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OgyMogy App - Best Phone Spy App & Cell Phone Spyware
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Best PHone Spy App & Cell Phone Spyware OgyMogy No.1 Cell phone spy app and phone spyware by OgyMogy allows you to track the activities done on a smartphone remotely via an online control panel . Install it on rooted and non-rooted Android phones.

OgyMogy App | Best Phone Spy App & Cell Phone Spyware

The World’s Most Powerful Cell Phone Spy App & PC Monitoring Software

Now keep a digital eye on the OgyMogy phone spyware on Android mobiles and tablet devices and get regular updates anytime you want.

Monitor android , iPhone & tablets devices secretly.

Track windows & Mac computer devices activities

Dozens of features to track phones & computer devices

Record live phone calls, read messages, GPS location & many more

Get computer usage reports & installed applications

Easy & hassle-free installation on phones & Computers

The Ultimate Spying and Monitoring Features

The OgyMogy monitoring software is fully packed with voice, data, and location features that enable the application user to remotely monitor and take professional surveillance on the targeted cell phone/computer device. Check out the amazing spying tools designed for personal, corporate & digital parenting needs.

Cell Phone Tracking App to Sneak into Android Devices

Phone Spy Software by OGYMOGY is the most advanced monitoring & tracking application to track and control any Android cell phone. The high-tech spying app for Android lets you witness almost every activity performed on the targeted mobile. Using the cell phone spy software for Android, you can monitor every tap ( finger touch ) done on that particular phone. The OgyMogy app lets you:

Spy on Calls, Contacts list, Calls Logs

Monitor SMS , MMS, and Instant Messaging Chat

Track GPS Location, Location History & Real-Time GPS Tracking

Remotely Take Screenshots & Watch Live Home Screen Activities

Listen & Record Surrounding Voices and Sounds Remotely

Spy on Browsing History, Bookmarks, and Calendar Memos

Block/Unblock Unnecessary Phone calls / Websites and Internet access.

Monitor Target device status such as (Battery percentage, Wifi or Data, Memory Status, GPS On/Off.)

Monitor & Spy on Windows, Desktop PC, and Laptop Devices

Monitor and spy on the activities performed on a windows desktop pc, and laptop devices by installing the OgyMogy computer spy app. It can remotely and secretly track all the activities done on the targeted computer. The best use of windows computer monitoring software is for corporate sectors such as employee monitoring and business secrets safety. It can also be helpful for kids' computer safety to avoid cyber predators, Parental settings, personal information protection with do’s and don’ts of social media.

Get user-friendly reports regarding device usage.

Monitor real-time computer activities with screen recording

Find out the GPS location of the targeted PC

Remotely capture screenshots

Block websites by URLs, category, keywords or key-phrases

Monitor emails, Browsing History, Installed Software list

Children $ Employee Activities Windows

Children $ Employee Activities MAC

Secretly Spy on Mac Computers and Laptop Devices

The desktop and laptop computer devices running Mac operating system can be monitored without having access. Employers and parents can use MAC monitoring software to supervise the digital behavior of their workforces and offspring. By using the high-tech tracking software, you can:

Capture Mac computer screen in real-time

Take screenshots or record short videos to capture whatever appears on the screen.

Take control of the camera and microphone of the monitored computer device

Block unwanted websites

Evaluate internet usage getting access to the browsing history

Record keystrokes applied to the keyboard

Best Hidden Android Spy App - Spy on Android Phones & Tablets

The most trusted android spy App for employee monitoring & parental control . Keep tabs on the android phone activities of your family & working personnel.

Android‌ ‌Spy‌ ‌App‌ ‌To‌ ‌Track‌ ‌Android‌ ‌Remotely

Keep tabs on almost every android cell phone activity of your family and working personnel. Now get the most powerful phone spy app and start snooping on any cell phone or tablet running Android OS.

What makes OgyMogy be a Trademark of Android spy Apps?

Get rid of wasting time & money having an Android monitoring app .

Online threats are rising, and children have become obsessed with cell phones and social media platforms like WhatsApp Facebook messenger activities. Parents have no other way but to use OgyMogy android monitor ing software. No more dodges, and scams, get your hands on one of the best Android spy apps and keep protecting your children from cyber dangers, cellphone addiction and keep preventing their inappropriate activities.

A little investment can save your time and money and work in a sneaky way to sneak peek into employee's business-owned devices. Android monitoring application is packed with hundreds of powerful and advanced features that make parenting and employee surveillance jobs at their fingertips.

