Neospy App Pro Reviews Download Android Windows

Neospy App Pro Reviews Download Android Windows
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Monitoring Software (NeoSpy) for Computers, Laptops, Tablets, and Mobile Devices

Install a control system that is both convenient and dependable on any of your devices.

NeoSpy for Windows can be downloaded here.

Version for use at home and in the office

Support for the whole Windows product line, from Windows XP to Windows 10.

NeoSpy for Android may be obtained by clicking here.

Monitoring software for Android devices. It is compatible with cellphones and tablets.

Read the instructions on the download page before proceeding.

Due to the fact that NeoSpy does not include any additional advertising or affiliate software, you will not be presented with any unnecessary toolbars after installation. Additionally, the start page will not be changed, and suspicious modules will not be added to the browser after installation is complete.

Neospy App Pro Reviews Download Android Windows

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Open NeoSpy by hitting the Win+R key combination (or right-clicking on Start - Run), then typing the string "neospy" into the search box.

If you want to uninstall NeoSpy, you may do so by selecting "Settings" from the software's menu and then selecting "Uninstall program."

On the download page, you can find a list of other mirrors as well as the revision history.

The Features of Tracking Software

Track the location of your computer or laptop.

NeoSpy features for Windows Phone or tablet tracking NeoSpy features for Android Phone or tablet monitoring

Computer-assisted tracking

Easy installation and an intuitive user interface make it possible to work with the program even if you are a novice computer user. NeoSpy is no longer visible in the taskbar, explorer, or task manager after it has been successfully installed. There are no purchase demands displayed in any of the demo versions, not even the free ones. You can use the demo version for as long as you wish before making a decision on whether or not to purchase a license.

The Most Important Characteristics

1) Photographs of the screen NeoSpy takes screenshots at a rate of once every 1-2 seconds, allowing you to stay on top of what is going on on the user's computer screen at all times.

2) Application Control NeoSpy collects information about currently running apps and maintains statistics on program usage and machine downtime.

3) A keylogger is a program that records keystrokes, typed data, usernames and passwords, and other information. Parents will be able to monitor their children's conversations and shield them from potentially dangerous contacts as a result of this.

4) A record of previous site visits A log of site visits is maintained by the application; hence, even erasing the history in the browser will not remove the log from the NeoSpy report.

Pictures taken using webcams can be saved, and the program can be prompted by movement in the frame to take the photos.

6) Conversations and phone calls NeoSpy archives Skype chat messages and records Skype phone calls.

7) Statistics on the use of printers The program keeps track of how much is being printed on printers and generates a report on how much is being printed.

8) Scheduling and attendance Diagrams illustrating application usage by day, by week, and by month are provided.

9) Placing websites on black and white lists to prevent access.

10) Identifying the location of the laptop computer Obtaining GPS coordinates for the gadget in order to determine its approximate location.

11) Information about the system List of programs that have been installed, IP address, and so on.

12) The ability to watch a screen via the Internet Through the use of an online account, online tracking can be performed in real-time.

13) Using the Internet, you may view cameras.


NeoSpy uses the bare minimum of RAM and CPU time in the system it is installed on. However, under the settings, you can turn off any unneeded modules or program tracking if necessary.

When the user is working, NeoSpy lowers its priority and has no effect on the speed of the programs with which the user is interacting.

The scope of the investigation - Do you want to know what your child is doing on the computer? Do you require parental control over your children?

- Are you unsure whether or not the employees of your company are actively engaged in their jobs at the workplace?

- Do you need to find out what your children were doing on the computer while you were away?

As part of your job, do you need to keep track of all of the actions you take and the websites you visit?

Your company's employees manage their work time, and you want to be able to control whether or not their actions are detrimental to your company's success.

NeoSpy, an application that allows you to track all of the operations that take place on a computer, will assist you in answering all of these questions.

Keeping an eye on your phone

Neo Spy Mobile is a straightforward yet powerful surveillance application for Android devices. NeoSpy does not appear in the regular list of application icons after installation, and after configuration, it does not send notifications, even in the free edition of the software.

Because no root privileges are necessary to install the program, the factory firmware of the phone will not be infringed during the installation process.

Parents can set up parental controls for their children, follow their position in stealth mode and record phone calls with this application. The program for tracking the phone is accessible through the Internet and is either paid monthly or once a year in advance.

NeoSpy Mobile has a variety of features.

Screenshots are taken from your child's smartphone

GPS tracking of your child's phone to find out where he or she is

Keeping track of the child's incoming and outgoing phone calls

Keeping a record of your child's phone calls (in some Android versions, recording can be disabled at the system level)

Copy all incoming and outgoing SMS messages from your child.

Taking images using a child's phone and copying them

Android users can use a keyboard to control their devices.

By default, you can open NeoSpy Mobile by dialing the number 12345 and pressing the "Call" button.

You can uninstall NeoSpy Mobile by going to the "Applications" section of your phone's settings and looking for the Guard application, which you can then delete.

Purchasing a software license or an online subscription

What is the purpose of having a local license?

If you want to access reports that have been saved by NeoSpy on your computer or laptop, you'll need a local license.

