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How to Spy on an Android Phone Without Software?

If you've ever wanted to spy on someone, you may have wished there was a way to do it without installing software on their Android. Most of us don't like to use spying apps, either because we don't know much about technology or because it's not easy to just grab a phone and install the software. If you came here to find the answer to this question, you'll be happy to hear that there are a few ways it can be done.

How Can You Spy on an Android Phone Without Installing Software?

Option 1: Device Manager for Android

This one might be one you already know. This isn't the best way to spy on someone, but it does have four functions: you can find out where the phone is, make it ring, lock it, and delete its data.

The Android Device Manager is already on every Android device by default. It is sometimes called "Find My Device." It's pretty easy to use since most Android devices already have it turned on. There's no need to install anything. You only need to make sure that the phone you want to hack is connected to the internet. To get to it, you'll need the login information for the Google Account that's linked to Android Device Manager. Let's see what happens.

Go to google.com/android/devicemanager from the web browser on your computer.

Enter the Google Account information for the Android you want to spy on. The screen will now show a map with the phone's location and give you options to ring, lock, or delete the phone.

Choice 2: Your Google Timeline

Here's a second way to spy on an Android phone without installing software. This process used to be called "Route History," but now it's called "Your Timeline," and it works just like Android Device Manager with a Google account. For it to work, the Android device you want to track must be connected to the internet and have the location feature turned on. You will also need to be able to access the device's Google Account credentials.

Start your browser and go to Google Maps.

Sign in with the Google account linked to the Android you want to spy on. Click "Menu" in the top left corner of your screen.

Select "Your Timeline."

This will show you where the person you are looking for has been and when.

To see where the Android has been recent, go to Menu > Your Places > Visited.

Hold on, here's a better choice

The above methods don't require installing any software, but they don't give you a lot of ways to spy on Android. You can only find out where the android is and do a few things from afar. Installing a spying app is the only way to spy on Android and see everything on the phone, including text messages, location, call logs, and everything else. You will need to be in the same room as the device, but only for 10 to 15 minutes. You can also hide the app so that the owner of the Android device doesn't know it has a spying app on it.

When Spying Apps Came Out

Spying apps have been around for a long time, and now they have a lot more features and can monitor in stealth mode. Every day, there are lots of things about our kids that make us wonder. We could find the answers with the help of mobile spying apps. These apps come with features like being able to track your location and keep an eye on your call logs, text messages, emails, social media, web history, etc.

The only problem is that you have to put these apps on an Android device by hand. Other than the two ways above, you can't spy on an Android device without installing an app or software. You can't do it unless you are a hacker who knows how to get into other people's computers and phones.

But why can't you spy on someone's phone without installing software? Well, even a hacker has to put a bug, send an infected file, or start malware on a phone to spy on it. So, technically, he is installing some kind of program on an Android device to spy on it or steal the user's personal information.

In short, there's no getting around it. Without installing software, you can't spy on Android. Even these spying apps need to be installed, which requires a human to do. You will also need to be able to get to the device you want to download and install the app on.

What About Websites That Say They Can Spy on Android Without Having to Install Software?

Don't trust these sites because they are fake. They sell their product by saying that you can spy on an Android phone by connecting to it with Bluetooth or sending them a picture. In the first case, you were supposed to connect your phone via Bluetooth to the phone you wanted to look at. But this is a very bad way to do things. First, you will need to have access to the Android phone you want to connect to accept the request to connect. Even if you've made the connection, you'll have to send them a file with the spying program on it so it can be installed. Second, distance keeps you apart. That means you can only connect to a device via Bluetooth if you are close enough.

The other way is to send a picture. When that image is opened on the target device, the spying app is downloaded to the phone. These ways are a trick. Why? They charge a one-time fee because they know that if they trick a customer, he won't come back. Also, they say that upgrades will be free for life.

Before you buy a spy app, you should read this.

If you want to keep track of someone, it's clear that you'll need a spy app. Before you start spying, you need to decide which phone logs you want to look at. Do you want to look at their text messages, their location, their social media, their call logs, or something else?

Then, make a plan for how you will get into the phone. The app would take between 5 and 10 minutes to set up. Installation could take up to 15 minutes if you are a first-time user.

