Parenting Styles vs. Parental Control: Which Is Better?

Parenting Styles vs. Parental Control: Which Is Better?
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We'll be comparing and contrasting manual parenting practices with parental control and the use of technology in the next few minutes. We would like to underline to parents how important it is in the present era to use technology in their parenting practices...

Nowadays, there is a great deal of variation in parenting approaches. What is the weight of your child? What is her own personal opinion of herself? Parenting techniques do have an impact on the growth of your child. Nowadays, attempts at writing parenting manuals are struggling to ensure that you may raise children who are well-rounded, powerful, and successful. The vast majority of parents are strict; just a small number are lenient; many are uneducated, and others are emotionally detached. Regardless of your parenting style, the use of parental controls has become increasingly crucial in today's modern world.

We'll be comparing and contrasting manual parenting practices with parental control and the use of technology in the next few minutes. We would like to underline to parents how important it is in the present era to use technology in their parenting practices... It helps you understand that, while the modern world necessitates the use of traditional parenting practices, technological advancements have transformed the obligations of parents.

Parenting Styles vs. Parental Control: Which Is Better?

There are four different parenting styles, each with a different relationship to parental control.

The following are some of the numerous parenting approaches that parents employ in order to raise their kids. Comparing various parenting approaches to the parental control option is illustrated in the following table:


Each method takes a distinct approach to child development, and you can tell which methods are being used by parents by looking at their characteristics. As opposed to traditional parenting, a parental control program may integrate a number of high-tech capabilities that allow you to carry out both traditional and digital parenting functions simultaneously. To decide whether parenting style is suitable with parental monitoring technologies, make a comparison of the options listed below.

Parental Authoritarianism vs. Parental Control: What Is the Difference?

Describe your parenting style in terms of any of the following traits.

Parents want their children to be on their radar, but they are unwilling to pay attention to what they have to say to them.

Children are subjected to the will of their parents.

Parents that are completely unconcerned about their children's feelings

Parents that regularly make their children feel sorry for themselves are called "pity parents."

Authoritarian parenting is characterized by the presence of authoritarian parents. Authoritarian parents impose their norms on their children and expect them to follow them without question. No questions about the significance of the roles will be permitted by the authorities... It is their policy not to bargain with their children and to continually urge them to follow. They do not include youngsters in activities that involve problem-solving. Parents make rules and inform their children of the consequences of breaking them. They believe in the use of punitive measures and do not instruct youngsters on how to control themselves.

Consequences of Authoritarian Parenting include:

Children get violent and acquire behavioral difficulties as a result of their experiences.

Children struggle with their sense of self-worth and confidence.

Bullying and cyberbullying are more common among children than they are among adults.

Strangers have used the boy as a pawn in a ruse to draw him into a trap.

Young children begin to use social media to communicate with their classmates about their issues.

Children who have grown up in an authoritarian environment are superb liars.

Parental monitoring of children who are under the authority of authoritarian parents is essential for the protection of their physical and digital environments. The use of parental monitoring software by authoritarian parents to enable parental monitoring on their children's mobile phones is becoming increasingly popular.

Because of their strictness, it enables parents to watch their children's actions when they are gone, as well as how they behave online while using their mobile devices. Mobile parental controls allow parents to keep track of their children's text messages, chats, and social media activities on their smartphones and tablets.

Parents have the ability to track the GPS whereabouts and browsing habits of their children. Children reared by authoritarian parents are more likely to develop undesirable habits such as a dependence on social media, access to inappropriate content, and online friendships with strangers than other kids their age. Parents lose the trust of their children as a result of their strictness. The only method for them to surreptitiously install parental spying software on their devices is through a third-party app.

Different Parenting Styles: Authoritative vs. Electronic Parental Control

Does your parenting style reflect any of the qualities listed below?

Parents make every effort to ensure that their children have positive interactions with them.

Parents should explain the reasoning behind each rule.

While parents impose rules and regulations, they are equally concerned about their children's emotional well-being.

In the event that you demonstrate the characteristics described above, you are demonstrating an authoritative parenting style. It is considered to be one of the most effective parenting techniques. This style of parent enforces rules on their children while also negotiating with them. They want their children to adhere to their rules, but they also respect and value their children's thoughts.

They spend quality time with their children and work with them to find solutions to their challenges. They instill a sense of pride in their children and believe in the meritocratic system. Children that are nurtured in an authoritarian parenting style grow up to be self-assured and responsible young adults.

The Consequences of Authoritative Parenting: As a result of authoritative parenting, young children become more responsible as they grow older.

Early childhood development results in the development of confident adults later in life.

They are zealous in their pursuit of expressing their opinions.

Authoritarian parents can protect their children from a number of real-world and online risks by exercising parental authority. The use of a parental control tool has become mandatory for all parents, because your children may function brilliantly in real life but suffer when they are on the internet. Your children may come into contact with stalkers, sexual predators, and bullies when browsing the internet.

