OurPact App Download Review iPhone & Android Login

OurPact App Download Review iPhone & Android Login
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For iPhone, iPad, and Android, OurPact - Parental Control & Family Locator is the best parental control app.

OurPact is the most popular parental control program for iPhones, iPods, and Android devices. All-in-one parental control app for iOS & Android smartphones that restricts screen time for kids while also tracking their whereabouts.

Screen Time Parental Control: A One-Stop-Shop

For families of any size, OurPact is the most comprehensive parental control software and family finder available today.

Decide on a screen time schedule.

Don't worry about it! Automatically restrict app use during regularly occurring events like school or bedtime.

At any time, from any location, you can block or permit access to the internet and apps on your child's device.

OurPact Is Trusted Everywhere.

OurPact App Download Review iPhone & Android Login

A Parental Control App for both iOS and Android.

In order to better serve today's busy families, OurPact developed a parental control and family locating feature. Parents and children can use our parental control software and family finder on WiFi or cellular networks, regardless of the platform they are using.

We'll be there for you and your family, no matter where life takes you or what devices you and your children bring along.

Added Bonuses

Up to 20 Devices Can Be Managed

What if I have to deal with more than one device? It's no problem at all. Control several devices owned by a single child at the same time by creating distinct management profiles for each of them. It's the simplest way to keep track of everyone in the household.

The rules of the game

It's easy to keep track of your child's app usage using OurPact's App Rules. Distracting social media , on the other hand, should be blocked or managed differently. All apps aren't created equal!

Constantly obstructed

By Appointment

It is always permitted.

Limit on the Amount of Time Spent on Screen

You don't have to pay for your allowance yourself! Instill a sense of fiscal responsibility in your children by allowing them to set daily budgets for their screen usage.

Frequently put to use



Using Family Locator, you may monitor your child's position, locate a lost device, or arrange for a pick-up of your child. Using geofences, you can get alerts whenever your kids arrive or depart from any location, including school, home, and even Grandma's house.

Keeping iMessages and SMS from interfering with homework or family meals can be as simple as setting time limits, allowances, or even manually blocking the use of these services.

To ensure your children's safety, use the Web Filter to block adult content from all browsers installed on iOS child devices.


Automated periodic, on-demand, or private gallery screenshots, all encrypted for optimum safety, are provided via OurPact's View.

Prices start at $0 and go up to $6.99 monthly.

$9.99 per month for PREMIUM

To fit your family's needs

Parental controls for Apple's operating system are available.

The screen time monitoring software and family locator for OurPact can be accessed from any shared Apple device in the household.

Apps for Android Parental Control

Get instant access to your OurPact dashboard by downloading the number one Android parental control app for free right now.

The ability to block Block Apps.

OurPact allows parents to prohibit apps, including social media and gaming, from their children's devices.

Disable the Web

OurPact also restricts internet browsers like Safari and Chrome, in addition to restricting apps.

To stop texting

Only OurPact blocks text messages on iOS and Android devices.

The Ability to Customize Screen Time Scheduling

Scheduling screen time throughout the day allows you to prevent access to the internet and apps.

The rules of the game

OurPact provides parents with the opportunity to ban distracting applications and games while allowing educational apps to be used for learning.

Limit on the Amount of Time Spent on Screen

Put a daily limit on how much time you spend in front of a screen.

View with a Clear Head

Automated views of your children's internet activities, either on-demand or in a gallery, that may be seen at any time.

a service that helps you locate your family members

Instantly notify you of the whereabouts of loved ones or electronic devices.

Web Filter for iOS devices blocks pornographic material. Assurance that everything is going to be fine.

Decide on a screen time schedule.

Establish a schedule for your child's screen time based on his or her typical daily routine. Schedules for meals, bedtime, family time, and more can be set up by parents.

The OurPact Screen Time Scheduling Tool

For parents who are trying to keep a constant schedule at home, smartphones and tablets may be an asset. Schedule your daily screen time according to your established patterns with OurPact.

Because of your child's love of technology, you can utilize it to teach them about responsible use. Every day, parents ban their children's screen use during mealtimes, showers, family time, and bedtime. Because of the internet and app blocker provided by OurPact, parents have discovered that their children are less prone to become sidetracked and eventually adapt to the new family schedule.

Scheduling Screen Time with OurPact

The "set it and forget it" feature of the OurPact parental control solution is the finest part. It's safe to assume that if a 7:00-7:30 am block is set aside for breakfast every day, it will remain in place until the parent decides to modify it.

