Remote Device Lock - Lock and Unlock Cell Phone Remotely

Remotely Lock Cell Phones and Tablets with SPY24 According to a survey, around 20 percent of cell phones are lost or stolen every year. But even if they are retrieved, there is a very high probability that your sensitive data like contacts, photos and credit card details could disseminate into wrong hands. With SPY24, you can remotely lock your cell phone or tablet and protect your personal data from reaching people who could misuse it.

Device Lock / Unlock Remotely

Scared of Losing Your Device and Having All Your Personal Data Exploited? Put a Lock on it!

Are you forever scared of the idea that when you lose your phone, what will happen to the messages you have stored up on your device? How the person who steals it could possibly exploit the device and the phonebook contacts and media files that are present on it. It is a worrisome ordeal whose intensity can only be understood by the ones that have suffered through it. Whether it is your child’s phone that has been lost, your other half’s or the phone that was given to you by the company that you work for, each and every one of those scenarios have grave consequences in one is not too careful.

Thus, be smart and do not be the next individual to suffer through this. Get hold of the TOS Device lock option and protect your privacy.

What is SPY24 Remote Phone Locking?

With SPY24, you can remotely lock any phone or tablet with just a simple command using your online web account. Instantly lock the target phone or tablet in case of theft or loss without touching the device.

  • Remotely lock the phone by sending a remote command.
  • Choose an unlock code to unlock the locked phone.

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Device Lock / Unlock Remotely

Why do you need to remotely lock cell phones using SPY24?

Kids store a plethora of private information like photos, videos, emails, contacts, etc. on their personal devices. So if they ever lose their cell phone, it could risk them to risks like identity theft and “sextortion”.

With SPY24, you can ensure that if your kids ever lose their cell phone, their personal information won’t land into wrong hands.

If you fear that your children could be abusing their personal gadgets like cell phones or tablets, you could reinforce their behavior by locking their devices.

If your kids are obsessively using their cell phones by comprising their sleep, health or school grades, you can limit their phone usage using SPY24.

SPY24 isn’t just an app to remotely lock cell phones; in fact, it’s a complete mobile monitoring solution that you can use to track their social media updates, emails, and even stored multimedia off their cell phones and tablets.

How Device Lock/Unlock Helps You?

Here are a couple of options that help to protect your privacy and save your cell phone data.

Lock the device and make it inaccessible to anyone.

You can lock the device through push notifications.

Lock the phone even when you don’t have physical access to the device, as long as the device has an internet connection and is turned on.

What More Can This Feature Do For You?

Additionally, this feature from SPY24 can also be quite useful in helping you out with a few more problems such as;

Restrict users from using a specific set of apps only.

Restrict users from accessing games and other similar apps that could potentially distract them from the work they have at hand.

Keep the user of the target device from changing the system settings on the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Devices Are Compatible With SPY24 Remote Phone Lock Service?

SPY24 Lock Phone feature works on all rooted Android devices running Android 2.3 or above.

How Can I Remotely Lock A Phone Using SPY24?

To remotely lock a monitored phone or tablet via SPY24, go to “Dashboard” on your SPY24 web account and look for the “Remote Control” tab. Open the tab and look for the “Lock Phone” tab. On the proceeding popup window, enter any password that you would use to unlock the device once it’s locked using SPY24. Click on the “Lock Phone” button to send the command.

Can I Remotely Unlock The Device That Was Locked Using SPY24?

To unlock a monitored device that was locked via SPY24, you would have to manually enter the password that you provided while locking that device.

I Don’t Remember The Unlock Password, What Should I Do Now?

If you don’t remember the unlock password that you provided while locking a device using SPY24, you can access that password by clicking on the “Show Log” tab (in the bottom-right corner) on the “Remote Control” page.

What Are The Prerequisites Of Using SPY24 Remote Lock Feature?

To use SPY24, make sure that SPY24 is installed and working on the target device. Also, you would need a working internet connection on the monitored cell phone or tablet for SPY24 to send remote commands to that device.

I Can’t Remotely Lock A Cell Phone Using SPY24, What Could Be The Reason?

If you can’t remotely lock a monitored cell phone using SPY24, it could be a bad internet connection on the monitored device.

Lock Phones Remotely with FamilyPause

Now you can actually lock the smartphone or tablet of your child any time you need to. Whether it’s time to do some chores or a family activity, get your children’s full attention because, with SPY24, it’s as easy as a tap! And what’s more; you can lock the phone of one or all your children from a single dashboard!

Instant Phone Locking

FamilyPause makes locking your child’s mobile device a breeze. Simply tap the FamilyPause button under the child profile on your Dashboard, set a password, and bang! The phone’s locked right away! There is no way they can use their phone or tab unless you enter the password or un-pause the phone from your dashboard.

No fun before chores!

Every child that you add to your Dashboard has their own phone lock option so you can lock their phone to give them a distraction-free time to finish their chores. When they’re done with their homework or household chores, you can easily unlock the phone – simple!


Have a Great SPY24!

We know the importance of a quality SPY24 where there are no chat messages and emails keeping your kids occupied. Simply lock the devices of your children and enjoy your favorite show or a family activity without any distractions!


Lock 1 or more phones; we’ve got your back!

With SPY24, you can lock one or more phones from a single dashboard. Your Dashboard enlists all the child profiles added so you can lock the device of a particular child or all- either way, we’ve got your back!


Lock 1 or more phones; we’ve got your back!

Unlocking is just as easy!

You can easily unlock your child’s phone or tablet, too! Just enter the password you selected on their mobile devices or un-pause from the dashboard and the phone is unlocked!