Panspy App For Android - How To Delete pan spy

Panspy App For Android -  How To Delete pan spy
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Official PanSpy Mobile Phone Tracker App Best Parental Control Monitoring Software. Cell Phone Tracking App for keeping track of everything the target phone does on the internet. How to find where a cell phone is? Pan Spy Software is the easiest way to track: Text Messages, Emails, Location, Calls, Whatsapp, Viber, and 25+ more!

Panspy App is the best way to keep an eye on your kids.

Panspy App Review Download Free For Android

All smartphones can be used to keep track of and control what kids are doing from afar.

  • PanSpy can help with

PanSpy is a professional monitoring service that focuses on tracking and monitoring tools for people who use smartphones.

Access incoming, outgoing, missed, or rejected calls, call recordings, and contacts on the target device from a distance.

View the text of emails that have been sent, received, or are coming in or going out. You should know who your kids talk to.

You can keep track of conversations, shared files, and more on WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and other apps.

Find out where the device is right now and see where it has been in the past. Set up a geofence to make a safe area.

Get reports on how much time kids spend looking at screens and find out what apps are on the target device so you can block games or apps that are bad for them.


You can look at and download all photos, videos, and other files on the target device even if you don't have physical access to it.

To keep your child safe online, keep track of what websites they visit and block any that aren't appropriate.


Set a time limit or bedtime for smartphones or certain apps. Make a smart schedule to limit how much time you spend in front of a screen.

ONLY 3 EASY STEPS TO WATCH WITH PANSPY 1. Sign up for an account

On our site, you can sign up for a PanSpy account. Finish the steps and check your email for instructions on how to set up the program.

2. Install and Set-Up

You can track your child's phone by downloading PanSpy, installing the tracking software on the phone, and then making the necessary settings.

3. Start keeping track

Log in to the PanSpy console panel to see what happened on the target device even if you can't get to it.

What do Our Customers say?

We are committed to making unique, high-quality products and strive for excellence in everything we do. We provide professional service for many countries and stand out in the field of monitoring tools.

Why Pick Us?

Our professional team believes that it is important to be active, creative, and new.

  • Simple and Safe

PanSpy is easy to set up on a target device, and none of your personal information is kept.

  • The Best Effort

We have more powerful features than our competitors, and our technical support is free.

PanSpy is only meant to be used in legal ways. It can only be used by parents to keep an eye on their kids, by employers to keep an eye on the devices that belong to them, and by you with the owner's permission.

How PanSpy Works

PanSpy is a professional tool for tracking and monitoring. Its goal is to give each user customized monitoring solutions.


PanSpy is a company that offers monitoring solutions all over the world. Our team of experts works hard to make unique, high-quality products and strives for excellence in every way. We provide professional service to a lot of countries and have a big share of the monitoring tools market. Users all over the world seem very happy with our program because of how well it works.


Every professional team should have as a basic rule that everyone should be active, creative, and open to new ideas. We are always coming up with new ideas for ways to make our customers' lives easier, safer, and more secure. PanSpy meets the exact needs of end users; its uses are endless. We make a promise, and we never give up.

A promise to people and businesses about how to handle risks to digital security

We are working hard to make PanSpy the best and most reliable way to keep an eye on a smartphone. Our value comes from making sure every customer is happy. The fact that our customers are happy has helped us become the best provider of digital monitoring solutions and related services. With a team of experts who are well-trained and always looking for new ways to improve, PanSpy makes sure that its monitoring service is the best in the world.

About Our Team - PanSpy

The team of experts at PanSpy works hard to make unique, high-quality products that meet all of the possible security needs of modern parents. PanSpy is a strong group of professionals to make the best monitoring tool possible.

The company's own R&D office, which is made up of software engineers and developers, GUI engineers, UI/UX designers, iOS/Android, and Mac/Win developers, makes sure that the software has unique features.

PanSpy values each of its clients and pays close attention to its service around the clock. The PanSpy support team is always getting better at what they do by adding new professionals and starting new loyalty programs.

  • Send us a message.

Need more customer service or technical help? Get in touch! Here are some ways to start your online request. We'll find a way out for you.

Send your problem directly to customer service via email to get help within 24 hours.