OgyMogy is the hidden spy application for android that keeps you nobody on the target device, and you can get your desired information secretly. It has exclusive features that no other competitor has introduced yet. Now protect you, children, from online predators, disgruntled or dishonest employees and further save your time and money with genuine and ultimate high–tech tool that discovers which has not been unveiled yet on the target phone.

Android Monitoring App

OgyMogy Mobile Application for Digital Parenting

The OgyMogy android spy app helps you monitor your kids' digital behavior and protect them from cyberbullying, predation, and scams in the digital world. The best android spy app lets you supervise almost every online and offline cell phone activity of teens and tweens. It lets you:

Monitor popular social media apps and instant messengers

Read SMS messages, MMS, and instant messages

Create an online backup of photos, videos, contacts, and important stuff

Find the whereabouts of kids with GPS turned ON or OFF

Sneak into Any Android Smartphone or Tablet with the Most Advanced Spy Features of OgyMogy Parental Control App Social Media Tracking

Social Media Tracking

Social media tracking can track messaging apps, chat, messages, voice and video conversations, and share photos & videos.


Read incoming and outgoing text messages of your children without accessing their smartphones . Get the contact information of message senders and receivers.

Unlock Photos

Unlock the photo gallery of your kid’s mobile phone without knowing the passcode. Create an online backup of all images saved on phone memory and retrieve deleted photos.


Access videos saved on the phone memory and retrieve deleted videos right from the web portal of OgyMogy.

Monitor Bookmarks

Find out the frequently visited websites by monitoring bookmarks. Also, find out the web pages set by your offspring as favorite.

Location Tracker

Find out the accurate, current geo-coordinates and location history of your loved ones. Use the geofencing feature to mark specific areas and get notifications to prevent visits to unsafe areas.

Call History

Track incoming and outgoing phone calls. Access call history consisting of calls detail and contact information of callers and recipients.

Browsing History

Get remote access to the history of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and commonly used internet browsers.

Calendar Activities

\Get to know appointments and events marked on the calendar app. Find out what your concerned ones are up to.

OgyMogy is one of the Most Trusted Android spy Apps for Employee Monitoring .

Keep an eye on your workers’ activities performed inside and outside the workstation. OgyMogy provides a complete security solution to entrepreneurs to track and boost productivity, keeping them from unproductive and malicious acts. It lets you:

Monitor emails and access credentials of online accounts

Track one-on-one and group social media chats

Capture real-time activities with screen recording and screenshots

Remote control camera and microphone to capture surroundings

Employee Monitoring

Keep Tabs On Employees’ Activities Inside and Outside Workstation by Using the Cutting-Edge Advanced Features of Employee tracking App.


Closely watch out for the incoming and outgoing emails of your working staff. Read email content and get the email addresses of communicators.

Screen Recording

Capture whatever appears on the mobile phone screen of employees with live screen recording or screenshots.

Online Data Backup

Create an online backup of data saved on a company-owned Android smartphone. Retrieve the backed-up information right from the online portal of OgyMogy.

keylogger -app-for-android"> Keylogger

Record strokes applied to the on-screen keyboard of android mobile phone. Track passwords, usernames, email addresses, and chats.

Recorded Calls

Record inbound and outbound calls of your contact center representatives. Get the call history and contact numbers of callers and recipients.

IM’s Chat

Keep track of one-on-one and group chats made via commonly used instant messengers, including WhatsApp, Line, IMO, and Snapchat.

SMS History

Monitor incoming and outgoing SMS and MMS. Get Remote Access to the contact detail of message senders and receivers.

GPS Location

Find the whereabouts of your loved ones by using the GPS of their phones. Trace their footsteps through location history.


Find out the frequently visited websites and web pages by accessing bookmarks and favorite pages.

Data Backup

Android Spy app provides online storage to secure your stuff such as photos, videos, voice recordings, and emails.

View Backup Data

Data Backup

Photos Backup

Create an online backup of your photos and get back deleted images anytime, right from the web portal.

Create Photos Backup


Track Stolen Phone

Find out the lost & stolen phone by accessing the location of the phone. Capture surroundings to identify the location.

Track Stolen Phone

Manage Contact List

Monitor and manage the contact list without accessing the phone. Make additions and deletions right from the web portal.

View Saved Contacts

Manage Contact List

Perks of Android Cell Phone Monitoring App for Individuals

Secure your contacts, photos, videos, and important stuff by uploading to the online storage of the OgyMogy phone spying app. You can locate stolen and lost mobile phone locations using the high-tech phone tracker app; you can:

Create an online backup of data saved on the phone

Retrieve deleted photos, videos, and media files

Tracking of lost and stolen android smartphone

Monitor and manage contacts without accessing the phone

Mac Monitoring Software – Undetectable Mac Spy App

Spy software for Mac. Record browser history. Read popular IM chats and messages. Block access to unwanted websites. Listen to conversations.

