Spokeo Review: Free Trial Background Check

Spokeo Review: Free Trial Background Check
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Spokeo Review: Is It Worth It to Use This Background Check Site?

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It's been more than a decade since Spokeo entered the people's search engine market, and the company has earned a solid name in the process. In the event that you're seeking a reputable internet people search website, Spokeo may be a superb choice for you to consider. However, with the abundance of similar websites available online, why should you put your trust in Spokeo over the competition? Let's find out more about Spokeo in this in-depth evaluation.

Spokeo Review: Free Trial Background Check

Review of Spokeo

I've broken down the review into numerous subtopics to make it easier to read and understand. You can jump directly to any of the topics listed below by clicking on the links provided.


First and foremost, the UI of Spokeo is really well-designed and organized. The website of Spokeo has a clean and uncluttered appearance, which I found appealing. And, without a doubt, the first time you visit the site, you will fall in love with the layout and style. You are presented with a single search box into which you can input the name, email address, phone number, and address of someone you are looking for.

You may also perform a background check on someone by entering their name, phone number, email address, and mailing address into the search box at the top of the page, which will return the results. As an example, if you want to look for someone by their name, all you have to do is type their name into the search box and click on the Search Now button to begin the search. Spokeo makes it simple to conduct a reverse phone, email, and address lookup by providing you with the necessary information.

Spokeo's Advantages

1. People are looking for information.

The initial search tool on Spokeo allows you to look up someone's background by just typing their name into the search bar. Using it can be beneficial in situations when you wish to track down long-lost love or college buddies whose names are all you remember but not their addresses or telephone numbers.

You only need to key in their entire name, and it will search numerous public databases to retrieve all of the information about the individual you are looking for.

It will provide you with their phone number, email address, and mailing address so that you can meet up with them again. This function also assists you in conducting a background check on individuals whom you have reason to distrust by providing you with access to their criminal history. This will enable you to keep yourself and your family secure from crooks and sex predators.

2. Reverse Email Lookup (also known as reverse email lookup)

With reverse email lookup, all you have to do is enter their email address to retrieve information on them, such as their name, photographs, and other details. This tool can assist you in the fight against spam emails by revealing the identity and location of the sender of the email.

You can also use this tool to determine whether or not your companion is a member of a dating website. All you have to do is type in their email address in the search box, and it will display all of the social media and dating sites that their email address is associated with.

3. Lookup a phone number in reverse

In the same way that a reverse email lookup allows you to search for someone based solely on their email address, here you may search for someone based solely on their phone number. You only need to type in their 10-digit phone number in the search field and then click on the Search Now button to begin the search process.

Upon receiving the call, you will be provided with information such as the caller's identification, location, and other pertinent information. This tool will assist you in tracking down the annoying mystery caller who keeps contacting you and refusing to reveal their identity. Additionally, it might assist you in protecting yourself against phishing calls. In addition, you can find social media profiles that are related to the phone number by searching for them on Google.

4. Reverse Address Lookup (also known as reverse IP address lookup)

The reverse address lookup service provided by Spokeo differs from that of CheckPeople, which is another popular people search website. Finding out who resides at a specific address is made possible using this tool. To search for an address, simply type it into the search area, and the search engine will return results from many public sources. A variety of public sources are used by Spokeo in order to offer you the most up-to-date and accurate information available.

Furthermore, the data can reveal who the present occupants of the house are, as well as how large and when the building was constructed. In some circumstances, you may also find out how much it is currently worth and how much it was sold for when it was transferred to the current owner. In other words, if you are a real estate broker, this feature is nothing short of magical for you.

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Premium Characteristics

Besides providing you with a basic person's search, Spokeo also offers several advanced search modules that might assist you in obtaining additional information about someone by paying a little fee. These characteristics are as follows:

a search in the courtroom

It can assist you in determining whether or not someone has been arrested or violated any laws in the past. This function searches more than 1,400 court records from around the United States. As a result of this advanced search capability, you will be able to learn about someone's criminal history.

Searching for the Past

The Historical search function allows you to get a glimpse into someone's vital statistics, such as their birth and marriage dates, obituary notices, and divorce records, among other things. Consequently, you may use Spokeo as a birthday lookup tool to find out about someone's birthday without having to approach them directly.

Pricing for Spokeo

Spokeo is not a free service, however, it does provide one of the most reasonable price options available when compared to other background checking websites such as CheckPeople. You can start searching for people for as little as $13.95 per month. If you prepay for three months in advance, you may get it for as little as $7.95 per month. Additionally, if you want to access the premium search options, such as the court and history search, you will have to pay an additional $2.95 for each search.

Is Spokeo a legitimate company? My Final Opinion

Having spent some time researching and testing Spokeo, I've come to the opinion that it's one of the greatest people search services accessible, allowing you to conduct a background check on someone for a reasonable charge. Furthermore, it allows you to remain anonymous, allowing you to search for someone without their knowledge.

Additionally, it offers a variety of search options such as searching by name, phone number, email address, or address, making it one of the most versatile people search engines available. So, if you ask me, I would definitely suggest Spokeo, and I would encourage you to give it a shot at least once.