Note: Please include your PanSpy account with your problem report so we can look into it better.

Questions People Usually Ask PanSpy

How does PanSpy work?

Account-based monitoring is how PanSpy works. You don't have to put any apps on your phone or software on your computer. To spy on an Android device, you need to install a plugin on that device. To find out more, please visit the tutorial on how to spy on an Android phone.

What devices does PanSpy work with?

PanSpy can be used on phones and tablets that run:

Android 5+

iOS 8.0+ (coming soon)

Would you please enter the model of your device here to see if it works?

Do I have to sign up for an account before I can use PanSpy?

Yes. Before you can use the service, you need a PanSpy account.

How to activate your account if you don't get the confirmation link?

After you sign up for an account, you'll get an email with a link to confirm your email address. If the link won't open, copy it and paste it into your browser to visit.

And if you don't get the email, make sure you used the right email address and didn't make any mistakes. Then check your spam or junk folder to see if the link is there. If not, you can contact us directly and send us your email address. We will then set it up for you.

Is using PanSpy legal?

  • The PanSpy app was made to help parents keep their kids safe and workers get more done. It is completely legal to use.
  • Would you please make sure that the following legal requirements are met if you want to use our app:
  • You want to use PanSpy as a way to keep an eye on your underage children.
  • You want to use PanSpy to keep an eye on company-owned devices that employees know are being watched.
  • You want to put PanSpy on a device you own.

It is up to you to figure out if you have the right permission to monitor the device. It is also up to you to figure out what disclosures, notifications, or agreements may be needed in your country, based on how you want to use PanSpy and what the facts are. If you're not sure if what you want to do with PanSpy is legal, talk to a lawyer. PanSpy cannot provide legal advice.

How do I get rid of PanSpy?

If you have an Android device and think that PanSpy was put on it without your permission, you can get rid of it by following the steps below: Go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators > System Update Core Service > Deactivate > Go back to Settings, then Apps, then System Update Core Service, and then click Uninstall.

What happens if I stop paying for PanSpy or disconnect the device I want to spy on from my account?
All of the information about the target device will be deleted from our server, and the PanSpy monitoring app will stop getting information from the target device. You can also remove the app from the target device by hand.

Pan Spy Mobile Tracking & Monitoring Software • Android Spy App

PanSpy is the best spy App for Android phones, with 25+ cool features like spying on texts, calls, GPS locations, WhatsApp, Viber, and more. Any Android device is easy to keep track of or spy on.

  1. PanSpy Android monitoring
  2. PanSpy lets you see everything on your child's Android phone.
  3. Call logs, messages, emails, documents, calendars, photos, videos, apps, and more can all be tracked on a cell phone.
  4. Find Out Where You Are Now: GPS, Geofencing, and WiFi logger
  5. Check Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, Kik, Tinder, Hangouts, and other social apps.
  6. Blocking apps, putting limits on schedules
  7. Compatible with all Android devices running Android 5 or later

PanSpy is an iPhone spying app that lets you track and monitor iOS devices.

The PanSpy iPhone spying app lets you keep an eye on the target iPhone's phone calls, text messages, emails, WhatsApp, Skype, GPS location, and more.

  1. iPhone Monitoring
  2. PanSpy lets you see everything on your child's iPhone.
  3. Call logs, messages, emails, documents, calendars, photos, videos, apps, and more can all be tracked on a cell phone.
  4. Find Out Where You Are Now: GPS, Geofencing, and WiFi logger
  5. Check Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, Kik, Tinder, Hangouts, and other social apps.
  6. Blocking apps, putting limits on schedules
  7. It works with iOS 8 and later, and you don't need to jailbreak it.

How does PanSpy work?

  • View SMS details

You can look at your child's sent and received text messages on the iOS device to make sure they aren't talking about anything inappropriate.

  • Find out where a GPS is

Tell you where your child is or set up a safe zone so they don't go to a dangerous place.

  • Apps and Screentime

Get reports on how much time kids spend looking at screens and find out what apps are on the target device so you can block games or apps that are bad for them.

  • Check out social apps.

Find out more about

what your child has sent, received, or shared on social apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, and more.

