Movie HD Apk Download for PC / Android - iPhone

Movie HD Apk Download for PC / Android - iPhone
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Download the APK for Cinema HD (Official) Movie HD Apk Download - Free Movies and TV Shows to Watch and Download on Android, iPhone, PC, Fire TV, Android TV, and Chrome Cast.

Download the latest version of the Movie HD app to view or download the latest movies and TV shows for free on Android apk, Fire TV, Android TV, PC, and Chromebook.

For Android apk - iOS - PC - TV, Download Movie HD Latest Version For Free

The majority of consumers will be using internet streaming programs to watch their favorite movies and shows right now. We are going to show you an awesome program named Cinema APK, or Cinema HD APK, in this article. It's one of the best online streaming programs, with high-quality content and a large library of movies. We'll provide you with the most recent and up-to-date direct download links for Cinema HD APK for Android, iOS, PC, and Firestick/Fire TV below.

There are a number of other options on the market, but Cinema HD APK is a fun one to try. People increasingly prefer handier to watching shows and movies on television. As a result, Cinema APK plays a critical role in getting people what they want.

Movie HD Apk Download for PC / Android - iPhone

App Name:Cinema APK App Version:v2.4.0 & V2.4 BETA App Name:Cinema APK App Version:v2.4.0 & V2.4 BETA App Name:Cinema APK

Android 5.0 or higher is required.

Cinema HD APK (Cinema HD APK) is the developer of this app. Size: 15.1 MB for BETA and 30.5 MB for final.

Entertainment is the app's category (Movies & TV Shows)

January 2022 is the most recent update.

Installed Base:100,000,000+


Cinema HD APK for Android, Firestick, and PC

Download Movie HD

Here you will find the most recent Cinema APK / Cinema HD APK download link for Android devices. This is the most recent version, which you may get directly from the drive link we provided earlier.

If you want to learn how to install it on your Android device, simply follow the instructions here.)

(LATEST) Cinema HD v2.4.0 APK:

APK of Cinema HD v2.4.0 is available for download.

APK v2.4 (BETA) for Cinema HD:

APK file for Cinema HD v2.4 BETA is available for download.

APK (Ad-Free) MOD:

APK for Cinema HD MOD (Ad-Free)

Real Debrid & Cinema HD APK Is it not working for you? Don't worry, we've got an update for you, and the issue has been rectified. To fix it, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

[Fixed] Cinema HD APK & Real Debrid Issue

Disclaimer of Legal Copyright: This lesson is solely for educational purposes. ( SPY24) does not check to see if the media sent by apps, services, or websites is properly licensed. Any streaming apps, IPTV or services, links, apps, or addon that we own, operate, or resell are not owned, operated, or resold by us. Each person is completely responsible for the media they access, which should only contain works that are not copyright protected. If you use any of the unverified apps/services, do your research and only stream stuff that is in the public domain. The media access is exclusively the responsibility of the end-user. This blog's tutorials and written content are provided solely for educational reasons. SPY24 does not host or administer any of the above programs, add-ons, services, or streaming sites.

Important Note: Cinema HD is not owned or promoted by us. We are adamantly opposed to any form of material piracy, and it is strongly advised that you avoid it at all costs. It is illegal to watch copyrighted materials for free. We simply give you instructions on how to use the app here, and whenever we say "free entertainment" on our site, we mean stuff that is freely available and does not violate any laws. This information is provided solely for educational reasons.

Please do not uninstall your existing version if you are a BETA tester.

Because this is a beta version, there may be some bugs.

For those who wish to try it out, it's a free installation.

There will be no push notifications, and it will install independently of the current version.

You will not lose your settings because they will remain in your current version; however, you will need to set them up again in the beta version or use the restore tool to get them back.

Cinema APK v2.4 (August 4, 2021) Changelog:

More categories are being added, including Trakt's featured lists.

Many providers have been fixed.

Changelog for Analytics BETA v2.3.7.4: Network List has been updated.

Original v2.3.7.3 Changelog:

Many providers have been fixed.

Support for Real-Debrid, AllDebrid, and Premiumize season packs has been added.

Do not forget to check out.

