Secureteen App Review Parental Control App iPhone - Android

Secureteen App Review Parental Control App iPhone - Android
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SecureTeen is the best parental Control software to keep teens safe. It helps parents keep their kids safe from the dangers of the digital age. Watch everything that happens and set rules for how to use the device. Keep your teens safe from all online dangers. The best way for caring parents is to keep their kids in line.

The Best Software to Keep an Eye on Kids

During their teens, your kids are most open to what you say and do. But how do you make sure that the internet they see is a safe place for them to grow without scaring them away?

SecureTeen's surveillance software can't be found, so you can always have peace of mind about what your kids are doing online.

Keep up with what your kids are doing with real-time location data and undetectable access to their messages, calls, chat messengers, and apps.

  • Web Filtering Technology

You can decide what your kids can and can't see, so you'll never have to wonder what they're seeing.

  • Screen Time Management

Set limits on how much time your kids can spend on each app. This will help them stay on track with their schoolwork and other responsibilities.

The best ways to keep your kids safe - Peace of Mind from Total Monitoring

Install SecureTeen on the devices your kids use so you can listen to and read what they say and write without them knowing. From SMS and calls to location, pictures, emails, and popular messaging apps like Facebook Spy, Whatsapp Spy, Snapchat Spy, viber Spy, etc.

  • Put a stop to dangerous content

Use SecureTeen's web filtering technology, which is the best in the world, to block any websites you think are inappropriate. Keep your kids away from online media with pornography, violence, and other things that are bad for them.

  • Adjust their screen time to what they need.

With SecureTeen, you can set limits on how much your kids can use their devices to help them pay attention to the right things. Make sure that their morning, lunch, and bedtime routines don't get in the way of their work.

Use App Control to guide their growth.

Limit access to apps you don't want to use by setting up your daily usage limits. You can block any app and set a limit for how much you can use it each day.

  • Every device is 100% safe.

SecureTeen will protect all of your devices completely. Keep your teens' attention on the right things in life, not their phones, tablets, or laptops.

  • Start Right Away in 3 Easy Steps

SecureTeen parental control is easy to install and set up, and the whole process takes only a few minutes.

  • Install the Secureteen App and set it up.

Customize User Rules/Settings

Start keeping an eye on everything from afar.

Parental Control app for Android

SecureTeen parental control lets parents keep an eye on and control their kids' Android devices from afar.

  1. Android Parental Control
  2. The answer to every parent's worry about their children's safety on the internet and outside
  3. Watch what your kids do online and block any adult content.
  4. Stop your child from using dangerous apps online to keep them safe.
  5. Keep your kids safe by knowing where they are when they are outside.

By filtering the web, you can easily stop pornography and other inappropriate content from getting on your child's Android device.

With this feature, you can make apps that you don't want your child to use work in a way that they can't at all. If it's on the list of things SecureTeen blocks, it can't work.

Chats on Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Viber, Skype, and other popular messaging apps can be watched from afar.


You don't want your kids to watch porn, do you? SecureTeen can help. No pornographic websites will work on your child's phone if this is installed.

SecureTeen makes a list for you to look over of all the websites and web pages your child has been using. Your online panel makes it easy to check all of these things.


This feature lets parents set a time limit for how long their kids can use their devices. This way, the kids can focus on other important things, like sports, school, and friends.


Safe Search lets you use online filters that get rid of any mature or dangerous content before your child sees it in search results.


You can easily keep track of all your child's activities from your computer. SecureTeen sends all the information you need to your online dashboard, so you don't have to chase after their phones.

You don't know where your children are? Use SecureTeen's location trackers to make sure you always know where your kids are and where they might be going.

This SecureTeen Parental Control feature sends all texts sent or received on a cell phone straight to your user account.


SecureTeen also lets you control your child's phone from a distance, giving you a lot of power over it. If your child's phone gets lost or stolen, these features can help keep them safe.

secureteen login

What can you do with it?

  • Lock a device from afar

You can tell the phone to lock itself by using your SecureTeen dashboard. If it gets lost or stolen, the person who had it won't be able to see what's on it.

  • Unblock a device from afar

You can also use your SecureTeen dashboard to get into the device.

Why use SecureTeen?

You can't seem to find your child's Android phone? You don't know what they're doing or who they're talking to. You're not alone. Many parents have the same problems, but the smarter ones use SecureTeen to stay in the loop. Learn more about what it can help you do.

