Qustodio App Free Download Review: Android - iPhone - Login

Qustodio App Free Download Review: Android - iPhone - Login
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Qustodio App Download Review: You are taking a break and reading this article on our website. This means you need a monitoring app right away and are thinking about using Qustodio. Well, I'm happy to tell you that you're on the right track. There are a lot of parental control apps on the market, but only a few of them live up to what customers want.

Qustodio is one of these apps for keeping an eye on kids and teenagers. The app only has a few useful features, so you should give it a try.

So, let's look at what Qustodio has to offer and how much it costs in this review. And should you spend your hard-earned money on the app?

List of What's Inside: Monitor Your Kids With A Modern Approach


Qustodio Installation & Setup

Set up on the parent's device Set up on the child's device

Activity on the Qustodio Dashboard Timeline

Qustodio's Good Points

Qustodio Pricing FAQs

Qustodio Review: Monitor Your Kids With A Modern Approach

Qustodio Review

You can trust our review and decide if you want to buy Qustodio to keep an eye on your child based on it since we used it ourselves for several weeks before writing this review.

Qustodio Review: A Modern Way to Keep an Eye on Your Kid's Compatibility

Qustodio works well with almost all operating systems. The Qustodio app works with Android versions 4.4 and up, as well as all of the above versions.

Does your child have an iPhone or iPad? No problem. Qustodio will find out what the target iOS device is doing and show it to you on your screen from a distance.

The teen must have a device with iOS 15 or a newer version. Besides the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad can also be tracked.

In the same way, Qustodio can also keep track of macOS, Kindle, and Windows devices.

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Qustodio Installation And Setup

Qustodio is easier to install and set up than most other spying apps on the market.

This is because, unlike other spying apps, Qustodio doesn't ask for a lot of permissions.

Second, the data can be tracked as soon as the Qustodio app is set up on both the parent and target devices. It doesn't take long for Qustodio to upload data from the target device and show it to the parents on their device.

NOTE 1: The Qustodio app is almost the same to install on both iOS and Android.

NOTE 2: The kid's device is an Android cell phone, and the parent's device is a PC.

Set up the parent device

1. Go to Qustodio's official website and click on Sign up to create a new account. If you have a Qustodio account already, click Login instead.

2. Fill out the next page with the information. Your name, email address, and password are among the details. After putting in the information, click on CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT.

3. You've set up half of the parent device, and now you need to create a profile for your child.

4. The child's profile has information about their name, age, gender, and avatar. Click SAVE AND PROCEED.

5. Choose the kind of devices the child uses, such as a desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

Now that the parent's phone is all set up, it's time to work on the child's phone.

Set up the device for the child

1. Download Qustodio for Android or Qustodio for iPhone, depending on what kind of phone you have.

2. Open the app and tap on "I am a parent."

3. Now it's time to agree to all the rules of the Qustodio app for parents.

4. Use the same email address and password you used to sign up on the parent device to log in to the Qustodio app on the kid's device.

5. Pick the Kid's device from the list of options and then give it a name.

6. Now is the time to turn on accessibility by tapping "Activate now."

7. Qustodio will ask you for certain permissions before it can fully monitor your child's phone. Some of these permissions include access to photos, media, and phone calls.

Activate the device administrator by tapping on Activate now.

The child's device is also ready, and you can now use the parent's device to track the child's device from anywhere, even if you don't have the child's phone with you.

Try Qustodio by clicking here. 
Summary/Dashboard of Qustodio

Qustodio's dashboard is a kind of summary that shows all of the kid's activities on one screen. The child's time can be seen. The time shown on the screen is wrong, though. Aside from that, you can also set the child's screen time.

Under "Top activity," you can see all the apps that the child has used, and the percentage of total use shows how much time was spent on each app.

The YouTube summary will also be on the dashboard, and you'll be able to see all of the videos that the child has watched.

Parents can also watch what their kids are looking for on YouTube.

In the "Questionable" section, there will be a list of all the things the teen does that are not good for them in some way. Whether it's searching on YouTube, using a browser, or doing anything suspicious on Facebook.

But it didn't work the way we thought it would, and we couldn't see any changes under "Questionable activity."

The same is true for Calls and SMS, as there were no changes in those sections either.

Timeline of events

All of the things that Qustodio saw happen on the target phone will be shown here. These things include updating the location, searching on YouTube and web browsers, and using apps.

To narrow your search, use the drop-down arrow and choose the option you want.

Try Qustodio by clicking here. 

1. Qustodio has time limits for each day

Children's cell phone use is like drinking poison every day, and they don't even think about what will happen in the future.