Using OurPact, you can set up healthy family routines for everyone, including a new screen time schedule.

Take a Look at Screenshots

View provides screenshots of your child's internet behavior so that you can keep an eye on their activities.

What We Think About It

Having access to your child's internet activities can give you a sense of security. You can choose from three different angles to best suit your needs.

Periodic Views provide you with regular, automated screenshots so you can keep an eye on things. Instant screenshots of your child's device are provided through View-On-Demand, which can be used for ad hoc monitoring. To keep track of how much time has passed since you took a screenshot, you can do so in the View Gallery for a period of up to two weeks. Create a custom category in the View Categories section to track terms that are significant to you and filter screenshots by those keywords.

Protect and Manage

Using OurPact's View, you'll be able to keep an eye on your kids when they're online and help them stay safe. As a result of this visibility, you will be able to openly discuss the long and short-term effects of social media, as well as the importance of appropriate internet use.

This is an iOS and Android app to block applications.

OurPact allows parents to prohibit apps, including social media and gaming, from their children's devices.

App Blocker by OurPact

When it comes to parents of small children or teens, the OurPact app blocker is like a dream come true. With our fingertip app blocking feature, you can put an end to gadget use around mealtimes or before you go to sleep.

You may build up automatic schedules based on your child's daily routine or limit or permit access with a single tap. Even if dinner is served at 5:45 or 7:00 p.m., families can restrict Facebook and other popular apps from their children's devices. We also allow you to schedule device access so that homework and chores may be completed before the fun begins.

Screen Time for Reward

On the other hand, you have complete control over when and how you want to reward device access. Parents can restrict their children's use of electronic devices until the dishes have been put away or the trash has been taken to the curb. As soon as you're satisfied with your child's work, offer them access to the OurPact Family Dashboard. That's how simple it is.

Initiate the Dialogue

Because with OurPact, parents and children can talk about screen time together. Parents can discuss with their children the creation of timetables for when app access is provided and when it is revoked, as well as establish ground rules for when internet and app banning may occur. In contrast to threats and nagging, it provides an opportunity for families to better understand how technology affects each other's lives.

App Rules can be used to block specific apps.

Allowing, Scheduling, and Blocking certain applications are all options. Ensure that the most useful apps are always accessible while limiting the use of the less useful ones.

Specific Apps Are Blocked By OurPact

With the App Rules feature in OurPact, you can easily ban specific apps on Android and iOS devices to better control your screen time. Yes, including iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones.

This means the end of "all or nothing" screen time management, and the beginning of a tailored screen time management system just for your family's unique circumstances.

Be Picky Now Is a Good Time to Be

Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media apps may all be blocked from your children's devices with a single touch. OurPact's app blocker will forever alter your family's perspective on screen time and life itself!

You can select apps that are available at any given time.*

Khan Academy, Math or Reading Apps, School-Related Apps, etc. are all examples of educational apps.

Spotify, Pandora, Google Play, and so on.

There are a variety of health apps, including ones for diabetes, sleep or activity tracking, meditation, and so on.

Camera, Calculator, Calendar, etc. are just a few of the tools available.

Even whether OurPact blocks are scheduled or manually set!

Apps You Can Only Access If You Give Permission:

Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and the like are all examples of social media.

Instant Messaging Apps (e.g. Viber and Facebook Messenger):

These include games like Clash of Clans and Minecraft.

In addition to the apps you don't want to have access to:

Online dating services like OkCupid and Tinder

There is a slew of apps that can be used to harass or intimidate others online.

Candy Crush, Cube, Pokemon Go, etc. are all examples of addictive apps.

You can also use App Rules to prevent text messages from being sent to your device on iOS or Android. Set up timers for iMessage and any other SMS app on your child's phone so they know when to check their messages.

Limit on the Amount of Time Spent on Screen

Decide on reasonable screen time allowances for your children so they may plan their days accordingly.

Allowance for OurPact Screen Time

How much time should my children spend watching television or playing video games? In terms of screen time, there is no "magic number," but one thing is clear: limiting the number of time adolescents and teens spend using devices is essential.

Set healthy device restrictions with the help of OurPact's screen time allowance feature. Then, enable your children to set their own limits on how much time they spend on devices.

With this arrangement, you'll no longer have to be involved in the day-to-day management of your child... Think of it as a win-win situation!

