Negative Effects of Smartphones on Students

Negative Effects of Smartphones on Students
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Let's look at a conversation between Jake and her mom that almost every parent can understand. (Jake just got back from a friend's birthday party. And he's very upset.)

Mother: Hey Jake, Was the party fun?

Hello, mom! The party was fun.

Mother: What's wrong with you, Jake? You look upset.

Jake: Mom, I'm the only one of my friends who doesn't have a smartphone. And it's really weird when they show me their phones and ask me to show them mine.

Mother: Not again, Jake. You now have a PlayStation. But don't think I'll give you a cell phone when you're this young.

Jake: Mom, I'm not asking for a cellphone so I can show off in front of my friends. It will also help me with my homework, so I want it. Also, beginning next week, the teacher will send homework over the phone.

Mom: Is that right? Okay, I'll set one up for you in a day or two.

Jake: Thank you, mom. That's very kind of you.

If you live with a teenager, this conversation might have made you feel like you've heard it all before. Most students start wanting a cell phone when they are in their early teens. But the question is whether or not your child has convinced you to give them a cell phone. And without knowing how bad it was for children, like Jake's mother?

If so, you need to stop right now and take a look at this list, where we've written about some bad things that come with having a smartphone. Along with these dangers, we've also listed some things you can do to keep yourself safe.

Negative Effects of Smartphones on Students

Smartphones are bad for teenagers in many ways.

1. Effects on the body

There are a lot of really bad things that can happen when people use cell phones, not just one or two. When people use their phones too much, it hurts almost every part of their bodies, from their heads to their toes.

When used for a long time, blue light from cellphones can cause serious damage to the eyes. This blue light makes the eyes do chemical things, which can hurt the eyes in many ways.

You might notice that your child's eyes are red, that he or she rubs their eyes all the time, or that they complain that they can't see well. In the worst case, they might hurt their eyes so badly that they can't see again.

Aside from that, most people have problems with joint pain, neck pain, and headaches. It may sound like a lot of fancy talks, but sometimes the child can also get cancer.

Smartphones can be bad for teenagers and students.

2. Stress and Psychological Attacks

Why do you think people who are constantly on their phones do it? Simple, because anxiety has a tight grip on them. And your child might go down the same path if he or she uses a cellphone.

Changes in your child's behavior can be easy to spot if he or she is always on the phone. The teen will start to feel all of the stress and worry about everything. There may also be a lot of mood swings.

This kind of behavior is also easy to spot in grown-ups. So how can you think that teens and students won't have anxiety?

You will start to notice how impatient they are about small things. Like WiFi not working, not getting immediate replies, video buffering, etc.

3. Cyber Attacks

When the child uses social media sites like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, they are letting the whole world see them. Anyone from anywhere in the world can look at your child's profile, which is the worst thing about having a smartphone.

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Now, what if an unknown person downloads pictures of your child, changes them in a bad way, and shares them on the internet? And we all know how easy it is for things to go viral now.

You might think that the kid can solve the problem by making their account private. But what if that person hacks into the teen's account directly? In that case, you'll feel helpless because the situation will be getting out of your control. It sounds scary, but things like this happen all the time these days.

This was only a summary of the cyber attacks. There are hundreds of other ways that cyber attacks can get your child into trouble.

So, they can't use social media if they don't have a smartphone. In this way, they avoid getting hurt by cyberattacks.

4. Not in touch with the real world

Smartphones and addiction are like Tom and Jerry because the addiction is always chasing the smartphone, especially when we're talking about teenagers.

Smartphones today come with a huge number of fun features that can easily keep a teen's attention for hours. Social media also adds fuel to the flames.

All of these things have such a big effect on kids that they stop paying attention to what's going on around them.

They spend so much time doing these things that they stop paying attention to friends, family, and even their parents. The situation gets even worse when they stop doing physical activities, which can be very bad for their health.

5. Eating And Sleeping Disorders

You can do anything with a cellphone, but you can only sleep during certain hours. And this is the main reason why people who use cell phones often have trouble sleeping.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that every other person, especially students and teenagers, uses their phones late into the night.

Because they have school and classes in the morning, they have to get up early, even though it's not good for them. And every day, the same thing happens.

It might not seem like a big deal, but problems sleeping can lead to problems like not being able to sleep, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and other serious issues.

The same is true when cellphones change the way people eat. And every time, the kid will feel bad and weak. Eating disorders can also lead to the big problems we've already talked about.

6. Adult Content

When you use a cell phone, you're more likely to use the internet, and when you use the internet, you're more likely to see adult content. And we don't even have to say that kids can get hurt by Adult content.

About 90% of what's on the Internet has to do with nudity or pornography. Even if the kids don't want to look at the sensual content, it sometimes shows up on their phone screens anyway.

Also, it's easy to lie about your age and get into these sites. Sometimes, these sites also ask for personal information, like your email address, credit card number, etc., which can be even riskier.

Hackers with a lot of skills are all over the internet. These hackers are willing to use other people's personal information to help themselves. And they don't care if it changes the lives of other people.

Why just the web? Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are also full of inappropriate content. So, it would be a sin for the parents to let the child use the phone without taking any precautions.

How to deal with these risks

Even with these risks, we can't deny that there are some good things about using smartphones . It can be used to learn new things, have fun, and use basic tools like a clock or alarm. A reminder is very useful in everyday life.

On top of that, teenagers need smartphones to be able to keep up with society. So putting limits on how much your kid can use a cellphone won't help them at all. It can make you and your child feel different.

You only have to deal with these threats. And once it's done, you don't have to worry about anything else.

1. Keeping track of apps

This one thing can help you and your child in a lot of ways. A good monitoring app, like SPY24, has features that can fix all of the problems that come from using a phone too much.

By blocking the apps from afar with the spying app, problems like cell phone addiction and eating disorders can be easily fixed. You can also set a timer for how long you want to use an app. After the time is up, the apps won't open.

Monitoring apps also make it possible to block sites that kids shouldn't be on. With the keylogger, it's easy to find out who the child is talking to on social media if they use bad language.

You will also see what the kid searched for on the browser and social media sites. You can also keep an eye on the kind of feeds the child likes to look at on social media.

You'll be able to keep an eye on your child from far away. So you can also find any possible cyber attack that could happen.

2. Personal Guidance

All of the other safety steps are on one side, and guiding your child yourself is on the other. Parents are always told to talk to their kids about the harm that cell phones can cause.

When you talk to the kids in person, it can have a big impact on their minds. And they will try to avoid doing things that are not in their best interests.

Tell them how monitoring apps can help them and how safe they will always be if they use them. It will help you keep your kids safe and keep a good relationship with them.

3. Take your cell phones to bed

The night is a good time to sleep. So don't break this natural rule by taking your kids' phones away at night.

Even with monitoring apps, you can't keep an eye on your child at night. And teens and students are always drawn to their cellphones, like a magnet.

Also, when kids sleep with their phones next to them, the radiation from the phone can be dangerous for them.

Make sure your child doesn't have a cellphone at night, even if they feel bad about it.

Last Words 

So, this is the end of our article about how smartphones are bad for teens and students. If you read this article, you might change your mind and decide not to give your child the smartphone.

But don't worry, because even though these solutions seem limited, they are perfect for keeping your kids away from the bad effects of cell phones.

If you think you have more ideas, don't forget to add them in the comments section below.