If a kid spends too much time on the phone, it can hurt his or her body and mind in several ways.

But you can protect your kids from becoming addicted to their phones before they get the poison in their hands and drink it. And you can do this with the help of Qustodio.

You can set a timer for how long your child can use the phone each day with the Daily Time Limit feature. When the time is up, the child won't be able to use any of the apps that are on the device.

The timer has to be set for at least 15 minutes, and Qustodio lets you set the same time for different days.

If the time set is longer than what the child should spend on the phone, click "Reset" and set the time again.

How long has your child been using the smartphone? Click on Block to stop the kid from using the phone for as long as you want.

We were happy with how the feature worked, and it didn't take long to block the apps on the device.

2. Only at Certain Times

With this feature, parents can also make sure their kids don't spend too much time on their phones.

In Daily Time Limit, you can only set the block time for one time of day. Here, you can set it for different times of the day. You can also set different times for different days.

The apps on the kid's device won't open or work after the time you've set.

This feature is helpful if you don't want anything to disturb your child while he or she is studying, sleeping, or eating.

If you click on the settings icon at the top right, you can change the settings for the restrictions.

3. Web Filtering

There's no point in having a parental control app for a kid's phone if it doesn't stop the kid from seeing adult content.

Qustodio, on the other hand, does not fall into that category. Instead, it filters the kid's search on the internet.

The content for adults can be about gambling, porn, alcohol, drugs, weapons, etc. And you don't have to think twice before saying that all of this content is bad for teens and students to watch.

Under Web Filtering, you can see that Qustodio has already chosen some categories that kids shouldn't see.

When the child tries to go to a website in the category you chose, Qustodio blocks them automatically.

We won't say that Qustodio blocks all adult content if the child has already looked at some. But the app gets rid of a lot of the unhealthy stuff.

If you want to block some sites yourself and don't want your child to be able to get to them, that's also possible. Just click SAVE after adding the sites to the list in the "Add Exception" section.

4. Keeping an eye on YouTube

Most teens and tweens find YouTube more addicting than alcohol, so it's up to their parents to limit how much time they can spend on YouTube.

Qustodio lets you do this by setting you set a timer for how long you can use YouTube. The Youtube Monitoring feature works the same way as Daily Time Limits, and you can set the same timer for how long you can use YouTube on different days.

If you already use YouTube too much, you can use the "Block" button to block the app right away.

Click on the "here" option to find out what videos the child watched on YouTube.

One thing to remember is that YouTube Monitoring only stops the YouTube app from starting up. The kid will still be able to use the browser feature to get to YouTube.

So, if you don't want the child to use YouTube, it's best to add the link to the Web Filtering Exceptions when that time comes.

5. Games and software

Some apps need to be blocked when a child becomes addicted to them and their daily life seems to fall apart.

The only thing parents can do is block these apps either permanently or for a short time.

Qustodio's Games and Apps feature makes it possible. On the kid's phone, turn off the button next to the app you want to block.

Qustodio will take action right away, and the app will be blocked right away.

Want to set a limit on how long you can use that app? You can also do this easily with Qustodio by clicking on the app's down arrow icon and setting the time.

6. Spy on Calls and Texts

It's important to talk on the phone for a long time and get to know the people the teen talks to.

Tracking Calls and SMS is an important part of keeping an eye on your kids, and if you can't get to them, you can't keep an eye on them. It would help if you went to the section for Calls and SMS.

But this feature failed our test because we couldn't find out who was calling the target phone or what number they were calling from.

We also couldn't stop incoming or outgoing calls with Qustodio.

Under "Call Exceptions," you can put in specific phone numbers. You can choose if the child will only get calls from those numbers or if you want to block calls from those numbers. But sadly, this feature wasn't doing anything either.

We couldn't get this feature to work, but maybe it does for you. So, you can try out Qustodio's three-day free trial with premium features to see if it works.

7. Where it is

The ability to track where your child is is a big help for parents whose kids go to school. Nothing makes parents worry more than when their kids haven't come home at the usual time and it's been longer than usual.

But knowing where your child is all the time can be a relief, and Qustodio is here to give you that relief.

In the Activity timeline, you can see your child's current location at any time, since the only option in the Location heading is to turn location tracking on or off.

But you can't just go check on the child whenever you want. Every few minutes, Qustodio will tell you where the item is.

Another thing I didn't like about Qustodio was that the app didn't have geofencing, which I think is a very important safety feature for kids.

8. SPY24 Spy on Social Media

Students and young people need Facebook like they need food. They can't live without it. But only the parents know what might happen if the wrong things are done on Facebook.