On a Mac, get the Cinema HD APK (MacBook Air, Pro & iMac)

How to Update Cinema HD APK on Android, Firestick, and PC in a Simple Way

In 1 Minute, install Cinema HD APK on FireStick, 4K & Lite.

In about a minute, you can install the Cinema HD APK on your Roku Stick.

Analytics BETA v2.3.7.2 Changelog:

Support for RealDebrid, AllDebrid, and Premiumize has been added to the season pack.

Bugs have been fixed: Crash on FireStick 3rd Generation, Lite, FireStick 4K, and Minix Box.

Cinema HD Analytics BETA v2.3.7 Changelog:

Only the Sync Trakt option has been added.

The issue with favorites not syncing with Trak has been resolved.

Cinema HD Analytics BETA v2.3.6.1 Changelog: Loads link faster.

Many bugs have been fixed.

Wrong links have been removed.

Many incorrect links have been removed.

On the link list screen, user cached torrent links are displayed.

The issues with backup and restore have been resolved.

The issue of loading more cached torrent links and fewer links related to ZeroTV has been resolved.

The option to "Use trakt data solely" has been removed.

Cinema HD v2.3.5 Changelog: This upgrade optimizes the source code.

As a default, disable the option to resolve premium links.

The option to remove the request restriction on premium servers has been added.

The speed has been increased.

v2.3.4 APK Changelog:

A new settings screen has been introduced.

Long press the premium link to resolve it to the corrected file name.

The option to display the default starting screen has been introduced.

To save history and sync to that, adjust the watched time (don't apply for open with...casting).

Make the resume popup resizable.

Restore the ability to sort favorites by the last time they were seen.

The app no longer crashes or forces you to watch a movie from the series guide.

The option to sync Trac at startup has been introduced.

If a filename is available, the option to show it has been introduced.

There are now more providers and resolvers.

When a checked problem is fixed, "Show aired episodes only" does not hide unaired episodes.

When we played several shows from the serial guide, no link was identified because the app displayed the incorrect title.

On Android 8.0 and higher, the option "Keep service alive in the background" was added to fix the background service.

Cinema HD BETA v2.3.3.1 Changelog:

A new settings screen has been introduced.

Long press to resolve premium links to the corrected file name.

The option to display the default starting screen has been introduced.

Adjust the watched time to save history and sync to trakt (this does not apply to open with....casting).

Make the resume popup resizable.

The issue with the app crashing/force closing while playing a movie from the series guide has been resolved.

Added the ability to sync Trac at launch.

providers who have been updated, Mstream should be included in the resolver.

Set the option "switch off resolve quickly premium..." as the default.

When watching several shows via SeriesGuide, no link was detected due to an issue where the app displayed the incorrect title.

Advertising is muted by default, and ads are only shown every few minutes.

On Android 8.0 and higher, the option "Keep service alive in the background" was added to fix background services.

Restore the ability to sort favorites by the last time they were seen.

Analytics BETA v2.3.2 Changelog:

Set the option "switch off resolve quickly premium..." as the default; this should already remedy the issue with Real Debrid.

On Android 8.0 and higher, add the option "Keep service alive in the background" to solve the background service.

Providers should be updated, and MStreamTo resolvers should be added.

The novel advertising banner was removed from the v2.3.1 changelog.

Bad links have been removed.

Add an option to turn off the backdrop color that is generated automatically.

On the FireStick, a bug was fixed where you couldn't focus on a torrent item in the torrent manager.

APK of Cinema HD v2.3.0: Download APK of Cinema HD v2.3.0

Version 2.3.0 has the following changes:

New — Password-protected categories and searches are now available.

Show Season Specials has been added as a new option.

Torrent Manager has been added as a new feature.

New - Layout for movie details.

Season Pack is a new feature that has been added to the game (Coming soon).

Fixed – Using an air mouse, you can't switch from TV-Movies-All to Favorites; you have to use the remote.

Fixed: On Android TV, the user torrent could not be focused.

Real Debrid login is now available.

Real Debrid connections were not being picked up on the first few searches, which has now been fixed.

Fixed – Trakt sync was not able to finish.

Crash on Android 5. x has been fixed.

Many providers and resolvers have been fixed.

Many sources have been optimized.