  • Timetable Limitation

Set time limits or an end time for smartphones or an app. Make a smart schedule to limit how much time you spend in front of a screen.

  • Calls & Contacts

Access details about incoming, outgoing, missed or rejected calls on the target device, as well as call recordings.

  • Pictures and movies

Check all the media files on the target device to make sure there's nothing violent, sexy, or scary.

  • History of the Web & Filter

To keep your child safe online, keep track of what websites they visit and block any that aren't appropriate.

WhatsApp Spy App – Whatsapp Messages Tracking and Monitoring Software | PanSpy Track Whatsapp chat with a few clicks! Now you'll be able to access all of the information in the Whatsapp chats on the phone you want to spy on.

WhatsApp Spy

You can see all of the messages sent and received through the WhatsApp app. Don't let adults contact you using profiles of children.


  1. Track all WhatsApp conversations
  2. Check your texts
  3. WhatsApp users can send and receive multimedia messages, photos, and videos.
  4. Watch what everyone does on WhatsApp.
  5. No jailbreak required

Why will this feature help you?

The best thing about this program is that it can spy on someone without making it obvious, and it doesn't need any special circumstances to do so. You don't need to know their phone number to spy on them because the app on their cell phone will do everything for you.

Compared to other spying apps, PanSpy gives you access to multimedia files and voice messages that your target sends and receives through WhatsApp.

How do you handle refunds?

Please let us know if you are unhappy with our service within 7 days of the date you bought it. We will do our best to solve your problem, give you a way around it, or tell you when a solution that meets your needs will be ready. Our refund policy says that if you are still not happy, we will gladly give you a FULL REFUND for what you bought.

Does the subscription renew itself? How do I stop getting it?

If you don't turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the current period, the Premium and Ultimate editions will automatically renew for your convenience.

You can stop it in two ways: Find "To cancel the subscription, click here" in the confirmation email you got after making a purchase. Click on the link to stop the service from automatically renewing. 2. You can also send an email with your account information to [email protected] After you successfully cancel, you will not be charged again.

What should I do if the console says "Currently account level is not displaying this module" or "your account will be expired" after I buy a subscription or renew it?
Since our free trial and Premium editions only have a few features, you may need to buy the Ultimate edition to get access to all of them. Please look at this page for information about prices.

If your console account has expired after you buy the Ultimate edition or renew your subscription, send your account information to [email protected] and we will fix it as soon as possible.

Why should I pay more than the price that's listed on your website? Why is the price to renew different from the price I paid the first time?
Please note that taxes are not included in the list prices on our website. The way taxes are calculated depends on what the customer shows (Business or Consumer, Billing Country, IP address, Credit card country).

In general, the price to renew should be the same as the price you paid the first time. If you buy something during our sale time, your renewal will be charged at the original price listed on our website.

Can I still use the tracking console panel after I've stopped paying?

Even if you unsubscribe from the target device, you can still use the PanSpy console panel to track it before your license runs out. After you cancel the subscription, you'll get a confirmation email with the date your license will end. When the subscription period ends, you should have to buy it again to get back into the console panel. (We'll keep the data you upload to the console panel for up to 30 days, after which we'll delete it from our server.)

Can I switch from the Ultimate edition to the Premium edition?

You can change your license from Premium to Ultimate by going to the PanSpy console panel >> Dashboard >> Device Information >> Account >> Upgrade License. Upgrade.

If you want to switch from a monthly plan to an annual plan, send your account information to [email protected]

Free apps like PanSpy

Dashboard - Login to PanSpy Look at your account information in general Check the report on cell phone use. See the 5 most-called people and where they were last,

PanSpy dashboard demo: A quick look at everything the app can do!

PanSpy is the best app for keeping an eye on your kids out there. In the free demo dashboard, you can try out some of our unique features.

Review of PanSpy for 2022 and the Best Alternative to It: Read the most in-depth review of PanSpy right here. The guide talked about how much PanSpy costs, what features it has, what its pros and cons are, how to install it, and a lot more.

