Online Child Safety Internet Safety Tips for Parents

Online Child Safety Internet Safety Tips for Parents
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Children's Online Safety Parents Should Follow These Tips to Ensure Their Children's Internet Safety

The only constant in this world, as we know it, is changing. The streets no longer resemble those of the 1980s and 1990s, and postcards are no longer utilized for long-distance communication. Perhaps the most significant distinction between "retro days" and "modern period" can be summed up in a single word: "internet."

Young people are always better at adjusting to shifting circumstances. Their enthusiasm for technical advancement corroborates this. Nowadays, a child is far more likely to be found playing "Angry Birds" on his or her smartphone than playing ball with his or her buddies on a playground. That's just the "offline" aspect of things.

According to a 2013 research, six out of ten children (aged three to seventeen) had access to the internet at home. Why is it so disturbing that small children are being exposed to the internet, which is intended to be a nurturing platform for sharing information and facilitating humanity's growth? Why are parents so concerned about their children spending too much time on the internet?

Online Child Safety Internet Safety Tips for Parents

So, to answer the question above, consider the following crucial points.

On the internet, your personal information is not secure. Approximately half a billion digital identities were either stolen or exposed in 2015.

When a youngster is exposed to sexual information on the internet in the early stages of his or her existence, his or her way of thinking is completely disrupted. Exposure to pornography during the early years, when youngsters are expected to learn about their sexuality in a healthy way, instills erroneous ideas and beliefs in their heads.

Online bullying affects a large number of young people. The figure is 52 percent, according to a report.

Another reason that parents are concerned about their children spending too much time online is the existence of the word "catfishing" in the online world.

Catfishing is the act of a person fabricating his or her identity in order to pursue a romantic relationship. On the internet, the possibility of being duped into romance by a con artist at a time when children aren't mature enough to deal with such complicated feelings is constantly present.

A healthy lifestyle is hampered by spending too much time on social media platforms. Addiction to the internet is a productivity killer.

So, the next obvious issue that should come to mind is what can you do to ensure that the internet does not harm your children's well-being.

To address this, here are seven guidelines that every parent should follow to safeguard their children's internet safety:

#1 Get a Head Start:

Don't wait for anything horrible to happen before taking action. As a parent, you have the responsibility of educating your children about all aspects of life and instilling positive values in them by acting as a guiding influence. Extend the same respect to your children by warning them about the dangers of going to inappropriate websites on the internet. Above all, warn them at the appropriate moment!

#2 Become a part of their online world.

Don't give them a level of seclusion that they aren't ready for. Children are readily influenced individuals. They may not be honest with you about matters to which they know you will oppose. Children are more likely to wander into the incorrect areas of the Internet without recognizing how dangerous it is for them due to the availability of variables that can operate as outside influences, such as the peer group in school. Parental monitoring software, on the other hand, comes to the rescue. is a tried-and-true option for tracking and monitoring your children's online activities.

#3 Adult Websites Should Be Blocked

Children are poisoned by pornographic content. It has the potential to encourage violent action and moral ambiguity. As a result, it is your responsibility to restrict access to pornographic websites on your child's smartphone. Your children's mental growth will be aided by limiting their access to pornographic websites.

#4 Keep an eye on your installed apps and browsing history.

The importance of this is due to the fact that the online world has no boundaries. The Blue Whale Challenge was a cataclysmic event. Human lives were lost as a result of this 21st-century phenomenon. You would never want your youngster to partake in such activities. This can be avoided by keeping an eye on their installed programs and browsing history.

#5 Instant Messaging Apps are Dangerous

Whatsapp Spy, Snapchat Spy, Instagram Spy, Hike Spy, Line Spy, and more similar apps are available. The number of instant messaging programs available on the internet is steadily increasing. On these platforms, cyberbullying is a widespread occurrence. Sharing of explicit content is yet additional risk that your children are exposed to because there is no moderation of what type of content is shared via IM programs. Parental monitoring software can once again help you create a safe zone around your children's use of instant messaging apps. GuestSpy is an example of an app that can help you keep track of your children's IM activity.

Gallery of Monitors #6

IM apps give a forum for sharing multimedia material, including photos. Instagram is yet another popular photo-sharing platform. The rationale for the bolded warning is that you need to know what kind of photos your children are taking with their phones' cameras or receiving over the internet. Explicit photographs in your child's smartphone gallery are a red sign. It suggests they've been exposed to the dark side of the internet.

