Screen Teens For Suicide With The Help Of A Mobile Monitoring App

Screen Teens For Suicide With The Help Of A Mobile Monitoring App
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A recent news report highly recommended that parents with teenagers should begin screening their kids for any signs of depression because it could lead to suicide. Suicide is so common amongst teens today that it has been reported as the second highest cause of death for the age bracket.

That is a stunning fact and one that every single parent should take to heart. Even if you’re child isn’t a teen yet, they will be someday, and you—the parent—need to do everything in your power to make sure that they reach and pass through those highly volatile years safely.

Everyone has heard of teen angst. You would think that there’s nothing new under the sun—no reason for it to escalate to the high level of suicide that is being reported—but the fact is that teens today are feeling more pressure than ever. Some of it is justifiable—like trying to get good grades, be popular and get a decent job. Other reasons are borderline insane like not getting the latest iPhone or having a selfie trolled on social media.

A major reason for teens’ anxiety can seriously be attributed to the Internet and its prevalence in every teenager’s life. Today’s average young adult is plugged in twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Most of that constant connection is via their smart devices—cell phones SMS spy being the biggest mode of access. Not only does being tapped in increase ADD in young adults, but it creates a type of neurosis. People feel that they need to constantly check their devices. They worry that they will miss something. Anxiety builds up if something stops them from doing so. They become, stressed, agitated, and paranoid. Pair that neurosis with the real threats of the Internet—porn overload, hackers, perverts, bullies—and you’ve got real human ticking time bombs.

So how can you tell if your child is feeling suicidal or just being a good, old-fashioned, morose teen? It’s not always obvious. Many parents and friends of kids who killed themselves say they didn’t realize the depth of their child’s or friend’s depression. That they never thought the teen would ever actually go and commit suicide. It can be a very tricky thing to decipher. Communication is key. But how can you communicate with your child if they are retreating from you and society and refuse to talk?

Since every teen today lives on their smartphones—and the Internet is where many of these suicidal teens turn to in their last days—a lot of parents are choosing to install a cell phone number to spy on their kids’ phones to get a peek into their loved ones’ digital lives. It may seem wrong to spy on your kid’s phone, but what’s more important than making sure they are safe?

A high-quality spy app allows you to see who they are communicating with in calls, emails, texts, SMS messages, social media, and more. It can help you protect them from Internet trolls, bullies, and perverts and save your child’s reputation if they do something foolish like send a sexy selfie or say something defamatory.

As a parent, it’s your job to make sure your child stays healthy and has a happy life. Installing cell phone listening devices or spy phones may indeed help you do just that.

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My daughter Sara just graduated from junior high school and she wants a new iPhone. She has an older model, which has seen better days, but there’s no upgrade available for us for a while. That being said, she did fantastic this year in school, so my wife and I think that she deserves it.

Sara has blossomed into a beautiful girl with a good head on her shoulders. No matter what the situation, she always does the right thing. I dream that she will always be smart, kind, and level-headed, but I know that there are no guarantees. Even if she stays that way, she’s going to make mistakes along the way. That’s why I’m always hesitant about her using the smartphone. It’s an easy way for any person to make mistakes.

As you know, a smartphone is an incredible device that many people today couldn’t live without. I know that I find it difficult to get through my day without using it—and I know my wife, who manages a sales force, needs to be on hers all day long. But the question always enters my head: does a 15-year-old girl need a smartphone? The answer of course is no—but try telling that to her.

All of Sara’s friends have one. Many have to brand new ones. I know that Sara doesn’t abuse her privilege of owning one, but that may not always be the case, so I’m going to install a cell phone spy app on her phone for a whole lot of reasons.

A good cell phone spy app for iPhone allows me to see who Sara is in contact with—whether it is by phone, text, SMS message, email, and social media. I can see if some pervert is trying to get her to take sexual selfies and send them to him or if he’s sending something to her. I can make sure she’s not being stalked by some old guy on Twitter or bullied by some horrible teen on Facebook. The cell phone spy app free will also let me know where she is or intends to be in many ways. I can scan her social media accounts or texts to find out if she plans to secretly attend some party with alcohol or drugs. I can also activate her phone’s camera to take a picture of where she is and view it on my dash. It even lets me listen in on her surroundings with the phone’s microphone. Plus, I can track her on a map with a GPS locator.

Look, I’m not saying that I’m going to pry on Sara’s whole private life. I’m just going to check in from time to time—like sticking my head in her doorway or watching from the other room. She’s my only child. My little princess. I know things are going to change, but I want her to be safe and be able to make those changes as she goes.

3 Cell Phone Spy Apps To Help Stop A Suicidal Teen

Have you heard? Suicide is the second most common cause of death in teens. If you’re a parent then this should cause you great concern—even if your child isn’t yet a teen. A recent report is advising that parents of teenagers should start screening them for suicidal tendencies. But how in the heck does one do that?

