Sms spy app

Sms spy app
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One of the oldest ways to communicate is to send an SMS with a mobile phone. Obviously, there are many methods and programs for hacking SMS. But these days, despite the Internet messaging software such as Telegram, Viber , WhatsApp, and…, the use of SMS has become much less. This is why many hackers have focused on hacking Telegram or other messengers. Despite all this, SMS is still one of the functionalities of mobile phones because it is very efficient when the Internet is not possible. In this article, we are going to introduce some SMS spy app apk with which you can hack SMS and explain the ways to prevent hacking in this way.

Reasons to hack phone messages:

You may want to control your children or spouse's phone without knowing them and have all the information on that phone and also give commands to the phone but do not know how?

To activate this feature, you need to install the Sms spy app on your phone and then control the messages. You can control the set phone only by having internet and anytime and anywhere through the site.

These applications have almost all the phone information, including contacts, SMS, location, contacts, browser history, and all the facilities and access from gallery viewing, call recording , taking photos and videos and recording audio, file management. And allows you to delete stolen phone data finally or save it, and don't worry about your lost phone information.

Sms spy app

SMS hacking methods:

One of the simplest and easiest ways to hack SMS is to divert messages. In this way, you can direct the person messages you want to your number by accessing their phone. This method, although simple, has many drawbacks. The biggest violation is that the other person's messages are not sent to him/her, and only you can see the messages.

Today, there are many more practical and solutions for hacking SMS, which have much fewer violations, and you can access the messages of the person you want much more easily.

SMS hacking program:

One of the best and easiest ways to access other people's text messages is to use a phone-hacking program. Programs designed and built to hack and control other people's mobile phones fall into two categories:

The first category is software that must install on the phone of the person in question.

The second category is programs that do not need to install on the other party's phone and only run by installing on the hacker phone or computer and through the phone number of the hacking victim And do espionage. Many mobile applications design for this purpose, some of which we will introduce to enthusiasts.

General features of Sms spy app free android and Sms spy app free iPhone:

  • View the full content of each SMS and MMS
  • Suspicious and frequently used SMS alerts during the day
  • Control and track message type, display sent, or received the message.
  • Control and view the name of the sender or receiver with a mobile phone number
  • View the date and time of sending or receiving SMS in descending order
  • Insert keywords to alert a specific word in sent and received text messages
  • Control and track the location of the mobile phone when sending or receiving text messages

Types of hacking programs:

  • Spyera SMS hacking program:

This program is one of the most advanced programs for hacking and controlling other people's phones and SMS, which has high power in this field. This app can show you all the SMS of others, even those that have been deleted. This program can provide you with any information you have about the person you want to hack. Of course, this program is entirely in English and will also charge you more than $ 80 per month for services.

  • Ispyoo message hacking program:

It is one of the most popular message hacking programs that in addition to hacking SMS can provide you with all the information about the person whose program install on his phone. You can install this program on the phone of any person you want and then get all the information about him on your phone. This program will also charge you about $ 40 a month for providing your services. if you pay for it, you will monitor your contact information, SMS, contacts, social networks, and location. Unfortunately, for more than 2 years, no update has been provided for this program, and it does not support new phones. Lack of support for popular messengers due to the outdated performance of this program is one of the weaknesses of this service.

  • Underspy message hacking software:

Underspy SMS hacking software is another phone control program, one of the features of which is the ability to hack SMS. After installing on the other person's phone, this program can send you information about his daily activities. In addition to hacking messages, location, route, and the ability to monitor calls and contacts are other features of this program. The last update of this program was reported in 2019, and the monthly cost of using it is about $ 30, the lack of support for typed texts inside programs is one of the disadvantages of this program.

This program is also one of the powerful hacking and spying programs on people's phones. In return for the services it provides to others, this program will receive an amount of about $ 70 from the user, in return for which you will be able, in addition to being aware of the person's messages, location, route traveled, contacts, get information about his call history.


One of the oldest ways to communicate is to send an SMS with a mobile phone. In this article, we introduced the methods and programs of hacking SMS and then we examined the general features of this spyware. This article is provided for educational purposes only and any misuse of it is illegal. We hope you find this article useful.