  • Don't let harmful and adult content through

SecureTeen uses its digital broom to get rid of any dangerous or adult content. If you have SecureTeen on your side, you won't have to worry about your child being exposed to dangerous things.

  • Time and attention to all

SecureTeen lets parents keep an eye on more than one child at all times. Parents sometimes worry so much about one child that they forget about the other. SecureTeen stops this from happening by giving all important information about every child.

  • Remove apps you don't want.

Find an app that might not be good for your kid. Just use SecureTeen to block it. You can easily block apps that you don't think are good for your child.

  • Check out all of their online activities.

SecureTeen keeps track of your child's web history so that you can always know what he or she is doing online. With SecureTeen, you can block them from seeing or getting to something you don't want them to.

  • Easy ways to keep track of time

SecureTeen lets you set a schedule for when your child can use their Android phone or tablet. With this feature, you can make sure they don't just sit in front of their Android devices all day.

SecureTeen is the best software to keep teens safe.

  • Set up controls for parents and block porn sites.

SecureTeen is a powerful parental control program that lets you keep an eye on your kids' online activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure they stay safe. It is also thought to be the best porn blocker because it keeps your kids away from inappropriate content on the internet, like pornography, violence, gambling, etc.

  • Screen Time Management

This feature lets parents set a time limit for how long their kids can use their devices. This way, kids can focus on other important things, like sports, school, and friends. Parents can set rules for bedtime, homework, meals, etc., and limit how much their kids can use devices each day.

  • SMS and Calls Are Tracked

With SecureTeen, you can keep track of all incoming and outgoing text messages and call details. Sender and recipient phone numbers are automatically linked to the phone's contacts. All cell phones with Android or iOS firmware can be used to track SMS and phone calls.

  • Tracking the location

SecureTeen lets you track a phone's location even if the GPS is turned off. All Android and iOS devices can track their location.

  1. Register Now
  • Keep an eye on chat messengers

You can keep an eye on all of the popular chat programs that run on computers and cell phones.

Text chats coming in and going out can be watched.

All Android devices can use the app.

Watch the text messages and pictures that go out.

All Android devices can use the app.

Text chats coming in and going out can be watched.

All Android devices can use the app.

Watch the text chat that comes in and goes out.

All Android devices can use the app.

Text chats coming in and going out can be watched.

All Android devices can use the app.

By logging keystrokes, SecureTeen can keep track of most cell phone and computer use. All Android phones and tablets can use this feature.

SecureTeen gives you remote access to information about all Gmail activity on the target device. This includes information about the sender and recipient, the content of all incoming and outgoing emails, the date and time, and the email history. All Android phones and tablets can use this feature.

  • Check Pictures, Web, App List, and Contacts

SecureTeen makes it possible to keep an eye on the target device's photos, web history, and contacts. You can also see a list of all the apps that have been downloaded to the device.

  1. Pictures
  2. Check all the pictures on the device.
  3. All Android devices can use the app.
  4. Web browsing
  5. Look at all of your web histories.
  6. Devices with Android, iOS and Windows PC are all supported.
  7. App List
  8. List of all apps that have been installed
  9. All Android and Windows devices work with it.

What's the Deal?

1. Sign-Up

First, you need to sign up for SecureTeen Service by choosing the pricing plan that works best for you.

2. Link up with the device in question

If you want to keep an eye on an iPhone or iPad, all you need are its iTunes credentials. For all other devices, you need to install the SecureTeen child app on the target device, which only takes a few minutes.

3. Take Charge

Sign in to your SecureTeen control panel to start controlling how the device is used and keeping an eye on all of its activities, such as text messages, phone calls, location, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.


How does SecureTeen work?

SecureTeen is a service for parents of kids ages 7 to 17 that lets them keep an eye on what their kids do on their phones.

What can I see when I use SecureTeen?

With SecureTeen, parents can watch and control all device activity from a distance. They can filter the internet, block apps, and make rules about when to go to bed, do homework, etc. Parents can also monitor text messages, phone calls, location, Whatsapp, Viber, KiK, Line, WeChat, web history, Facebook Messenger (only on Android), Gmail (only on Android), pictures (only on Android), keystrokes (only on Android), and Snapchat text chats from a distance (Android only).

What devices does SecureTeen work with?

SecureTeen works with all iPhone/iPad and Android models. It works on all Windows computers as well.

Does SecureTeen work worldwide?

