Onespy Review Android - iPhone App Free Download Login

Onespy Review Android - iPhone App Free Download Login
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ONESPY- World’s No.1 Android monitor App| Mobile monitor App: ONESPY is an Android Monitoring App that lets you monitor on mobile phones and has capabilities like a hidden call recorder, location tracker, WhatsApp monitor, Facebook monitor, Instagram monitor, and many features of a monitor phone app. ONESPY mobile Monitoring App remains hidden in the target phone and lets you track all of the above.

Onespy Review Android - iPhone App Free Download Login

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India's No.1 Parental Control App

Track WhatsApp Business chats, WhatsApp Chats/Calls (Audio & Video)/Voice-Notes/Videos, Signal Messenger Chats/Calls, Live Audio, Locations, Call history & Recordings, Social media chats remotely to keep safe your loved ones, who matter to you the most.

In-house developed by Professionals, for everyone who needs a helping hand in the protection of their loved ones, children, family, and employees.

Why choose Onespy, not others?

ONESPY is the most popular and legitimate mobile Monitoring App solution. The app is developed for kids and employee monitoring and offers 30+ features. It’s a feature-rich Monitoring App with bank-level encryption for 100% data security. With your password, only you can open your panel, no other person including our support team can access it.

Cutting-Edge Remote Monitoring Features


Look through the contacts list. Earmark people who look to be trouble.

WhatsApp Spy

Read individual and group WhatsApp Chats & Call Recordings. Browse exchanged media files.

Call Logs

View details like call recording s, durations, time, and phone numbers.

Real Time Location

Get real-time location/live location easily with a child monitor.

Browser History

Review visited websites. Check visit frequency and read a mini-site description.

Stealth Mode

Be 100% discreet. spy remotely without ever being discovered.

ONEMONITAR offers more than 30 exclusive features.

Get 50+ features to track any Android Device Remotely with ONEMONITAR. We offer the highest features including Hidden Call Recording, WhatsApp Tracking, Facebook Monitor, Location tracking, Instagram Monitor, Gmail Monitor, Kik Monitor, Tinder Monitor, WeChat Monitor, monitor Outlook & Yahoo mails, Browser History, Phonebook, Photos and many more.

All Available Onemonitar Monitoring Features


View/Listen/Download call recordings of WhatsApp.


Record the incoming/outgoing conversation done via WhatsApp.


Record all images sent/received via WhatsApp.


Record all animated gifs sent/received via WhatsApp.


Record all audios sent/received via WhatsApp.


Record all videos sent/received via WhatsApp.


Record all voice notes sent/received via WhatsApp.


View/Listen/Download call recordings of Facebook.


View/Listen/Download call recordings of Hangout.


View/Listen/Download call recordings of Skype.


Record the incoming/outgoing conversation done via Facebook.


Record the incoming/outgoing conversation done via Hangout.


Record the incoming/outgoing conversation done via skype.


Record the incoming/outgoing conversation done via tinder.


Record the incoming/outgoing conversation done via Viber .


Record the incoming/outgoing conversation done IMO.


Record the incoming/outgoing conversation done Instagram.


Record the incoming/outgoing conversation done Snapchat.


Record the incoming/outgoing conversation done kik.


Record the incoming/outgoing conversation done on the line.


Record the incoming/outgoing mail done Gmail.


Record the incoming/outgoing mail done by yahoo.


Record the incoming/outgoing mail done outlook.


View all the wifi connected/disconnected status of the target device with wifi name


View the incoming/outgoing calls made/received from the target device.


Listen/Download recordings of all the calls made/received from the target device.


View the incoming/outgoing SMS sent/received from the target device.


View all images sent, received, saved, and deleted on a target device


See which applications are currently installed on a device being monitored


Listen to real-time audios or record sounds to listen to later.


Record the entire keystroke history of specified applications.


Block any of the installed devices in the target device.


View all the internet history


View all the saved contacts

Pricing Plans

Get huge discounts only for a limited time.

