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Private Instagram Viewer - The Only Working Private Instagram Viewer - is the World's Best Private Instagram Viewer! Easily view Instagram Private Profiles! Please click here...

Instagram Private Viewer

Private Instagram Profiles to Browse


If you know someone who has a private Instagram account and want to view their images without having to follow them or obtain permission, PrivateInsta has the solution for you! PrivateInsta is a one-of-a-kind service that enables you to browse any user's private Instagram photographs.

To begin, simply provide a username and click 'View Private Profile'. You will then be taken to a website that contains all of that user's photographs. By utilizing PrivateInsta, you are not violating any of Instagram's terms of service. This site is presently in beta and will be developed continuously. Instagram does not endorse or certify this product. Review Private Instagram Viewer that Works



Our service is compatible with any device. You will never have to worry about compatibility issues with OS X, Windows, iOS, or Android.


Unlike our competitors, who require you to generate 'Unlock Codes' or download dubious software, we only require you to submit a login.


Our site will never request any personally identifiable information. Ever. Additionally, our site is SSL protected, ensuring that all connections are encrypted.


PrivateInsta has been in operation for more than five years. Our competitors come and go, but we are here to stay.


You wish to view an account but do not wish to inform the owner.

We've all been there. You discover an account with an intriguing profile photo and wish to view their other photographs, but their account is set to private. If you attempt to request to view their photographs, they will almost certainly decline. Without PrivateInsta, you'd have to accept that you'll never be able to access their photos.

You are acquainted with the individual but wish to remain anonymous

There are numerous instances where you may know the individual and they would almost certainly grant your view request, but you wish to remain anonymous. This issue is simply resolved with the help of our private Instagram viewer. We do not require sign-ins or account information in order to utilize our service. We only require a username and a few minutes of your time. It is entirely anonymous!

You must access the account. NOW

If you learn that someone has uploaded a humiliating photo of you but you lack access to their private account. You might use the traditional method of requesting access to their account and waiting a few days for them to accept your request. Alternatively, you might use our site to view their photographs in a matter of seconds.

Whatever the reason, PrivateInsta is the most effective way to browse private Instagram. We strive day and night to maintain our position as the most convenient option to access private Instagram on the internet. Begin today!


How do I view Instagram profiles that are private?

PrivateInsta allows you to easily examine the private profile of any Instagram user by searching for their username.

Is there anything I need to download?

Nope. PrivateInsta is entirely web-based and requires no downloads.

How frequently may I access this site?

You have no restriction on the amount of profiles you can browse. Investigate!

Will I face repercussions for utilizing this?

PrivateInsta is an entirely anonymous service. We do not require any of your login credentials. All that is required is a username.

I've attempted several sites similar to this one and they did not function. Is this website unique?

Absolutely. Our website is the only one that works properly. You can see it in action in the video above.

What to do if your Instagram account is blocked

It has occurred to every single one of us. You and someone else had a dispute on Instagram, and they decide to block your account. What are your options? In this piece, we'll discuss some of the alternatives available to you if you still want to examine that person's profile.

To begin, you can create a new account. If their profile is set to private, you would have to pretend to be someone else. You will be able to view all of their profile images if they accept your follow request. This is not the optimal way. When you create a new account, you must validate your email address/phone number and memorize a new username. Option 2 is a more superior strategy if you wish to visit an Instagram account that has been blocked.

Alternatively, you can utilize PrivateInsta is marketed as a free way to browse private Instagram profiles, but it also includes the ability to view accounts that have blocked you. All that is required is that you type a username and click the submit button. You then gain immediate access to that individual's private photographs. Our service is not account-required.

If you're not interested in creating an account and would rather immediately examine a person's Instagram images, the decision is obvious. To get started, visit PrivateInsta today!

How To Access Instagram From A Computer

If you've ever wanted to examine an Instagram profile online, your options are limited. It's inconvenient to have to pull out your phone to quickly search up someone's profile. Fortunately, we discovered two primary methods for you to access anyone's account online.

1.) You can experiment with third-party online profile viewers such as\\

However, the issue with these is that they have complicated user interfaces and many of them demand registration. I'm not sure about you, but I'm not interested in providing my account information to some random website on the internet.