It progresses from the beta to the stable version. However, there are a few more works in the pipeline, so don't expect it to be perfect. Remember to use the backup option in whatever version (BETA or STABLE) you're using right now. That way, if something goes wrong (which it probably won't), you'll have a backup to restore in a new installation.

Changelog of v2.2.4.3 Analytics in Cinema HD v2.2.3 App BETA: Real Debrid Login Issues have been resolved.

All sources have been optimized.

Edit the arrangement of the movie's details.

Focus user concerns with Android TV have been resolved.

v2.2.4.1 BETA Changelog: Crash on Android 5. x has been fixed.

Several service providers have been fixed.

New — Passwords can be used to restrict categories or to perform refuse searches.

Seasonal offers have been added.

Favorites from TV Movies cannot be changed. All of this is done with remote control and an air mouse.

The season pack will be available in the upcoming release.

Season Specials - Cinema HD Categories - Cinema HD TV APK Password to Restrict Viewing Category - Cinema HD v2.2.4.1 APK Changelog

Download the Plugin Player for Remote Streaming on Your Phone

Plugin Player can be downloaded here.

v2.2.3 (Cinema HD TV) has the following changes:

v2.2.2 (Cinema HD TV) has the following changes:

Fixed a bug where the cached TMDB wasn't working.

v2.2.1 (Cinema HD TV) has the following changes:

If TMD isn't working, use the cached database.

The serial guide's incorrect link and subtitle have been corrected.

A few resolvers were fixed.

A few providers have been fixed.

A few Premium Providers have been added.

Bypassing New Cloudflare has been fixed.

Version 2.2.0 Changelog (Cinema HD TV)

A large number of providers were fixed.

Fixed a major link and subtitles bug.

ZeroTV has been updated.

The TMDB API key has been updated.

Version 2.1.9 Changelog (Cinema HD TV)

The lack of an RD link on some FireStick devices has been resolved in this release.

Upgrade AllDebrid to version 4

ClickMovies, HDMovies, P2PCDN, google, AfdahTV, and Earn4files are fixed providers.

JetLoad, Vidlox, VidTodo, VupTo, StreamWire, and Earn4files are fixed resolvers.

v2 of Cinema HD (2.1.8)

The following are some of the most important guides for our favorite Cinema HD App:

Download Cinema HD APK for FireStick in 4K and Lite [2021].

[Guide] How to Download Cinema HD on a Roku TV Stick.

Download Cinema APK for PC (Windows 11/10/8.1/7 & Mac).

ClubPlay, McCloud, DDLTO, and a few other resolvers have been added to Cinema APK v2.1.7.

New Providers and Fixed Resolvers

Version 2.1.6 Changelog

Providers who are set in stone.

Resolvers have been fixed.

New providers and resolvers have been added.

In this release, the Recaptcha verification issue was resolved.

Cinema HD APK v2.1.5: Supports Amazon FireStick, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, Real Debrid, AllDebrid, Premiumize external players, Trakt. tv, and more.

All faults have been fixed in previous versions.

Fixed Providers and battery drain issues in Cinema HD v2.1.2 APK.

To fix the captcha problem, I added a review.

APK of Cinema v2.1.1


Install the Blokada app from the Google Play store if you have CHD. It disables all advertisements. You don't need any Blokada or programs if you have CHD on your FireStick; simply use this DNS to protect your device ( & However, Android 4.0 is not supported by the Android TV Box with CHD.

Cinema HD APK v2.0.8 Changelog Added several more suppliers

Some of the earlier suppliers should be fixed.

The issue with subtitles has been resolved, and we can now enable and disable them as needed.

Official APK v2.0.7 Changelog:

Sync the series guide with the movies and TV shows you've seen.

Next, Autoplay was optimized.

Many sources and resolvers were repaired, and additional providers were added.

Fixed Turn off Resolve quickly premium links (RD, PM, AD) and enable this option to limit the number of requests to premium services while also cleaning up your account's download history.

In this latest version, the user interface has been improved.

APK version 2.0.6 of Cinema (HD Movies APK)

MX and VLC Player now provide a resume function.

The play with the problem has been fixed as well.

Clear Cache was added, as well as the ability to turn off the option to resolve premium links.