Yes, SecureTeen works everywhere because its features don't depend on which mobile carrier you use.

Do I have to "root" or "jailbreak" the device I want to use?

No, the target device doesn't have to be rooted or jailbroken for SecureTeen to work.

Is it necessary to have physical access to the target phone?

If you want to keep an eye on an iPhone or iPad, you don't need physical access. All you need are the iTunes credentials of the device you want to watch. For all the other devices, you need to have physical access for a few minutes.

Will kids know that SecureTeen is set up or running?

For iOS devices, the target device has nothing on it, so it can't be found. SecureTeen has two parts that work with Android devices: the controlling part and the monitoring part. The controlling part, which filters the internet and blocks apps, is visible on the device. The monitoring part, which keeps track of texts, calls, WhatsApp, and other things, is hidden on the device and works separately from the controlling part.

Does the phone have SecureTeen on the SIM card?

No, SecureTeen is not installed on the SIM card. Instead, it is put on the phone's internal memory and works without the SIM card.

Can I change phones with the same license?

Yes, with one license, you can switch as many phones as you want.

Do you guarantee your money back?

Yes, SecureTeen gives you 15 days to ask for your money back. If you're not happy with the service, let us know through live chat or email, and we'll give you a full refund.

App for iPad and iPhone to keep kids safe

SecureTeen's parental controls keep your kids safe online on their iPhones and iPads with features like blocking, scheduling, monitoring, and tracking.

  1. Controls for Parents on the iPad and iPhone
  2. The best way to keep track of what your kids do online
  3. Watch what your kids do online and block any adult content.
  4. Set your kids' daily schedules by setting limits on how much time they can spend online.
  5. Track where your kids are from afar.

Why use SecureTeen? Reviews

If your child has an iPhone, does it make you feel uneasy? Are you worried that they might see or hear something bad on their iPhones? You have good reason to worry. The iPhone app from SecureTeen was made to help parents like you. Check out some of SecureTeen's features to learn more about how it can help you.

  • Don't let harmful and adult content through

With our easy-to-use categories and "safe search" feature, you can avoid harmful and adult content. You can filter out all the bad stuff and make sure that your child doesn't see anything bad.

  • The best love is better to focus on.

You can keep an eye on more than one child at the same time with SecureTeen. This means that you won't miss out on the problems of one child while you're taking care of another. With the help of SecureTeen, you can pay the right amount of attention to each of your kids.

  • Check out everything they do online.

You will be able to see every page your child clicks on and every site they visit. SecureTeen logs your child's web history, which gives you a better idea of what your child is seeing online.

SecureTeen has the best parental controls for Windows 10.

SecureTeen parental controls for Windows give you a set of powerful tools that let you watch, manage, and control what your kids do online.

  1. Parental Controls for Windows
  2. For watchful parents to keep track of and control what their kids do online,
  3. Keep your child safe on the internet by keeping them away from violent content.
  4. Limit kids' ability to download suspicious apps to keep them from getting unwanted information.
  5. Set your kids' daily schedules by setting limits on how much time they can spend online.

Why use SecureTeen? Reviews
SecureTeen is your one-stop shop for protecting yourself from harmful and bad content online. Your child will see and hear a lot of strange things when they use the internet. SecureTeen tries to keep them safe by always keeping track of what they do online and sending you that information. Here's what it can do for you:

  • Don't let in bad or adult content

With SecureTeen, you don't have to worry about your child seeing porn or other harmful content. SecureTeen has several features that make sure your child's computer can't get to anything bad.

  • Time and attention for kids

SecureTeen can help you keep an eye on all of your kids at once. What good does this do? SecureTeen makes sure that you can help all of your kids with their problems and don't ignore one because of another's. It does this by giving you information about all of your kids at the same time (s).

  • Easy ways to keep track of time

With SecureTeen, you can set up a schedule for when your child can go online. With this, you can make sure they don't just sit at their computer and use the internet all day. The software will make sure that you can't connect to the internet unless it's on the schedule.

  • Check out all of their online activities.

SecureTeen keeps a record of everything your child does online. You can look at every website they open and every page they look at. Signing into your online SecureTeen account is all you need to do to take a look.

  • Keep cyberbullies and stalkers away

With the help of SecureTeen, you can make sure that your child is not being bothered by a cyberbully or a stalker. It gives you a clear picture of who your child is talking to, so you can act quickly if they get into trouble.

  • Don't let strangers or bullies hurt them.