Even after you have purchased a local license, you will be able to work with the program on a local or network computer as long as you have access to it. There are no additional surcharges necessary. You have the option of enabling reports to be sent to your email or FTP server. The reports will include textual information (such as the names of active programs and the location of the keyboard), multiple screenshots, and screenshots taken with the webcam.

A local license can only be obtained using the NeoSpy for Windows application. The smartphone version is only functional if the user has an active internet membership.

What is an online account, and how do I create one?

This is the account that you have created on the NeoSpy server. If the application is linked to a specific account, you can access the current user screen at any time and save any prior work done on the computer. If the program is not linked to a specific account, you cannot access the current user screen. Connection to a webcam is an option on this platform. You must have paid any subscription fees in order to be able to access your online account. In the event that monitoring over the Internet is not required at this time, you will not be able to pay the subscription until tracking is required later. Local reports can also be downloaded to an online account; many gigabytes of storage space on the server is available for their storage, allowing for the storage of a significant number of screenshots and photographs taken with cameras in such reports, as well as other types of data.

If you forget to renew your membership or decide that you do not want to pay for a period of time, the application you have installed will not be affected; it will not be erased, and it will not display termination notices. In the future, with the extension of the subscription, the program will automatically begin working without the need to reinstall it on the computer.

To use NeoSpy on your phone, all you need is an online subscription; when you register an account, you will be given a free demo membership that will last for several days.

Is it necessary for me to get both a local license and an online membership for a personal computer?

The answer is no, as long as you physically have access to a computer and you just wish to read the reports that are collected each day on that particular computer once a day, you do not need to pay for an online subscription. Therefore, you will not be able to purchase a local license, but will instead be able to link the installed application to your account and work with it solely through the Internet, viewing the screen and gathering information about user actions. NeoSpy will function as a complete version, but it will not be able to save reports on a computer unless it has been licensed locally.

Will the money be deducted from my account automatically if I purchase a subscription?

A membership to an online account is paid only by you, and no money will be deducted from your account without your knowledge or consent.

NeoSpy for Windows with an Unlimited License can be purchased here.

NeoSpy License for Windows on a local computer with no time constraint

Purchase a NeoSpy online subscription for Windows or Android. A NeoSpy online subscription allows you to watch the screen and actions from anywhere in the world.

NeoSpy License for Windows is available for purchase.

NeoSpy PRO offers a comprehensive range of features at an affordable price.

Keep track of the programs that are launched and the keystrokes that are used (keylogger)


Reporting on categories and sending them to an email address or a local or network folder

Telephone, e-mail, instant messenger, and online consultation via interactive chat are all available for free consultations on how to use the program.

Keep track of file actions (such as creation and copying) and clipboard contents.

Keep track of the locations you've visited and the messages you've received.

A slide show format for reports, as well as the ability to have a program removed at a set time, are also available.

Saving webcam photographs, monitoring printers, and determining a geographic location are all possible (coordinates)

reporting to the FTP server, as well as generating data on the utilization of working time (tables and diagrams)

Installation that is quick and automatic with predetermined parameters

NeoSpy by MC-Soft Software is a spy program that works on tablets and other mobile devices as well.

Windows is the operating system.

MC-Soft Software is the publisher of this software.

The antivirus check was successful.

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The information in the report is incorrect.

NeoSpy is a computer monitoring tool that keeps track of what users are doing on their computers. As a keylogger, the tool allows you to track the websites that a user visits, the texts that he types on his keyboard, the contents of his clipboard, newly created and edited files, and other activities. It also allows for the monitoring of correspondence in QIP, ICQ, Miranda, &RQ, and other messengers, amongst others (it is also possible to intercept the password to the Internet messenger). Among other things, NeoSpy may silently copy items stored by the user to external USB drives, intercept Windows-account credentials as well as passwords from the Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte web services, and snap screen photos. It is supported when the hidden mode is activated.

NeoSpy for Windows 10 (32/64 bit) is a surveillance application.

NeoSpy for Windows 10 is a covert piece of software meant to keep track of your activities. User actions such as typing, switching between websites, and launching (opening) files are recorded.

You may track passwords, including those from instant messengers, save the history of correspondence, and "remember" information that has been copied to the clipboard with the help of this tool. When it comes to tracking staff performance, the program is highly recommended for company management. A variety of formats, including tables, screenshots, and web pages, are used to convey the findings. You may get the official NeoSpy newest version for Windows 10 in English for free by clicking the button below.

Information pertaining to the technical aspects Neo Spy Software is distributed under the terms of a FreeWare license.

English is one of the languages spoken (en)

Oleg Volodin is the author of the software used by the publisher. Desktop computers, ultrabooks, and laptop computers are examples of software gadgets (Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, MSI, Toshiba, ASUS, DELL, HP)

The following versions of Windows 10 are supported: Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, Education, and Home Edition/versions 1507, 1511, 1607, 1703, 1709, 1803, 1809, and 1903 (32 and 64 bit), x86

NeoSpy's new full-featured version will be released in 2022.


Since 2003, NCsoft has been actively involved in the development of software.

We have clients that are individuals as well as huge corporations who purchase our software.

The program "NeoSpy" has been thoroughly tested by independent specialists from the Softpedia portal, who have certified that there is no malicious code in the application.

NeoSpy is a trademark of NeoSpy, Inc., registered in 2003.