Learning how to manage your time

To set daily screen time limitations for each of your child accounts, upgrade to OurPact Premium and then click the allowance option in your parent app (eg. 2 hours a day Monday through Friday, 4 hours a day on the weekend).

Children can set a timer to unlock their apps using OurPact Jr., an app installed on your supervised child devices. When the countdown on OurPact Jr. expires or your child pauses it, apps will be blocked again.

Only available if you say it's alright:

Easy to use: OurPact's iPhone and Android app

Give each of your children their own stipend, and give older children and teens more leeway.

Observe how many times each device has been used.

Determine when allotment time cannot be used with the aid of schedules and manual block calculations.

Encourage the completion of schoolwork and housework in exchange for more time on the computer.

Ensure that children and teenagers of all ages develop a sense of self-reliance and responsibility!

In order to promote good habits, responsibility, and trust in your children, and to give you peace of mind, use OurPact's Screen Time Allowance!

Family Locator OurPact's family locator allows parents to identify family members and devices instantly and receive location notifications through the app.

App for finding your family members with OurPact Family Locator

Maintaining a close eye on your children is a full-time job. The Family Locator from OurPact is the answer you've been looking for.

Think about how much time you could save and how much peace of mind you could have to know exactly where your children are at all times. It's conceivable, and the answer is right in front of your face. It's simple to keep an eye on your loved ones and their gadgets. Geofencing allows parents to keep an eye on their children's whereabouts by setting up virtual boundaries around specified areas. OurPact allows you to share your child's whereabouts at any time with just a touch or an alert.

Infinite Joy

As a result of the Family Locator on OurPact:

Text messages and phone calls arranging for pick-ups

Worrying about the safety and whereabouts of your children

There are always frantic searches for misplaced electronics (typically under a sofa pillow!).

Checking up on your kids to make sure they made it to their destination safely

In which direction should you begin?

Places should be set up at your home, your child's school, your family and friends' homes, and any other place where your youngster spends time frequently. The rest is up to us.

On iOS and Android, you can turn off texting.

On iOS and Android devices, you may block SMS, messaging, iMessage, and more.

Text Filter by OurPact

Texting has become second nature to children and teenagers. Even though texting might help your children or teens stay in touch with their pals, excessive use can lead to constant distractions and even health and wellness problems. The SMS blocker from OurPact is the perfect option for any parent.

Inquiring minds want to know:

The average youngster sends 3,339 texts a month, with a third of teens sending more than 100 texts a day on average.

Texting, according to 43% of teens, is the primary reason they own a cell phone.

Texting and app use is on the rise, while voice calls are decreasing.

In the middle of the night, one-fifth of all teens check their phones for text messages and other notifications.

74 times a day is the average amount of time that teens spend checking their phones.

77 percent of kids believe they are capable of properly driving and texting.

iMessage Blocking on iOS

On iOS, OurPact is the only software that allows parents to ban iMessage messages. The OurPact App Rules feature allows parents to set iMessage and other messaging apps to be blocked, scheduled, or allowed at all times, regardless of whether the device is an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Android Apps to Disable Messaging

With the App Rules feature of OurPact, parents can prohibit Android messaging and SMS texting apps. In order for parents to control when their children can send or receive text messages from their mobile devices, App Rules is a vital feature.

Using OurPact, you may prevent your child's phone from sending or receiving text messages.

Automated Scheduling Takes Place at All Times (eg. bedtime or school hours)

Touch-and-Go (eg. one hour for family dinner)

Never put yourself in a situation where you (allow texting at all times, but limit other messaging apps or device functions)

With OurPact's App Rules text blocker, parents may set limits on messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and many others.

OurPact's text blocker is currently available for a one-week free trial, so you can see if it's right for your family's needs.

OurPact Internet Security

Parental control of iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch is now possible thanks to OurPact.

Your children's iOS devices can be protected with OurPact Web Filter, which blocks adult sexual content. When it comes to protecting your children online, OurPact's Web Filter filters unsuitable content on all browsers installed on iOS devices - Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and more!

Simply put, the OurPact Web Filter works well. When you turn on the Web Filter on your parent dashboard, any browser installed on the child's device, including Safari, Chrome, or any other, adult content is automatically prohibited. Set it and forget it.

Apple Devices: Parental Control and Family Locator Apps

Family locator and parental control app OurPact are the top-rated apps on iOS and Android devices.

The Best App for Apple Device Parental Control.

With the premier parental control and screen time management app, OurPact, you'll be able to keep tabs on all of your Apple and Android gadgets with ease.

