Remotely Take Screenshots from Any Android Device with SPY24

Remotely Take a Screenshot
off Android and iOS Devices

Delve into real-time mobile activity with SPY24’s Live screenshot monitoring, compatible with all Android cell phones and tablets. Using SPY24 is simple; one download on the target device, and you are all set to remotely take a screenshot off the monitored devices of your kids or employees, and that too without moving an inch.

Remotely Take Screenshots

Send Remote Commands to Monitored Cell Phones and Tablets

Remotely Control a
Cell Phone or Tablet with Remote Commands

SPY24 is a powerhouse of remote commands designed for parents to have a better control on their kids’ cell phone usage. With SPY24, you get to arbitrate when and how your kids could use their personal cell phones or tablets. So be it remotely locking their device, or wiping data off it, SPY24’s diverse monitoring features can make it all possible!

Remotely Control

SPY24 Control Panel-Your One-Stop Portal for Fast and Effective Mobile Monitoring

Control Panel
Remotely Monitor Cell Phones and Tablets

If you want to monitor data saved on your children or employees’ phones or tablets, SPY24 is here to help! With SPY24 Control Panel, you can see all details and device data just the way it appears on the monitored device.

Remotely Monitor Cell Phones and Tablets​

What is SPY24 live screenshots monitoring?

SPY24 is a remote screenshot grabber that can tell you what your kids or employees are up to on their cell phones or tablets. You can also use SPY24’s live screenshot feature to check if your employees aren’t killing time at work on their cell phones.

Send remote commands to target Android devices to take screenshots.

Access and download saved screenshots 24/7 from the control panel.

View date and time stamps for every screenshot.

Why do you need SPY24 live screenshot monitoring software?

Even if you are watchful of your kids’ online habits, there is some activity that could go unnoticed, especially when they are away and out of your sight. SPY24’s remote live screenshot monitoring solution provides you even those tiny details about your kids cell phones use those other spying apps can’t.

SPY24 isn’t just an app to take live screenshots. You can also use this app to monitor the entire smartphone activity of your kids or employees, which includes all types of phone logs, emails, browsing history, social media and IM apps.

If your children start hiding their mobile screens when you get close to them, it means there is something suspicious about their mobile phone activity.

Taking a live screenshots using SPY24 is very simple and easy, so if you can’t go through your kids’ entire cell phone activity, this is a convenient solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Devices Can I Monitor Using SPY24 Live Screenshots Monitoring App?

SPY24 works with all Android and iOS devices, but SPY24’s live screenshot feature is exclusive to Android devices only. Also, make sure that the target device is running Gingerbread 2.3 or above.

What Are The Prerequisites For Using SPY24 Live Screenshot Monitoring Feature?

To use SPY24’s live screenshot monitoring feature, make sure that the target Android cell phone or tablet is rooted and has a working internet connection (Wi-Fi or data plan).

How Do I Take A Live Screenshot Using SPY24?

To take a remote screenshot, go to the “Remote Control” tab on your SPY24 web account and then click on the “Take Screenshot” tab. From the proceeding popup menu, again click on the “Take Screenshot” tab to send a command.

I Am Sending Commands But Not Getting Any Screenshots; What Could Be The Reason?

If you are not receiving any screenshots from the monitored device, it could be because the target Android device is not rooted. Alternatively, if you are receiving a blank screenshot, it’s because the target monitored device is not in use or the display is turned off.

I Took A Live Screenshot Off My Child’s Cell Phone And He Was Misusing His Device, What I Can Do About It?

With SPY24, you can also block all stock and third-party apps on the monitored devices. For instance, if your child was found streaming unsuitable content, you can block the internet browser app on their phone or tablet.

From Where Can I Access The Saved Screenshot?

All the screenshots taken using SPY24 will be saved in the “Photos” section of your web account.

What is SPY24 Control Panel?

SPY24 Control panel is the heart of SPY24’s mobile monitoring services. This is the online portal where all the data recorded from the target smartphone or tablet gets uploaded. You can log in to your control panel and check all phone usage and location stats with just a few clicks. SPY24 lets you:

Login to your control panel from any web-enabled device.

View all data arranged under respective tabs.

View data as it appears on the target device.

Look at the graphical overview of target device data from the SPY24 dashboard.

Export and download data as spreadsheets.

Why do you need to use SPY24?

SPY24 is the world’s no. 1 mobile monitoring app that offers more than 30 features for a starting price of just $8.33/month.

If you can’t stay physically close to your children all the time, you can use SPY24 Control Panel to stay posted about their online and offline activities from anywhere.

