How to monitor WhatsApp last seen?

How to monitor WhatsApp last seen?
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WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging social networks in the world and in Iran. If you're also using this messenger, you may sometimes need to see people online or Last Seen normally, when you've been blocked or when they've hidden their browsing time. Today in Anzel, we will teach you how to understand what a person is online in Last Seen WhatsApp mode.

Detecting a person online on WhatsApp

How to Check Last Seen on Whatsapp Even If It’s Hidden

WhatsApp lets you see if your contacts are online or not, and you can also see when their contacts are online. But this is not possible if the recipient is in Last Seen mode. In the following, we will teach you ways to do this.

How to check the person online or Last Seen WhatsApp Android

The usual way to see the last visit in WhatsApp is to first open the WhatsApp application on your Android phone. Then go to the Chats section. Then open the person conversation. If you have not had a conversation before, tap the chat icon in the upper right corner and select him from the list.

finding out the last seen

Now below the person's name, you can see his status.

Online: This means that the contact is now online.

Last seen at…: The person is not online and you will see the date or time of the last visit of the person.

typing or recording audio: This option is displayed when typing a message or recording voice.

WhatsApp last seen hack

Check out the latest visit of Last Seen WhatsApp by downloading WhatsClock app

First, install the WhatsClock app on your Android phone. Then open the application and enter the number of the person whose status you want to see in WhatsApp. Then type in the contact you added. Now touch GET MORE TIME. Now you have to watch a video ad or pay a fee to be able to see the last visit of the person in question,

Now, for the first time, the time when the person is online is shown, and you can continue this tracking for up to 3 hours. You will receive a notification when the person is online and also when the person is offline.

You can also add multiple contacts, but you will have to pay for a week or 30 days to track according to your needs. The video ad option only works for one person per day. You have to pay to track a person for more hours, but if you do not want to spend, you have to clear all the data of this app (App Data) in your phone settings. This will require you to re-enter the number and ...

The last visit was hidden by a person

If the person you are looking at is online, or you have done so and you do not want to change it, there are still ways to see if the person is offline or online. has it.

But keep in mind that in both cases, you can finally estimate the person's last hour or so if he is online and you can not know exactly what time he was online. Here are ways to see the latest presence of a contact in Last Sean mode.

Use the software

Applications basically have different applications in the field of Android and sometimes complement another software. In the field of breaking the secrecy of the last online being, programs have been created with the help of which you can enter this privacy and see the date of the last visit of the person who has selected the last screen mode. Of course, we recommend that you do not look for these programs, because with the following ways, you can answer your question very easily and quickly, and you do not need to be involved in finding and downloading a specific program.

Use chat page information

Details can always be helpful and even decisive. In this case, too, the details are important and can get you to the conclusion. Launch the whatsapp application and go to the conversations section. Find the person you want and log in to their personal chat page.

Note that if you do not have a conversation with him, you should select him from the audience as in the previous episode and enter his private page. After this, as shown in the image below, you will see the online word if the person is present, under his name. If the person you are looking for is not online, you will not see any words, including offline, and if he / she is writing to you, you will see the word being written.


applications WATracker

WhatsApp Tracker (Online & Last Seen) can solve this issue for you efficiently and quickly.

WATracker app can help you to check the last seen of other contacts and also the activity log that includes online time, offline time and total online duration. This will help you know precisely when they were online and for what period. WATracker app can even send you notifications whenever somebody is offline or online. Pretty cool no?

To see hidden last seen on Whatsapp, install the WATracker app on your phone and open it. Enter your contact’s Whatsapp number and tap on the active. That’s it, now you will get notified on WhatsApp when they come online

app for monitoring last seen

Learn to view the last visit

Regarding this issue, first of all, you should be careful not to remove the person you want from your audience, because it is not possible to see the last person online unless someone is one of your contacts. Seeing the date when the contact was last online depends on the settings of the same person's phone. Because the solution will be different according to whether or not to hide the last visit of the person in question. So according to this issue, use the following ways.

The last visit was not hidden by the person

If the user you are looking for has not hidden or restricted their last login (because in WhatsApp you can see this in all three categories, no one can see, my contacts can see, set a limit) Your work is very It is easy. Just enter the chat section and find the chat of the person you want. After that, under the name of the person, you will see the date and time of his last online stay.


If you have restricted others from viewing your last visit, you will not see the check-in and check-out dates of the people you have restricted, even if they have no restrictions on this. So first remove this restriction from WhatsApp settings, privacy and then log in to that user's personal chat page.

If you have not spoken to your target audience before, go back to the chat section, but this time tap the green icon at the bottom of the screen, shown in the image below, to enter your contact list. Now select the person you want and tap on it. You can now easily see when a person is offline under their name.