Phone Recording Software: Listen Live to Phone

Phone Recording Software: Listen Live to Phone
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Phone recording software that records phone calls directly to the hard disk using a modem. Call Corder is a software-only computer call recorder. This phone recorder uses your voice modem to record phone conversations.

Call Corder records telephone conversations directly to your hard disk with a single push of a button, optionally playing a legal disclaimer before recording a call (ideal for use in a business environment). It stores calls as standard Windows sound files, adding a memo to allow fast and easy call navigation. The software is Caller ID compatible so there is no need to type caller's number and name: call logging will be matched with call detail record obtained from the Caller ID information.

Phone Recording Software: Listen Live to Phone

Call Corder requires a PC with a voice modem or compatible TAPI board. Call Corder will only record one telephone line.

Phone Recording SoftwareRecord a phone call with a simple push of a button, or enable automatic call recording .

Call Corder has an option to record incoming phone calls automatically. Automatic outgoing phone call recording is only available with dedicated telephony software.

The program can optionally compress phone calls being recorded in real-time while maintaining compatibility with Windows WAV format: the messages can be played or edited with any Windows sound recording application, including Windows Sound Editor.

Call Corder can work in cooperation with your answering machine box: it can start recording the phone call right after the answering machine finishes playing its greeting message. Call Corder will automatically hang up once a message is left and the other party disconnects.

System Requirements

This software call recorder is compatible with Windows. One minute of uncompressed recorded conversation takes approximately 1 MB of your hard disk space and less than 100 KB per minute with compression.

A compatible voice modem is required for phone recording. The software supports voice modems, telephony boards, and third-party platforms such as Way Call iPhone.

Call Recorder Features

Legal Disclaimer

An optional legal disclaimer can be played automatically before a call is recorded to ensure that the recording is legal.

Guide on Call Recording Laws

A comprehensive Practical Guide on Legal Aspects of Recording Telephone Conversations is included as part of the documentation. Covers phone call recording laws of Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and state-by-state guide for the US. Call recording legal guidelines and other legal aspects of call recording are covered.

Recorded Phone Calls on Your Disk

Hundreds of hours of telephone conversations can be stored on your hard drive. All recorded phone calls are optionally compressed to maximize storage capacity.

Windows Compatible

Supports Windows

Automatic Phone Call Recording

Optional automatic call recording allows starting recording incoming calls automatically. On certain types of telephony devices, the software supports automatic call recording when a telephone receiver is picked up. This feature is not available on most voice modems.

Quality Phone Call Recording

High-quality phone recording by optional automatic gain control allows for automatic volume adjustment for superior sound quality for virtually all types of telephone installations.

Call Logging and Annotating

Every call is annotated for convenient future access.

Caller ID Call Recording

Caller ID information automatically labels incoming phone calls: there is no need to manually annotate every recorded call (requires Caller ID service from telephone company).

E-Mail Call Forwarding

Any recorded conversation, including your comments, can be forwarded via e-mail.

Call Corder can optionally display a Caller ID notification on every incoming call. This helps to record only the phone calls you want.

Call Corder can run silently in the system tray, recording all your incoming calls or only the calls you specify.

Caller ID Phone Recording

Buy Call Corder online.

Download a fully functional free evaluation copy of Call Corder.

The evaluation version of Call Corder can be used for free during a 30-day trial period.

Record All Calls and Communications for any Smartphone, Iphone, Android, BlackBerry or Cell Phone Device

Record Incoming & Outgoing Calls on Any Phone Instantly!

Record Calls on any phone, including landlines on any phone you own!

RecordiaPro does this:

Records Outgoing Phonecalls

Records Incoming Phonecalls

Tracks ALL Caller ID's

Use On Any Phone Accessed From Anywhere

Playback, download, or Email as MP3

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Recording Pro is the only service that allows you to record phone calls, from any phone, whether you make or receive the call, without the need for extra hardware or software. RecordiaPro provides unlimited online storage of all recorded smartphone calls with no monthly or storage fees and provides crystal clear, quality recordings in Mp3 format which makes it easy to download, e-mail, and share with others. Record smartphone calls, Iphone calls, Android calls, BlackBerry calls, cell phone calls, even land-line calls!

Recording of Incoming & Outgoing Calls has NEVER Been Easier! Call Recording Service

Monitor the conversations of your children, teens, employees...

Call Recorder Card set-up is simple:

When you sign up, you will receive a personal phone number (PPN).

Next, you'll register a phone for your new PPN.

All calls using the PPN will ring through to your registered phone and will automatically be recorded.

You may listen to your recordings via phone or by logging on to the site!