Things to think about before you buy a spy app Physical Access

First of all, you will need to have access to the Android phone to install a spy app. Some spy apps require you to "root" your Android phone before you can use them. This must be done before you can even install the app.

Get rid of the App's traces.

It's an important step if you want your spying mission to stay secret. Usually, it depends on how the monitoring software is set up. All reputable companies let you hide their app icon on the target phone.

Which Spy App Will Work for You?

One of the best spy apps for Android phones is SPY24. We are a top company because we have the most-requested spy features, reasonable prices, and great customer service. SPY24 is a great spying app that can handle both simple and complex spying needs. Follow the steps below to find out how to use SPY24 to spy on Android:

Step 1: Sign up for SPY24.

You can sign up for SPY24 on Android. You'll get an email with a link to download SPY24, an activation code, and instructions on how to set up your SPY24 web account.

Step 2: Get SPY24 and install it.

To use the link given to download and install SPY24, you must have physical access to the phone you want to spy on. You will be given the option to hide the app icon while you are installing the app.

Wait between 24 and 48 hours before you log into your SPY24 account online. SPY24 needs some time to move the data from the Android phone to its server and then to the user's web account.

Step 3: Go to your account and sign in

Now, log in to https://panel.spy24.app/ on your computer or use the free SPY24 Dashboard App on your Android phone to log in to your web account.

Step 4: Check out the dashboard

You will be taken to the dashboard of SPY24, which has all the controls for showing data from the Android device in different tabs in one place.

Step 5: Begin to spy

You can now spy on Android without being seen from your computer or phone.

Other Top Android Spying Apps

Ok, so you'll need to install a spy app on an Android device if you want to keep an eye on it. But why should you choose SPY24? We list the top 5 spy apps and tell you how much they cost, what features they have, and what devices they work on so you can decide for yourself.

What Makes SPY24 Better?

All of the above apps have spy features that are similar to SPY24, but not all of them work with the most recent versions of Android. The only one of these apps that works with Android Oreo is SPY24. Aside from that, it's also one of the most affordable options, since even its most expensive version is cheaper than others. Yes, Highster Mobile seems to be the best deal because it's a one-time purchase, but you should be suspicious of apps like this. Most of them are scams.

SPY24 will meet your spying needs better than any other app because of its features, price, and compatibility.

SPY24's Features

SPY24 gives you access to a lot of features that let you spy on an Android device. Check out the following:

Other Top Android Spying Apps

Call Logs

You will be able to see the time, date, and length of all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls.

Text Messages Spy

You can read all the sent and received text messages on the target device, including the contact information and the time and date they were sent or received.

Access chats and videos on Instant Messenger

On some IM apps, you can read instant messages and even look at photos. SPY24 works with Facebook Messenger, iMessage chats, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype chats, Tinder Messages, Kik Messenger, Instagram, and Skype chats.

Where we are now and where we've been

SPY24 lets you find out where the target person is right now. You can often check to see where they are at certain times. You can look at the person's location history log if you want to find out more about where they have been.

Emails I sent and got

From the default mailbox on the target device, you can read all the emails sent and received.

Track what you've done on the Internet

You can keep track of the whole browsing history, including the sites that were visited and how many times each site was opened.

View the logs of the Wi-Fi network.

You can see the target device's Wi-Fi connection history, including the location, date, and time of each login.

Check your bookmarks.

Everyone has their favorite sites that they like to save. With SPY24, you can keep track of what websites the target user likes to visit.

Calls can be recorded and listened to.

All phone calls are automatically recorded and sent to the dashboard of your SPY24. You can save them and play them whenever you want.

Control the Target Android Phone from a Distance

You'll be happy to know that there are different ways to control the target Android phone from afar.

Lock the Tool

You can lock the target device remotely to take control of it.

See a list of the apps you've installed.

SPY24 lets you look at all the apps installed on the target device from afar.

Delete all data from afar

You can also wipe all the data from the target phone by resetting it to factory settings.

Screenshots in real time

This feature is great for people who want to make the digital proof. You can take screenshots of what someone is doing on their phone from far away and they will never know.

Record and listen to what's going on around the phone.

If you want to know what's going on around the target phone, you can send a remote command and SPY24 will record everything. You can get to these recordings from your dashboard.


SPY24 has a keylogger that records all the keystrokes on WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and Skype on the target phone. This can be done remotely.