#7 Teach Them How To Protect Their Personal Information

Personal information should not be shared on the internet. "If anything is on the internet, it will stay there forever," is a popular phrase nowadays. You must teach your children the importance of maintaining their privacy. It is not necessary to share everything on the internet. Teach children to keep personal information private, such as phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses, and school addresses. Also, make sure your children do not come into personal contact with someone they met online.

Contrary to popular belief, the Internet is not entirely negative. It is a tremendous bank of information that, when used correctly, can enable children to come into contact with a plethora of options. As a result, don't completely prohibit children from surfing the internet. Instead, from time to time, limit and steer its use.

Parents Shouldn't Be Afraid to Use Child Monitoring Software for 5 Reasons

We live in a technologically advanced era where the majority of resources are available digitally or virtually. Every modern device has the ability to connect to the internet in an automated manner. Books, radio, clocks, letters, and other resources have all been replaced by electronic devices such as smartphones. Audiobooks, messengers, and other smarter versions of these basic resources have taken their place. All of them are accessible via the internet with a single click.

Teenagers and children are more vulnerable to it since they spend so much time on the internet. However, this raises the risk of accessing improper or dangerous content, which could be used as bait by hackers and attackers. Teenagers and children may fall into this trap, exposing themselves to online dangers such as cyberbullying, social media frauds, and more.

Parents are continuously looking for a better future for their children and frequently become stressed in the process. It's time to take control of your child's internet activity before he or she turns into a spoiled brat. Only by purchasing good spy software, such as SPY24 Child Monitoring Software, can you keep track of their actions.

For parents to keep track of their children's online activity, parental control software/child monitoring software has become a must-have tool. It offers numerous advantages because it is equipped with the most up-to-date security measures. Software such as Internet Scheduler, Website Blocking, Malware Content Blocking, and so on.

The internet scheduler restricts the kids' online access to a set amount of time. This allows them to limit their internet activity and keep track of how much time they spend logging in and out.

The website blocking tool restricts access to improper websites that share harmful content. This contributes to a safe browsing experience.

Malware content detection is also possible with parental control software, which might lead to a social networking scam. This software detects such content and stops it from appearing in web searches.

Even if all of the benefits of parental control software have been given forth, some parents may be hesitant to use it.

The following are five reasons why parents should not be hesitant to utilize parental control software.

#1 Keep a tight check on what's going on in your social life.

Socializing is a fad, and the amount of time spent on social media platforms will always be used to measure your child's social life. Strangers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms can cause collateral damage. Unknown sources and imposters can send messages to messengers like WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook Messenger. Your child may become addicted to the popular sickness, but now is the moment to stop. You can keep track of their social activities and force them to focus on their studies rather than wasting their time.

#2 Defend children against cyber-threats

The internet is a dark world of an abyss where cyber predators are looking for their next victim. These cyber predators are hackers and attackers who use deception to lure their victims into a trap. These deceptions could take the shape of email spoofing or bogus websites that force your children to enter personal information. As a result, it is preferable to protect your child from cyber threats. To protect their children, parents should examine their children's browser history and later block unwanted websites.

#3 Do not deviate from your child's objectives.

Pornography and gambling-related dangerous content abound on the internet, potentially diverting your child's aims. With the use of parental control software, such content can be simply stopped. The program is capable of focusing on children of all ages. The parameters of such software can be easily changed. As a child's maturity level rises, so does his or her curiosity. Curiosity could get them into a lot of trouble, so it's best to expose everything gently and steadily. Parents can ban such pornographic content sites on their devices remotely at any moment, ensuring that their children do not squander time.

#4 Keep an eye on your children's online activities.

All of your children's online activities can be kept private. If everything is kept hidden from their parents, they may find themselves in a risky scenario. It is usually preferable to use parental control software to navigate all of the smartphone's search activities. Nothing is hidden from parents when it comes to their children's online activities. Based on the monitoring, parents can set a smartphone usage limit. If parents wish to photograph their children's surroundings at a specific moment, they can use the scheduler, which will take pictures at the specified time and upload them to the dashboard.

#5 Stay away from some risky internet games

There are also psychopathic and deadly games on the internet, such as a blue whale game. These games become the internet's next big thing, and every kid attempts to get their hands on them. Such internet games present visitors with hazardous gaming tasks that may result in an accident. It is usually preferable to use parental control software to avoid such games.

Conclusion: Using parental control software, you can ensure that your child's online safety is a top priority. Cybersecurity, time management, data backup, cyber etiquette, and online reputation are all services they provide. Later on, a safer and more secure browsing option can be added. This prevents children from subscribing to unidentified newsfeed letters. You can even make them utilize their own email accounts and monitor their recent browser history. On the browser, you may track their keyword search. You can bookmark their favorite website instead of seeking the same website.

