Protect your child’s reputation and future by keeping a close eye on what they post and share. Apps like Snapchat often give children and teens false assurance that their images won’t be saved or shared, but there are numerous tools that people can use to do just the opposite. When you use an app to spy on a cell phone, you can almost guarantee your child’s reputation won’t be affected by what they share.

Location Information Stored in Photos

Parents should make sure that their children are only sharing images with close friends and family. Often, photos contain what’s known as EXIF data. This data gives detailed information about the location in which the photo was taken. Predators can easily pull up this information and locate your child.

Oversharing Information

Make sure your children aren’t giving out personal information online with your spy Verizon cell phone app. A good way to make sure this isn’t happening is by setting their profiles to private and turning off location sharing with the public or people who aren’t close friends. This ties in with limiting photo sharing. Even if you made sure there is no location information tied to your kid's photos, predators can easily determine this based off of information conveyed in photos: sports team, house numbers, license plates, etc. Make sure your child isn’t posting photos that convey pieces to the puzzle.


Children (and adults too) can easily be fooled by predators online pretending to be someone they are not. It’s critical that your child does not communicate with strangers online, even if they believe that this “friend” is the same age as them. When you receive real-time information about your child’s conversations on social media, you can prevent further contact by confronting the “friend” or by asking your child who this person is. It’s always a good idea to only friend people you know in person. Just like you should not talk to strangers on the street, you should not talk to strangers online.

If you’ve considered using a cell phone spy app, make sure the program is capable of monitoring these important social media accounts. And remember, free cell phone spy apps never have this ability. To get comprehensive monitoring, try SPY24.

Stop Online Bullying With Spy Tools For Cell Phones

Bullying is a constant problem and it probably always will be. There are always going to be people who are mean to others and this is especially true in high school. Most teens don’t think past the present and don’t understand the consequences of their behavior. They are also extremely sensitive to peer pressure and the thoughts and opinions of others.

As an adult, you get past this easily. You forget about high school and its drama. With the introduction of Facebook, however, adults get a glimpse back into the world of high school, and it isn’t pretty.

I’ve got a lot of teenage Facebook friends – neighbors and family members. And I am continually astounded by how they speak to each other and the things they say to and about each other. Do they not realize that everyone can see this? Don’t they realize that people form opinions about them based on how they act? Don’t they realize that this is online for everyone to see so it’s never really going to go away? The answer? Of course, they don’t. They don’t get it.

But if they don’t get it, and they think that it is fine to speak publicly to each other the way they do, how do you suppose they speak to each other privately? And how can you monitor that to put a stop to it anyway? Private messages are just that; private, and even if a parent has access to their child’s Facebook account, it doesn’t mean they haven’t deleted any bad things they are saying before their mom or dad could catch them at it.

This is where a cell phone spy software iPhone and Android comes in handy. Today, most communication if not all is done via cell phone. Social media accounts are linked, calls and texts are sent, and it’s used as a camera and a way to get on the internet. So if parents install cell phone spy ware on their teen’s phones, they can have access to everything they see, do, and send to others. Even if the information is deleted on the phone, the parent will still be able to see it using these apps. So if a teen is bullying someone, a parent can put a stop to it immediately. Or if their teen is being bullied, the parent can see it as it is happening, see who is doing it, and resolve the matter with the other teen’s parents or with the school.

Bullying has become an epidemic and online bullying is more frequent because teens feel safer saying anything to people while at a computer. It is a problem that schools struggle to deal with because of teenage depression and suicide, and it is something that parents can help to overcome. If parents will monitor their children’s social media use and communication with others by using a cell phone spy app they can work with their teens to stop bullying as it happens.

Spying On Cell Phones Text Messages Ensures Employees Are Not Misusing Business Phones

If an employer gives their employees business cell phones to use, they want to make sure that they are not misusing business property. Employees should be using these cell phones for work purposes, not to play slot machine apps on, or to scroll through social media. Some employers have even had issues with employees using business phones for dating websites and for sending inappropriate messages.

But how can employers make sure this doesn’t happen? Cell phone usage, especially internet usage on cell phones, can be difficult to track because they are not on the work network, so certain websites can’t be blocked and most of the time web browsing cannot even be monitored.

This is no longer the case. Companies have created apps and software to help employers solve this difficult issue. SPY24 is one of those apps. It is a cell phone spy software that can be added to all employee phones to ensure proper usage of business property. Even spying on cell phone text messages is possible.

SPY24 can monitor all calls, texts, emails, social media messages, multimedia, and web browsing. Even if the information is deleted from the actual phone, it can still be seen by employers in the SPY24 dashboard. There is no way for employees to misuse a company phone when this app is installed.

It is really easy for employers to spy on cell phones. Once the employer downloads the app it is a 3 step installation process. A remote connection is made to the device that is to be monitored, and SPY24 then extracts all available information from the device to be shown on the employers’ dashboard.

