Software to wipe computers remotely - Remotely Wipe Data On Monitored Android Devices with SPY24

How To Remotely Wipe Phone Data Using SPY24?

Find out how SPY24 lets you remotely wipe phone data from monitored Android and iOS devices.

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Mobile tracker app is the best cell phone tracking software for monitoring sms, calls, facebook, whatsapp, instagram, videos, pictures, location & more.

Call Logs

Apart from recording live phone calls, get access to the callers and recipient detail list, and further, you can remotely block stranger's incoming calls from a distance remotely.

Browsing Activities

Supervise children most frequently visited websites with internet browsing history tracking software.

Location Tracker

Remotely track kids' and teens' hidden places and actions where they used to spend time outside the house with GPS location monitoring.

What is SPY24 Remote Data Wipe?

With SPY24, you can remotely delete all sensitive data off a monitored phone or tablet, ensuring, it won’t be misused if a device is lost or stolen. SPY24’s unique and demand-driven features are what make it the world’s best smartphone monitoring app. Using the Remote Data Wipe on SPY24, you can: Remotely wipe data from the target device by sending a remote command. Why Mobile tracker tool highly endorsed by business professionals? Secretly get to know what your employees are upon business-owned tablets and cellphones during working hours. Remember experts says that free tracker app for mobile is unable to perform secretly. Stop employee's time wastes on personal social media profiles activities and filter entertaining websites on digital phones provided by the business owners. SPY24 delivers a comprehensive report of employee productivity and further empowers you to catch dishonest employees involved in data breaching and revealing business confidentiality to third parties. Best phone tracker app lets you: Spy on emails & recover credentials and get access to content of sent emails Get the logs of social media apps and instant messaging apps Live screen recorder app to record live videos of a cell phone screen Control the MIC and cameras of the target device to perform audio-video surround monitoring

How Phone tracker software guarantees your kids' online safety?

You can do constant and irresistible surveillance on adolescents' and teens' online activities to protect them from online bullying, adult content, and other potential social media addictions. Mobile tracking software empowers you to expose children's digital behavior and wrongdoings, which can put them into trouble. Parents safeguard teens by:

  • Tracking and access social messaging apps and instant messengers logs
  • Spy on messages logs sent/received and get access to MMS and SMS
  • Create an online backup of photos, videos, contacts, and important stuff
  • Save the data having a backup in terms of private teen's photos, videos, contacts, and other alike
  • Trace teens hidden whereabouts with GPS location monitoring software
  • Find out the whereabouts of kids with GPS turned ON or OFF

Frequently Asked Questions - Remote Data Wipe

Which Devices Are Compatible With SPY24?

SPY24 works with all rooted Android devices running Gingerbread 2.3 or higher; however, to avoid any hardware- or software-related discrepancies, we recommend you to visit SPY24’s Compatibility Page.

How Can I Use The Remote Data Wipe Feature On SPY24?

To remotely wipe data using SPY24, go to “Dashboard” on your SPY24 web account and look for the “Remote Control” tab and open it. On the “Remote Commands” page, find the “Wipe Phone” tab and open it. Doing so will lead you to a prompt box, showing a warning that “Erased data cannot be retrieved again”. Click on the “Wipe Device” button if you want to proceed.

What Kind Of Data Is Deleted Using SPY24 Remote Data Wipe?

With SPY24’s Remote Data Wipe command, all the data stored on the internal SD of the device will be deleted. SPY24 will not delete any data stored on the external SD of that device.

I Have Used The Remote Data Wipe Feature, But The Device Data Isn’t Deleted, What Could Be The Reason?

If the Remote Data Wipe command isn’t working, make sure that there is a working internet connection available on the monitored device. If you can still see some data on that device, it’s probably the external SD data (refer to the above FAQ).

What Are The Prerequisites Of Using SPY24?

SPY24 requires a one-time installation on the target device whose data you want to erase. Also, you would need an internet connection on the monitored device so it could receive commands from your web account.

Why do you need spy24 remote data wipe?

  • If you fear that your children could easily lose their cell phone, as a parent, you have to ensure that their personal data is safe from dissemination. With SPY24, you can easily delete all the data stored on your kids’ Android and iOS devices, remotely.
  • If your employees are carrying cell phones or tablets storing your company’s corporate data, SPY24’s Remote Data Wipe feature could really help in case of your employees losing their company-provided mobile devices.
  • If your negotiations with your child about their cell phone usage aren’t working out, you could give them a powerful warning of remote data wipe.
  • SPY24 isn’t just an app to remotely wipe data off a device; it has 30+ features, and all of them are very handy for monitoring a cell phone or tablet. You can use SPY24 to access text and IM chats, social media activity, multimedia, etc. You can find out more details about SPY24 features from here.

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