You can use SPY24 to monitor social media, emails, call logs, text messages, contacts and even saved multimedia. To check the complete list of features of SPY24, kindly see our Features page.

SPY24 is a great employee monitoring tool too. By installing SPY24 on the company-provided phones of your employees, you could know if your employees are executing every task rightfully and not misusing the company’s resources. Also, it could help companies to measure how much time each employee spends on non-work-related activities during work hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is SPY24 And How Can I Use It?

SPY24 is a smartphone monitoring app that you can use to monitor Android or iOS cell phones and tablets. To use SPY24, you would be required to subscribe to one of SPY24’s services. If you want to monitor an Android device , you would be required to choose between the Android Basic and Android Premium packages. To monitor an iOS device using SPY24, you can choose between SPY24 Basic (Jailbreak), SPY24 Premium (Jailbreak) and SPY24 No-Jailbreak editions. Once you have completed the download and installation process, you can start monitoring by signing into your online control panel.

Which Devices Are Compatible With SPY24?

SPY24 works with all Android devices, running Gingerbread 2.3 or above, and iOS devices, running iOS 6.0 or above. To avoid any software- or hardware-related discrepancies, it’s recommended that you visit SPY24’s Compatibility Page before subscribing.

I Can’t Log In To My SPY24 Control Panel, What Could Be The Reason(s)?

SPY24’s passwords are case sensitive, so make sure that you are entering the username and password carefully. If you still can’t sign in, kindly check your internet connection or contact our Customer Support team.

How Can I Toggle On/Off Features On SPY24 Control Panel?

All SPY24 features are already toggled on under the default settings, but if you want to toggle on/off a feature, go to “Settings” on your SPY24 Control Panel, and look for the “Toggle Features” tab and open it. On the “Toggle Features” page, look for the feature that you want to enable or disable and use the toggle button next to it to achieve your desired results.

What are SPY24 Remote Control Commands?

With SPY24, you can remotely send commands to the target phone or tablet to perform a number of activities. Instantly activate or deactivate a feature by sending commands to target phone or tablet without touching a device. Use SPY24 to:

Remotely record all incoming and outgoing calls.

Record phone surroundings.

Remotely lock any iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Block all stock and third-party applications.

Remotely wipe target phone or tablet data

Remotely Control a Cell Phone or Tablet

Why do you need to use SPY24 Remote Commands?

If you are monitoring your kids’ cell phones or tablets, it’s not just enough to remotely oversee their device activity; parents need to proactively intervene to ensure that their kids aren’t abusing their newly-acquired cell phones or iPads.

If your children are obsessing over social media or selfies, they could spend hours just to take a few “perfect” photos. With SPY24, you can remotely lock your children’s cell phones and tablets to give them healthy breaks from technology.

Kids who are not careful with carrying their phones around could risk their entire family’s privacy by losing their phone. SPY24’s remote data wipe takes care of that by wiping data off the monitored lost device.

SPY24’s phone surroundings recorder is an effective solution to ensure your kids’ safety while they are away.

If you fear that your kids could be streaming adult content or using adult dating apps without your approval, you can view and block any app on their phones.

With the Remote Screenshot feature, you can not miss activity on your child’s cell phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Devices Are Compatible With SPY24 Remote Commands?

You can use SPY24 remote commands on Android devices running Gingerbread 2.3 or above, and iOS devices, running iOS 6.0 or above. However, to avoid any software- or hardware-related discrepancies, we recommend you to visit the app’s device compatibility page.

How Can I Record Incoming And Outgoing Calls Using SPY24?

SPY24 automatically records all incoming and outgoing calls and upload them to your SPY24 web account. You can find more details about this on SPY24 Call Recording Page.

How Can I Remotely Lock A Monitored Cell Phone Or Tablet Using SPY24?

You can remotely lock any monitored device by sending a lock command on it. For more details, please visit the Remote Device Lock page.

How Can I Remotely Block Apps On The Monitored Cell Phone Or Tablet Using SPY24?

SPY24 provides you the convenience to block all those apps that you find inappropriate for your kids. You can find more details about this on SPY24 Remote App Blocker page.

How Can I Remotely Record Phone Surroundings Using SPY24?

With SPY24, you can remotely send commands to record surroundings. For more details on how to send a remote command, kindly visit the Record Phone Surroundings page.

I Cannot Send Remote Commands To The Monitored Device, What Could Be The Reason?

If you are unable to send any commands on the monitored cell phone or tablet, it could be due to a bad internet connection on the monitored device. If the problem still persists, you can contact one of the SPY24’s Customer Support Executive using your web account.