Odnokalassniki (Одноклассник) Spy App

SPY24, the best Odnoklassniki spy App, can spy on Odnokalassniki by logging keystrokes entered, recording text messages, and capturing screenshots. You can spy on Odnokalassniki on target Android and iOS devices, which can help you find the truth you want.

How to Monitor Odnokalassniki Messages On Android & IPhone Via SPY24?

Watch a tutorial to learn how SPY24 not just monitors Odnokalassniki Messages chats and group chats but also all shared photos on the target device.

Odnokalassniki spy app for iPhone and Android

Mobile Spy Apps or Spyware Apps are smartphone surveillance software. These types of apps help you to track incoming and outgoing phone calls, SMS, and locations. These apps are hidden and undetectabl


    Check real-time location and get the route history of the device. Set geofencing to create a safe zone.


    Get screen time reports and know all installed applications on target device to block harmful apps or games for kids.


    Track conversations, shared attachments and more activities on social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Odnokalassniki, etc.



WITH ODNOKALASSNIKI SPY YOU CAN MONITOR: All typed Keystrokes are entered in Odnokalassniki. Odnokalassniki messages received. Odnokalassniki messages sent. Odnokalassniki screen shots. You can see every message sent and received through the Odnokalassniki app. Don't let adults contact you using profiles of children. Why will this feature help you? The best thing about this program is that it can spy on someone without making it obvious, and it doesn't need any special circumstances to do so. You don't even need to know a person's phone number to spy on them. The app you put on their cell phone will do everything for you. One more thing that makes SPY24 better than other spying apps is that it lets you listen to multimedia files and voice messages that your target sends and receives in ODNOKALASSNIKI.

Parental Control

  • Teenagers are always interested in trying new things. They like to use Odnokalassniki chat to try to make new friends. Now, many parents would rather work than spend time with their kids. So many kids feel alone that they'd rather talk to people they don't know on Odnokalassniki than talk to their parents. This gives people who do bad things with their bodies a chance to talk to kids and do their bad things. They'll act like they care about your kids and ask you for information about your family, like your phone number, address, and when you work. If you don't know about it, sexual offenders might touch and abuse your children in sexual ways. 

    To keep bad things from happening, you can use SPY24 to keep track of everything your kids do on Odnokalassniki by logging their keystrokes and taking screenshots. Also, GPS tracking will let you know where your kids are at any time. If your kids are hooked on Odnokalassniki Chat and you don't know how to stop them, you can use SPY24 to block Odnokalassniki Chat. When you're not paying attention to your kids, danger is always close by. But if you use SPY24 to spy on Odnokalassniki on your kids' iPhones, they will be safe from online dangers.

Parental Control

Frequently Asked Questions - Odnokalassniki app spy

  • How does SPY24 work?

    SPY24 is account-based monitoring solution. You don't need to download any apps on your own phone or install any software on your computer. To spy an android device, you need to install a plugin on the target device. To learn more details, please visit the spy on Android phone tutorial.

  • How to delete the account?

    To cancel the registration and delete your account from SPY24, please sign in your account to our console, click on the upper right corner of the panel, find "Delete Account" button to delete it.

  • What devices are supported by SPY24?

    SPY24 is compatible with smartphones and tablets that run: Android 4.4.4&12+ iOS 14.0+ (coming soon) Please check whether your device is compatible by entering its model here.

Why Is Spying on Odnokalassniki Useful?

  • Odnokalassniki, also called OK, is not only the seventh largest Website but also the biggest chat App in Russia, which now owns more than 100 million users all over the world, including teenagers and many employees. As an open platform, teenagers indulge in social intercourse like Odnokalassniki and ignore their study. Employees chat on Odnokalassniki with their friends, waste the company’s resources, and some of them even use Odnokalassniki to sell the company’s secrets. Parents and employers need to spy o
  • Have you found that the company’s performance is down, but you can’t find the crux? Or you know some of your employees are chatting with their friends on Odnokalassniki or playing games, but you are unable to find any evidence. Or are you afraid that your company’s business secrets will be leaked to your competitors by your employees via Odnokalassniki? Are your employees really hard-working or just a facade?
  • But how to figure out so many questions? You can use SPY24 to spy on Odnokalassniki on your employee’s Android phones through logging keystrokes and capturing screenshots. Once your employees entered keywords you preset on Odnokalassniki chat, alert emails will be sent to you. Then your secret business information will never be leaked under the monitoring of SPY24. Besides, if you need to prevent your employees from wasting time on extraneous Apps like Odnokalassniki Chat, SPY24 can help you block them. The
  • SPY24 is a phone tracker app that enables you to monitor your child activity remotely with no hassle. It enables you to view all the messages without any hassle. This tool allows you to check the GPS location of the device.



Our daughter stole our truck, bank cards, credit cards and the phone. The only way to find her was by tracking the SMS with your software. The police were able to catch her with the messages.




That far exceeds what I would consider good product support! You can count on my support and references on your other products, which by the way, are more stable and work better than those of your competitors.




I love this program it is working great and helping me monitor all the text messages from the monitored phone. I am trying to prevent pornography from getting to my child's phone.

OK- odnoklassniki spy

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