APK version 2.0.5 of Cinema (HD Movies APK)

CinemaAPK V2 is used in the new update.

Ads from Google and Unity have been removed.

Banner advertisements have been removed.

Video ads that autoplay has been removed.

Floating Exit Ads are no longer available.

Permission to go to a specific location has been revoked.

A newer Signature was used to resign APK.

Ads have been removed.

Banner Placeholders have been removed.

Update on the Disabled Force.

IP logging has been disabled.

There has been no addition of an Auto Shortcut.

Links in HD and 4K have been added.

EXTRA Permissions have been removed from the app.

Restrictions that were only available to members have been lifted.

APK version 2.0.3 of Cinema (HD CINEMA APK)

When using AdBlocker, the episode would not load.

The resume function has been improved in version 2.0.1, and the app now automatically resumes with the last selected subtitle (HD CINEMA APK)

A new graphical user interface has been added.

From now on, the new version available choice will appear on the left sidebar.

Some providers were fixed, and subtitles were added.

Cinema APK v1.5.2 (HD CINEMA APK): Cinema APK v1.5.2 (HD CINEMA APK):

Links are classified by their quality.

TYSee, finest films, has been added to the list of suppliers.

FMovies, Cinema, MoviesDBZar, PHMovies, TWODDL, and Lordmovies are all fixed providers.

Performance for low-end devices has been improved.

Cinema HD APK v1.5: Fixed bug: TMDB API not working on Android 4.x+:


The code has been greatly enhanced and optimized.

Filter options were added.

The Chromecast problem had been resolved.

Chromecast auto-selects subtitles.

If your smartphone is sluggish or freezing, consider using the multi-search feature called cinema optimize low profile mode.

Earlier issues were rectified, and performance was improved.

v.1.4.2 of Cinema APK:


Providers that have recently been added are performing exceptionally well (movies).

RapidVideo has been fixed.

Afdah, PutPlocker, ReleaseBB, OneMovie, NovaMovie, FilmXy, and Vidic are some of the fix providers.

Small changes to the user interface.

Bugs have been fixed.

With this Cinema APK version v1.4.2, it has gotten a lot of attention from movie buffs all across the world. It's best used as a Terrarium TV clone. Please let us know if you have any problems with the new application.

Here is the latest Cinema/Cinema HD download link for your iOS, iPhone / and iPad. You may easily download the mobile config file from this site without any difficulty.

If you're looking for a short guide on how to install Cinema / Cinema HD on your iPhone / iPad, check out this link:

On our Windows PC/Mac, most of us would like to test out Cinema APK / Cinema HD APK. We've provided you with the latest up-to-date download link for it right here.

If you're interested in learning more about the installation process, follow this basic guide:

Official Cinema HD Error Fixing Guides:

Crashing, subtitles and buffering are all issues with the Cinema APK. Errors of a white screen and failure to install

Cinema HD is not working, there is no video, there is no connection, and there are server issues.

That's all there is to it, gentlemen. We hope you found this post on how to download Cinema APK / Cinema HD APK for Android, iOS, Firestick, Fire TV, Roku, Android TV Box, Smart TV, and PC useful. If you have any questions or encounter any issues when doing so, please leave a comment below and we will respond as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions about HD Movies (FAQ)

Q - How can I use the Movie HD App to watch HD movies?

A- You may start streaming HD movies and TV shows by downloading and installing the Android APK or Apple iOS files available on our site. Simply follow the installation instructions given on the applicable mobile operating system's download sites. You may connect to the app using your Google account without having to go through a lengthy signup process.

Movie HD requires the installation of AMPlayer in order to play media through the app, and you can acquire it directly from MovieHD. When you tap on a movie or TV program poster in the app, you'll be sent to a page with two sections.

The first area contains information on the movie you're about to see, while the second section has links to content in HD or FHD quality. Simply select one of these options, depending on your internet connection speed, and you're ready to watch your favorite movie.

Q: What devices are Movie HD compatible with?

A - Movie HD is a flexible program that works with a variety of devices. It integrates and harmonizes effectively with a variety of operating systems. MovieHD is available for Android, iOS Fire TV, Chrome, Windows, Mac, Android BOX, and other platforms.