The app has an easy-to-use interface. A user account is created by the employer once the app is installed and a dashboard shows all cell phone activity. There are full video tutorials to help to learn all of the ins and outs of the software, and full support is available to any employer that needs it.

SPY24 is compatible with all Apple phones and iPads, and unlike other tracking software, it can track and monitor iMessages, both old and deleted as well as new. It is also compatible with all Android devices, compatible with all cell phone providers, and is supported in all countries. Employers can easily monitor their employee’s cell phone usage no matter where they are or who they get their cell phone coverage through.

If a phone is lost or stolen, SPY24 provides ways to protect the device. An employer can turn on the GPS to track the phone, and can also remotely lock the device as well as uninstall or delete potential confidential information.

If an employer is offering cell phones for their employees to use, SPY24 can help protect their business by ensuring that employees do not misuse their phones. It is an easy, quick way to track sensitive information and keep private information private, as well as make sure employees are using their phones for actual business purposes.

Sixteen Amazing Things You Can Do With The SPY24 Cell Phone Spyware

The SPY24 cell phone monitoring software offers a lot of benefits for parents who wish to monitor their child's cell phone usage. Some of the major benefits are listed below:

1. Call log

You can tap your child’s cell phone calls, listen to what is been said, cut off calls, or record their conversation. You can identify the caller and receiver of each call, the duration of each call, and the time it took place.

2. Contacts

Check out the complete details of the Phone contacts, including the number of their cell phone, landline number, e-mail, and mailing addresses as well as social media profile details.

3. Photographs

The SPY24 spyware gives you the ability to look into the photographs that are stored on your cell phone. These include photos they snapped with their phone, photos received from some other gadgets, or those downloaded from the Internet. You can also access the date and time each photo was received.

4. Unlimited Device Switch

With just a single license and a cell phone tracker spy, you can switch between any number of gadgets, without compromising any of the device’s data. You can monitor them, snoop on their calls or track their location at the same time, too.

5. Remote Monitoring

Give you the ability to monitor your child’s device(s) from any given distance, regardless of the size of the device. The Spyware make sure that anywhere they are on the globe; they are never away from your monitoring range.

6. Listen to Surrounding Sounds Live or Record Them

You can listen to your target iPhone’s immediate environment sounds by using their microphone, or still record the sounds live, via the Spyware dashboard.

7. iMessages

Get access to their iMessages inbox and read the whole threads. And get complete knowledge of the time and date of each message, the sender's or receiver's identity including their phone number.

8. View their Bookmarks

Apart from viewing your target Phone’s browser history, you can also search further by scrutinizing which pages were bookmarked or find out which pages were put into their reading list in their Safari.

9. SMS

Ability to monitor the target Cell Phone’s text messages by reading their full SMS threads, identifying the senders and receivers of every text, and knowing the date and time of each text.

10. Appointments

Ability to open up and scrutinize their calendar and reminders section, and discover what they have planned out for each day. Discover with whom they have set engagements and when.

11. Location Tracker

Discover precisely where they are in the world via the Global Location System that controls our GPS location tracker. Tag along with them on their way and map out their path.

12. Multiple Platform Support

Ability to switch your license among various operating systems: such as tablets or phones without buying a new license for each gadget.

13. Remote SMS commands

Your remote monitoring ability does not end there; you can also send instructions to their gadget via SMS. You can send commands to start or stop any application, pause any application, or control your iPhone’s microphone.

14. Access their Emails

Ability to access and observe their email address: see the emails they have sent or received from their receiver or sender as well as the date and time of each email.

15. Access their Browser History

You can open up their Safari and see any webpage they have accessed, the time they accessed it, and discover anything they have done via that particular URL.

16. Pin Messages

The SPY24 Spyware also offers the PIN messages observing feature with which you can observe and monitor their sent and received PIN messages. This feature is wholly for people dealing with BlackBerry owners and is available with BlackBerry Application.

Are You Looking For To Track Cell Phone Spy? Answers To Common Question About Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Many people who are interested in cell phone monitoring software are undecided about making a final decision because of a question or two they have about it. So, in this article, we try to answer some of the common questions asked by people who are interested in knowing more about what and how cell phone spyware operates. Below are some of the common questions we have come across:

What Does Cell Phone Spying Mean?

Cell phone spy can be referred to as a situation where the location, messages, and conversations of someone's phone are monitored by a third party unknowingly to the phone owner. Cell phone spy needs to have unrestricted access to the target cell phone for a sufficient time to install the spy software.

Is There Any Spyware That Does Not Require Installing Anything On The Target Phone?

All track cell phone spy apps must be installed directly on the target phone. This is without exception.

How Long Does It Take To Get The Email Setup After Payment?