Because of this, parents need to keep an eye on what their kids do on Facebook.

Under the heading "Social Monitoring," Qustodio lets its users track Facebook, but this feature has a lot of big problems.

You need to know the child's Facebook login information and agree that Qustodio can track things like new friends, what they share on their wall, status updates, and so on.

Or, you have to make your child sign in to his or her account and agree that Qustodio can track what he or she does.

If you think about it, this makes no sense, because if you know the kid's Facebook password, you don't need Qustodio to do that work for you.

It would have been better if Qustodio could see what the child was doing on Facebook even if you didn't know the account details.


  • Qustodio Premium deals
  • US$54.95/year
  • Qustodio Premium Medium
  • US$96.95/year
  • Qustodio
  • US$137.95/year

9. Panic Button

Parents never want their child to be in a dangerous situation or have to deal with the trouble.

But life isn't always like the petals of a rose. Sometimes you have to deal with the thorns as well.

Parents need to teach their kids what to do in case of an emergency and how to get out of it.

One of these steps is to use the Qustodio app on the child's phone to turn on the SOS button.

To set up the Panic Button, you must first enable it on your device and invite people you trust. You can put yourself, your friends, or anyone else you trust on the trusted contacts list.

Now, they have to accept your invitation to be a trusted contact. Once that is done, they will be added to the kid's list of people they can trust.

As soon as you turn on the Enable Panic Button switch, the child's Qustodio app will show an SOS button.

When the child presses that button and sends the message it makes, all the trusted contacts will get a message saying the child is in danger and their current location.

For iOS, there are:

Qustodio for iOS devices only has a few features. You can use features like Geolocation and Application rules to limit how long apps can be used, and you can also filter the web.

You can't track things like Facebook, phone calls, and SMS. You won't be able to get into the child's YouTube account, and you can't use the SOS button either.

Qustodio Pricing

When it comes to price, Qustodio isn't as expensive as some of its rival apps. Qustodio has three different plans based on the number of users: Small, Medium, and Large.

The Small plan costs $4.58 per month and lets you connect 5 devices. The Medium plan costs $8.08 per month and lets you connect 10 devices. The Large plan costs $11.50 per month and lets you connect 15 devices.

You will be glad to hear that Qustodio also has a free version. The premium features of the apps, such as the panic button, location tracking, call monitoring, and so on, are not available in the free version.

Qustodio FAQ's

Is Qustodio free to use?

Qustodio has both a free version and a version that costs money. With the paid service, you can use some extra features, like monitoring YouTube and a panic button.

Can Qustodio stop YouTube from working?

Yes, you can block the kid from using YouTube and also set a time limit.

Can Qustodio read my texts?

The Qustodio app has a way to look at text messages, but when we tested it, this feature didn't work at all.

Is Qustodio safe to use?

Yes, Qustodio is completely safe to use and follows the law. That's why the app is in both the Play Store and the App Store.

Can Qustodio be used without being seen?

No, the app icon is there and you can't get rid of it.

Can my child delete Qustodio?

Sadly, you're right. Since the app icon is easy to see on the screen, the kids can close the app whenever they want.

Wrapping Up

If your monitoring is mostly about keeping an eye on kids, Qustodio is a good choice.

This review is here after I did a lot of research and used the app myself. So, you can trust our article 100%.

Go for the 3-day free trial with all premium features if you have any doubts and want to clear them up by using the app yourself.

If all you want for your child is to be able to monitor web searches, filter searches, keep an eye on social media, and control how much time they spend on the app, then go with the free version of the app.


The blocking of devices works as it should.

The feature for limited Times works well.

The Web Filtering feature can successfully block all sites that are bad for you.

When compared to its competitors, Qustodio is quite cheap.


Qustodio is wrong about the amount of time spent on each app.

In our case, the Calls and SMS option did not work at all.

The activity in question didn't work as well.

Does Qustodio Have to Be Used? Does it meet your needs well?

In today's digital world, it's very hard to deal with kids who use the Internet too much. If your kids are obsessed with social media and can't imagine life without their phones in their hands, it can be hard to say "No."

That's why parents try to get help, and that's when apps that let them keep an eye on their kids are useful.

Monitoring tools like SPY24 and Qustodio work well even if parents don't know much about technology. To be successful, they must pay close attention to the details of the app they choose.

Some reviews of Qustodio, for instance, call it "one of the best parental control apps on the market." On the other hand, the rating on Trustpilot shows just the opposite. Only 2.1 stars have been given to the app after more than 95 reviews.

