Negative Effects Of Smartphones On Teenagers And Students

Negative Effects Of Smartphones On Teenagers And Students
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Let’s see a conversation between Jake and her mother that almost every parent with a child can relate to. (Jake just returned from the birthday party of his friend. And he’s distraught.)

Mother: Hi Jake, How was the party?

Jake: Hi, mom, the party was good.

Mother: What happened Jake, you look upset, any problem?

Jake: Mom, almost all of my friends have a smartphone except me. And it is really awkward when they show me their phones and ask me to show them my cellphone.

Mother: Jake, not again. I’ve given you PlayStation. But don’t expect me to give you a cellphone at this early age.

Jake: Mom, it’s not that I’m asking for a cellphone just because I want to brag in front of my friends. I want it because it’s gonna help me with my homework too. Moreover, the teacher is gonna send assignments on the phone from next week.

Mother: Is that so? Ok, I’ll arrange one for you in one or two days.

Jake: Thank you, mom. It’s really nice of you.

If you have a teen in your house, then this conversation might have given you a feel of Deja Vu. Commonly, the students start demanding cellphone in early teenage. But the thing is that are you convinced by your child for providing them with a cellphone. And that too without finding out its bad effects on kids, just like Jake’s mother?

If yes, then you need to stop right away and have a look at this list where we have mentioned some negative effects that a smartphone carries along with itself. Along with these harms, we have also provided some safety measures that you can take to avert these dangers.

Negative Effects Of Smartphones On Teenagers And Students

Negative Effects Of Smartphones On Teenagers

1. Physical Fallouts

Not just one or two, there are plenty of serious problems that can be caused by the use of cellphones. Starting from the head to toe, almost all the body parts get affected negatively with the excessive use of smartphones.

The cellphones emit the blue light that can give serious damage to the eyes when used for a long time. This blue light causes chemical reactions in the eyes, which can damage the eyes in plenty of ways.

You might notice redness in your child’s eyes, he/she rubbing the eyes continuously, or maybe they can complain about the blur vision too. In the worst case, they might end up permanently damaging their eyes.

Other than that, the problems related to joint pain, neck pain and headache are quite common. It might sound like a fancy talk, but in some cases, the kid can develop cancer too.

Negative Effects Of Smartphones On Teenagers And Students

2. Anxiety And Mental Attacks

Why do you think cellphone addicts check their phones every few minutes? Simple, they are tightly being held in the hands of anxiety. And the use of a cellphone might also lead your kid on the same path.

The continuous use of the cellphone can easily make the changes in your kid’s behaviour noticeable. The teen will start taking the stress and become anxious about every little thing. Mood swings might also occur very frequently.

This kind of behaviour can be easily noticed in adults too. So how can you expect teenagers and students not to get affected by anxiety?

You will start noticing their impatience in tiny things. Like WiFi not working, not getting immediate replies, video buffering, etc.

3. Cyber Attacks

While using social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, the child exposes itself to the whole world. Anyone from any corner of the world can view the profile of your child, making it the biggest negative effect of a smartphone.

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Now, what if some anonymous person downloads the photos of your kid, inappropriately edit them and circulate it on the internet? And we all know how easily things get viral these days.

You might be thinking that the kid can easily make their account private to tackle that problem. But what if that person directly hacks the account of the teen? In that case, you’ll see the situation getting out of your hands, and you’ll feel helpless. It sounds terrifying, but these things are quite common these days.

This was just an overview of the cyber attacks. There are hundreds of other possible ways through which your kid can get trapped by the cyber attacks.

So, when they don’t own a smartphone, there’s no way they can use social media. Hence, saving themselves from the bite of cyberattacks.

4. A Cut Off From The Real World

Smartphones and addiction are like Tom and Jerry, as the addiction is always chasing the smartphone, especially when we are talking about teenagers here.

Today the smartphones are introduced with hundreds of exciting features that can easily grab the attention of teens for hours. Moreover, social media adds fuel to the fire.

All these things altogether affect the kids in such a way that they totally become unaware of the activities going around them.