It’s difficult for anyone to know if someone is so depressed that they might take their own life. Teenagers especially are hard to gauge. Hormones make them crazy and moody. Peer pressure makes them crazy and moody. Love makes them crazy and moody. Schoolwork makes them crazy and moody. Everything makes them crazy and moody. So how could you ever know if your child was so crazy and moody that they would go off and kill themself? Well, there’s one way to find out, and a lot of today’s parents are doing it.

Many moms and dads are installing cell phone spy camera apps on their kids’ smartphones because that’s where teens live their lives. That’s where they tell their truths, log their complaints, and cry for help. It’s also the number one source for many of their woes.

A teen’s smartphone holds everything right with their world and everything wrong. They interact all day long with people on social media and through email, calls, and texts. Some of these people aren’t always looking out for their best interests. Others are trying to harm them.

Installing a top cell phone spy cam app on their phone can help you protect them from being both emotionally and physically hurt—by someone else or themselves. You can use such an app to monitor what they are saying in phone calls, texts, SMS messages, and on social media. You can also listen in on their actual environment to check on their well-being by activating their phone’s microphone and snapping a picture with their smartphone’s camera to see if they are safe. And if you fear the worst—like they went to go jump in front of a train or leap off a bridge—you can track them via GPS.

There are a great number of mobile surveillance apps available, but how do you know if you’re getting the right one? To help in your endeavor, we recommend these three: Highster Mobile, Auto Forward, and SurePoint mobile monitoring. Each is easy to use, simple to install, and very affordable. They are also very discrete so that your teen won’t know that you’re checking up on them.

You may not know fully know what your teen’s mood swings mean, but with a good mobile spy app, you can take a lot of the guesswork out of the equation. Get yourself a high-quality cell phone spy app free today and stop wondering.

The Best Spy Apps To Geo-Fence Your Kid

Every parent is always a little worried when kids leave for school or the park because of looming risks and threats. I never got peace of mind when my teenager girl to movies or evening parties with close friends or neighbors until I learned about cell phone spy software. This article compares the top 4 cell phone spy apps to determine which has a better geo-fence capability and overall effectiveness.

#1: SPY24

When you think of geo-fencing, no other app beats the SPY24. The cell phone spy software remote install is designed to deliver the ultimate experience for users at affordable costs. Once installed in the target kid’s cell phone, you can designate the allowed area and the phone will alert you once the child moves to the forbidden part. In case of trouble, you can point the kid’s location, activate listening features, and take photos remotely.

The software is a great tool to follow the kids’ activities on social media, access stored data, and check to browse history for content you do not want to be accessed. It is sold with enthralling support and comes with a one-time price tag. Once you get the cell phone spy software iPhone and Android users can both enjoy, you enjoy all the features and get updates as regularly as they are released without additional costs.

#2: Highster Mobile

This is unique spy software that will tell the location of your kid with great precision. Its geo-fence features use GPS technology to designate the areas you consider safe and unsafe. When your kid moves from the safe zone, an alert goes off on your phone immediately. It has become a very effective app to know when kids are in school, within a compound, or in other places you consider safe.

It is also perfect software to track the kid's call information, messaging, and online activities. If you do not want the kid to access specific sites such as those offering adult content, you can block them immediately. The parent can block some numbers from calling and even go through images stored in the memory.

#3: mSpy

mSpy is a very effective spying app that allows the user to track the position of a child in real-time. On the control panel, there is Geo-Fence panel that allows you to select the secure and forbidden areas. If your child gets outside the allowed or secure area, you get an instant alert on the mobile phone. You can, therefore, take appropriate action to protect the kid.

Other mSpy capabilities that make it among the top cell phone spy software include the ability to install without a jailbreak, call monitoring, and online activities tracking features. You can block unwanted websites and control the kid’s phones remotely to allow them to concentrate on studies or even sleep.

#4: xnspy

This is strong spy software designed to deliver unique performance to parents. It provides real-time notifications using GPS technology and allows the parent to Geo-fence areas that are safe/allowed or forbidden to kids. Once a kid gets to the disallowed area, the parent gets instant notifications to take action. You can use Xnspy to take images remotely and even turn on the microphone to understand the background. This can be of great help to assist you to understand whether the child has been abducted, is in the club, or is in other dangerous places.

Using xnspy makes it easy to monitor all calls and contacts stored on the cell phone. The spy software has features that allow the parent to set keywords related to sex, drugs, and pornography and get notifications when the kid visits such pages. The main disadvantage of this software is that it is a monthly subscription which makes it more costly compared to others.


While all the outlined spy software provides parents with amazing experiences, SPY24 came out to be more effective in geo-fencing. While it doesn’t provide a cell phone spy software free trial like some of the other products on the market, I think their one-time fee is a better deal. The parent is sure of getting real-time updates, and total phone control, and is cheaper.

Reasons To Consider Using Cell Phone Monitoring Software

With the launch of the Android mobile operating system, smartphones are always competing on their ability to multitask as well as handle more sophisticated tasks. It is due to these drastic changes in the world of technology that people have felt it easier to maintain discretion about their intentions via the use of these smartphones for communication purposes. Putting this in mind, mobile software developers have designed mobile spyware to reduce this secrecy and keep every user safe.