You can find out what they said by looking at their chat logs on your online dashboard. How to Reach Us

Visit or email [email protected] if you have any questions about technical issues, refunds, or billing.

Choose the PREMIUM PLUS package.

  • $ 69.99 / 1 Year
  1. 3 things
  2. Buy Now
  3. Internet Filtering
  4. App Manager
  5. SMS Logging
  6. Call Logging
  7. Tracking the location
  8. Facebook Messenger Logging
  9. Skype Logging
  10. WhatsApp Logging
  11. Viber Logging
  12. Picture Logging
  13. Instagram Picture Logging
  14. Taking pictures with WhatsApp
  15. Snapping a picture on Snapchat
  16. Search Safely
  17. Web Logging of History
  18. Stop pornographers
  19. Remote Management
  20. Remote Installation Support
  • $ 39.99 / 1 Year
  1. 3 things
  2. Buy Now
  3. Internet Filtering
  4. App Android/Windows Control
  5. SMS Logging Android / iPhone**
  6. Call Logging Android / iPhone**
  7. Tracking the location
  8. Android and iPhone WhatsApp Logging**
  9. Viber Logging Android / iPhone**
  10. Only the iPhone can log calls.
  11. WeChat only logs on iPhones.
  12. Only the iPhone can log hikes.
  13. Search Safely
  14. Web Logging of History
  15. Stop pornographers
  16. Remote Management
  17. Remote Installation Support

secureteen parental control

Review of the SecureTeen app for keeping kids safe

Will you try out the SecureTeen app for parents? Read this review to find out what's wrong with the main app. The Internet is where kids spend most of their time these days. Without a doubt, the internet is a great way to find out a lot of different things. But, as with everything, there are pros and cons to everything. In the same way, the Internet has many bad things for children. Parents can use parental control apps to limit what their kids can do on the internet. Many parents around the world use these apps to keep track of what their kids do. On the internet, you can find many monitoring apps. Here, you'll learn about the best tracking apps that you can trust.

  • SecureTeen Parental Control

The SecureTeen Parental Control works on both desktops and mobile devices. With this software, you can keep your kids safe from all kinds of online crimes. Internet crimes are getting worse every day, so you need to protect your kids as soon as you can. You never know when your kids will do something worse on the internet.

 Why You Wouldn't Use SecureTeen in 2022: A Review of the Service

A lot of time is spent with gadgets by kids today. Almost every child in the United States has a cell phone, a computer, or a tablet. Devices help them study and talk to each other from a distance.

But as cyberbullying and online predators become more common, parents need to find ways to keep their kids safe. A parental control app is one way to keep an eye on a child's device.

If you want to use the SecureTeen app, you should know that it has two major problems. It doesn't have a lot of features and the only way to subscribe is for a whole year, which is more expensive than a monthly plan.

That's why we think you should try another app, like SPY24. But if you want to learn more about SecureTeen, you can keep reading this review.

  • Review of SecureTeen: Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy It

Children haven't been online long enough to know how to keep themselves safe. So, parents should make sure their kids don't go to dangerous websites, use potentially dangerous services, or download content they don't want.

SecureTeen makes sure that cell phone monitoring is done smartly, so parents know that their kids are safe.

The SecureTeen Parental control review that comes next will tell you more about this monitoring app.

How does SecureTeen work?

SecureTeen is a monitoring app that was made with parental control in mind. After it is installed on a child's device, it gives the child's parents access to the device from afar.

With its help, a user can find out everything about his child's SMS messages, GPS location, web searches, social media activities, etc. They can also control the device from a distance and act quickly if the phone is lost or stolen.

  1. It's quick and easy to set up.
  2. Works in stealth mode, so your child's phone won't get pop-ups.
  3. Making it easy to track and block.
  4. You can keep track of up to three things at once.
  5. Moderate price.
  6. A target device can't play audio or video files.
  7. Unlike many other parental controls, it can't be set to lock a device after a certain amount of time.
  8. On iOS, some things don't work.
  9. Compatibility

SecureTeen can be used with the following:

  1. After Windows 7,
  2. Android versions 4.0 and up
  3. Apple iOS 9.0 and later.
  4. Key Features of SecureTeen
  • Secureteen for Monitoring on Android

Keeping an eye on Facebook activity – Your kids won't be able to talk to strangers online or give out personal information if you use SecureTeen. With this app, you can keep track of everything your child does on Facebook.