WhatsApp Call Recording

Facebook Call Recording

Skype Call Recording

Truecaller Call Recording

Hangout Call Recording

WhatsApp AudiosNew

WhatsApp VideosNew

WhatsApp Voice NotesNew

WhatsApp Images

WhatsApp Animated Gifs

WhatsApp Stickers

WhatsApp Statuses

WhatsApp Documents

Youtube History

Block/Unblock Websites

App Usage

Call Logs

Call Recordings

Block Calls


Block Apps


SMS Messages


Calendar Events


Live Surround

Schedule Surround


Live Locations

Remote GPS on/Off

Internet History

WhatsApp Chats/Calls

WhatsApp Business Chats/Calls

Signal Chats/Calls

Facebook Chats/Calls

Hike Chats/Calls

IMO Chats/Calls

Telegram Chats/Calls

Hangouts Chats/Calls

Instagram Chats/Calls

Snapchat Chats/Calls

Tinder Chats/Calls

Kik Chats/Calls

Line Chats/Calls

Skype Chats/Calls

Badoo Chats/Calls

Viber Chats/Calls

Google Emails

Yahoo Emails

Outlook Emails

Photo Capture

Auto Screenshots

30 Days History

Unlimited Device Change

2-Factor/OTP Authentication

Chat Support

Technical support

Automatic Screenshots

Remote Update

Uninstall Protection


About Onespy

Protect Kids from Online Predators & Remotely Track Employees

Founded in the year 2003, ONESPY brings together a group of highly motivated individuals that focus on delivering the best cyber-surveillance and cell phone monitoring service to employers and parents all across the globe.

ONESPY has been leading the phone monitoring & tracking industry for more than a decade now, and is perpetually making products and services to meet customer demands with exceptional monitoring solutions. Our "ONESPY Android monitoring app lication" is rated among the best and is much admired by numerous users across the globe.

ONESPY Android Phone Monitoring application comes loaded with more than 30 features including Incoming/Outgoing Call Monitoring, Hidden Call Recording, Text SMS Viewing, GPS Location Tracking, Phone Browser Monitoring, WhatsApp Monitoring, Facebook Messenger Monitoring, Instagram Messenger Monitoring, Multimedia File Tracking, Installed Application Viewing and many more additional features.

Apart from that, we at ONESPY are highly sensitive to data privacy and data security, hence taking utmost care to prevent user data with industry-grade encryption standards. Our extremely proficient Technical Team guides you through the entire app installation process along with delivering active Customer Support. ONESPY packages are designed keeping in mind the requirements of users across the nation along with arriving at the best price point.

At ONESPY, we Guarantee Moral Business Opera tions, Customer-driven Approach, and Unwavering Quality to all customers

Getting Started with ONESPY

All you need is 5 minutes to get started with ONESPY. Just subscribe to the desired package from Buy Now page, check your email for the download link, and download the software.

Once installed, our online control panel will let you access all subscribed features from any internet-enabled device sitting anywhere around the globe in seconds. It is one, central place to listen to call recordings, read WhatsApp chats, track locations & do many more things easily.

Install & get started with monitoring in minutes

Get mobile or phone location via GPS or nearby network.

View SMS, Instant Messenger chats like WhatsApp, Hike, IMO, and much more.

Monitor incoming and outgoing emails with full-text content.

Listen to audio call-recordings of every in/outcalls

View, download & backup historical data locally with ease


Below are some frequently asked questions people are looking for answers to. In case you do not find the answer to your question, in particular, you can contact us anytime.

What is Onespy?

One spy is an Android Spy ing and Monitoring application that comes loaded with advanced tracking features that are easily accessible via an online control panel. The application gives you advanced monitoring features including call monitoring, GPS tracking , Browser data monitoring, Multimedia tracking, Installed app viewing, and much more.

How do Onespy works?

Once you successfully install the One spy app lication on the targeted device, the app then accumulates the device data and displays it simultaneously over the subscribers' control panel. The control panel can be accessed using any internet browser. But at first, always remember that you check the phone and operating system compatibility before you make the purchase. There are three subscription plans that a user can select from based on their personal requirements and app features.

What devices are supported by Onespy?

Almost every Android device running on Android version 4.1 or above is compatible with Onespy. However, we do recommend you check your smartphone compatibility here or you can contact us via the link below. Contact us

How do I purchase the Onespy application?

Before beginning the downloads, first, check the smartphone and OS (Operating system) compatibility from the following link: Onespy App Compatibility Now that you’ve checked the compatibility, purchase our app by visiting the website link mentioned below: Buy Onespy

What payment methods are available for purchasing Onespy?