There are so many reasons as yo why you should consider cell phone monitoring software. For instance, in our modern-day society, it is very common for teenagers to own cell phones, many of these being smartphones. In this regard, many parents have opted to use spy software to help them control the phone activities of their children and maintain a secure environment for all.

Some software can check and record the GPS location of the smartphone by itself. Suppose you have youngsters and teenagers, this can be a great aid to you for ensuring that they are home before their curfew times. You would want to ensure that they are not wandering with strangers late at night. You can use this software to assist you if your child loses his/her phone.

Also, this monitoring software can monitor any activities happening with the text messages as well as calls. If you use a remote install cell phone spy you can even monitor the cell phone’s use without physically having the phone in your hand. It is a huge plus for companies and organizations that want to ensure the workers are using the company cell phones with the right intentions in mind. With the software running in stealth mode on the targeted smartphones, it prevents the employees from knowing that the software is running and that they are being monitored.

Monitoring texts, multimedia messages, and phone calls can be very useful for a parent. It is basic knowledge that teenagers tend to text and use the phone heavily during the late hours of the night. It results in extensive phone bills to the parents especially if you are a prepay consumer. Monitoring the use of these cell phones with this software will keep you in the know whenever misuse is occurring.

If you are concerned about the type of friends, your child may be interacting with via the use of the smartphone, the use of such monitoring software will be more than paramount. It is arguably the easiest way to find out what is happening on your child’s smartphone without necessarily taking it away from them. All this information logged into the private account you had created.

Though there is a myriad of remote install cell phone spy software available on the market, it is prudent to be more specific with the most popular and current technology. There are many operating systems out there on Android. For instance, is being rolled out to many smartphone devices that are on the market. Due to this fact, it is important to select the monitoring software which possesses cutting-edge technology and user-friendliness. It is done to enhance the overall usability of the software to you the consumer.

Conclusively, you may realize that child cell phone software is the answer you have been looking for to ensure maximum security for your loved ones. Taking a record time to monitor all that is said or sent via instant messaging can be a quick as well as a preventative measure to cyber-related crimes that might occur. As a parent, if you wish to stop worrying about what vital information could be spreading via the use of your child’s phone, you might want to incorporate the use of cell phone monitoring software. For warning though, you might be tempted to use a remote cell phone spy software free download, but I urge you to reconsider. The “free downloads” and “free trials” may seem tempting but they’re usually scams.

How To Buy A Smartphone Without Getting Ripped Off And How To Spy On Someone Who Would Rip You Off

Customers wanting to purchase cell phone spyware for cell phone monitoring needs may not realize how risky it can be when you are not aware of reputable companies offering the service. The good news is there are two important elements easy to remember when it comes to buying the software. One, it should be an option that matches your needs, and two it should be compatible with the device you want to use it with. The following points offer additional insight on how to get the cell phone spy software you need to spy on cell phone without accessing the phone so you’re not getting ripped off.

Assess Software Products

Assess products by paying attention to certain details. Overall, you are learning to see if the company providing the product is legitimate. Check for information such as contact details, question and answer section, tech support or troubleshooting help, phone numbers, and live support, and the website should look professional. Learn about the product they provide. What features does it offer and how is it installed? You may have questions about the product, how it works and why you should purchase it. Legit companies will work to get you answers to all of your questions. Take your time learning about the product, but keep in mind if claims seem bogus or too good to be true they just might be.

What Kind of Reputation Does the Company Have?

A company’s reputation is important since it gives insight into how long they have provided customer service and quality products. You should also learn if the company has an established web presence and what complaints have been made against the company. You may also learn if the company is known to engage in shady practices. What have people said about the company and what truth can you pull from it? Companies with a good reputation who are serious about providing a meaningful product will not subject their reputation to negative actions.

Trusted Companies Offer Contract Terms

Legitimate companies offering cell phone spyware will offer some type of contract or written detail about the software and service. Such details you want to review carefully. It may mention how to cancel the service or other related information that is significant to the software. Be wary if a company claims to offer free upgrades for life or says they only need a one-time payment. Trusted options may offer a subscription that includes a monthly fee. Not only does the fee go toward monthly service but it may also be necessary for regular updates to the software to keep it current. Be cautious if the company product seems to look cheap.

Read Reviews and Check Review Websites

As you check reviews about spy cell phone tracking products look for thorough explanations, comparisons, details about who wrote the review, and so on. In other words, look for evidence that shows the review is by a real person. There could be other details to consider such as social media presence and maybe stories about how the software helped in certain situations. Unfortunately, some reviews may not be the real thing and some may sound too good to be true. A company offering a quality product will provide clear insight about its services that will be helpful to potential buyers. This information may be noticeable through written reviews that are genuine. It helps to read reviews on sites about spy cell phone tracking free of contact that has legit contact information. It shows real people are behind the product and it makes it easier for potential customers to contact someone to learn more about the product.