Tracking SMS messages means keeping track of every SMS message your child sends or receives. All of your SMS messages will be sent to your online panel, where you can view them at any time.

Blocking inappropriate content: SecureTeen helps parents keep their kids from watching harmful or adult content. You will be able to block sites with adult content and pages with inappropriate content;

Tracking the history of your web browser: This spyware keeps an eye on all websites and makes a list of their URLs. All of their URLs are listed in the logs. You can check your whole web history with all the details from any device;

Tracking your child's current GPS location: With this powerful monitoring feature, you'll always know where your child is. You will know where your kids are at all times and can help them if they get into trouble.

Putting limits on screen time: Set timers on the devices you want to control. If your child stays in front of the screen for too long, it will turn off by itself for a while.

secureteen reviews

Keylogger (only for Android): You can see a list of all the keys that were pressed when you went to certain websites.

If you want to track an iOS device, you can do more than just the things we've already talked about.

Track phone calls let you keep an eye on your kids' outgoing and incoming calls and see all the details about them. You can see names and numbers, as well as logs of the date and time;

Monitoring social media: SecureTeen keeps track of everything the owner of the target device does on social media and instant messaging apps. Find out everything you can about KIK, Viber, and WhatsApp;

Spying on Skype and LINE: Use spyware to keep track of everything your child does on Skype and LINE.

  • Checking on computers

When tracking target computers, you can also use special monitoring features:

Safe search: The SecureTeen spy app has special filters that can keep your child from seeing adult and dangerous search results and content;

Filtering Internet activities: If you use SecureTeen, you can keep your kids from seeing pornography and other things you don't want them to see. If you set up filters, you can be sure that your child won't see any inappropriate websites;

Blocking unwanted apps: If you think an app is dangerous or don't want your child to spend too much time on it, you don't have to find and delete it from your kids' devices. With the spy app, this is a much easier process. Just add any apps you don't want to the block list, and that's it. The rest of the work will be done by the app SecureTeen.

SecureTeen is an app for cell phones that lets you watch over someone else's device without them knowing. The app works with Apple's iOS, Google's Android, and Microsoft's Windows.

The SecureTeen parental control app has several functions that let parents keep track of what their kids are doing online. The app lets you limit access to games and apps that aren't right for your child's age, set a schedule for smartphone use, and keep an eye on instant messengers.

  • How does SecureTeen work?

Download the secure teen app from Google Play or the App Store if your child uses an Android-powered device. You need to get the file from to install the app on Windows.

Install the app on your child's computer or cell phone. After you set up the necessary features, you can log in to your SecureTeen dashboard and look at the data that has been collected.

The dashboard is your control panel, where you can keep an eye on the devices you want to track and see what someone else is doing. In other words, it is your account for SecureTeen.

How does TeenSecure's Web Filtering work?

In addition to the features we've already talked about, SecureTeen also lets you filter internet content based on:

The app restricts access to websites that belong to a certain group (such as violent or adult content). You can stop your child from going to sites that aren't right for his or her age by putting the category in the filtering list.
URL. You can put sites on a blacklist by blocking their URLs. You can let people get to a site by taking its URL off of the blocked list.
Keywords. By filtering sites by keyword, inappropriate content can be kept away. Just add a keyword to the list, and the app will limit access to URLs that contain that word.
Search Safely. This feature blocks website for adults that have explicit pictures and videos. On your web dashboard, you can turn on or off Safe Search.

How much does it cost to use SecureTeen?

The SecureTeen app gives clients services that they can sign up for. It has two kinds of memberships: Premium and Premium Plus. Note that you get both packages for a year.

  1. The Premium Plan costs $39.99 a year, works on 3 devices, and has limited features.
  2. Premium Plus Plan: $69.99 a year, 3 devices, advanced features like detailed social media monitoring, and 3 devices.

What is better about SPY24?

As was already mentioned in this article, SecureTeen has two major problems. First of all, its subscription plans aren't very flexible and are only available for a year. Second, the app can only do a few things.

If you want a more flexible and easy-to-use way to keep an eye on things, we suggest that you try SPY24.