Consequently, phone parental monitoring allows you to keep track of their internet activities and the people with whom they connect. Instilling an understanding of the dos and don'ts of the digital world in your children comes as a result of your authoritative parenting style. Your children can be trusted, and you can install a mobile phone tracking application on their phones with their consent.

Protecting your children from cyberbullies and other online, as well as physical predators, is made possible with this program. Parental tracking of children provides you with social networking and messaging app logs, as well as alerts you to the activities your children are engaging in on the internet, among other benefits.

When children enjoy spending time on the internet and with their peers in real life, parents may keep a careful eye on them by using a mobile parental tracking software application on their smartphones. You can keep an eye on your children both in-person and online at any time. It is possible to track down passwords and gather keystrokes from online conversations.

Parental Permissiveness vs. Parental Control Software: What's the Difference?

Is it your practice to follow the principles outlined below when it comes to your parental responsibilities?

Parents establish expectations, but they frequently fail to uphold them.

You are not a person who frequently imposes consequences.

Parents reprimand their children on a regular basis.

It is common for parents to interfere in their children's lives.

In the event that you demonstrate these features, your parenting style is considered permissive. Children will be children, and these types of parents are understanding of the fact that "children will be children." Children who break the rules are not disciplined by their parents. It is common for them to be gentle with youngsters and to forgive their misdeeds. The function of a friend is always taken on by permissive parents, as opposed to the role of a constant parent. It is clear that they are open to their children's viewpoints and do not try to dissuade them. This style of parenting may have a negative impact on your child's development, both online and in real life.

Consequences of Permissive Parenting include:

Children's academic performance deteriorates.

Children acquire the status of digital citizens without their parents' knowledge.

Children are prone to behavioral issues.

Children begin to infringe on their privacy when they are online.

Teenagers date both online and offline, according to research.

Children are at an increased risk of coming into contact with sexual offenders.

Parents should have access to parental control software because children who have been raised using permissive parenting practices are more likely to spend time on digital devices than children who have not. They participate in damaging social media challenges, date strangers, and use their cell phones in an inappropriate manner on a regular basis. Using a parental tracking program, you can maintain tabs on your children's social media activities while protecting their privacy. It provides parents with the ability to examine their children's social media discussions and online history, as well as the ability to restrict internet access on mobile devices. Monitoring your child's environment and movements can be accomplished with the help of parental monitoring programs.

Family Involvement vs. Parental Control: What is the difference?

Do you carry out any of the obligations listed below as a parent?

When it comes to their children's education or grades, parents make no attempt to find out what they are doing.

Parents are completely careless with the whereabouts of their children.

It is rare for parents to spend quality time with their children.

This is one of the most dangerous approaches to parenting... Uninvolved parents are parents who are not involved in their children's life for a variety of reasons and are therefore referred to as such. Parents who are not actively involved in their children's lives may lack the time necessary for parenting. Are children taught how to live in this vicious society, or do they learn this from their parents?

Consequences of Uninvolved Parenting include:

Children abusing drugs in the company of their classmates is a common occurrence.

Teenagers do believe in the possibility of a single near-miss.

Teens go on blind dates with each other.

Abuse of children results in the death of a child.

The use of social media has become an addiction for many people.

Date rape occurs as a result of absentee or uninvolved parental involvement.

Teenagers are well aware of the behaviors of sugar daddies.

It is vital for the safety of children that they have access to parental control tools. If you are a single parent or have a limited amount of time to spend with your children, SPY24's digital parenting solution allows you to watch and follow them both in-person and online. It provides the ability for users to record live phone calls, text messages, chats, VoIP calls made through social networking applications, and GPS position information. If you're constantly on the go, you may grab the live screen of your child's mobile phone and listen in on their surroundings from a distance using a remote screen capture app.

Parenting Styles in the Digital Age for Online Child Protection:

While parenting styles differ, parental control programs have become increasingly important in today's technologically advanced world. Parents can use a variety of strategies to raise their children, but they must also practice digital parenting in order to keep their children secure.

The following are some examples of different digital parenting styles:


They are the ones who allow parents to use digital gadgets at their leisure, as every member of the family enjoys utilizing phones and laptops at their convenience. Parents hold their children accountable for the amount of time they spend on screens. Parents today are digital enablers, posing a threat to their children's online safety as a result of their actions.


As the polar opposite of facilitators, digital limiters are extremely rigid and aim to keep youngsters away from devices such as mobile phones, social media, and the internet, among other things. It's frustrating that you can't stop your child from acting in this manner, especially considering that they are capable of engaging in actions that would make you cringe.


Digital mentors are up-to-date, and they place high importance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They collaborate with children while simultaneously keeping a close eye on them through the use of parental monitoring applications.

Finally, I'd want to say that

Determine the parenting practices you've chosen to secure your child's safety in the actual world. What digital parenting tactics do you use to keep your children safe when they are on the internet? Technology has progressed to a new level, and parents are now held responsible for the protection of their minor children. You must put a parental app on the phones of your children, as 90 percent of them now have cell phones. Regardless of whether you are an authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, submissive, enabler, limiter, or mentor parent, you must use SPY24 parental control software to perform digital and traditional parenting.