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One of the oldest ways to talk on a cell phone is to send an SMS. There are a lot of ways and Apps that can be used to hack SMS. But SMS is used much less these days, even though there are a lot of Internet messaging apps like Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, etc. Because of this, a lot of hackers have tried to break into Telegram and other messaging apps. Even with all of this, SMS is still a feature of mobile phones because it works well when you can't use the Internet. In this article, we'll talk about some SMS spy app apk that you can use to hack SMS and show you how to avoid being hacked in this way.

Why people hack into phone messages:

You might want to control your kids' or spouse's phone without them knowing, see everything on it, and give it commands, but you don't know how.

You need to install the Sms spy app on your phone and then control the messages to use this feature. You can only control the set phone if you have internet and can use the site at any time and from anywhere.

These apps have almost all of the phone's information, like contacts, SMS, location, contacts, and browser history. They also have all of the phone's features and access, like being able to look at the phone's gallery, record calls, take photos and videos, record audio, and manage files. And it lets you finally delete or save stolen phone data, so you don't have to worry about your lost phone data.

Methods for hacking SMS:

Diverting messages is one of the easiest and simplest ways to hack SMS. By getting into their phone, you can tell the person to send messages to your number instead. Even though this method is easy, it has many problems. The biggest problem is that the other person doesn't get your messages, and you're the only one who can see them.

Today, there are many more practical ways to hack SMS that don't break the law and give you much easier access to the messages of the person you want.

SMS hacking App:

A phone-hacking App is one of the best and easiest ways to read the text messages of other people. Two types of Apps can be used to hack and take control of other people's cell phones:

The first type is software that the person in question must install on their phone.

The second group is made up of Apps that don't need to be installed on the other person's phone. Instead, they only need to be installed on the hacker's phone or computer and run through the phone number of the person being hacked. Many mobile apps are made for this purpose, and we will show some of them to enthusiasts.

Sms spy app free android and Sms spy app free iPhone have the following general features:

  • See the full content of each SMS and MMS
  • SMS alerts that seem odd and are used often during the day
  • Control the type of message, see when it was sent or received, and keep track of it.
  • With a mobile phone number, you can see and change the name of the sender or receiver.
  • View the date and time that an SMS was sent or received in descending order
  • Put in keywords to make a certain word stand out in both sent and received text messages.
  • When sending or receiving text messages, you can control and track where the phone is.

How do I get someone else's SMS and text messages sent to my phone?

Do you want to send someone else's messages to a different number? In this article, we look at how to get a text message from another phone sent to yours from start to finish.

Text messages are one of the best ways to talk to people in the digital age. With the rise of instant messaging apps, their popularity has grown even more. People spend a lot of time on their phones these days, and a big part of that time is spent texting. Text messages are the most used feature on mobile phones all over the world by people who have smartphones.

SMS is a way for people to talk to almost everyone in their lives, including their bosses, lovers, and close family members. So, reading someone's text messages can tell you a lot about their private life. So, it's not surprising that most people who think their family members, children, or employees are doing something wrong try to get into their phones to read their messages.

By looking through their phones, they can find important information that could help them figure out what their family members and employees are hiding. For example, cheating spouses who want to plan a meeting with their lovers usually send texts to their lovers. Children also talk to their friends often through SMS, which may not always be a good thing.

Also, employees can use SMS to tell rivals and competitors about how much money their company makes. These are all reasons why someone close to them might want to look through their messages. This article will show you how to use SMS forwarding to send your messages to a different number.

sms divert hack

SMS Text Forwarding App Spy Apps—A One-Stop Solution for Text Forwarding on Android and iOS

How do I get text messages sent to my phone from another phone? Most people who want to find ways to spy on their loved ones' text messages look through search engine results on the above question on the Internet. This isn't a big surprise, since it can be nearly impossible to get your hands on someone's phone. So, the only way out would be to read their text messages without their phone. Spyware apps help with this.

Mobile phone spy apps are pieces of software that can remotely send texts to another phone. With these apps, you can see all the texts your husband or child has sent and received, even if they are no longer on the phone. You don't have to get their phones in your hands to see who they've been texting. The app sends all messages to your account in real-time. When you log in to your dashboard, you can see every chat.

How to Use Spy Apps to forwarding SMS from Another Number to My Number?

Spy apps are the best way to get someone else's text messages sent to you. These programs stay out of sight while they read your spouse's and your employee's text messages. With this feature, you can watch your loved ones without getting caught. They also work from home, so you can reach them from any computer or smartphone.

But the best thing about spyware apps is that they also keep track of messages that have been deleted. Most of the time, you would have to pay a subscription fee to use these apps. But this shouldn't be too much of a problem, since most spyware apps have subscription plans that aren't too expensive. It's also easy to get and set up these apps. Android users need to do the following to set up mobile phone spy apps:

  • Set up a profile on the spy app.
  • Buy a plan for recurring payments.

