Parental Control Software for Smart Parents

Parental Control Software for Smart Parents
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More than just Parental Control Software: You know how your kids are at home. But they aren’t the same kids online. SPY24 Safeguard introduces parents to their child’s digital self. Only when parents know who their kids are online, can they protect them online.

Parental Control Software for Smart Parents

  • Understand what’s happening

Intelligent parenting is about knowing where your kids are, whom they talk to, and how they behave on their iOS Spy or Android Spy devices and Windows PC Spy or Mac Spy .

Parental Control Software for an insight into child's activity

  • Stay one step ahead

It is vital to monitor what kids do online. SPY24 Safeguard analyzes all of your child’s digital activities and turns information into actionable insights.

Monitor your child's activity with Parental Control Software

  • Meet them where they are

Parental control software protects all Web, Social, and Chat activities on Mobile, PC, and Tablet.

Parental Control Software for Smart Parents

How we protect

Block unsafe content & search results

Rest assured that SPY24’s upscale Internet parental control software will block inappropriate websites, pages, pictures, and videos and will notify you about any suspicious activities in real-time.

Control Social Networks

Keep your kids safe from bad influences, oversharing, online predators and cyberbullying across Social Networks – set up parental control and monitor all without account login information.

Know where your child is at all times

Feel confident about your loved one’s safety by using features for finding out where your child is, setting up geo-fences and be notified when your kid leaves home or enters dangerous neighborhoods.

Establish communication control

Stay informed on whom your child communicates with over the phone, in messengers, social networks, and over email – all merged in one centralized place for your easy tracking and review.

Manage games, apps, and device time

Apply healthy device time restrictions. Instantly find out if your kid uses age-inappropriate apps or games and block them on iOS or Android devices and PCs.

Actionable insights

Know more and act proactively. SPY24’s real-time dashboards provide key insights into what your child does online and how much time they spend. Identify potential issues before they happen or simply learn more about what your kid is up to.

Parenting challenges & solutions

Parents know that establishing Internet safety for kids is an ongoing challenge that seems to snowball each day. Just a few years ago, parents mostly worried about filtering inappropriate content and the risks of "stranger danger." Now we’re concerned about much greater online risks such as cyberbullying, sexism, developing a damaging online reputation, and more.

Right Age to Let Kids Have a Cell Phone

My 10-year-old is bugging me for iPhone as far as a few of her little friends already have cell phones. He is very responsible for his age but I am thinking 10… I wonder if it is a good time for my child to have his first phone and how do I keep my child safe on his phone. What me as a mom should do in this situation?

Risky Contacts on Social Media

My child has over 250 friends on Facebook which I know she doesn't personally know and the things her so-called "friends" wrote on her wall really upset me (curse words, etc). I don't want to cancel her party, but not sure how to react. Could you advise?

Teens Sexting and Online Sexual Abuse

I caught my teen sexting on her phone with a complete stranger, now what?

Inappropriate and Harmful Content

My child is becoming old enough to use our Apple laptop. Some of the things I have seen on the Internet are very disturbing and wrong. And some of the things I have seen done by children are even worse. How can I keep my child safe from harmful content?

Looking for a way to protect your children online effectively and focus on actual parenting instead of daily battles over phone time and limits?

You are not alone in this battle and we have developed a solution – More than just Parental Control Software, your smart parenting partner.

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Parental Controls on Android – Protect Your Child from Cyber Bullying

Do you have enough information about parental controls on android phones? Android phones have become very popular these days and most kids insist on having these phones because they have become must-have status symbols. These smartphones are more like computers since they permit the use of a variety of internet-based applications for entertainment, information, and communication. If you have bought one of these smartphones for your child, you’ll need to pay a lot of attention to the subject of parental controls on android phones as well.

Many people want to get the software to monitor the way in which their kids use their phones in order to access the internet and interact with their friends or other people. However, what they do not realize is that these software programs are very effective at protecting children from cyberbullying.

Children and teenagers often have to deal with bullying. Considering the amount of time that young people spend on the internet using their smartphones, it is not surprising that bullying has not entered into cyberspace. As a matter of fact, it has actually become easier for bullies to harass others using the internet because of the ease with which information can be spread. The other factor that cannot be ignored is that the anonymity of the internet enables a lot more people to take part in bullying and also to be extremely vicious in their attacks.

Parental controls on android phones enable parents to keep track of what their kids do on the internet. If you were to install the right software on your child’s phone you would be able to find out whether he or she is being bullied or not. You will be able to take the right measures in time because your child is very unlikely to bring the bullying to your attention.

Parental controls on android phones also help parents exercise more control over their kids who are bullying others. Children who bully others usually have to face serious consequences if they get caught. You would definitely want to know if your child is a bully who is tormenting others so that you can put an end to this behavior.

You will be able to protect and build your child’s self-esteem if you could keep him or her away from cyberbullying. Get the right parental controls on android phones so that you have early notice of any unwanted behavior.

5 Reasons for You to Remotely Monitor Your Kid’s Android Phone

Have you recently bought your child a fancy new Android phone? Your child does need a phone so that you can keep in touch with each other easily. They are especially important in emergency situations.

Android phones and other types of smartphones are very popular with kids; in fact, they have become one of the latest status symbols. They have all sorts of features that enable the user to share data, play games, access the internet, and not just communicate with another person. However, you do need to be aware that your kids can get into all kinds of trouble because of all the special features that their phones have. It’s a fact that you’ll need to remotely monitor your kid’s Android phone with the use of special software so that you can prevent your kid from getting into trouble.

Most parents need to remotely monitor kids' android phones because their kids:-

Spend a great deal of time texting and talking on the phone when they ought to be studying.

Exchange sexually explicit messages and emails with others (this is so popular these days that the term ‘sexting’ has entered into popular usage.

View and exchange inappropriate content from websites using their cell phones.

Use their phones for bullying others, or getting bullied via their phones.

Use their phones for texts and calls while driving.

There are many different types of parental control software available these days. They offer parents the ability to control one or more of these unwanted behaviors. Once the right software is installed in the child’s phone the parent will then be able to have a good idea of what the child is up to. Parents can choose to view all the messages that the child sends and receives. They can also block access to certain sites or telephone numbers. In fact, certain software programs enable the parents to do all of this from their own computers.

You’ll be able to prevent your child from getting into all sorts of trouble if you just use the right software. You will immediately get to know whether your child is bullying someone or getting bullied in return. Whatever the unwanted behavior might be you will be able to put an end to it immediately if you cannot prevent it altogether. Be sure to select the right software so that you know that your child stays out of trouble.

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