Spy app how to check

Spy app how to check
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Mobile phones are a very important part of people's digital lives today. Each user puts a lot of their personal information on their mobile phone. This information is often private and hackers can cause great harm to the user if they obtain this information. Usually, everyone has personal information on their phone, which will have unpleasant consequences for them if they are publicly disclosed! Preventing phone spying can increase the security of this information. In this article, you will get acquainted with the method of preventing and detecting spyware on Android phones, iPhones, etc. Join us.

To avoid hacking your phone and finding spyware, you should first know that these apps usually disguise themselves as seemingly useful apps or, in general, hide after installation and appear in the list of apps on your phone menu. They are not. If you suspect that your phone has been hacked, it is best to review the latest apps you have installed and delete them as soon as possible. If you still suspect that your phone has been hacked by an app, it is best to go to the list of installed apps on the phone's settings page. On this page, go to the Downloaded Apps section and look for apps that are not available on the Apps Home page. That is, find an application that is installed on your phone but is not in the list of applications in the main menu.

Some of these programs may be system and deleting them will damage your phone data. But do not worry, a hacking program that has hidden is by no means a system program, and all it has done is disguise itself and hide from your eyes.

To find this program, as mentioned, go to the list of downloaded programs in the settings and check each program. Remove those that have no icons on the home screen. You will most likely find one or more apps that are on this list but not on the app's home screen.

Now check each of these hidden programs and review how much they send and receive data online. If you find something that, in addition to being hidden, is constantly receiving and sending data, do not hesitate and uninstall the program immediately.

Here are some other ways to detect spyware on your mobile phone:

Spy app how to check

How to Detect and Understand Spyware from a iPhone?

From iOS 14 onwards, Apple added a privacy section to its App Store where people can view all access to the app. In fact, with this possibility, it is possible to find out whether this software is a spy or not.

But this is not possible in different versions of Android, and you should see these accesses from third-party software or other tricks. For example, one of these applications is called Exodus, which shows all the accesses of an application to your phone, so you can find out if this application is spyware or not.

Detect spyware from your android phone with Exodus software:

If you have ever worked with Android phones, you will notice that after installing and entering the software, a series of permissions will be requested by the installed software. You have to give these permissions to the software, but some permissions are automatically given to the software that you can not approve or reject. Exodus software can show you all the secret access to different software. This software is very efficient for detecting the Android spy program, which we will discuss in the following.

  • First of all, download and install the Exodus program to detect spyware.
  • After installation, run it and wait for the software to scan the mobile spy program on your phone.
  • After completing the scan, tap the software that you think is a spy app .
Here we have selected Airdroid which is a popular tool for file sharing. By default, this software checks if there is a Google or Facebook account on the phone. In the Trackers section, you can see all the information that the software extracts from your phone.

Scroll down to see a list of all permissions automatically granted to the software. This program has been launched with 48 permissions, including reading messages, sending short messages, viewing contacts, and network access status on your phone. You can see all the permissions in the Permissions section.

With this method, you can detect Android spy software with a little research.

How do we know if the phone is being tracked?

Some applications ask you for permissions during installation, one of which may be to identify the location. If you really want to give this software permission, you must first check its security. For example, never access software that does not have a specific source or manufacturer and try to use more reliable and popular software.

You may think that you should allow a weather app to access your location. This is true if the software is highly secure and developed by a reputable company. Some software may share your location information with others or companies, which can be an iPhone and Android spy app that acts as a weather app.

Do not give access to mobile spyware

On iPhones, a message similar to the one below will appear when the software asks you for access or permission. If you really trust the software, click Always Allow. This way the software can always detect your location.

If you do not know if the software is trusted or not, select the first option or Only While Using The App. By selecting this option, the software can detect your location only when you run the software.

Selecting the last option or Don’t Allow does not give this permission to the software.

On Android phones, you will see two options, Allow for giving permission and Deny for not permitting the software.

To view the permissions of an application, first go to Settings and select Apps & Notifications. In this section, select the desired software and then tap on the Permissions option. Click on the three dots option at the top of the page and select All Permissions. To view location accesses, go to Location.

Deny software access to location

To deny software access to your location, first, go to Settings and then to Privacy. Tap Location Services. In this section, you can see the software that has access to your location. To deny access to all software, tap the green area in front of Location Services to make it gray.

To change Android location permissions, go to Settings and then Apps & Notifications and select the desired software. Tap Permissions and enable or disable this access using the Location front switch.

If you want to disable location access for all software, go to Settings and then Security & Location. Go to the Privacy section and click Location. To disable the location completely, disable the Use Location front switch. This can cause errors in some mobile services.

Do not use invalid VPN s

In some cases, spyware from other people's phones is VPNs that steal your information. For example, in recent years, ReCon has been stealing information from people who use the company's VPN, and after many investigations, the company has been exposed and all user information has been deleted from its servers. So VPNs can be very dangerous and steal sensitive information from you. If you have to use a VPN, do not enter sensitive information on the Internet at all while the VPN is active.


In this article, we tried to get acquainted with the methods of checking and preventing spyware so that you can create a safe environment for your ears and your privacy.