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Parental Controls on iPhone - TxtWatcher - Funamo - SPY24
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This Parental Controls on iPhone SPY24 review describes why such a control is helpful, highlights some monitoring aspects, and explains to start out.

What Are Parental Controls On iPhone?

Parental apps for iPhone are a useful thing to have for a major part of the device users because almost half of the gadgets are left in public places and about 25 % of apparatuses are stolen from a car, house, or pocket. If you purchase it for your kid, you need to think about security in the first place. What can you do?

Try iPhone Parental Controls to keep up with how the gadget is used: follow texts, monitor incoming/outgoing calls, and view calendars and contacts.

Keep track of routes and location: find the phone if it is lost, figure out the GPS location , and build the route.

Monitor your kid’s online activity with a parental control app: know the browsing history, stay in touch with social network activities, and block particular sites.

 Parental Controls on iPhone - TxtWatcher - Funamo - SPY24

Control the Situation and Look after Your Children with Ease

While children become more independent day by day, it is still important to ensure their security when it comes to communication with others, especially on the Web. That is why you need to keep your eyes open and try parental control tools so that you will be there in case your kid cannot cope with some problems.

To stay in touch with your kid, you pick the best device and help him or her install useful software to broaden their horizons and equip him or her with helpful tools. This brings a few vital advantages such as:

You can reach your beloved boy or girl 24/7.

Your kid will communicate with friends and family members using convenient tools.

He or she will get Internet access to find information or data when needed.

Having a smartphone is helpful to plan holidays, make a shopping list, do homework, and much more.

IPhone will help your child develop a creative approach and advance important skills.

However, some significant issues may arise if you do not use any parental control iPhone applications, including:

Online predators, abusers, and swindlers may attack your child.

It is likely that your kid will waste plenty of time chatting with classmates, posting comments on forums, and playing mobile games.

The experts claim that children often fall under the bad influence, e.g. they may even start using drugs after online interactions.

It is hard to prevent your child from watching movies for adults, reading inappropriate content, or being involved in activities that you consider unwanted. This is when Parental Controls on iPhone become handy.

Then, many people argue that real-world hides as many dangers as it does on the Web. Either way, more and more parents use Parental Controls for iPhone. Such software truly makes a difference because you feel better having a possibility to at least monitor a part of your kind’s life.

To begin with, Parental Controls iPhone, visit an online store, view the descriptions of plans offered, and select a suitable option. Then, submit the payment and read the received email carefully. The last step is to try the program, e.g. visit your online cabinet to find the records associated with the target iPhone and its activity, e.g. view logs, location history, media files, etc. You may also start setting restrictions and applying limitations.

Again, as a parent, you are liable for your child’s future, so it is fine to forbid doing something that you consider dangerous or senseless. A variety of iPhone Parental Controls allows you to get the information necessary to take action when needed, so do not miss such an option.

Funamo Parental control App review

This Funamo parental control App review weights vital pros and cons of using the software explains its helpful features, and points to serious drawbacks.

Funamo Parental control App review


According to most parental control reviews of software, Funamo does not differ much from other apps that you may find online. It also provides incoming/outgoing call logs , tracks location, and gives access to text messages and related logs. One of the advantages of the program is that it demonstrates good results in tracking the visited sites, blocking unwanted online resources, and creating a list of downloaded applications.

However, the experts argue that the aforementioned functionality ensures that children get an appropriate level of security. The reason why they are quite pessimistic is that the program does not monitor social media activities where a great majority of dangers are waiting for kids.

The Main Pros, Cons, and Verdict

If you look for the ability to monitor texts and calls, track your child's device’s location, view browsing history, and limit apps installment and application, Funamo parental control software is the right choice for you. In addition, it allows you to limit the use of software on the target phone.

However, the app is not designed to follow multimedia files and social networks. It supports neither blocking incoming calls nor tracking keystrokes. So, to find out what photos and videos your child sends/receives, you should try another option.

Generally speaking, this software is a reasonable deal since it is comparatively cheaper and provides decent functionality. Funamo is created to maintain your child protection and does a pretty good job.