You can use the Mod version of MovieHD to get around official restrictions in some circumstances when platforms like iOS don't allow third-party programs. To learn how to achieve this, please see our Movie HD iOS post.

You can make it compatible with such systems without modifying the device's security framework.

There are no distinct versions of Movie HD for PC and MAC. To run the software on such a device, you'll need to utilize an emulator tool like Bluestacks or Nox Player. You may use one of these apps to start Movie HD on your computer.

Is it unlawful to watch movies in high definition?

A - No copyrighted movies or TV shows are stored on any Movie HD server by the program. It works as a link aggregator, capturing fast and secure third-party movie servers with a wide range of movie and television show content.

In terms of the content, it distributes to users via third-party links, the platform is not obligated to follow any legal approval. This strategy is used by all free movie apps that claim to provide you with free movies and TV shows, and the end-user is not liable for any criminal offense.

You will never be in any legal issues if you use MovieHD. If you are aware that you have committed an infringement, you can simply purchase the content you desire or subscribe to services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, or HBO. We know you're only here to obtain free stuff, so rest assured that Movie HD has no negative consequences.

Is it safe to watch movies in HD?

A - This is something you can do for yourself. On the systems we've tested it on, the Movie HD app has never been recognized as a virus. The Movie HD APK or iOS installs are not Trojans that will disable your device invisibly.

However, you must ensure that you obtain Movie HD APKs and iOS files from reputable websites/sources; otherwise, Movie HD installers may contain viruses. This has nothing to do with MovieHD creators and everything to do with criminals who taint the Movie HD platform's trustworthiness.

This movie program detects low-quality third-party video hosting servers as well as any fraudulent websites claiming to offer movies and television shows. Only the best hosting sources are integrated into the MovieHD system as a result of this filtering procedure. As a result, you don't have to be concerned about malware infecting your devices as a result of the links you click.

Q- How can I use the Movie HD App to download movies?

A - Downloading movies and television shows from MovieHD is simple and convenient. Downloads have the same streaming quality as streaming. That means you may download 720P HD and 1080P FHD content without sacrificing quality.

The good news is that you can download these films via the Movie HD app and view them on any device. To receive the content quickly and safely, you can use the Movie HD integrated downloader or Advanced Download Manager. To download movies and TV series, simply follow the steps below.

Launch MovieHD and select the movie or TV show you wish to download from the list. This will take you to a website with two tabs; simply select the Videos section. You'll immediately receive a link to watch the video. There are two servers to choose from: one for HD video and the other for FHD video. Please click on the server you want to use.

When the video begins to play in AMPlayer, go to the top right corner and click the Download button.

You'll see a textbox with buttons to pick between the app's built-in downloader and a third-party downloader such as ADM. For a speedier downloading experience, we recommend using the ADM (Advanced Download Manager).

Videos are normally saved in the "/AMPlayer/Downloads/" directory. This default download path can be changed.

Is there a way to solve my Movie HD app not installing?

A - Movie HD works on a variety of devices, and some of the most typical errors customers encounter while installing the platform are listed here, along with remedies.

Check Unknown Sources in Settings>Security>Check Unknown Sources to see if installation from unknown sources is enabled.

Make sure you're using the most recent versions of Movie HD APK and iOS, which you can get from our links.

Check to see if your device has the required OS version. The app is only compatible with Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later.

You should have a reliable WIFI connection.

Q – How much does it cost to watch or download Movie HD movies and TV shows?

A - You will not be charged a penny to use this platform's services. Everything is available for you to view or download for free.

Q - Does Movie HD have a limit on the number of movies and TV series I may view or download?

A – No, MovieHD isn't the type of app that offers half-baked services. You get exactly what the software promises.

Q - Is it possible to watch movies on Movie HD without using AMPlayer?

A – Regrettably, this is not possible; AMPlayer is required to watch movies and television series on this platform.

Q - How can I add films to my Favorites list?

You can bookmark items that you want to see or download later in the Favorites section. This is incredibly simple to accomplish. Take the actions outlined below.

Choose the movie or TV show you wish to save to your favorites.

In the top right corner, tap the Star icon.

It will be added to your list of favorites.

Thank you very much.