Whether incoming or outgoing, your conversations will be recorded and stored on secure, password-protected servers. Both sides of the conversations are preserved in crystal clear quality for future playback.

“This is something every concerned parent should have! I gave a new cell phone to my teenager and told her that the calls were being recorded. Now I have peace of mind!” -Y.P of Texas

Secretly Record ALL Smartphone Communications For Your Home or Business Use!

Mobile Spy Top-rated smartphone spy software !

Mobile Spy does this:

Silently Records Every SMS Message

Shows You Each Call's Information

Gives You GPS Positions Every 30 Minutes

Shows You All Photos and Videos Taken by the Phone

Can Save Deleted Data From the Phone

Need to silently record SMS text messages, GPS locations, and call info of your spouse, teen, or employee? Learn the TRUTH with Mobile Spy, a complete stealth monitoring program! Silently record every SMS message. View information about every call. See GPS positions every thirty minutes. View all photos and videos taken by phone. See all the log results in your SSL Secured online account.

Monitor and Set Limits For All of Your Family's Mobile and Smartphone Communications!

Phone Sheriff Best smartphone spy software system for parents!

Phone Sheriff does this:

Blocks and Filters Text Messages

Sets Up Your Own Time Restrictions

Configures Your Own App and Web Filtering

Customizes Your Own Time Specific Activity Blocking

Text, Call, and GPS Data Recording

Remote Access Allows You to Remotely Lock and Track the Phone

After the software is installed, you can set up specific restrictions for phone numbers, websites, and time periods. The software can also record user activities including SMS text messages, call information, and GPS locations. You can view logs on the device itself or in a secure online control panel .

Record my Call!

info on recording phone calls

Record telephone calls information

Record my Call is a site dedicated to making call recording easy. There are various methods used to record telephone calls that include the use of specialized recording equipment as well as call recording service providers. The best method to record calls depends on the purpose or reasons for the recorded call. There are separate options for businesses and individuals, as well as for single-time use or multiple uses.

There are many reasons why someone might want to record a phone call.

Some Reasons for Recording a Telephone Call Include:

For company training purposes. New employees can hear themselves speak and hear

how they are responded to so that they can improve on their telephone etiquette

Employers can listen to telephone calls periodically to see where improvements need to be made

A recorded call is evidence that a conversation took place

When you record calls, you are getting evidence of what was said during a conversation

Record telephone calls to remember what was said during a conversation

Call recording allows for the conversation to be replayed at a later time

for that, someone may have not been able to attend a certain conversation that they should have been a part of.

Interested in a call recording? contains all kinds of information on recording phone calls. Have you heard of call recording being used in the news? Click on the "news" link to read articles on recording phone calls.

If you are interested in purchasing call recording equipment, you can click on our "call recording equipment" link. This link leads you to a provider of various equipment used to record telephone calls and conversations. Likewise, the "Call Recording Software" link will lead you to a provider that offers a call recording service online for a monthly fee.

Take advantage of the many benefits that call recording has. To record telephone calls it's never been so easy! Start to record calls today!

Phone Call Recording

Unlike the hyped use of phone call recording software on T.V Dramas and detective movies, this technology can also be very useful for you too in your day-to-day activities. In fact, there are many ways phone call recording software is appropriate for you as a parent, a professional in any field, and as a business executive or manager of a company. Consider the following scenarios where this software is absolutely essential:

In today’s competitive business environment

In the corporate world today, it is almost impossible for a company to stay afloat much less achieve a leading role if employees leak company secrets to competitors. A resentful worker can easily divulge sensitive information to competitors as a way of venting anger and dissatisfaction through text messages, emails, and phone calls. The use of phone call recording software can solve such problems by accessing employees’ text messages, e-mails, and phone calls. With GPS tracking which is incorporated in the system, the business owner or manager can view the precise location of the employee when there is a need to. Using phone call recording software can be very useful in measuring the efficiency of employees and in the way they handle company clients.

In good parenting

As a responsible parent, you should be concerned about how your children use their smartphones. You seriously need to determine how long they spend glued to the screens of their cell phones, whether they are sexting, browsing adult sites, or at the very least find out the kind of people they are talking to. It is important to find out if they have, God forbid, a drug supplier on speed dial before it's too late. You can easily do this using phone call recording software.

In confirming suspicions of a spouse’s infidelity

It would be unwise to end your marriage on unconfirmed suspicions of a cheating spouse. With phone call recording software, you can discreetly access important information about the suspected spouse’s activities, whereabouts, and text messages even when they have been deleted. The software gives you accurate details about e-mails sent from the phone as well as both incoming and outgoing phone calls. You do not need the expensive services of a private detective because the phone call recording software does it all for you. It is a powerful technology that can be relied on to provide the real truth behind your suspicions of spouse infidelity.