We currently accept the following payment methods:

Visa /MasterCard

Debit / Credit Card

Bank transfer

American Express

Paytm Wallet

OLA Money

JIO Money




Payment options may vary depending on your country of residence. Select your preferred payment method once you proceed to Checkout.

How to download and install Onespy?

Before beginning the downloads, first check the smartphone and OS (Operating system) compatibility via the following link: Onespy App Compatibility Now that you’ve checked the compatibility, purchase the Onespy application by visiting the website link mentioned below:

Buy Onespy

There are three subscription plans available and one shall select the plan based on their personal requirements. We have three packages available at the time, all subscription plans are available at different prices along with their dedicated features: Budget, Prime, and Elite. After purchasing the Onespy application successfully, either our technical team will guide you through the remaining process or you can read the installation guide below.

Onespy Installation Guide

Once the setup is complete, the login details will be shared with you over the email provided by you earlier. You can then use these details to log in and access the entire control panel via the internet browser.

Can I install Onespy remotely?

No, Onespy can only be installed on the targeted device if it's available physically.

Where can I check the monitored data from the target device?

Once your Onespy application is successfully installed and is connected to our server, the application will then automatically share data to your Control Panel that can be accessed from any internet browser. The login details will be shared with you as you make the subscription.

How frequently do Onespy updates monitoring data?

Well, as we mentioned before, Onespy requires an internet connection and if the internet is available with appropriate internet speed and application running in the background, the data shall be shared with your control panel instantly.

Why does the targeted device require an Internet connection?

The monitored device requires an internet connection to send data to servers. Once the data is shared effectively, it will then be displayed to your control panel. Onespy works with both Wi-Fi and 3G/4G Internet connections.

Make in India - Onespy | India's leading spy app provider

ONESPY is designed & developed in India for all Android Smartphones

ONESPY is registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

ONESPY is designed to fulfill all the Phone monitoring needs of parents.

All the ONESPY app administration is done from India only.

ONESPY is the best Android Monitoring App and offers 30+ features to monitor.

As mentioned above, it's registered in India, therefore, is not a 3rd Party App.

The Best alternatives To Chinese App!

The year 2020 has been taken for a rough start and we’ve seen a lot of extremely disappointing incidents. However, the concern of privacy from Chinese apps has been there for a very long time as experts have claimed that certain apps have misused or at least extracted data that can be private to most users. In recent times, a lot of users have become more concerned about the dominance of Chinese apps which are there in the market and maybe stealing your personal data. Let's start monitoring your loved ones and ONESPY, The most Trusted Indian Application.

We Make in India

Launched on 25 September 2014 Make in India, is a Swadeshi Movement that covers 25 sectors of the economy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched this initiative with the primary goal of making India one of the biggest global manufacturing hubs by encouraging both global as well as multinational companies to manufacture their products in India.

Make in India has facilitated the Indian economy by offering leapfrog advancements to all the consumers in the Indian market. And opportunities for businesses to manufacture and develop quality products at a pocket-friendly price point.

We at ONESPY would like to proudly claim that One store India (P) Limited is an authorized organization. It is registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Delhi, India. Our brand ONESPY is a registered application which is developed indigenously by One store India (P) Limited and is actively delivering quality services to all its valuable users.

Some phone monitoring app makers are only reselling the monitoring apps in India from a third-party source from another country in the name of employee monitoring and parental control solution.

While on the other hand, ONESPY is the sole and in-house developed application and is an administered product of One store India (P) Limited. We do not resell any 3rd-party software and deliver the best quality for parental control and employee monitoring.

Contact Us ONESPY

ONESPY Sales Team is 24/7 Active to Help You Select the Best Package

Device Change

One of the unique features of ONESPY mobile Monitoring App is that even if the target android device is misplaced, lost, or somehow destroyed, you can still avail the benefits of our app. Provided that your subscription has not expired, ONESPY offers a free device change service to all of its valued customers. This service will allow you to transfer your budget or prime ONESPY subscription on a new android device without any additional charges.

This service can prove to be beneficial in the following situations:

The person being monitored loses their android device.

They purchase a new phone and discard the old one.

The phone has been irreversibly damaged and cannot be used again.

Your subscription with ONESPY has not expired but the device has been tampered with/lost/stolen/replaced.

You are a subscriber of either the budget or prime package of ONESPY and wish to change your target device.

Uninstall Onespy

Before installing ONESPY on a new device, it is important for you to remove ONESPY from the older device. Inability to do this might cause loss of data and certain other issues.