Is PanSpy a real tool that can be used to spy on an Android phone? Is PanSpy easy to find, and can I set it up from afar? You've come to the right place if you have similar questions about the PanSpy app. Since PanSpy has so many different features, you might get a little bit confused. Don't worry, I'll answer all of these important questions in this in-depth review of PanSpy. Let's find out more about PanSpy's price, features, pros, cons, and other things.

Review of PanSpy: What's It All About?

PanSpy is one of the most reliable apps for keeping an eye on Android devices from a distance. Its iOS version is still in the works, so you can only use it to track popular Android devices right now. With PanSpy, you can check how your kids use their devices as a whole and put all kinds of limits on them. PanSpy can also be used to keep an eye on your spouse, your employees, your friends, or anyone else.

How do you use PanSpy?

It's easy to understand how PanSpy works as a whole. To get it going, you must first install the PanSpy app on the Android device you want to track. After you finish setting up PanSpy, the app will start keeping an eye on all the important details of the device. You can even run it without anyone knowing, so you can spy on someone without getting caught. After that, you can just check your PanSpy dashboard to see all the information it has gathered.

Key Features of PanSpy: A Review

Now that you know the basics, let's start our review of PanSpy by looking at its main features.

PanSpy lets you track the targeted device's location in real-time. You can also look at the last 30 days of location history. Also, there is a way to set up multiple restricted areas and get updates on where the user goes.

  • Call logs and people you know

You just need to do a PanSpy login to start keeping track of their call logs, which include timestamps for both incoming and outgoing calls. You can also see and download their whole list of contacts if you want to.

  • Follow-up on Messages

You can do a PanSpy sign-in on any device to see what messages they send and receive. All of the messages will be shown on PanSpy's dashboard as conversation threads with the time and contact information for each message.

Browsing History: PanSpy can also keep track of what they've been looking at and when even in a private window. You can also see what they've searched for and how long they spend on the Internet.

  • Set Up Web Filters

You can also block websites, set up alerts for searches based on keywords, and set up other filters. There is an easy-to-use interface for setting up many restrictions and exceptions for how they browse.

  • Keep track of screen time

If you are a parent, this PanSpy feature will be very helpful. You can get a full picture of how the device is being used by going to your PanSpy dashboard. That is, you can see how they use their apps and devices and set limits for any app or device.

  • Get to the saved media

PanSpy uploads all the saved media files to its cloud-based servers, just like other device trackers do. You can do a PanSpy login to see what photos and videos they have saved and even download them to your computer.

  • Screenshots and control from a distance

You can take screenshots of the device you want to track from your PanSpy dashboard if you want to. From PanSpy's Control Panel, you can also stop or start a device from being used.

  • Social Media Monitoring
  • I found out while writing this PanSpy review that it can be used to monitor almost every major app. This includes popular social media sites like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more.
  • Other Things

PanSpy also has a couple of other features that you can use. You can, for example, look at their emails, calendar, notes, and apps they have installed. PanSpy also has a keylogger built in, which lets you get their account passwords. It can also give them a detailed timeline of how they've used their devices so they can keep an eye on them from afar.

Review of PanSpy: Pros and Cons

Like every other app for tracking a device, PanSpy has both good and bad points. Check out the pros and cons of our PanSpy review before you sign up.

  • Pros:
  1. The PanSpy app is easy to set up, and you don't need root access to do it.
  2. The keylogger that is built into PanSpy is very advanced.
  3. You can also take screenshots on the device you're after.
  4. You can use PanSpy for 3 days for free if you sign up on its website.
  • Cons:
  1. PanSpy only works on Android devices right now (with its iOS version in the development stage).
  2. A few advanced features are still missing or don't work right, like ambient listening or call recording.
  3. You can only get a refund for PanSpy during the first 7 days after you buy it.

Review of PanSpy: Compatibility of Devices

The PanSpy app can be put on all of the most popular Android devices. This includes phones from Samsung, LG, OnePlus, Huawei, Sony, HTC, and other companies that run Android 4.0 or later. At the moment, PanSpy only works on Android devices; it's not available for iOS.

Is PanSpy easy to find?

This has everything to do with who is using the PanSpy app. After you finish installing PanSpy, you can choose to turn on its "stealth mode." If it is turned on, you can run the app without the other user knowing that you are keeping track of them. On the other hand, if it's turned off, the user who needs to know can easily see if it's there.