Look at the pictures and videos on the phone.

SPY24 can be used to look at all the downloaded photos and videos on the phone's external storage from afar.

See what's on the phone's calendar

You can check the target phone's appointments and to-do lists and look at their calendar entries from a distance.


You can even use geofencing to keep track of a person's location if you don't want to keep track of every move they make. You can mark the safe and unsafe zones, and when the target device crosses one of those zones, you'll get a message. You won't miss anything this way.

Set 24/7 Alerts

It's hard to keep an eye on someone if you have to be logged in all the time, right? So, SPY24 lets you set up alerts for specific people, places, words, and even if the owner of the target device changes their SIM card.

Have you ever been tempted to "look at a friend's cell phone"? Want to find all of your girlfriend's text messages on her phone? I think so, and I bet you haven't done it yet because you haven't found an easy and cheap way to do it. Well, I also want you to know that it is a very serious crime to break someone's privacy, no matter how well you know them or how well you know them.

Read the following article if you want to know what to do about a cell phone spy app.

You've probably heard of spy and eavesdropping software, and someone may have used it to get your personal information. These programs are used to get information about other people or even for political reasons. are made by people or groups working together. Unfortunately, we have to say that this software could be used to spy on a lot of us. Of course, some of these programs are made and sold so that family members can be watched and controlled. In the world we live in now, keeping an eye on children in cyberspace is a very important issue. Because of this, some people thought about making a program to watch children under 18 until they finally made it and gave it to their users. In this article, we'll talk about how these programs work. We'll also give you links to several spies and eavesdropping programs.

What is spyware and how does it work?

Spyware, which is also called "hacking software," is usually useful software or a program that only the victim knows about on their phone. Trojans are a general term for programs like spyware and hacking tools. This kind of malware looks like a free program or a fun game for the person who gets it. Then, after getting the person being spied on to trust him and installing the program on his phone, he sends the information on the phone to where the program designer wants it to go while the user is using the program or playing the game.

But the second type of spy software is made and sold by professional programmers. These programs can be hacked and spied on remotely through a phone number. Most of the time, these programs have information like the person's phone number and serial number. They can then access the information on the person's phone and send it to a certain place.

There is another type of program that is not a trojan. The hacker installs the hacking software on the victim's phone without the victim's knowledge. Once the software is installed and turned on, it hides in the victim's phone and sends all of his activities to the hacker. In all three cases, though, we are the main victims of these espionage attacks because our personal information will be taken.

Here, we'll tell you about some of the most well-known spy and eavesdropping software.

There are many spy and listening-in apps for Android.

As we've already said, there are different kinds of spyware, and each one is made for a different reason. What is clear, though, is that the ultimate goal of all these programs is to spy on people and get their personal or political information. Some of these apps can only spy on calls and text messages, while others can only spy on the phone's gallery and camera. But there is a lot of spying and eavesdropping software that can not only listen in on conversations but also access all the information on the phone and even the person's social networks. In the rest of this article, we'll look at some of the most well-known spyware and eavesdropping software.

Android app for spy video recorder

This software is a tool for using the victim's cell phone to spy on them and watch them in secret. It's easy to figure out how to use this program. You can put this program on your phone or someone else's. When you don't want people to know you're filming, this program can start filming without anyone knowing, even if the phone is locked.

One piece of software that does all of these things is called the "Spy app." This program is made and started so that family members can be controlled and watched. With this program, you can keep track of your child's texts, calls, and everything they do online. With this spy and eavesdropping software, you can also listen in on all of your family members conversations. This program is different from other spyware because it can hack and spy on the child's phone using the phone number and other information from the phone. The spy app also works in Persian and can be used online.

Android software called InoSp can be used to spy and listen in.

A copy is also a very powerful spyware program that is made to get to other people's information. With this software, you can look at all your messages, calls, pictures in the phone's gallery, and other information. InoSpy Specifications made this software in 2014. It can also spy for free for 48 hours. Then you'll have to pay to use this program.

One of the problems with this spy and eavesdropping software is that it is not made in Iran, so it doesn't support the Persian language. Also, you have to use a credit card to buy this program, which comes with its problems and costs.

HelloSpy is a spy and listening-in app for Android.