They get so much involved in those activities that they start ignoring society, relatives and even their parents. What worsens the case is that they start ignoring the physical activities too, which can leave a profound effect on their health.

5. Eating And Sleeping Disorders

There are unlimited things to do using a cellphone, but limited hours for sleeping. And that is the main reason for sleeping disorders that take place with the use of cellphones.

I’m not exaggerating the fact here, but every 2nd person uses the cellphones late till night, especially the students and teenagers.

Due to the schools and classes in the morning, unwillingly they have to wake up early with an unhealthy sleep. And the same schedule continues every day.

It might not sound like a big issue, but sleeping disorders lead to insomnia, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and other serious problems.

The same is the case when the diet gets affected by the cellphones. And the kid will feel lousy and week every time. Moreover, the big issues mentioned above can also take place due to eating disorders too.

6. Adult Content

The use of the mobile phone leads to the use of the internet, and the use of the internet leads to adult content. And we don’t even need to tell that the Adult content can be harmful to the kids.

About 90% of the content on the internet is related to nudity and pornography. Even if the kids are not willing to go for the sensual content, sometimes the content appears automatically on the mobile screen.

Moreover, lying about the age and entering these sites is a piece of cake. Sometimes, these sites ask for personal details too like email id, credit card details, etc., and it can be even more dangerous.

There are keen hackers spread all over the internet. These hackers are willing to use the personal information of others for some personal benefits. And they don’t care even if it distorts other’s life.

Why just web, even social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook are packed with the off-colour content. So, allowing the child to use the cellphone, without taking precautions is not less than a sin for the parents.

How To Tackle These Threats

We all can’t deny that keeping aside these dangers of using smartphones; they have some positive effects too. It can act as a source of gaining knowledge, entertainment, and other basic features like a clock, alarm; a reminder is truly helpful in day to day life.

On top of that, smartphones are essential for teenagers to cope up with the society. So putting a restriction over the use of a cellphone is not gonna do any good for your kid. In fact, it can cause differences between you and your child.

All you need to do is tackle these threats. And once it’s done, you don’t need to worry about anything else.

1. Monitoring Apps

This one thing can do wonders for you as well as your kid. A good monitoring app like SPY24 comes with features that can resolve all the issues related to the harms of using a cellphone.

Problems like cellphone addiction and eating disorders can be easily resolved by blocking the apps remotely with the spying app. You can also set the timer for using the apps. The apps will not open once the time elapses.

Monitoring apps also make it possible to block the sites that are not appropriate for the kids. If the child uses some abusive words while talking to someone on social media, they can easily be tracked with the keylogger.

The searches made by the kid on the browser and social media platforms will also appear to you. You can also keep an eye on the type of feed that the kid likes to watch on social platforms.

You will be able to keep a complete watch over your child remotely. So any threat of cyber attack that might take place can also be detected by you.

2. Personal Guidance

All the other safety measures taken are on one side and personally guiding your child is on another side. It is always suggested to the parents to talk to the kids about the harm that cellphones can do.

Personally talking to the kids can leave a profound effect on the mind of the kid. And they will themselves try to avert doing the things which are not in their favour.

Also, tell them how monitoring apps can be in their favour and how they will always be secure with them. It will surely help you secure your kids while maintaining a healthy relationship between the two of you.

3. Take Cellphones At Night

The night is made for sleeping. So don’t let your kids break this rule of nature and take away their smartphones at night.

You can’t keep a watch over your kid at night, even with the monitoring apps. And the cellphone is like a magnet that always grabs the attention of the teens and students.

Moreover, the radiation from the phone can be hazardous for the kids when they sleep, keeping their cellphones by their side.

So it doesn’t matter that they feel bad about it or not, but make sure that your child doesn’t have a cellphone at night.

Final Words

So here we rest our article about the negative effects of smartphones on teenagers and students. Reading this article might change your mind, and you might not be giving the smartphone to your kid.

But you don’t need to panic because these solutions might look limited, but they are perfect for saving your kids from the adverse effects of cellphones.

If you think you have some other suggestions too then don’t forget to share them in the comments below.