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Search History On Android Phone - iPhone
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Android, iPhone, and Chrome: How to Clear Your Google Search History

Recently, Google has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons when it comes to data security. Customers and the general public are becoming increasingly concerned about how Google is handling their personal data, whether it's through the release of its own products or the collection of information gleaned from their use of its own apps.

We all use at least three or four Google services every day even if we don't own an Android phone, and so Google knows a lot about us even if we don't. Even if you didn't use the service while commuting to work or shopping, the service can still collect this data.

As long as the information is stored anonymously, it doesn't mean that Google is trying to track you down, but it is linked to you. Advertisers can use this process to better understand demographics and your interests in order to better target their ads.

It's possible to delete your Google history if you've been looking at something inappropriate, doing something for work, or if you don't want sites to access your private information.

MyActivity's Google Search History Can Be Removed by Using a Web Browser.

When deleting search history, keep in mind that it removes it from Google's account, not individual computers. As a result, any history that is deleted from one device is deleted from all others.

Using your iPhone, Android phone, tablet, MacBook, Chromebook, desktop PC, or laptop, follow the instructions below to delete your Google history.

1- Go to your My Activity page using a browser.

2- DO NOT CLICK THE “DELETE” DROPDOWN at this point. This action has time filters (only before adding other filters like time or product), but it deletes all Google History (not just Google Search) immediately upon clicking it. If filters were already added, you’ll receive a prompt first.

3- Click on the three vertical dots to the right of Search Your Activity.

4- Choose the timeframe you’d like to delete your search history for. For the purposes of our article, we’re selecting All Time.

5- On this next screen, check the box next to Google Search and uncheck the other boxes listed. Then, click Next. Note: If you want to delete everything, leave the other boxes checked.

6- Finally, review the web pages and click Delete.

MyActivity's Google Search History Can Be Removed by Using a Web Browser.

If you wish, you can quickly and easily delete specific dates and keywords from your Google search history by following the steps outlined above. When all of the aforementioned steps have been completed, Google search history on the devices connected to that Google account will be cleared.

Using Google Chrome, you can delete all of your Google search histories.

Here are the steps you need to take: It's a simple and fast way to delete all of your Google search history, as well as your Chrome browser's browsing history, passwords stored in cookies, cache, and history.

1- Launch Chrome and ensure you are logged in.

2- Click the “vertical ellipsis” (three vertical dots) in the top right-hand corner of your browser to open the Chrome menu.

3- Now, select “Settings” from the options.

4- Next, click on “Clear browsing data,” located in the “Privacy and security” section.

5- A new tab will open from which you can choose from “Basic” or “Advanced” tools. “Basic” is a way to quickly clear Google history while “Advanced” gives you more control over the individual elements, such as passwords.

Google Chrome

The above steps delete all Google history (including search history) you selected during the removal process.

Clear Google History on an Android

On your Android device, open Google Chrome and follow these steps:

1- Tap on the “vertical ellipsis” (three vertical dots) in the upper right-hand corner.

2. Now, tap “History.”

3. Next, select “Clear browsing data…” in the new window.

4. Confirm when finished.

Clear Google History on an Android

You can also delete your searches one at a time by tapping the X next to each web page.

You can clear your Google search history by following the steps outlined above. Therefore, make sure you have saved any websites, data, and other personal information that you don't want to lose in the event of a disaster.

How to Delete History from Google on an iPhone

To clear your Google history on an iPhone, open Google history and follow these steps:

1- Tap the “horizontal ellipsis” (three horizontal dots) menu icon in the lower right-hand corner.

2. Next, tap on “History.”

3. Then, tap “Clear Browsing Data…” on Cookies and iMessage Search History.

Chrome history on your iPhone, including Google search history, has been removed.

Set Google History Data to Delete on Its Own

It is possible to have Google automatically delete your data. You should avoid this feature if you want to keep some information for yourself. However, if you'd prefer to delete your Google search history by hand, these are the steps to take:

1- Visit your Google Activity page, but be sure you are logged into the correct account.

2- In the left navigational menu, click on “Activity Controls.”

3- Scroll down and click on “Auto-delete (Off)”

4- Choose to auto-delete activity older than “3 months,” “18 months,” or “36 months,” then click “Next.”

5- Confirm your auto-delete activity option by clicking on “Confirm.” Remember that the preview is just that.

Set Google History Data to Delete on Its Own

FAQs for Google History

Google's streamlined services are easy to use, but if you have additional questions, please continue reading.

The only thing I want to keep is my passwords. Do I have a solution?

The option to clear passwords can be de-selected under Clear Browsing Data if you're deleting everything in your Google account. It's also possible to store all of your passwords in a secure location using a browser extension like Last Pass.

Last Pass will auto-fill your passwords, similar to how Google or Chrome do it for you.

How do I access my Android phone's search history?

Android - View History of Web Browser

You can do this by tapping on the home screen of your phone. Apps...

Please select either Chrome or Internet Browser. Device-specific default browsers may exist.

Tap Menu. Tap History.

What is the location of my previous search results?

Locate and observe activity

Go to the Google Account page.

Right-click on the Data & privacy link in the left navigation panel.

Go to the "History settings" section and select "My Activity" from there.

To see what you've been up to, go to By day and time, you can view all of your activity. For specific activities, use the search bar and filters on top of the page.

Search history on a phone can be viewed.

Manage your Google account's search history.

Open the Google app on your Android smartphone or tablet. History of searches.

Is it possible to delete my Google account permanently?

Yes. You can permanently delete your Google account if you no longer want to use it. The entire procedure is described in detail in one of the articles available on this site.

As long as you're on the Google Account page, there's an option to download and delete everything you've ever stored on the service.

Keep in mind that if you do this, you'll lose all of your Google-related data. All Google Docs, emails and contacts will be deleted during this process. In order to use many Android features and perform device backups, you'll need to sign in with a different Google account.

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View Browser History - Android

Internet Browser

From a home screen, tap Apps.

Tap either Chrome or Internet Browser.

Depending on the device, the default browser may vary.

Tap Bookmarks.

Tap History.