Finally, it's about your child's safety, which can only be ensured with parental control software.

5 Ways to Control and Monitor Your Child's Smartphone's Online Activities Before Bedtime

Kids have outsmarted their parents in the realm of technological innovation. Kids have begun using cell phones for learning, playing addictive video games, and having social media conversations through instant messaging apps. The constant barrage of social media updates has engendered smartphone addiction among youngsters, obstructing their ability to focus on their studies. They have also become nocturnals as a result of their addiction, which has disrupted their sleep cycle. Insomnia has become a widespread concern among today's youth.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 14-17-year-old teenagers should get 10 hours of sleep per night, while pre-teens should get 9 to 11 hours. Late-night smartphone gaming and social media activities are common among pre-teens, compromising their sleep. Sleep is necessary for every human being since sleeplessness can disrupt the biological clock, affecting the metabolism and overall health. It is, therefore, preferable to maintain a healthy sleep pattern.

Parents let their children play, but the issue arises when freedom becomes a liability. The majority of youngsters spend too much time on social media and break the rules. This concerns their parents about internet safety during late-night smartphone activities and leads to poor adaptation. Parents can use the SPY24 parental monitoring program to keep track of their children's smartphone activity.

How does SPY24 monitor children's smartphone activity before they go to bed?

1) Keep an eye on your instant messaging apps.

SPY24 allows parents to keep an eye on their children's IM apps on both rooted and non-rooted smartphones. It allows you to track all of your incoming and outgoing messages on apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, Skype, Twitter, Mails, and others. These messages might contain photos, personal information, bank account information, and other information that SPY24 could readily monitor and read. Even if a user deletes any previously sent messages and photographs, they are retained in the SPY24 dashboard and can be simply accessed. All stored data, such as the last login time, the receiver's information, and so on, will be shared with SPY24's registered email account. It's probable that your kid is chatting on some online dating apps late at night and sleeping very late. SPY24 also lets you track Tinder and other significant IM apps' messages.

2) Keep an eye on your internet usage.

With the help of SPY24 parental software, parents may review all recent URL logs and control mobile phone activity. It keeps track of all the URLs and websites that have been visited using the mobile browser. If the browser history is wiped on purpose, the parental program will save it automatically. It also keeps track of how much time the user spends on the internet. It is one of the software's most notable features.

3) Pornographic content and websites should be blocked.

While exploring various websites, children are easily exposed to pornographic content. IM applications may inadvertently advertise them, which has recently become an addiction. Through the dashboard, SPY24 gives parents the ability to disable applications and websites where such adverts display on the smartphone. It also prevents additional inappropriate content from appearing on the child's smartphone, which could encourage child abuse for entertainment purposes. The SPY24 parental program also detects all predatory bait placed on the internet, which may lead to cyberbullying. Overall, it ensures that your children have a safer online experience by keeping them away from any hazards.

4) Contacts and Applications for Control

This software allows you to keep track of all the apps you've loaded on your phone. It identifies and lists the applications that your children use the most. It also detects and disables programs downloaded from unknown sources, preventing them from functioning on the phone. It detects and disables all harmful gaming and dating apps on your child's smartphone that may be leaking personal information online. It syncs all newly added and deleted contacts on the phone on a daily basis and keeps track of the daily call log. It examines all incoming and outgoing calls, texts, and calls using an online phone directory, as well as blocking all spammers. It also includes additional capabilities such as one-click access, an email alert with a summary, a specific location, and an alert when the SIM card is changed.

5) Logging Keystrokes

SPY24's keystroke logger is a free program that includes features such as real-time data synchronization. This implies that anytime a key is pressed on the target smartphone, it appears on the dashboard right away. When software such as VPN causes an interruption, this feature comes in handy. It will also keep track of crucial data such as passwords, contents on other apps, and other details.


Teenagers and pre-adolescents are exposed to hazardous screen lights. The majority of children become glued to their smartphones, and the SPY24 kid surveillance program attempts to curb this growing temptation. Because sleep is such an important component of one's health, making it a daily practice to follow a good sleep cycle is beneficial. SPY24 offers its customers a high-quality, cost-effective service that promotes a safe surfing environment. Text Copier, Health Monitor, Calendar Events Tracking, Scheduler, Location Tracking & Geo Fencing, and other advanced features are included in the software. It features software that can be used to track a child's smartphone without their knowing. This will allow you to keep track of them and guide them toward a brighter future.