After you pay for your subscription and receive a confirmation email, you can download the app and install it on the target smartphone.
Follow the steps in the app to set up the app on the device you want to use it on.
After installation and setup, you can check the text messages from any computer or phone by logging in to your dashboard.

sms divert hack
If you have an iOS phone, you can install a spy app by doing the following:

  • Set up a profile on the spy app.
  • Pay for the service you want.
  • Use the iCloud information for the target iPhone to sync the spy app with it.
  • Sign in to your dashboard and keep an eye on the iPhone user's SMS sent and received.

How to get someone else's text messages sent to your phone?

Spy apps can help you keep track of more than just SMS messages. You can also use them to read your loved one's social media and email messages. You can read your spouse's, child's, and employee's chats on all of the instant messaging platforms they use with the help of several spy apps. You can spy on WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Skype, among other social media apps.

With cell phone spyware, you can keep track of the multimedia files and texts that the target phone sends and receives. You can also look at messages that are no longer on the mobile phone of your spouse or child. With this feature, you can keep track of your close friends' Snapchat chats even after they are gone.

Other Ways to Send Texts to a Different Number

If you look up "how to forward someone's texts to my phone" on the Internet, you'll find that you can keep an eye on your loved ones in other ways besides using spy apps. For example, people with Android phones can use the SMS Forwarding app. You can get the app from Google Play Store and put it on the phone you want to use it on.

Setting up the SMS Forwarding app is pretty easy and shouldn't take more than a few minutes. Once you've installed the app correctly, it will send every text message from the target phone to your phone number. If you'd rather, you can also have the texts sent to your email.

But this isn't the secret way to spy that you can do with spy apps. So, you won't be able to watch your loved ones in secret, and you might get caught.

It's risky to use SMS for two-factor authentication

If you've used any kind of service on the internet in the past few years, you've probably heard of two-factor authorization. It's an authorization method that uses your password, PIN code, FaceID, or fingerprint to verify your identity, but it also asks you to verify your identity right away using email, phone call, push notification, or SMS. Two-factor authentication is a great way to protect yourself and your information on the internet, but did you know that not all two-factor authentication methods are equally safe? Security experts have been warning the public about the risks of using SMS for two-factor authentication because it is easy to intercept SMS messages and get access to your accounts, private information, online banking, and just about anything else.


A hacker can steal authentication SMS messages sent to your phone in several different ways. First of all, if your phone is bugged, it's easy for law enforcement, security services, or other people to read your SMS messages. If this happens, the people who bugged your phone will not only be able to listen in on your phone calls, but they will also be able to get into your email, social media, and other accounts. This puts you in a very dangerous position.

Hackers can also get into your SIM card by just saying that they are the owner of the SIM card. When you lose your SIM card, you usually have to show your passport to get a new one. But most of the time, a copy of the passport works just fine, which hackers can use to their advantage. For example, your passport could be scanned at a hotel, workplace, or hospital. The scan could then be sold on the internet, where a hacker could buy it. Once they have a scan of your passport, they print it out and get your phone number. They call you more than once and keep track of what they say. Then, they go to the office of a cell phone company and say that they own the SIM card and that it has been damaged or lost. After seeing a scan of your passport and answering questions about your last few calls, they get a copy of your SIM card. That's it, they now have access to any account that uses SMS authorization.


You might think that the software and equipment needed to hack a SIM card are expensive, but that's not true. Anyone can buy everything they need to hack a SIM card for $30 to $50. Even though technology has come a long way in the last 20 years, most people still think that their SMS messages are safe. A hacker can easily buy everything they need for a few dollars, then set themselves up next to your home or workplace, set up a fake cellular station, intercept your SMS messages, and get back into all of your accounts in a matter of minutes.

How hackers can use "message mirroring" apps to read all of your SMS messages and get around two-factor authentication

Now, everyone knows that usernames and passwords aren't enough to access online services securely. A recent study showed that more than 80% of all hacking-related security breaches are caused by weak or stolen credentials. In 2016, alone, three billion username/password combinations were stolen.

Because of this, the use of two-factor authentication (2FA) is now a must. In general, 2FA is meant to add an extra layer of security to the username/password system, which isn't as safe as it could be.

It also works. Statistics show that users who turned on 2FA stopped about 99.9% of automated attacks.

But just like with any good security measure, attackers can quickly find ways to get around it. They can get around 2FA with the one-time codes that are sent to a user's phone as an SMS.

Still, many important online services in Australia, like my and the Big 4 banks (ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, NAB, and Westpac), use one-time codes that are sent via SMS.

Then what's wrong with SMS?

Users have been told by big companies like Microsoft to stop using 2FA solutions that use SMS and voice calls. This is because SMS security is notoriously bad, making it vulnerable to a wide range of attacks.

SIM swapping, for example, is a way to get around 2FA. SIM swapping is when an attacker convinces a victim's mobile service provider that they are the victim and then asks for the victim's phone number to be switched to a device of their choice.