It's natural to try to find the best solution for your needs and compare different options. If you want to learn more about the Qustodio app, keep reading this article. You can also go to SPY24.com to start a free trial and see how SPY24 works.

What does Qustodio mean?

Qustodio is an app that lets parents keep an eye on what their kids are doing online, limit their screen time, and check in on them from afar.

The software has a wide range of monitoring features, such as the ability to see a child's text messages, call logs, locations, apps installed, and other phone activities. Because Qustodio lets a parent see all of a child's online activity from afar, it doesn't affect the trust and relationships that kids have with their own families.

It is a well-known piece of software that has helped build an ecosystem for parents who want to use monitoring tools to make parenting easier. The Qustodio family portal is one of the biggest communities in its field, and it lets parents talk to each other about their experiences with the app.

How much does it cost to use Qustodio?

Qustodio can help families deal with online problems like cyberbullying, online predators, and leaks of personal information. The app isn't free, but it has different plans to meet the needs of businesses, schools, and families.

Business plans are written documents that explain what a company wants to do and why.

Qustodio is the same price for businesses as it is for schools. It's different, though, because it has features that were made just for keeping an eye on employees. This is the group:

Android devices with smarter filtering, time management apps that track advanced geolocation, and other features.

reporting that makes sense.

What do I need to do to start Qustodio again?

Qustodio is an easy-to-use piece of software, so it doesn't matter if you have never used a parental control app before. Before you put the app on your kids' phones or computers, make sure you sign up for it and pay for a subscription.

If you want to make a new profile for your child, here's what you need to do:

Open Qustodio, sign in to your account, and then look for the section called "Family Portal."

Go to Settings and then to Children's accounts to get started.

When you click "Add a new child," a new profile will be made. If you need to make a new profile for your child's account, you can do this process again.

On your child's device, type in the URL to get to the Qustodio download page.

Follow the instructions on the screen to install the app.

Start by logging into your Qustodio control panel and choosing the Monitoring option.

If you want to start new monitoring activities and clear your records, you must do the following:

Get to the Family Portal by finding it.

From the drop-down menu, choose Settings > Children's accounts.

Each child should be set to "remove."

Also, if you want to get rid of all the devices connected to your account, go to Family Portal > Settings and Devices > Remove.

How can I best use Qustodio to block certain keywords?

Unfortunately, you can't block access to certain keywords or search requests with the Qustodio parental control app. You can only block access to certain domains on the Internet.

When your child goes to YouTube or Google, keep in mind that the content won't be filtered by the app. It can only be used for Safe Search.

What do I need to do to close my Qustodio account?

Please remember that if you close your Qustodio account, all of your devices (phones, computers, and smartphones) will be cut off from Qustodio. All security settings and children's profiles will also be removed.

It's important to keep in mind that you can't delete the app from afar; you have to go to the monitored device to do it yourself. By going to their Help Center, you can find detailed instructions on how to get rid of Qustodio from your devices.

How to Uninstall Qustodio on an Android Device?

If your child is good with technology, the Qustodio software that has been put on their device will be easy for them to get around. You won't have any trouble because there are a lot of videos on YouTube that show you how to do it.

When your child's screen time is up, Qustodio locks their device's screen when they try to use it. But they only have a few seconds to use the apps before the software stops them from doing so. Because of this, children can still read messages if they are quick.

If your kids want to download an app from the Play Store, they can spend some time figuring out how to get around the restriction. Even though the process is boring and boring, children will do anything to get away from the adults.

Also, there is an even easier way to get past limits. Children can get around parental controls on their Android devices by putting them back into "safe mode."

SPY24 is a better alternative to Qustodio because of the following:

Since Qustodio is an app that is easy to use and even easier to get around, parents should think about using more reliable ways to keep an eye on their kids. They can also use the SPY24 app to keep an eye on their children.

SPY24 is better than Qustodio in a number of ways. Here are the most important things:

Because SPY24 is more secure and well-thought-out, it is harder to get rid of it from a device that is being monitored. SPY24 also has a keylogging feature that lets you set words that can't be typed on the device being watched. When your child types those words on their device, the app notifies you. If you decide you no longer want to use SPY24, you can uninstall it from your computer.

You can try out SPY24 by going to SPY24.com and signing up for a risk-free 14-day trial or downloading a demo version.

Daniel Black works as a family counselor, is a psychologist, and has two kids. He lives in the city of New York. He thinks that everyone can become a better parent, partner, and person if they learn more about how families work together. Daniel likes to go hiking, backpacking, and trekking in the outdoors.