Funamo Parental Control Reviews: The Summary

This is a typical parental control app with decent functionality. You can track all calls and texts, determine the device’s location, do Geo-fencing, and view the visited Web-resources. Geo-fencing is useful when you need to control whether your child enters/leaves a specific area you identified or not. Moreover, you get access to lists of contacts and applications installed.

The reason why we give this app 3.5 points (maximum – 10) in the category ‘Reports & Logs’ is that it lacks a few very convenient options. First, you cannot follow emails and, therefore, prevent blackmailing. Second, the software does not log multimedia content, so there is no possibility to ban resources for adults. Finally, yet importantly, you will not get any records about your kid’s activity in the world of social networks.

When talking about limits and restrictions, Funamo is a useful tool since it helps the users control device activities and block unwanted apps and programs. However, it does not have such important features as limiting the number of texts sent per day, blocking particular search keywords, and restricting phone numbers. Therefore, our expert team gives it 5 points instead of 10.

What about management and security? Funamo parental control software can manage and monitor a mobile phone remotely. As a user, you can reach your personal account from any mobile gadget or your PC in the office, but it seems that the app demonstrates a poor performance, so only 2.5 points. This is because the software will not notify you when a SIM card is changed, will not allow you to lock the target apparatus remotely, and will not provide your personal data protection as it should.

The only way to get customer support from the company is to send a request using a contact form, with no live chat or phone assistance, which may cause trouble.

Either way, the Funamo parental control is a cheap, affordable solution, so do not expect anything special about it. This is a good choice with a reasonable price tag, which helps you protect your children in the online world.

TxtWatcher parental control – general information and review

In the current review, a TxtWatcher parental control app is analyzed in terms of reporting, blocking and restricting content, managing security, and providing customer help.

TxtWatcher Parental Control – General Information and Review

This is a mobile monitoring app designed to follow calls, texts, online activity, and the location of your child, which secures your family members and brings a sense of serenity.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The most obvious pros of using TxtWatcher parental control software are the following:

Parents can review SMSs and call history.

They get access to information related to apps installed on the target device.

However, there are some cons significant for many users such as:

One of the highest prices on the market.

Cropped functionality often does not meet the demand.

To sum up, the TxtWatcher parental control application is overpriced, which means that you can easily find a much better solution and save about 50% of your cash. Our experts give TxtWatcher 4 points of 10 because this is not the level of protection your children deserve.

Either way, some users may find the app useful when they decide to keep track of the mobile device activities of their children without being actively involved. The vital thing is that this software is about monitoring mainly not ensuring online security, so you pay only for one set of features. In case you are also interested in online security, it is advised to give heed to other options.

TxtWatcher Parental Control

TxtWatcher Review: Important Details

Parents consider that such software gets logs and reports about everything their children do on their devices, including incoming/outgoing calls and received/sent messages. The problem is that the target apparatus will notify its user about the notifications sent. This means that you hardly stay private, so the questions raise why you should pay for the service that you could get using a free app.

If you want also to track emails, browsing history, social media chat conversations, and contact details, you may stop reading this TxtWatcher review and start studying another one. Unfortunately, Geo-fencing and GPS location are also unavailable in this app. So, if you want to use this feature for finding the device in case it is lost, this is simply not possible – 2 points of 10 for reporting and logging features.

TxtWatcher is not a typical parental control software because you cannot block or limit websites with inappropriate content, suspicious contacts, and application installment. It looks like you are leaving your children to do whatever they come up with on the Web which is dangerous and may lead to unwanted consequences. So, we cannot give any point to the app in the category ‘Limits & Restrictions’.

In this review, we can give 2.5 points for security and management features. The software allows monitoring the target apparatus remotely and getting some useful information no matter how limited it is. You cannot block a mobile phone nor find out that a SIM card was changed.

One of the issues we faced is the app’s customer support, only 2 points of 10. You should write an email or fill in and submit a contact form on their official website and wait, wait, and wait. This is because the customer service works at certain hours during the weekdays.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Our experts identify TxtWatcher as a very expensive solution with a single purpose designed for parents. The balance functionality price is terrible: you have to spend a lot for poor functionality. The serious drawback is that you cannot block keywords, sites, and content that you consider inappropriate. Therefore, this app does not ensure the security of your kids in the dangerous world of the Internet.

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