This program is almost the same as the last one. It is made and presented with the same goal in mind. With this software, you can also hack into other people's phones and find out everything about the person's phones. This program is better than InoSpy because it can be hidden on its own after being installed on the phone you want to spy on.

One of the bad things about this program is that it doesn't work in Persian. You also need a credit card to buy it, and because of our country's sanctions, it's not easy to buy foreign programs.

Spy24 is Android software that can be used to spy and listen in.

spy24 is a program that was made and put into use to keep track of and control kids under the age of 18. With this software, you can see your child's phone's list of SMS, calls, and contacts. You can also keep an eye on all the online networks your child uses, like Telegram and Instagram. This program is always available to users, and it can also be used in Persian.

Family Care System (SPY24) is the name of a mobile app that makes it easy for parents to keep track of what their kids are doing on virtual mobile networks. The app is easy to install and activate. Some of the things that SPY24 can do are listed below:

Track the date and time, as well as calls and SMS

Reporting messages, Telegram, Instagram, and WhatsApp

Continuous, real-time position and traveled routes

visited websites and put programs into place

With the ability to hide all of the programmes and control them from afar,

Sites, apps, and remote contacts can be blocked.

Why these spyware programs are used has already been saying. We hope to get to know you a little bit.

The most powerful and easy-to-use software you can buy to track and spy on cell phones.

Text messages, recordings of phone calls, call logs...

all sent right away from the target phone to YOUR email or cell phone.

It's easy to set up and takes less than 2 minutes!

Does your partner:

Turn off their cell phone when they're around you?

Bring their phone into the bathroom with them?

Sleep with their cell phones next to them?

Have they locked their cell phone password?

Leave the room to answer a call on your cell phone?

Get mad if you pick up their cell phone?

If you ask about any of the above, do they get defensive?

The cheater can talk to the other man or woman almost all the time on his or her cell phone. They can text from almost anywhere and call whenever they have the chance.

Cheaters can now connect more quickly and deeply thanks to cell phones.

Gravity Mobile Spy lets you listen to actual phone calls, listen to the phone's surroundings by secretly turning on its microphone, read SMS (text messages), view call logs, view emails, and find the phone's exact location no matter where it is.

How does it work?

It's quick and easy to set up. The apps can be put on your computer in the following ways:

OTA links that you type directly into the web browser on your phone.

Scanning the QR Code of the app with the barcode scanner on the cell phone.

Use a USB cable to move the files from your computer to your cell phone.

The Bluetooth link.

After the app is installed on the phone you want to keep an eye on (the "target" phone), information is sent to your email, cell phone, or free online web account, depending on what you said during installation.

As soon as something happens on the target phone, the information is sent to your email, cell phone, or online web account, depending on what you chose when you set up the program. There's no need to wait!

Text messages, call recordings, call logs, and everything else are all available right away!

Every call should be recorded.

You can record EVERY call made or received by the target phone with call recording. From the moment the conversation starts until both people hang up, every word they say is being recorded.

All conversations can be sent to an email address or online web account that you set up during installation and that is free of charge.

Conversations are saved in common formats that can be played back quickly and easily on any computer.

Messages from call recorders include:

Date of the call that was taped.

The time call was saved.

Audio file you can download.

How big is the sound file is.

Send the date and time for the audio file.

Conversations can be downloaded and saved to your computer so you can listen to them whenever you want on your favorite media player.

Read all of your texts.

The program is very useful because it lets you read text messages that you send and get.

Text messages sent or received by the target phone can be sent to your cell phone, email address, or free online web account, where they can be read right away.

As soon as a text message is sent or received on the target phone, it is uploaded and sent to the server. There's no need to wait! No matter if they have been deleted from the target phone or not, all text messages can be read right away.

You will be able to see the text messages EXACTLY as they were sent or received by the target phone.

In text message logs, you can find:

All of the words are in a message.

The phone number is being sent.

The act of getting a phone number.

Date message sent.

Time message sent.

Text message logs can be stored quickly and easily in PDF, TXT, DOC, and many other formats.

Photos and movies

Get to see every photo and video that is taken or recorded on the phone you want to track.

As soon as a picture or video is taken on the target phone, it is sent to the e-mail address you choose when you set up the program.

When you get them in your email, photos and videos are as clear and sharp as they are on the target phone. Just click the link in the email to see the pictures and videos in your favorite picture viewer or media player.