Thousands of Gigabytes of Data

Investigate the results from a diverse selection of industry-leading data sources and, where possible, consolidate all of the information into a single, easily digestible report in seconds.

130 Million Pieces of Real Estate Information

Consumer Records Numbering in the Billion

3.9 Billion Pieces of Historical Information

600 Million Pages of Court Documents

89 Million Pieces of Business Information

There are more than 120 social networking sites.

Spokeo gathers the following types of personal information about its users:

Get Access to Industry-Leading Research Reports

When accessible, the following information is included in Spokeo's informative reports:

Information about how to get in touch

Particulars about yourself

History of the Location

Wealth Data Family and Associates is a financial information company.

Criminal Background Checks* Social Media Profiles

Transparency in the world is essential.

People are becoming increasingly distrustful of businesses, technologies, and one another. We want to use data to make the world around us more transparent, thereby making it a little simpler to place our trust in it.

Begin by conducting a search.

Spokeo is a people intelligence service that assists you in searching for, connecting with, and understanding the people with whom you are dealing. You can use it to track down old pals, identify unfamiliar callers, or conduct a background investigation on your date. It is used by professionals to find new customers or to prevent fraud from occurring. Knowledge is only a few keystrokes away.

Learn more about it.

Every day, we organize more than 12 billion records from thousands of data sources into simple-to-read reports that include contact information for those who have provided it, location history, photos and social media accounts for those who have not, family members, court records, and employment information, among other things.

We aid you in learning more by assisting your internal compass to point in the right direction.

Innovating Since the year 2006

When Spokeo began as a social network aggregator in 2006, it was with the goal of simplifying our digital lifestyle. In 2008, we made the transition to a social search engine and began to attract paying customers. The people search engine we launched in 2010 has grown to attract more than 20 million visits each month to date. To be your transparent and trusted people intelligence service, we strive to provide you with information about the individuals in your immediate vicinity.

Transparency is being promoted.

We hold ourselves to the following values and beliefs in order to achieve data and cultural openness in our organization.

Empathy is essential when listening.

We listen with empathy in order to comprehend the context of the dialogue, align varied points of view, and advance the conversation further. By putting ourselves in the shoes of others, we can foster an open atmosphere where trust and respect can flourish.

Recognize the Reasons

We understand "why" in order to be able to find meaningful answers and advocate for long-term development. By questioning "why," we can better understand the motivation behind the "what" and "how," allowing us to concentrate on achieving the goals.

Data should be used to clarify.

The clarification comes from data, and we give sensible, measurable, actionable, relevant, and timely insights. By putting data-driven disciplines into practice, we are able to make decisions about our products and the path of our organization with greater clarity and objectivity than ever before.

Learn to Innovate in order to Advance

We learn through the application of inventive thinking, the expression of creativity, and the dissemination of new and bold ideas, all while maintaining the bravery to manage failure. We adapt and thrive in an ever-changing economy by learning from our mistakes and attempting new things.

To Succeed, We Must Work Together

The results we create are the result of our teamwork, which draws on our diverse experiences, expertise, and talents in the pursuit of common goals. By collaborating and sharing our ideas and efforts in an open and efficient manner, we can improve results and increase the impact of our efforts.

Insist on Superior Quality

We place a high value on quality since we understand that our work is never finished. By keeping ourselves to the highest standards, we are able to continue to focus on, test, and iterate on our work, resulting in solutions that are simple and robust in nature.

Spokeo Is Concerned

We are committed to connecting and assisting people through our technology, whether it is through individual volunteers or nonprofit groups, or through employee donations and charitable contributions.


Spokeo is devoted to recognizing and supporting the volunteers who work tirelessly to reunite adoptees with their biological families and vice versa.

SCHOLARSHIP We encourage students to learn about technology in their local schools and grant scholarships to help them further their education.


It doesn't matter whether we're organizing toy drives or promoting science and technology education; we're all about making a positive effect.


Spokeo donates accounts to deserving NGOs so that they can use our search platform to achieve their charitable objectives.

1. Is Spokeo a violation of the law?

No, Spokeo is absolutely lawful because it simply displays information that is already available in the public domain, which means it is completely legal.

2. Would it be obvious if you looked them up on Spokeo?

There is no way for someone to know whether you have searched for them on Spokeo because all of the searches are confidential.

3. From what sources does Spokeo obtain its information?

In addition to public information, social media profiles, mailing lists, and other data sources, Spokeo has a large number of data sources.

4. What Kind of Company Is Spokeo? What Kind of Company Is Spokeo?

It is a personal search engine that enables you to conduct a background check on someone you are interested in.

5. Is Spokeo a completely free service?

No, it is not free to use, but it is quite reasonably priced when compared to other background check systems in the industry.


The product is reasonably priced.

It is simple to look for someone using their name, email address, phone number, and address. The results are accurate.

This protects the identity of the searcher.

It is also accessible as a mobile phone application.


You will not be provided with any free trial.

The accuracy of criminal history information is questionable.