By using a technique called reverse proxy and tools like Modlishka, it has been shown that SMS-based one-time codes can also be broken into. This makes it easier for the victim to talk to a service that is being impersonated.

So, in the case of Modlishka, it will intercept communication between a real service and a victim and track and record the victim's interactions with the service (including any login credentials they may use).

In addition to these already known problems, our team has found more problems with SMS-based 2FA. One attack takes advantage of a feature on the Google Play Store that lets apps from the web be automatically installed on your Android device.

If an attacker gets a hold of your login information and logs into your Google Play account on a laptop (though you will get a warning), they can install any app they want on your phone without you having to do anything. 

Android was attacked.
Through our tests, we found that a bad guy can easily access a user's SMS-based 2FA from afar by using a popular app (name and type withheld for security reasons) that syncs notifications across multiple devices.

In particular, attackers can use a stolen email address and password for a Google account (like [email protected]) to install a message-mirroring app on a victim's smartphone through Google Play.

This is a likely situation since users often use the same login information for many different services. Using a password manager is a good way to make your username and password login, which is your first line of defense, more secure.

Once the app is installed, the attacker can use simple methods of social engineering to get the user to give the app the permissions it needs to work.

For example, they might act like they are calling from a real service provider to get the user to permit them. After that, they can get all messages sent to the victim's phone, including the one-time codes used for 2FA, though the victim's phone.

Even though the attack described above needs to be successful in more than one way, it still shows how fragile SMS-based 2FA methods are.

More importantly, this attack doesn't require advanced technology. To find a victim, you just need to know how these specific apps work and how to use them smartly, along with social engineering.

When the attacker is someone the victim trusts (like a family member) and has access to the victim's phone, the threat is even more real. 

What are the other options?

If you want to stay safe online, you should make sure that your first line of defense is safe. First, you should check to see if your password has been stolen. You can do this with a few different security programs. And make sure that the password you use is strong.

We also think you should use SMS as a 2FA method as little as possible. You can instead use apps like Google Authenticator to get one-time codes. In this case, the code is made by the Google Authenticator app on your device, rather than being sent to you.

But hackers can also break through this method by using sophisticated malware. Using dedicated hardware like YubiKey would be a better alternative.

These are small USB or NFC-enabled devices that make it easy to use two-factor authentication on many different services.

As part of 2FA, these physical devices need to be plugged into or brought close to a login device. This reduces the risks associated with one-time codes that can be seen, like SMS codes.

It's important to note that an important part of any alternative to 2FA is that the user must be involved and responsible in some way.

At the same time, service providers, developers, and researchers need to do more work to make authentication methods that are easier to use and safer.

These methods need to go beyond 2FA and move toward a multi-factor authentication environment, where multiple methods of authentication are used at the same time and combined as needed.

Different kinds of hacking Apps:

Spyera, an App for hacking SMS:
This App is one of the most powerful and sophisticated ones for hacking and controlling other people's phones and SMS. This app can show you other people's text messages, even if they've been deleted. You can use this App to find out anything you want to know about the person you want to hack. This App is, of course, only available in English, and it will cost you more than $80 per month for services.

Ispyoo App to hack text messages:

It is one of the most popular Apps for hacking SMS messages. It can also give you all the information about the person whose phone the App is on. You can put this App on the phone of anyone you want and then find out everything about them on your phone. You will also be charged about $40 a month for using this App. If you pay for it, you can keep an eye on your location, contacts, SMS, social networks, and contact information. Unfortunately, this App hasn't been updated in more than 2 years, and it doesn't work with new phones. One of the problems with this service is that it doesn't work well with popular messengers because the App is old.

Software for hacking text messages:

Underspy SMS hacking software is another App that lets you control a phone. One of the things it can do is hack SMS. Once this App is installed on the other person's phone, it can send you information about what he does during the day. This App can do more than just hack messages. It can also track your location and route and keep track of your calls and contacts. The last time this App was updated was in 2019, and it costs about $30 per month to use. One of the problems with this App is that it doesn't support typed text inside Apps, which is something that other Apps do.

MSpy SMS tracking app:

This is another powerful App for hacking and spying on people's phones. This App will charge the user about $70 for the services it provides to others. In exchange, you will be able to see the person's messages, location, route traveled, contacts, and call history.


One of the oldest ways to talk on a cell phone is to send an SMS. In this article, we talked about how to hack SMS and what Apps can be used to do it. We also looked at the general features of this spyware. This article is only for educational purposes, and it is illegal to use it in any other way. We hope this article helps you. If you've been searching for "how to divert SMS to my phone" all over the Internet, spy apps are the best way to send text messages to another phone without anyone knowing. These software options let you monitor in 100% stealth mode, so you don't have to worry about being found out. Android users can also use the SMS Forwarding app to read the text messages of people they care about.