OgyMogy MAC Spy Software

Get your hands on the most advanced MAC monitoring solution and keep tabs on the computer usage of your children and workforce. Remotely monitor and operate the desktop and laptop computers running different versions of the MAC operating system. Closely watch out for online and offline activities and keep them from unproductive acts, malice, and wrongdoings. Get the computer screens recorded; keep an eye on surroundings; find whereabouts and create online data backup with the high-tech Undetectable MAC spy software.

Closely Watch Out Kids Digital Behavior by Tracking Their MAC Devices

Are you concerned about the computer usage of your kids? Keep track of every single activity performed on machines with the most advanced tracking software. Ensure kids’ online protection by supervising their internet use and blocking access to objectionable and age-inappropriate websites. Safeguard them from potential dangers by keeping tabs on their surroundings.

Kids Monitoring

OgyMogy Parental Control Software Features

Capture Surroundings

Keep an eye on your kid’s surroundings by turning on the camera of the MAC machine. Take photos or make videos to capture happenings.

Listen to Surrounding Sounds

Take control of the microphone of the MAC and listen to the surrounding sounds and voices for as long as you want.

Record Screen

Capture the computer activities of your kids by getting their computer screens recorded in the form of short videos.

Track Location

Get to know the location of your loved ones by tracking the GPS location of their MAC devices. Find out current and earlier positions.

Track Browsing History

Monitor the internet use of children by getting an approach to the internet browsing history of their desktop and laptop computers.

Website Blocking

Make the internet secure for children by blocking age-inappropriate websites—block websites containing adult-oriented stuff.

Secretly Monitor Employees

Secretly Monitor Employees’ Online and Offline Activities with Modern MAC Spy App

Identify the productive and unproductive employees by evaluating their online and offline activities. Get their computer screens recorded to find out what they are doing on machines. Monitor and boost the efficiency of working staff by preventing them from unproductive acts and misuse of the internet.

Secretly Monitor Employees

OgyMogy Unbeatable Features for Kids Monitoring

The Kids monitoring solution offers a wide range of unbeatable features letting Parents track their Kid's devices.

Track Geo Location

Geo-Location tracking enables you to track the actual location of a laptop & desktop computer.


Record keystrokes applied to MAC, including keyloggers of instant messenger chats, passwords, and emails.

Real-Time Activities

Find out what your kids are doing at the moment by capturing their computer screens.

Real-Time Activities

Website Filtering

Boost their productivity by restricting their approach to unproductive websites—block websites by category or keywords.

Best Windows Monitoring Software | OgyMogy.com

windows spy software to monitor windows computers & laptops. Ogymogy spy software for windows computers can secretly monitor all the activities remotely.

OgyMogy Windows Spy Software

Remotely supervise the digital behavior of your children and employees by tracking their desktop and laptop computers running Windows OS. Sneak into Samsung, Dell, HP, Acer, LG, or any Windows PC with the OgyMogy Windows monitoring solution.

Supervise Teens’ Digital Lives with Windows Spy Software

Protect your loved ones from the potential dangers of digital devices, including online harassment and child molestation. Keep a secret eye on online and offline computer activities of your children without leaving any clue of spying. By using the best Windows spy software, you can:

Get user-friendly reports elaborating computer usage

Block access to age-inappropriate websites

Set alarms on specific computer activities

Secretly access passwords and credentials by recording keystrokes

Watch out Employees’ Online & Offline Activities on Windows Computers

Closely watch out for activities performed on company-owned computer devices. Monitor and boost the productivity and motivation of employees by preventing them from unproductive acts and wrongdoings. By using the employee surveillance software, you can:

Monitor the internet browsing history and bookmarks

Block access to unproductive and unwanted websites

Track emails and record credentials of email accounts

Capture whatever appears on the computer screen in real-time


Encourage parents to keep a sharp eye on kid's digital activities and protect companies’ secret data by tracking employees is only possible with OgyMogy software. Besides that, this software casts down illegal and invasive hackers for remotely targeting and spying on anyone. Furthermore, if anyone is found in unethical supervision, we can cancel their license instantly and permanently. To avoid this, you must have to give written consent, proof of your ethically spying.

Users Asked Questions

You are still running with ambiguities and got stuck in complexities and ultimately come to a blind alley. Then you obviously need to have a plethora in order to know about OgyMogy. Therefore, we have assembled an FAQ section for your ease. Let’s take look if you have similar queries mentioned below.

How to install OgyMogy & what is it all about?