The setup email with the installation instructions is sent immediately after you make a purchase. On the whole, it normally takes a few minutes to receive the email because the process is automated. If you do not get the email in your inbox after some time, ensure you always check your spam box in case the emails got captured as spam.

Will the Installations Of A Spyware Affect The Usage Of Data On The Target Phone?

In the earlyday'ss data consumption on the target phone used to be a problem. However, top vendors in the industry have changed the way data is sent by using little packets of data and so there is practically no effect on the data use. Stick with reputable spyware vendors and you’ll be good.

What Are The Chances Of The Owner Of The Target Phone Discovering The Spyware If They Check Their Phones?

Discovery may depend on the difficulty of the program. Most spyware apps are usually very well hidden. A specialist might find the software but there are not many of them around. It is very rare to discover that even paid software and anti-spyware applications struggle to locate the spyware. But the advantage is that most times, the target is unaware that he is being monitored and so won’t even have the need to look for the software in the first place.

Is it possible to install a spyware on a device when it has already been installed on another device?

To install the app on a new device, you must first uninstall it from the original phone before you can download and activate the new one. Most vendors allow you to transfer licenses but will only permit one device license at a time. If you desire to have the two together, you will need to purchase another license.

What If The Target Device Does Not Have an Internet Connection?

Internet access is needed in most cases on the target device to utilize all the functions of the app and to keep a reliable reporting schedule. It will not be able to report data without an internet connection. A user can however access all the activities that took place on a target phone when the internet is restored, including even the activities that took place when the internet was off.

Why Does the Target Device Need Internet?

Internet is needed foremost to download the software directly into the target device itself. The spyware also uses the Internet connection to send all captured data to your included web account for review.

What happens to Data Recorded When Target Phone Has No Internet Connection?

Even when there is no internet access, the spyware still records the data but is unable to send the data to the server The Spyware saves all the recorded data in temporary files on the target phone and waits to send the data when the target phone has an internet connection. As a result, recorded data will not be lost. But you will have to wait for the target phone to have an internet connection before you can review new data.

Are SMS Deleted Captured?

All SMS sent/received on the target phone are recorded and sent even if the target phone user tries to delete it immediately after sending/receiving.

Does Removing The Phone Battery Turn Off The Spyware Program?

Removing the phone battery does not turn off the spyware. As long as the application is installed properly, it will start automatically after the phone is turned on.

Why Should You Consider Monitoring? What You May Not Know About Your Child’s Cell Phone Activity.

Children are known to do all kinds of things with cell phones. Many love to listen to music, send text messages and watch videos. But parents may not realize the context of the information children is sharing. Actions are being done with cell phones parents may not think their child is involved with. Monitoring cell phones with spyware can determine what your child is up to when they use their cell phone. In other words, parents can learn on the down-low what their child is up to discreetly. Kids think they can be sneaky hiding forms of activity but mobile monitoring can help parents be a step ahead.

When Your Child Uses Inappropriate Language

If you think you know what is going on with your child think again. Inappropriate content such as sexting, gang affiliation, etc. can be detected on cell phones. This means the kid’s can use their device in ways parents are not aware of if they don’t check their child’s devices regularly. Some children think it is no big deal to affiliate with a gang or to exchange sexual content. They don’t think about whom else can access such information and turn their reputation into a mess.

Actions Associated With Cyberbullying

Cell phone activity may include cyberbullying. This is a common action going on daily and for some children it can be a bad experience. Such actions related to cyberbullying stem from insecurities, jealousy, or someone who has nothing else better to do than to pick on someone to get something started. There are times cyberbullying progresses into something far more serious. Children have harmed themselves or even taken their own lives because it is too much to deal with. There are different ways kids can get help but sometimes they are not willing to be the first to admit they need it.

Plans For Scheming Unlawful Activity

Children like to use their cell phones to do things they shouldn’t be doing such as skipping school or even something more heinous such as plotting school attacks. Children think they are using their cell phones and being sneaky but there tends to be a hole in their plan and they get caught. In some cases, evidence of how things got started is found in their cell phone. Parents may not check cell phones often but having monitoring software can make a difference.

Ongoing Relations With A Forbidden Person

Parents with rebellious children may have concerns about who their child talks to. This means if a parent has told their child not to communicate with someone for obvious reasons and may have concerns such communication is still ongoing. A parent may have a daughter that likes a guy that has a bad reputation. A parent may have a son that likes to hang out with certain kids known for doing activities they shouldn’t engage in such as drugs or fighting. Parents need another way of knowing what their children are doing when they are not in their presence.

Why Mobile Monitoring Is A Must

The monitoring software is affordable and easy to use. It can be downloaded in minutes and parents can choose to let their child know their phone is being monitored. Some options allow parents to be discreet while monitoring. Parents have another option to help them keep their children safe. The software offers another layer of protection and security while letting parents know what their child is up to and with whom.

So if you’re looking to learn how to spy on a cell phone, SPY24 is the product for you.