SPY24 is an app for keeping an eye on kids that has many benefits, such as:

Record the screen. You can use SPY24 to get into someone else's cell phone and record their screen from afar.
Geofencing. SPY24 can not only find out where your child is in real-time, but it can also get alerts about where they are. You'll know right away when your child goes into or out of a restricted area.
Keylogger. SPY24 lets you see what your kids write in their text messages and what they look up on the Internet. The app keeps track of what your child types and lets you know when they use words that aren't allowed.
Social media monitoring. With SPY24, parents can stop their kids from being bullied or harassed on Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, Line, and other social media sites. You can share media files, read messages, and see group chats with this app.
Dates and things to do. You can always know what your child is doing by looking at the calendars on their cell phones. You'll see all the events and activities on the calendar that are coming up.
Customer service that cares. If you need help installing or setting up the SPY24 app, our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you. They will use Teamviewer to set up and customize the app for you remotely.
You can make sure your child is safe online with the SPY24 app. All you have to do is sign up for SPY24, choose a plan, and download the app.

How do you use SecureTeen?

After you install this app on the parental device (the one you will use to monitor and control), you can register a target device (your child's phone or tablet) on its dashboard.

After that, you will be shown how to install it on the target device, and it will be done. You can now get to your child's device at any time from your SecureTeen dashboard.

You can now see everything the user does on the target device, as well as their messages and web history. You can also take action by blocking dangerous websites or limiting how much time your child spends on the screen. Also, SecureTeen shows you where the device you want to track is. Just remember that it has to be online for you to be able to get to it.

  • How to put SecureTeen in place

To set up SecureTeen App on Windows, do the following:

Sign up on the SecureTeen website and pay for the service. After your payment is processed, they will send you a code that you can use to activate your account.

  1. You can get the installer from the official site and run it as an administrator on your computer.
  2. If you click "Yes," the installation will begin. When asked, type in the username and password that you chose when you signed up.
  3. Finish putting things in place. You might also need to restart your PC so that the app works properly after it's done.
  4. To start monitoring, open the app, go to the dashboard, and set up your child's profile.

To install SecureTeen App on Android, do the following:

  1. Step 1 from the last step should be done again.
  2. Take the device your child uses ("target device") and make sure it can stay connected to the internet.
  3. Go to GooglePlay and type "SecureTeen Child App" into the search bar.
  4. Tap "Install" once you've found it. Allow access to the OS in the new window that opens, then tap "Install" again.
  5. After the app has been installed successfully, open it and enter the verification code.
  6. Turn on the app, which will give you control over all the system functions you need (like Messages)
  7. Tap "Finish" when you're done setting up the app. You can now keep an eye on this Android device from afar.

To install SecureTeen App on iOS, do the following:

  1. Steps 1 and 2 from the last step need to be done again.
  2. Look for "SecureTeen Child App" in the AppStore.
  3. Once you've found it, start the installation, enter the verification code you got at the end of Step 1, and tap "Install SecureTeen Profile."
  4. Tap "Allow" and "Install" when asked to continue with the installation.
  5. Tap "MDM Profile Status" when asked to check the MDM profile. It should say "successfully."
  6. Tap "Install Child App" and then "Install" once more.
  7. After the installation is done, open the app and tap "Allow" for all the system functions you want to control on the target device.
  8. Put in your user name and password to sign in. Now that the app is done, you can keep an eye on this iOS device from afar.

How much does it cost to use SecureTeen?

Importantly, a spy app like SecureTeen can do its job for a price that isn't too high.

There are two pricing plans available right now:

  • Price for SecureTeen Premium: $39.99 per year

Tracks up to 3 devices at the same time. Windows, Android, and iOS all have it.

All of the most important features are there. You can mostly see logs from Line, WeChat, and Hike. There is no way to log pictures.

  • Price for SecureTeen Premium Plus: $69.99 per year

There is a specific plan for Android users that has some extra features. On the devices you choose, you can use Facebook Messenger, Skype, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. There is also the option to log pictures.

Don't think twice! If you choose SecureTeen, you'll pay a fair price for monitoring that is both smart and reliable.

  • Conclusion

After looking at the app, we've concluded that, even though it has a lot of features, it's still considered to be out of date.

Also, after looking at several reliable sources about apps, we came up with the following list of problems with this app:

  1. Some devices don't update their SMS logs as often as they should;
  2. Some users say they are blocked or have restrictions that they did not set;
  3. The help section doesn't cover everything;
  4. Customer service takes too long to respond;
  5. It might be hard to get a refund;
  6. Uninstalling something is hard.

At the moment, we can't say that SecureTeen is the best phone number tracker app and that it's the right choice 100% of the time. As a caring parent, you should look at all of the monitoring tools or spy apps available before picking the one that works best for you.