2.) Another way is to use directly. This is a reasonable method, however it also has a poor user interface. In general, we believe that using Instagram directly is superior to using any of the third-party Instagram viewers. If you stumble upon a private Instagram account, keep in mind that our private Instagram viewer is available. PrivateInsta enables you to view any private Instagram account that does not permit you to view. Our website is ridiculously simple to use. There is no sign-in required, and all activity is fully anonymous.

How To Create An Instagram Account That Is Connected To Facebook

If you want your Instagram photographs to be automatically shared on Facebook, you must follow a few simple steps. If you're using an iPhone or iPad, navigate to your profile and click the gear symbol. Following that, you tapped the 'Linked Accounts' tab, then Facebook, where you entered your account information.

For Android, the procedure is similar. To begin, navigate to your profile and click the three vertical dots button. Then, click the 'Linked Accounts' button. Finally, tap 'Facebook' and log in with your Facebook credentials.

Following this, all of your Instagram photographs will be automatically shared on your Facebook page. This can save you a lot of time by eliminating the need to create each post twice. If you know someone who has enabled this, but you want to see more than the photographs on their Facebook profile, you might check out PrivateInsta. PrivateInsta is an entirely free website that enables you to browse private Instagram accounts. It's as simple as visiting, entering a username, and clicking submit.

Hopefully, after reading this, you've figured out how to connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you have any questions, you may contact Instagram support, who can assist you with any issues you may encounter.

Is An Instagram Account Required To Use PrivateInsta?

PrivateInsta does not require access to any of your Instagram data in order to function. All we want is the private account's username. This implies that you can use our platform to absolutely anonymously access private Instagram accounts. We choose to outline the actions required for each option. You can notice how much slower the 'regular' method is in comparison to the 'PrivateInsta' method.

The Conventional/Slow Method

To view a private Instagram account, the normal Instagram user would need to perform the following steps:

1.) Create an Instagram account or sign in.

2.) Conduct an Instagram search for a private account.

3.) Make a follow-up request to the user with the private account.

4.) Wait several days, if not weeks, for the user to accept or reject your request.

The Shortcut

If you'd rather not waste your time going through all of these processes, you can simply visit, enter the username, and click the submit button. By doing it this manner, you will never have to worry about being denied or about the individual discovering who is accessing their account. 'Why would I want to be anonymous?' some of you may be wondering. We've seen dozens of justifications for this, but a few of our favorites are as follows:

If you're on an insecure network and don't want to take the risk of signing into your Instagram account.

You're at school, and Instagram has been disabled.

The person you're looking at has declined to follow you.

Unless you're commenting on a private photo, there's no reason to make an account and go through the hassle. Hopefully, this essay demonstrated the value of PrivateInsta.

We adore PrivateInsta, and we're confident you will as well. Kindly share this page with your friends to help us continue to grow and enhance our site.

How To View An Instagram Account That Is Not Public

It is something that has occurred to each and every one of us. You're blissfully scrolling through Instagram when you come across someone with a private profile. There are two methods for accessing these private profiles:

Send a 'following request' to this individual and hope they accept. This method works if you know the individual, but it will most likely take a few days for them to view your request, and even then, it is not assured. This is the way that the majority of people have been using for the last few years.

Utilize our free private Instagram viewer to instantly view the private account. This method enables you to browse the private profile quietly and anonymously without informing the account owner. Our service is the only one that is capable of accomplishing this.

Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. While Method 1 allows you to remark on their images, you are not guaranteed to be added as a friend. Method 2 is completely anonymous, and you are not need to request that they follow you. If you are unable to track the user for whatever reason, we propose approach 2. Several reasons for this could be that the individual who owns the private account is a:

Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend of a teacher


There are a plethora of reasons why you may wish to avoid following someone.

PrivateInsta complies completely with Instagram's terms of service, so you don't have to worry about getting in trouble or anything like. We are constantly improving our site to guarantee that it is the quickest, safest, and most reliable method of seeing private Instagram profiles. We hope you will take the time to explore our site.

Regardless of the option you pick, if you have any issues regarding seeing a private account, please leave a comment below and we will react as soon as possible.