The No. 1 App for Monitoring Children and Finding Your Family

Use OurPact's simple tools to manage your entire family:

At-a-glance controls for blocking the internet and apps are provided by App Blocker.

Setting up GPS geofencing around certain areas allows parents to be notified in real-time when their children arrive or depart from home, school, or any other designated area.

Schedule screen time throughout the day or week based on your preference.

Rules for Apps - Disallow certain applications

It's easy to keep tabs on your loved ones thanks to Family Locator.

Set daily screen time limitations for your children to save money.

App List - Find out which apps your youngster has installed on his or her device.

Receive encrypted screenshots of your child's online activities, so you can keep an eye on what they're up to.

Porn Blocker – Prevent your child's iOS device from being exposed to any explicit material.

Get real-time notifications when your children download new apps to their devices.

No matter where you are, OurPact works. Even if you're using 4G LTE on the go, OurPact's app blocker will be up and running in a matter of seconds. Using our app blocking and scheduling tools, you can better organize your family's time together. The best iOS parental control software has a lot to do with it.

Start using the best iPhone parental control app, OurPact, for free right now.

Family Locator & Android Parental Controls App

The most popular Android app for parental control and family locating.

Apps for Android Parental Control

With the Android software from OurPact, parents can ban apps, set daily screen time limits, and track their children across all of their Android-powered smartphones and tablets. From a single, simple-to-use dashboard, parents can monitor and control any Android or iOS device. We offer the solution to your everyday fights and hassles, whether you want to enforce bedtime or ban social media until schoolwork is accomplished.

Time Limit for Android Phones and Tablets

Family location features in OurPact operate on iOS and Android devices alike. The newest Samsung, Nexus, HTC, LG, and Google devices all have this feature. Parents who have children using Android devices must install OurPact Jr. before they can take control of the device. OurPact Jr. is an app and internet filter for Android children's devices. It does not serve as a dashboard for parents.

Detailed OurPact Review: Everything You Needed to Know About the Monitoring App

If children despise parental control software, there's a strong likelihood that it's ideal for their parents to use. That's a little bit of the tale behind OurPact, a software that allows parents control over their children's online activities. Thousands of irate children have expressed their displeasure with their parents for installing the OurPact app on their Android or iPhone, according to OurPact evaluations.

But do they really have a reason to be outraged about anything? And, more importantly, are parents truly provided with the information they require to keep their children safe? Continue reading to learn more about how we delve deep to unearth the truth.

OurPact includes all of the following features:

What is the purpose of the OurPact app? That's a lot, as it turns out. If you read any OurPact parental control app reviews, you'll get a sense of the app's overall level of quality. Our goal, however, was to go a step further and offer you the knowledge that will allow you to make an informed decision. So let's have a look at some of the features that you could find helpful.

Make a schedule for screen time. The Scheduled Screen Time function is ideal for parents who wish to establish a sense of routine at home. It allows you to arrange certain periods when your children can and cannot use their devices. In addition, you have the option to personalize everything. Simply log into OurPact and designate a block of time for chores, another for study time, and yet another for dinner. It's that simple. Then you may specify a time period during which you want them to be away from their device. You can prevent them from using their gadget with a simple click or tap of the on/off button.

Take a look at the screenshots. OurPact captures periodic screenshots of your child's activity and uploads them to your account for you to review and approve. You can check in on them whenever you want to see what they're up to and look through their screenshots whenever you like. And if you notice something that appears to be out of place, you'll be able to bring it up with them and discuss it with them.

App Blocker is a program that prevents applications from running. You don't want kids to use certain apps, do you? You can prevent them from utilizing it by blocking them directly from the OurPact app. And not only for the foreseeable future. OurPact allows you to customize the length of time a single app is blocked, making it simple to grant them the ability to access a specific app once more if necessary.

Allowance for screen time. You may wish to grant your children a little more autonomy and control from time to time. It is feasible with the use of Screen Time Allowance. Essentially, you establish a daily time limit for how much time they can spend on their phone. And when the clock strikes zero, that's the end of the game. They've taken their device away from them.

Families can be found using the Family Locator. You're far too busy to keep an eye on your children all of the time. OurPact understands this, which is why they've incorporated a Family Locator tool that allows you to see where your family members are located on a map, directly from your OurPact login screen. Alternatively, you can configure geofences so that when they enter or exit specific zones, you will receive an alert.