Is PanSpy Legit?

PanSpy is a tool that works 100% of the time and can track and monitor all of the top Android phones. If you are a parent, tracking your kids won't get you in trouble with the law. Even so, it can be hard to find your employees or your spouse for legal reasons. To avoid it, you can just look up your state's current privacy laws.

Does PanSpy need access to the root?

No, you don't need to root the Android device you want to spy on to install PanSpy. Still, you would need to make some changes (like enabling app installation permission from unknown sources). Also, you need root access before you can use its advanced features, like taking screenshots from afar.

How to Put the PanSpy App on Any Android Phone?

After reading our PanSpy review and learning about the tool's main features, you should be willing to give it a try. If you want to get started with PanSpy, you could just follow this step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Make a PanSpy account.

At first, all you have to do is go to the PanSpy website and set up your account. You can enter your email address and make a strong password for your PanSpy account.

After that, you can tell PanSpy what kind of device you want to track and buy a PanSpy subscription. 

Step 2: Get the PanSpy app and put it on the device. 

Great! You can now just go to the Android phone you want to spy on and install the PanSpy app. Make sure its real-time Play Protect feature is turned off and that it lets apps be installed from third-party sources. 

After that, you can just use any web browser to go to the PanSpy website to download its APK and finish setting it up. 

PanSpy App on Any Android

Once you've installed the PanSpy app, give it all the permissions it needs to access the device's calls, location, messages, and more. You can also hide the app icon and keep PanSpy running without anyone knowing about it. 

Step 3: Use PanSpy to start following their phone. 

All done! When you are done setting up PanSpy, you can go to its web-based dashboard. Just log in to PanSpy and use the sidebar to switch between the different services it has to offer.

PanSpy App on Any Android

Review of PanSpy: Prices and Plans

As I've already said, the price of PanSpy could be a deciding factor for many users. As of right now, PanSpy has two different plans: Premium and Ultimate. Here's what you can get with each one:

PanSpy: Prices

  1. Premium: Each device is charged $24.95 per month.
  2. Ultimate: Each device is charged $34.95 per month, $64.95 per quarter, or $99.95 per year.

Most of the features above are not available in the Premium version, so I would recommend getting the Ultimate version. Also, you should know that you can only ask for a refund on PanSpy in the first 7 days after you buy it.

Review of PanSpy: Customer Service

PanSpy's customer service is open 24 hours a day, and you can get in touch with them by going to their website. You can chat with a customer service rep or send an email ticket. PanSpy does not offer live phone support for customers at this time.

The best alternative to PanSpy is SPY24.

You can use SPY24 instead of PanSpy since it only works on Android devices and has a few other limitations. It is a very advanced tool for tracking that works on all of the most popular Android and iOS devices.

With the previous location tracking solutions, you couldn't track the location of more than one device at once in real-time like you can with SPY24.

  1. You can also put their phones in restricted areas and get real-time updates on where they are.
  2. SPY24 can keep track of all the most popular social media apps, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more.
  3. With SPY24, you can keep an eye on their call logs, messages, browsing history, emails, calendar, photos, and more.
  4. SPY24 has a built-in keylogger, and its "stealth mode" lets it run on the phone without being seen.

1. Can I track an iOS device with PanSpy?

No, PanSpy only works with Android devices right now. A version for iOS is still being worked on.

Can I put PanSpy on an Android phone from afar?

No, PanSpy doesn't have a way for you to install it remotely yet, and you have to access the device you want to spy on at least once.

3. Does PanSpy have a keylogger built in?

Yes, PanSpy has a built-in keylogger that keeps track of every keystroke on the device. This will let you see their account passwords and read messages that they have deleted.

I'm sure that this PanSpy review has cleared up any questions you had about how the spying app works in general. I've written down all the important information, such as the PanSpy price, features, pros, cons, etc. You can also start using the app by following this PanSpy installation guide. Since PanSpy gives you a 3-day free trial, you can try it out without spending any money. I would suggest using SPY24, though, if you want to track more advanced things. It works with both iOS and Android devices and lets you track a lot of things in one place.