In your personal memory loss moments

You can track yourself too for those “temporary loss of memory moments” too. As a busy executive or professional in any field, you might need to recall some details you discussed over the phone with a client a few days back. This might be difficult or impossible if the person you talked to is no longer accessible but with phone call recording software installed in your phone, you will easily find all the details you discussed with your client.

Phone call recording software can easily be downloaded and installed from specific sites online. You will, however, need to be cautious by checking the website’s reviews before downloading in order to get a safe and efficient bugging device.

Is it possible to record cell phones?

Have you ever had an important phone call and afterward thought that you would have liked to have recorded the phone call so that you could re-listen to it at a later date. Well, there are ways that you can record your cell phone calls and store them as Mp3 files on your PC or cell phone. Recording other people's phone calls is illegal and even Police are not allowed to do this without a warrant. However, you can record your own phone conversations quite legally as long as the other person you are talking to consents to this. Many companies record their business conversation for quality control and training purposes but they are always required to state this to the person they are on the phone to and the other person has the right to refuse and actually has to consent to the phone call being recorded.

There are many different reasons why someone might want to record cell phones including both professional and personal reasons, but both are required by law to have the consent of all participating parties. If two people both agree to record their phone conversation for a particular reason, then this is well within the law.

In order for any registered business to record cell phones using either a simple record or a sophisticated device, they must always warn the other person of their intention and give them the choice of participating or not. This is most usually done using a recorded message instructing the person to tell the person when they answer if they are not prepared to have their conversation recorded. There are strict laws to record cell phones which need to be understood and adhered to or you can get into serious trouble with the law.

There are also some devices on the market which are designed to record cell phones similar to those that are used by the Police and the Military. It is generally illegal to use these devices without the consent of all parties. Some large organizations may use these devices for quality control but they will always warn their customers when such a device is in use.

Many mobile phones have the ability to record cell phones they are connected to and this function is usually available in the setting menu. Once you know how to activate this function you can record any calls that come through your cell phone. However, by law, you must tell the other person that you are recording the call. If you fail to do this and wish to use the recording as evidence in court, it will not be accepted as evidence. Before attempting to record cell phones you should thoroughly research the subject and understand the laws associated with it. If you fail to do this you may find yourself in deep water and even have legal action taken against you. If you have any questions about this you can contact a lawyer that is familiar with this part of the United Statelaw.

Cell Phone Call Recorder

Why would an average person need a cell phone call recorder? Most phone users still believe that spying on mobile phones is an activity best left to law enforcement agencies or, at the very least, Hollywood and later versions of James Bond movies. There are others who still strongly believe that gadgets used in such activities are a preserve of phone companies and the police. Well, not in the 21st century. It is now quite possible to access another person’s cell phone call records discreetly using a cell phone call recorder. This is a revolutionary mobile spy software tapping system that is even available online.

Basically, there are two main ways you can record anyone’s cell phone calls. You can do it in the last century’s spy-movie style by inserting a physical bug that will relay collected information to a receiver or you can employ state-of-the-art software-based spyware programs that do much more than just tapping calls. The best option is obviously the software program because it is not only easy to implant on any type of cell phone, but also grants you full access to the phone’s text messages, e-mails, GPS data, and many other applications. The best part of it is that you will do this without the owner of the cell phone ever finding out.

A more advanced version of a cell phone call recorder has an unlimited capacity to tap into information and activities of any type of Smartphone including iPhones, Android, every make of common cell phones, and even landlines. It records all outgoing phone calls, all incoming phone calls, tracks every caller ID, does all this from any location with a signal, and can replay recorded voice data as playback, as an audio download, like e-mail, or simply as MP3.

With a cell phone call recorder connected to your Smartphone, you have all the capabilities of recording another phone’s activities, logs, e-mails, and GPS locations and uploading them to your spying account via the Internet. Accessing recorded data is also easy and hassle-free. You simply need to log into your secure online account at the spying company’s website to view the results. The results are usually displayed in different categories to make browsing for the required information easy for everyone. With advanced levels of stealth and accuracy, a cell phone call recorder even retrieves information the user of the phone being spied has tried to delete.

Unlike the ‘ancient’ methods of phone tapping where you could only record calls from a single location, software-based systems can access all activities of a user’s phone even when they are traveling. It can be used to gather calls, e-mail, texts, and GPS tracking from any part of the world that has a signal. It can also be used on every type of modern cell phone. A cell phone call recorder is very discreet. The only way the person being spied on will ever know of the spyware software is if you told them. So if you are suspicious of how your children or employees are using their phones, then the best way to find out is by a cell phone call recorder.

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