Text-Blocking Software. This option comes in useful if you don't want your children messaging at various hours of the night. Simply designate specified no-texting times, and they will not be able to text their buddies during those times.

Web Filter is a program that allows you to filter out unwanted content on the internet. OurPact app review would be incomplete if we didn't include this function, even though it isn't very groundbreaking. With the Web Filter tool, you can prevent your children from viewing inappropriate content, such as material that is intended for adults only.

Pricing for the OurPact App: There's Something for Everyone (But Opt For The Top Tiers)

Are you curious about how much OurPact apps cost? Let's set everything out in front of you. OurPact has put together a pricing strategy that appears to be rather straightforward, at least on the surface. There are four different tiers: Free, Plus, Premium, and Premium+ (see below). Additionally, as the price for each tier rises, the amount of features available grows.

You can only manage a single device with the OurPact app for Android (and iOS, if you have an iOS device). The features you have available are also limited, with only 5 manual blocks each month, web browser blocking, and a handful of other options available. Overall, it isn't really amazing, but you get what you pay for with this product.

When you upgrade to the Plus tier, you will be able to manage a total of ten devices. In addition, you have an unlimited number of manual blocks and an unlimited number of automated block schedules. However, for $1.99 a month, there isn't much more to ask for.

The Premium version, which costs $6.99 a month, is the only way to get a parental control tool that is actually worth using. You will be able to handle up to 20 devices if you do so. Additional features include Screen Time Allowance, Text Blocking, New App Install Alerts, Cross-browser Adult Content Filtering, Device Location Monitoring, and other features that are not included in the free version.

When you upgrade from the free version to Premium+, you receive everything from the free version, plus automated and on-demand screenshots of your child's device so you can check in on them whenever it's convenient for you.

OurPact Advantages and Disadvantages

Excel lent, user-friendly interface and design.

Screenshots available on demand

Support with iOS and Android devices Cons

There is no hidden mode, so your youngster will be aware that you are using it.

Free and lower-tiered games aren't really good.

It does not have as many features as competitors.

OurPact Testimonials from Actual Users

Are you looking for OurPact app reviews that you can trust? Look no further. Take a look at these customer reviews from the App Store:

OurPact vs. SPY24 : A Fight for the Championship

It is a pleasure to use the OurPact parental control app, which is elegantly built. However, design isn't everything, which is why we're pitting OurPact against SPY24 to see which parental control solution is the most effective at protecting both parents' and children's interests. So, how does Our Pact function in terms of protecting children and their parents? Let's have a look and see.

OurPact vs. SPY24: A Fight for the Championship

Monitoring of Social Media Sites

OurPact does not have any social media monitoring capabilities. However, it does have the ability to take screenshots. You can use this function to manually capture screenshots of what your child is doing on the internet, or you can set the OurPact app to capture them on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, it won't record everything, and you'll have to piece things together on your own to complete the picture. In contrast, SPY24 offers both screen recording and social media surveillance capabilities, allowing you to construct the most complete picture imaginable.

SPY24 emerged as the victor.

Tracking a person's whereabouts

You can keep track of your children in the real world using OurPact. It includes location tracking and geofencing technologies that you can use to keep tabs on them. You'll always have peace of mind knowing that you can locate your children whenever you need to with the help of SPY24, which provides similar advantages.

The winner is a tie.

Hidden Mode is a mode that is not visible.

In the event that you don't want your children to be aware that you are monitoring them, OurPact is not the best option. Because it does not function in hidden mode, they will be aware that you are keeping track of their activities. It turns out that you don't have to look very hard to figure out how to get rid of OurPact. Any child can figure it out even if they don't have their eyes open.

Due to the fact that the name "pact" implies that you and your children are in agreement, having hidden mode as an option does not really fit with their branding strategy. SPY24, on the other hand, operates in stealth mode, allowing you to monitor them without them being aware of it.

SPY24 emerged as the victor.

What We Stand For The Bottom Line

OurPact is a wonderfully designed parental control tool that has a lot to offer. It truly makes taking control of your children's phones a piece of cake. However, because of its restrictions, it is not as technologically advanced as other products such as SPY24. We'd like to see more features that keep up with the fast-paced digital environment we live in today.

The features of other programs such as social media monitoring and secret mode are available in OurPact, but they are not included in it. OurPact is a wonderful choice if you're looking for something that's relatively easy to use and that puts a strong emphasis on screen time. However, if you are looking for more modern technologies, we recommend looking into other possibilities.