Online Solutions for Parental Control|Monitor|Track app spy

Online Solutions for Parental Control|Monitor|Track app spy
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Best Choice to Monitor Phones, Tablets & Computers SPY24 protects what's precious to you, be it your families or employees.

Monitor mobile SPY

SPY24 Pro for Android Keeps track of children’s Android phone secretly with over 30 monitoring features.

SPY24 for WhatsApp No root for WhatsApp monitoring. 10+ WhatsApp data types can be checked easily.

SPY24 Pro for iOS View data files and social chat history of your kid's iOS device without jailbreaking.

SPY24 Pro for iCloud Monitor iOS device with iCloud account and password, and no app installation is required.

What We Protect

Online Solutions for Parental Control|Monitor|Track app spy

We protect what matters to you. With SPY24, both families and companies can rest after adopting suitable monitoring solutions.

Parental control for kids' online safety Check where your kids are, who they are in contact with and what they're doing online. SPY24 enables you to keep an eye on the kids without needing to be close by.

Marital bliss for a more harmonious family life SPY24 can discover truths and dig out information about significant ones, which helps you dispel any doubts in a relationship. Want to do it covertly? Absolutely.

Supervision for enterprise security & confidentiality Help companies take timely actions in case employees are leaking enterprise privacy. You can strengthen internal security and confidentiality.

MoniVisor for Win New Released! Oct 21, 2020

Hidden & remote Windows monitoring software.

Support 20+ features and view data in real-time.

Monitor social media, emails & all browsing histories.

Record all keystrokes & capture screenshots remotely.

World's #1 Phone Monitoring Software

Trusted by Customers Worldwide

+ View incoming, outgoing and deleted calls and texts

+ Keep an eye on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Gallery

+ Follow GPS location, set up safeguard and alerts

+Monitor mobile

+ Access live video, screen and audio in real time

Why SPY24 is the Best

Parental Control App ?

Trusted by thousands of parents. Over 95% regular returning users.

Monitoring is Done Remotely. With 24/7 Support.

Best Price. Monitor your child's phone for less than $0.5 per day!

Stop Worrying Avout Your Kid's Internet Activities.

View Phone Location in Real-Time. See GPS history and get alerts.

It is Very Fast to Get Started (As Little as 15 minutes!).

Parental Control for Children Protection:

Advanced SPY24 Features & Benefits

We constantly work to improve features that SPY24 offers - both by adding access to the newest social media or messaging apps, and by increasing the overall security and stability.

You won't find all this at such a good price anywhere on the market!


View the content and information of every sent or received message even when it's deleted from the child's device.


Set up Profanity Alert, Geo-Fencing, Contact Alerts and more for your peace of mind at all times! (*Comming soon)


View and download all pictures or videos taken by the monitored device, as well as any downloaded or received.


View every outgoing and incoming call with timestamp and duration, as well as the detailed caller info.


Access chats from all popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, Messenger, Kik and more.


Remotely block or restrict use of any apps and programs, including whether downloaded or built-in


Monitor Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tinder and other platforms, as well as Web Browser history.


Always know where your kids are by having access to the GPS history, as well as live location at all times.


Name, Phone, Email, Company, Date, Title Maintain track of who they're contacting. Get all contacts and saved notes from the target device.

Monitor mobile