Follow these instructions to remove ONESPY from the old device:

Go to Settings.

Click on Lock Screen & Security.

After then click on Other Security Settings.

Search for System Settings and de-activate it.

Go back to Settings and go to Apps or Application Manager.

Search for System Settings and uninstall it.

ATTENTION! Kindly uninstall Onespy app from the target device before deleting it from here otherwise it will wipe all the data on your current device. This action is destructive and the data can not be recovered again once deleted.

Reinstall ONESPY

Once you are done removing ONESPY from the previous android phone, you are free to install it on the new device. Visit the installation guide to get more details about how to install ONESPY. After the installation process is complete, you will start receiving monitored information instantly and in a timely manner.

Best Android Monitoring App

Monitor Phone calls, Call recordings, Facebook, WhatsApp & other instant messengers remotely using the ONESPY app. It is easy to download, takes only a few minutes to install on the target phone.

Hassle Free Installation Assistance

Android Monitoring- ONESPY

Installation assistance is a new service offered by ONESPY which allows the clients to sit back and relax while we install the application to their target mobile. If you are a potential customer or an existing client who wish to install ONESPY to a Vivo, Redmi, or Samsung device, and do not want to get into the hassle of the installation process, our expert team will do it for you, you just have to choose OneAssistance at the time of purchasing a license. The application will be installed via TeamViewer, and physical access to the target device is required to install the app.

Runs on Android 4.1 & above

This is a new feature by ONESPY which allows you to sit back and relax while the company executives install the ONESPY application on the target android device. If you are not a tech-savvy person and do not want to indulge in the process of installation by yourself, our team will do it for you without any additional charges. This is a quick and reliable process that can be availed by people that have a Vivo, Samsung, or Redmi as the company of the target device. The application will be installed via TeamViewer, and physical access to the target device is required to install the app.

Start tracking with Onespy in 3 easy steps.

1. Sign Up for Free Trial

First, you need to purchase an app from the ONESPY website and you will receive the download link at your email address.

2. Install App On Target Phone

Follow the installation guide & download the app on the target phone and complete ONESPY installation as documented.

3. Login & Start Monitoring

After installing the app on the target phone, log in to to start monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Onespy work?

You simply have to install the Onespy application on the target phone whichever you want to monitor. Really that's all you have to do.

How much does it cost?

We offer different packages varying in features and session lengths. You click on Packages in the menu to see our offerings.

Can I customize available packages?

No. The packages with their respective features are final and cannot be customized.

Employee Tracking

Instantly monitor employees to ensure higher productivity and safekeeping of sensitive data.

Employee Tracking

Many companies give out phones to their employees for official use. This can prove to be a really productive activity if the companies install ONESPY employee monitoring applications on these devices before giving them out.

"You can never tell the intentions of people working for you. They might be loyal, they might want to rip you off, they might just be with you for a certain period of time and leave you as soon as they find more suitable options.”

With ONESPY, all employers can monitor the activities of the people working for them. It is very important that the people working for your company do not leak information to a competitor. Any such acts can hamper your firm/company immensely.

ONESPY will help you ensure that your employees are not causing any sort of harm to your company. The location tracker feature of ONESPY can help you track the exact location of the employees with fieldwork and discover whether or not they are doing their job in a timely manner.

Any company can highly benefit from ONESPY and effectively increase productivity and employee quality.

Family Tracking

Track your loved one’s live cell phone activities sitting remotely.

Ensure a Safe and Healthy Environment for Your Kids

ONESPY android phone monitor app is a reliable tool that will assist you in making sure that your minor children do not jeopardize their life or health over various social media websites that are full of suspicious and shady people. It is a known fact that teenagers invest a lot of time on the internet. With ONESPY you can ensure that this time is being used in a productive manner.

The internet is a vast platform with as many drawbacks as advantages. With ONESPY you can monitor the activity of your kids and loved ones online. This will indelibly lend you a helping hand in analyzing the pros and cons of your teens spending time on the internet and steering them towards the path that is best for them.

Track the Live Location of Kids With Ease

The live GPS tracker feature of ONESPY constantly collects precise location data from the target device and presents it on your ONESPY dashboard/panel. With an active internet connection, you can easily track down the location of your young family members. This can be immensely important assistance in case of an emergency or an accident.