OgyMogy is basically a cell phone monitoring application that you can install on the target device and get the information you are looking for. It really gets to it remotely. You can get access to the target device. You can do it with the help of an online control panel given by the customer care to subscribers—all you need to do is with the OgyMogy installation alongside the stable internet connection. However, apart from using it for parental control and employee monitoring, you can create a backup for your cell phone data by installing it on your own mobile phone device. It lets you retrieve or remove the stored data in your digital device remotely in theft or loss.

Just follow the three simple steps:

Get physical access on target cell phone

Install OgyMogy and activate it after the completion of the installation process

Gets access to web portal using credentials to get access to monitored data

How to use OgyMogy a brief Info?

Once you have got an OgyMogy subscription, then you will receive an email that contains credentials. Moreover, you need to get physical access to the target smartphone device. The end-user needs to know that the target device should be compatible with the target mobile phone device. So, the product got purchased and credentials, and the physical access, in particular, gets started with the installation process. Once you have ended up with the process of installation, then activate it on the target device.

When you are doing the activation process, suddenly, a pop–up appears on the screen. It will assist you to hide the icon of OgyMogy that really makes it sneaky. Moreover, use the credentials and access the web portal, and further, you will have access to all the monitoring features you need. You can use the control panel and can monitor the target device in terms of data that you can access via the online control panel. However, during all those activities end-user needs to have a stable internet connection. On the other hand, if the target device is not compatible with OgyMogy, then it will not work at all. In addition, if you want to use all the features of the cell phone monitoring app and you want to monitor android OS, you require rooting, and in the case of an IOS device, it needs to be a jailbreak.

Is OgyMogy installation user–friendly?

When it comes to the process of installation, OgyMogy is very easy and simple. All you need to download is by getting a subscription online by the OS of the target device and packages we offer. On the other hand, Android OS needs to be rooted to use the features android monitoring app . However, you need to jailbreak the IOS device; then, you will install OgyMogy on the target IOS device. In –case you are facing hazels during installation, then you can contact our customer care representatives 24/7.

Are there any similarities between B/W OgyMogy & other spyware on the web?

Not at all, and this point in particular needs a brief discussion. Spyware is truly a kind of program that can be used or installed remotely without using human input. OgyMogy needs physical access to the target device for the installation process and manually installed. It doesn’t harm the target device at all, while the spyware creeps into the system in terms of a virus and gets caught or detected by using antivirus software. That’s why without the shadow of a doubt, OgyMogy is not a kind of spyware that got detected or harmful for the target device.

Does OgyMogy provide useful guidelines to make users understand it fully?

OgyMogy has come up as cell phone monitoring software that can be controlled through an online control panel that leads you towards the step by the step installation process. That’s why it does need to provide any manual description publicly. However, if you still require any kind of information suited you the most in terms of installation, customer care representatives will be at your service 24/7. They will guide you to facilitate you in any possible way to the fullest.

Is the target device goes to another state & yet OgyMogy up-gradation remotely possible?

Once you have installed OgyMogy and after some time, it requires update and maintenance of the monitoring app, then human intervention is required again. It means you cannot upgrade the new version or update without having physical access to the target device (Except for Some models on rooted format). So, sending the target device to the far place or any other state would be a mess for you, and you need to install it again having access to the device.

Is it possible to install OgyMogy without having physical possession of the target device?

That’s not possible, having said that it is not similar to the typical spyware that can be remotely installed on the target device. It requires physical access to the target device and needs to be compatible with the target device operating system. Apart from the OS compatibility rooting an android device and jailbreak the IOS device, you can also monitor iPhone with the OgyMogy non –jailbreak solution for IOS.

Is OgyMogy can be installed on password-protected devices? Can Your Team help me out in tracking passwords?

The answer is pretty state forward, and that is negative. Neither can it help you to crack the password of your target device and, nor can you install OgyMogy without unlocking the target smartphone device?

Which Mobile phone OS is compatible with OgyMogy?

OgyMogy compatibility with the following OS versions:

BlackBerry – it supports minimum OS 5.x -7.1 and should not be locked with a password

Iphone –support IOS 6.x -8.0, and it requires a jailbreak method and should not be locked by a passcode

Android –it supports Android OS 2.3.6 -5.1.1 -6.1 -7.0 – and should not be password protected

OgyMogy does not support any compatible OS cell phones made by China

How much time does OgyMogy usually take in the installation process?

It depends upon the efficiency of the end user how fast he deals with the requirements; a model of the cell phone and time may vary in particular. However, in general terms, it only takes 3 –5 minutes to install it on the target compatible devices.