All of your photos and videos can be saved to your computer, a USB flash drive, a DVD, or any other device you choose.

Call Hearing

With the Call Listening feature, you can listen in on a conversation happening on the target phone without the person knowing.

When a call comes in or goes out on the target phone, you will get a text message telling you that something has happened. The phone number that is being called or called to the target phone will be in the text message. At that point, you can call in and listen to the conversation without being heard.

You'll be able to hear both sides of the conversation as if you were on the phone yourself. When you start to listen, the phone won't ring, vibrate, or light up.

Your call will stay connected until you or the other person hangs up.

You can record every conversation and save it to your cell phone or email address so you can play it back on your favorite media player at a later time.

Call log viewing

Call logs are also a great place to look for proof of what you already think is going on. Too often, call logs for both incoming and outgoing calls are deleted as soon as the call is over.

The call log app will record every call that comes into and goes out of the target phone. Call logs can be sent to your cell phone or email address so that you can look at them right away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Information from the call log includes:

When to call.

Length of call.

Who to call: (if any stored on phone).

The number was called in.

We got a phone number.

For quick and easy storage, call logs can be saved in PDF, TXT, DOC, and many other formats.


Any phone that can use GPS can be tracked by this feature. With a system that reports the phone's location every 10 seconds in real-time, you can track it to within a few feet of its exact location.

You will be able to keep track of the target phone's location within 2 to 5 minutes of it moving.

For example, if the target phone leaves a place at 1 p.m., you will usually see its movement no later than 1:05 p.m., depending on the weather and terrain.

When you install it, you make an account on our server that lets you log in and see where the target phone is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All places are shown on a REAL map in real-time.

What does Mic Activation mean?

Microphone activation is the ability to turn on your cell phone's microphone in secret so you can listen to what's going on around it. In a sense, you are turning the cell phone into a "room bugging device.

Setting a "control number" in the application is how you turn on the microphone. When the control number calls the target phone, the target phone's microphone turns on.

The person who owns the target phone won't know that the microphone is on because when the control phone calls, the target phone won't ring, vibrate, or light up.

You will be able to hear everything going on around the target phone. You will hear who is talking, what they are saying, and to whom they are saying it.

What phones do they work with?

The software is very flexible and, once set up correctly, will work with any cell phone. There are products for phones that run on Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Java. Click HERE to see a list of phones that can be used.

Features of Gravity Mobile Spy:

Call Recording (Record all calls).

Listen in on LIVE phone calls without being caught.

Bug Mic (Secretly activate the phone's microphone to listen to surroundings).

Tracking by GPS (Track target phone in real-time on a real map).

SMS - Logging Text (Read the contents of all incoming and outgoing SMS messages).

Look at photos and videos (See all of the photos and videos that were taken and saved on the target phone.)

History of Calls (View their entire call history).

Email Logging (See complete emails sent from the target phone).

Notice of SIM Change ( Receive SMS when SIM is changed).

Our OTA (over the air) links, which are typed into the phone's web browser, can be used to install all apps directly on the target phone. There's no need for cables.

Using QR codes, which are quick and easy, you can download other apps right to your phone.

It only takes a few minutes to install an application.

24/7 Live Customer Service

All programs are easy to use and set up.

Installation is easy, and you don't need any computers or cables to do it. You can put the program right on your cell phone in just a few minutes. It takes less than two minutes to install. After installation, you can start getting your activity reports right away.

All of the apps are simple to use.

Our program only has the fastest and easiest-to-use apps because we made them and chose them ourselves. When installing an app, the user only needs to do a few things, and once it's on the phone, it doesn't need any more work.

When you no longer need the app, you can get rid of it with just a few clicks, which won't take more than a few minutes.

You can keep an eye on as many phones as you like for as long as you like.

You can keep an eye on as many phones as you want for as long as you want with Gravity Mobile Spy. There is no time limit or phone limit.

You can keep an eye on all phones at once or one by one at no extra cost. You can set up as many accounts as you want.

Total privacy

We care a lot about your privacy. We won't tell anyone else about you or what you tell us. All of the information that our apps collect is kept private and safe.


There are ways to spy on an Android phone without installing software, but you can only find out where it is and do a few things with it. For more in-depth spying, you will need to install an app that lets you see and control everything on Android from afar.