Monitoring Chat, Messages, and Phone Calls with the Viber Spy App for Android

Monitoring Chat, Messages, and Phone Calls with the Viber Spy App for Android
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Viber, a messaging application, is the most widely used social networking software in the world. Users can communicate with one another using it for free on their Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Do you know how to spy on someone using Viber?

The solution is straightforward and to the point. It makes the Viber spy app available for you to use. Text messages, phone and video calls, and chat chats may all be tracked and monitored using the spying application, which can be set to run on a schedule.

If you wish to monitor and follow someone's Android phone that is actively using a social messaging app, you must be well-versed in the specific messaging app in question.

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Let's learn more about the Viber messenger in the sections that follow.

Described in a Nutshell: Viber Messaging App!

It is a social networking site that was established in 2010. It gives you the ability to download it on your Android phones that are linked to the internet.

It may be used to make free voice and video calls, among other things. Send and receive text messages, photos, and voice communications, among other things.

Users can now send and receive media files through the social messaging application.

The instant messaging application has gained enormous popularity over the years.

The number of people that use this social media site will reach more than 250 million by 2021.

The messaging software boasts a plethora of features and provides a free service, which draws users from all around the world.

Do you wish to monitor the Viber messaging app? To complete the work to the best of your ability, you must be aware of the following.

What Exactly Is the Viber Spying Application?

With this program, you may track and monitor messages, calls, and chat conversations on Viber in real-time to the utmost extent possible. Every action that takes place on the target Android phone when it is connected to the instant messaging app is visible to you. Don't use free Viber spy apps because they may shorten the life of your target phone's battery.

The Android spy program can uncover and reveal anything that is happening on the messenger and supply you with fast results through its internet dashboard. An unrooted Android spy app with a Viber spy app is a sub-feature of a non-rooted Android spy program that allows you to monitor calls, texts, emails, GPS location, and social messaging applications to the fullest extent possible.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Viber Spy App?

It has the capability of monitoring the contact number of messages sent by the sender.

It enables you to read messages and communicate in secret.

You have the ability to spy on Viber messages, chats, and call histories.

With the use of a timetable, you can monitor social message activities.

You can keep track of images, photographs, and video clips.

Why Would You Want To Spy On Viber's Social Messaging App?

There are a variety of factors that motivate people to use instant messaging software to spy on someone for the purposes listed below.

Parenting in the Digital Age

Young children are glued to messaging apps, and Viber is a popular social networking program that is extensively utilized.

As a result, kids are infatuated with it, and they spend countless hours texting, conversing, making voice calls, and engaging in voice messaging activities.

Teens and children are using instant messaging apps to engage in activities that they have never done before.


Online dating is becoming increasingly popular.

Hookups with a sexual nature

Addiction to inappropriate social media content (both viewing and sharing)

More than 90 percent of teenagers have cell phones and internet access, according to a study conducted by Pew Research Center. Seventy percent of teenagers are addicted to social messaging apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, and other similar services. 12 percent of kids have used Viber to send sext messages, explicit photographs, and videos, and 22 percent of teens have used Viber to find love online.

Employee Observation and Reporting

Employee productivity has become a source of concern for business organizations in recent years. They are also subjected to data-stealing activities through the use of a social messaging app on company-issued smartphones.

When Rouge workers communicate through instant messaging programs such as Viber, they have the potential to compromise company secrets. Viber spy app can help you get rid of all of the problems you are currently experiencing, which are listed below.

Employees are squandering their time on social media sites.

Breach of data security through the use of instant messengers

Employees must communicate sensitively with one another.

It was previously reported that more than 32% of employees utilized their company-issued phones to squander time on social messaging apps. Employees who use business phones to compromise company data do so for monetary gain in 12 percent of cases.

Employees spend time conversing, messaging, and sharing media with one another, as well as selling corporate data to competitors.

Is it possible to spy on Viber conversations on an Android device?

Yes, you can track and monitor any cell phone device that is running the Android operating system and has active messaging apps. You must first obtain the best Viber spying software and then install it on your target smartphone, preferably one that has physical access to the device on Android. In addition, you can make use of the following functionalities to keep tabs on and track the social messaging program that is now running on your target cellular device:


A screen recorder is a program that records what is displayed on your computer's screen.

Call recorder for Viber, IM spy, and keystroke logger

When it comes to monitoring chat, messages, and Viber voice calls, what is the best spy app to use?

Social media apps are now available on virtually every digital device, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. With the help of the SPY24 surveillance program, you can keep track of instant messenger on your target Android phone.

You can install a monitoring app on your target device and gain access to its internet dashboard through the app's interface. Additionally, make sure that all of the capabilities for monitoring and tracking social networking apps that operate on Android operating systems are turned on.

What is the SPY24 Viber Spying Software and How Does It Work?

Do you want to know if someone's Android phone is using any of the instant messaging or social media apps? In order to complete the task, you must follow the procedures outlined below.

Step1: Sign up for the best Android tracker application.

It is necessary for you to go to the official website of the android spying program. Continue by logging into your email account and obtaining your password and identification number.

Step ۲: Obtain physical access to the target device.

Access to non-rooted Android surveillance software must be obtained physically, as described above. Further, ensure that the installation procedure is completed to the fullest extent possible and that the spy software for Android on the target device is activated to monitor the Viber messenger.

Step 3: Gain access to the dashboard and begin using the features

Access to the web-based control panel and the use of a password and ID are required. You can enable the tracking of social network messages, chat, voice calls, and media and voice messages by enabling the tracking capabilities.

When it comes to monitoring Viber messaging apps, SPY24 is the best option.

It is an application that is compatible with all Android devices, even those that have not been rooted. It means that you won't have to root your phone in order to monitor Viber.

It is necessary to install it on the target device that is now running the messaging app. It takes only a few minutes to configure it on the target device without encountering any problems.

It is simple to set up and configure, and it remains hidden on the target device throughout the operation. The SPY24 android tracking application is unquestionably a tamper-proof program.

The spy software comes with a plethora of tools for conducting surveillance on Android phones and tablets that are connected to social media apps.

It will transmit real-time IM records to your web dashboard, which you can access from anywhere. Aside from social network spying, you can also eavesdrop on Android calls, texts, chat, audio calls, GPS position, and a variety of other things with an Android spy app.

SPY24 cellphone surveillance software works invisibly on the target device, allowing parents to protect their children online and employers to prevent rogue employees from wasting time at their places of employment.

It is necessary to have physical access to the target device in order to monitor the logs of the social media application through the secure web management panel.

The SPY24 non-rooted surveillance tool has proven to be the most effective application available throughout the years for tracking instant messaging apps to their full extent.

It contains features that allow you to monitor screens in real-time, and take screenshots, keystrokes, and IM logs, among other things.


Is your youngster a victim of social media addiction? Is it important to you to keep tabs on your employees' social messaging behavior on Viber while they're at work?

Forget about the free social media messenger spy apps that are available. To complete the task to the best of your ability, you must sign up for the phone tracking app for Android and make use of its non-rooted and undetectable characteristics.

Employee monitoring and digital parenting are both available at your fingertips. Put the services of SPY24 at your disposal.