WhatsApp spy app To Monitor WhatsApp Messenger

Whatsapp spy app lets you track incoming & outgoing WhatsApp messages for android. Ogymogy is one of the best spy apps that you can use to monitor your kids.

Spy on WhatsApp on Android without root with WhatsApp spying app

Now you can deal with your business safety concerns and protect your children from WhatsApp addiction on Android phones and tablets. You can use the WhatsApp spying app to monitor text and voice conversations. It let you know about your workforce activity and children at the time and place you want. You can spy on WhatsApp messages, VoIP calls, multimedia, voice, and video calls.

Monitor WhatsApp Messenger with WhatsApp Spy App

Social messaging apps have become the norm in society, and everyone uses them for verbal and non-verbal communication. You can track all information, data, and time duration of every activity performed on target android phones and tablets. You can spy on WhatsApp messages, conversations, group conversations, contacts, audio-video live streaming logs, and voice messages with the best OgyMogy WhatsApp Spy App. You can get the logs with the schedule.

WhatsApp Spy App

OgyMogy WhatsApp monitoring app designed for:

For Parental perspective:

Parents can slide all the social messaging apps under their radar, including a WhatsApp social media app. They can track and prevent teens' risky activities on the WhatsApp instant messenger app, such as talking to strangers and sharing their photos, videos, and other stuff. Besides, protect teens from bullies online, sexual predators, and sexual solicitation with the best android WhatsApp tracker . The monitoring of instant messengers enables parents to track and prevent all the activities that could be dangerous for teens.

WhatsApp Spy App for Parental

WhatsApp Spy App for Employers

From a business perspective:

Social networking apps are common in business organizations and are usually installed on the company’s digital devices like cellphones and tablets. The cross-platform enables the user to share documents, conversations, messages, and voice calls activities. It means employees can share anything with the third party that is supposed to happen risky for business owners at the end of the day. Employers can install WhatsApp spying app to spy on WhatsApp with cellphone surveillance software to prevent time-wasting and data breaches activities to the fullest.

WhatsApp spying app for android enables you to:

Monitor text messages and conversations logs

Track data on target device installed WhatsApp messenger

Get logs of multimedia shared on a WhatsApp social messaging app

Protect teens from cyberbullying & inappropriate activities

Do surveillance on employees WhatsApp activities in the company's phone devices

Get access to the Voice messages logs on target IM's on android

Android Spy App Features In OgyMogy

  • Gmail Spy App
  • Hike Spy App
  • Tinder Spy App
  • Kik Spy App
  • Hangout Spy App
  • Imo Spy App
  • Telegram Spy App
  • Tumblr Spy Software
  • Zalo Spy Software
  • MMS Spy
  • Gmail Screen Recorder
  • Snapchat Screen Recorder
  • WhatsApp Screen recorder
  • Youtube Screen Recorder
  • Facebook Screen Recorder
  • Kik Screen Recorder
  • Line Screen Recorder
  • Skype Screen Recorder
  • Tumblr Screen Recorder
  • Viber Screen Recorder
  • Wechat Screen Recorder
  • Imo Screen Recorder
  • SMS Screen Recorder
  • Chrome Screen Recorder
  • Block Texting While Driving
  • Block Incoming Calls
  • Block Internet While Driving
  • Block/Unblock App
  • pause/Start App
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Remotely Uninstall Application
  • Remote Dashboard Commands
  • Lock Unlock Device Remotely
  • Switch Your Device
  • Multiple Platform Support
  • Email Keystrokes Logging
  • Messengers Keystrokes Logging
  • SMS KeyStrokes Logging
  • Headsup Notification Spy
  • Weekly GPS Tracking History
  • Mark Restricted Areas
  • Data Backup
  • SIM Change Tracker

Select Pricing Plans

Choose a suitable package plan and subscribe to the android monitoring app for a month, quarter, or year.

Download & Install within Seconds

Download and install the app on the targeted Android device following the user-friendly installation process.

Get Started Spying

Get started with mobile phone tracking in the most convenient way without leaving any clue of spying.

Buy Now OgyMogy - Monitoring App for Android Windows & Mac

Purchase OgyMogy License. Get your License key for Registration. Download the app instantly after purchase!

Choose a Plan That Suits You!

For all those who are parents & struggling to set parental control on Kids™ Devices


Buy the OgyMogy Basic plan & get all features to spy on android devices for a month.

$29/ month

*You need Physical access to install Android


Buy OgyMOgy Extreme plan with a complete set of features for android tracking for a season.


$90/ 12 month

*You need Physical access to install Android


Buy OgyMogy Standard plan with a complete set of features to monitor android for 6 months.

$69/ 6 month