Spy app location tracker

Spy app location tracker
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Monitoring the location of people in 2021 has become easier and perhaps more secretive than ever. You no longer need to call or text your child to find out if your child is home, or if you are looking forward to your father coming home, you can easily find out when he or she is home. Or if you suspect someone close, you can track them down. Or you are even worried about being tracked. Unfortunately, I have to say that tracking you has become very easy.

There are many programs today that can easily monitor confessions and show their approximate location to a spy or any other person, which can be both very useful and eye-catching. Useful in that if someone forgets to call you or does not answer your calls, you no longer have to worry about him. Just look at your tracking app to understand everything and get peace of mind.

But you know, tracking down any person seems to be stealthy and in some ways a spy. Programs are now divided into two types: secret programs and programs that allow tracking with mutual consent. In the following, we will refer to some of them.

Keep in mind that the applications listed below are not completely accurate tools, and the accuracy of their location depends on the strength of the GPS signals. Also, none of these tools can be used when the phone is turned off.

Track family location with Glympse

Designed for instant tracking, the app lets you determine who can track your location using GPS, and even select how long you have been tracking.

There are two ways to end location sharing in this app: In the first method, sharing stops automatically after the deadline. You can also manually stop transferring information about your location. Besides, you can increase your tracking time if necessary. All you have to do is activate Glympse on the way home from work to let your spouse see where you are and when you arrive home. Also, if you are meeting with your friends in a park or a public exhibition, you can activate this application and easily control each other remotely. The Glympse app can send people an instantaneous position with an estimated time and speed and send it to your email or text it to your phone and even send it to social networks. One of the interesting features of this application is its integration with the calendar, which shares your location and estimated arrival time with others. The Glympse app is free for Android and iPhone operating systems.

Spy app location tracker

Track family location with Life360 Family Locato

This free app allows family members to track each other life and instantly. There is a unique feature in this app that allows family members to be aware of a person entering a predefined situation such as home or school. It is possible to specify two separate positions for this. So when kids get home from school, the Life 360 ​​app automatically checks in and sends a notification to other family members' smartphones.

The app also has a complete history of the latest location, which is very useful for an overview of the latest activities performed by family members. There is a default feature called panic in this app that can send the exact GPS coordinates of your location to preset emails or text messages to defined numbers in an emergency. This application can also be used to send messages between family members.

Although the app and its services are free, there is a premium (professional) version that can be used for the whole family for $ 5 a month or $ 50 a year. This version has the ability to define an infinite number of predefined positions, the ability to track devices other than smartphones, and the ability to protect stolen phones. It is also possible to use the features of this version on a trial basis for up to 30 days.

Track family location with Find My Friends

This application, created by the creators of Life360, gives you the ability to share location and send messages. Do you want to leave the city for a few days? So plan your trip and destination with others before you start. Likewise, the app can be used to instantly share location with others in an emergency.

Like other apps, this one uses Google Maps, so it's very easy to learn and work with. Besides, the map automatically shows important places such as police stations, fire stations, and hospitals on the map.

The premium (professional) version of Find My Friends is available for $ 5 per month, offering infinite predefined location definitions, more complete location history, roadside assistance, and support for devices other than it has smartphones. All users can try this version for 30 days for free and trial.

Track family location with Google+

This one may not be very popular, but Google's social networking service called Google+ can also be useful for location sharing. The design of this application is reminiscent of the old Google Latitude application combined with Google Maps.

To share your location with others, send a request to your contact number using the Google+ app. Once that person agrees, you can see each other's location with that app. It is worth noting that to see the position of the person in question, he does not need to send you a request again.

The Google+ app is free and available for Android and iPhone.

Tracking the location of family members with FamiSafe

This app is designed for Android and iOS and has features that allow you to easily find the location of another device. The features of this program are as follows:

• Quick access to the desired position with high accuracy

• If your device is stolen or lost, this app helps you to know its location immediately after reconnecting to the Internet.

• The premium version of this program is also offered, for which you have to pay a fee.

• The flexibility of this program for full cooperation with the user is remarkable.

Trace the location of family members with Geo-Tracker

This app is designed for Android phones and you can easily get it from Google Play. Features of this program include displaying the movement speed of the device.


With this explanation, it can be concluded that location tracking by spyware is a double-edged sword that can be both useful and harmful, so it should be used ethically. We should also be careful not to fall into the trap of this spyware to our position and privacy are not compromised.