How to WhatsApp call recorder

How to WhatsApp call recorder
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WhatsApp is one of the best apps ever released by Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store. The program was initially launched as a messaging app but later became a complete communication package that offers text messaging, multimedia file sharing, voice calling and even video calling. Every smartphone user uses this app regularly. Unfortunately, it does not offer built-in capabilities for recording video calls. Now, whatsApp audio and video calls are recorded and saved? Yes! There are apps that allow us to record WhatsApp calls from iPhone and Android smartphones . In this article, some of the most popular programs in this field are presented for your convenience and understanding. Android Whatsapp Call Recorder

WhatsApp Call Recorder is an Android-based application that allows users to record WhatsApp calls. This program is very simple and at the same time efficient that allows you to easily and simply record your WhatsApp conversations in 3gp quality files.

Install the application on your device, then open the interface to continue.

how to record Whatsapp calls

Save the recording When you want to stop recording, just click on the square inside a circle button below the red button. This stops recording and is saved on the SD card.

Learn how to record calls and WhatsApp calls on Android phones with Call Recorder

If you have not installed the Call Recorder Cube ACR program on your phone, you can use the link at the end of the article

After installing and running the program, just click Next

Then give the program the necessary permissions

In the next step, enable the overlay Permission to Display

apps for recording calls

Then enable the Auto Start feature (Auto Start)

Note: This feature allows the app to activate automatically when you make a call on your phone

ways to record calls

After completing the above steps, your call recording program is ready to use

If you make a call on the phone, the audio file of the conversation will be added automatically in this section

You can access the call settings using the Recording option

And using the Miscellaneous option, you can change the appearance of the program

record calls

Note: If the application does not run properly on your phone, the power save mode of the phone may be on and prevent the Cube Acr application from working. In the latter case, the Enable Recording feature may be turned off in the app drop-down bar, which you can enable

How to save a video call on Android

Since WhatsApp is software that can be installed and used on both Android and iOS operating systems. Therefore, in this part of the article, we want to explain how to save WhatsApp video calls for both operating systems.

You know that it is not possible to save video calls through the program itself, but you can do it easily using the designed and supplied software. To do this, log in to the Google Play Store and follow the steps below:

1. Search for No Root -AZ Screen Recorder software and download and install it

recording calls

2. Launch this app, now you will see a video camera icon appear in the widget at the top of the screen.

3. Open the widget from the top of the screen and in the menu that opens AZ Screen Recorder, point to the gear icon which is the settings.

easy ways to record WhatsApp calls

4. Scroll to this page to reach the Audio Configuration section.

5. Now point to Record audio and turn the switch on or off.

spying WhatsApp calls

6. Now make a WhatsApp video call according to the tutorial provided in the previous section.

7. After making a call, point to the DJ again and select the video option from the AZ Screen Recorder menu as shown below.

recording WhatsApp calls

How to save a video call on iOS

IPhone users can also save WhatsApp video calls using the feature in their mobile phone.

To do this, point to the white circle on the screen and from the menu that opens, as you can see in the image below, select the Screen Recording option and then make a video call and use this program to save your video call. And use and view it whenever you want.

record WhatsApp calls in Iphone

Of course, there are other software in the Google Play Store that have the ability to record WhatsApp calls, you can download them and use them.