Androrat Github Android Apk Download Full Version (Kali Linux - Windows)

Androrat Github Android Apk Download Full Version (Kali Linux - Windows)
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Spy App That Can Be Best Android RATs 2022 – Remote Administration Tools

In this article, we are at your service with a very interesting topic, and he is the subject of nothing but spyware that can be installed remotely on your electrical systems, especially your phone, as you know these days, the issue of hacking or control The phone without people's permission has become a very pervasive topic that you probably read or hear about over and over again and perhaps every day.

If you are looking for such programs on the Internet or even looking for a children's phone control program, you have come across the following title.

Children's phone control without access to the phone, hacking of Android or iPhone phone without access, is it possible to control the phone without installing the program and remotely? Hacking phones with infected links, hacking other people's phones without their permission and through phone numbers, tracking people's cell phones without installing software, controlling other people's phones remotely, intangible phone tracking software, controlling phones without children's permission remotely and from By phone number, controlling your spouse's phone without installing the program, tracking people without the need to install software, downloading the tracker without installing it on the other party's phone, tracking people's cell phones without installing software, etc.

But surely it is very confusing for you which of these sites you enter, do they give you a real program or not?!!! Because of the spread of such content on the Internet, many swindlers and scammers use tempting texts to deceive users and deceive them, and with a simple and deceptive text, they can easily deceive people and enter their site. And sell them fake and fake programs.

So rest assured that you are not the only one who has these questions in mind and these days many people are looking for answers to these questions and a way to control the phone without people's permission.

Everyone has the question of how to hack a phone remotely so that they can control their family members and loved ones?

Now, how can you hack an Android or iPhone mobile phone?

In this article, we will fully discuss the hacking of the phone and its methods, and we will say whether there is a way to hack and control the phone without installing an application on the person's mobile phone or not? And if such a program exists, we will know how it works.

How can we hack other people's cell phones without access?

Probably now, considering what we said above, the question has come to you, how can I take control of people's phones without permission? Is there any way to remotely control your phone? Can the spyware be installed remotely?

In answer to this question, we must say that there are many ways to hack a mobile phone with or without a number or with access to the target phone. There are so many ways we cannot explain them all in one article. But you should know that to perform hacking methods and control the phone remotely, first of all, the hacker needs to learn programming languages. Learning programming languages ​​is not an easy task and takes a lot of time from people, it also requires high talent and various other knowledge. But unfortunately, even if a person does not know to program, he can do espionage today, because unfortunately, professional hackers around the world have designed and made available to the public many programs for hacking. Usually, these programs work in such a way that the person in question should have access to the phone and the program should not be installed on his phone, but there are also programs that the hacker can send to you or anyone else and ask you to click on the link and after clicking, the software will be installed automatically and will send all the information of the person to the spy or hacker.

There is also another form of program that hack mobile phones through phone numbers, the function of these programs is that you just need to give the mobile or phone number of the person and some other information to the software to all the information Send him on the phone to the hacker.

How to hack a phone with a mobile number and phone number:

One way to control the phone without accessing the phone is to hack the victim's phone number. This hacking method is one of the most difficult hacking methods that only professional hackers can do. But here the question arises for many how to hack a mobile number or phone number? We will answer this question in the following….

Is it possible to hack a mobile number?

Hacking the mobile numbers of different people by the journalists of Jahan newspaper or World News World Newspaper is still a bad scandal in England. In 2016, it was the journalists who were able to access all the information of the desired phone by hacking the number to prepare first-hand news using the software.

The working mechanism of the program used by the reporters is a security flaw, but it is not complicated at all. The program redirects or routes all phone calls made to the target phone to an online voice recorder or system and then redirects the call to the mobile phone user. Arrange a Man In The Middle or MITM attack.

The German expert Noel stated in one of his lectures that with this method of hacking phones, all mobile phones can be hacked, regardless of what brand you use. Hackers can use this method to hack all your phone information such as text messages, eavesdropping, social networks, and even your location because most security mechanisms use Two Factor Authentication or mobile authentication to do so.

How to hack a phone number?

So far you have noticed that it is possible to control the phone without installing the application on the target mobile, but the question that arises is how to do this and what are the ways to hack a phone number?

Hacking a mobile phone with a phone number from an exchange network service called Signaling System No. 7 - SS7 - uses what is called C7 in the UK and CCSS7 in the US and will act as an intermediary between mobile networks.

When making a call or sending text messages on the SS7 network, it connects details such as number, message transfer, bill payment, and other actions to one network or caller. By hacking through the SS7 system and using the phone number of the person in question, an attacker can track a person's location via cell phone, read sent and received messages and listen to phone calls and even them Record and retrieve other mobile phones information.

These vulnerabilities have nothing to do with your mobile phone and in fact, exist in telecommunication and telephone infrastructure. Installing or preventing the installation of any software on the phone cannot cause a problem in the process of this vulnerability this network Mobile is being hacked not your cell phone.


Therefore, considering the above, you realized that the spy program can be installed remotely and obtain the information of the victim. There is no need for physical access to the victim's mobile phone, and in the end, I hope we have been able to acquaint you with enough information in this regard in this article.

Best Android RATs 2022 – Remote Administration Tools

If you're dealing with computers, you already know that hacking is when you break into a system or network without permission. Cybersecurity has been a trend over the last few years, and demand for pens and security tests has increased recently.

Various such malicious users use some of the best available RAT for Android to perform these operations. This is because they are available for free, are the latest and updated, and have easy tutorials online to follow.

This OS is an open-source platform based on the Linux kernel and is the most powerful ever created for phones.

This allows you to easily change the user interface of your device.

It provides millions of applications on the market for free.

Customize the application by installing Custom ROM.

These phones can also work:

Penetration test security test against hacking of such applications.

It is important to know about such applications or tools, so follow.

To use these applications to their full potential, the device must be rooted. Some will work without root access.

AndroRAT download androrat full version

AndroRAT is a tool designed to give control of the android system remotely and retrieve information from it. Androrat is a client/server application developed in Java Android for the client-side and the Server is in Python.

AndroRAT will work on devices from Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) to Android 9.0 (Oreo) (API 16 to API 28)

AndroRAT also works on Android 10 (Q) but some of the interpreter commands will be unstable.

Features of AndroRAT

Full persistent backdoor

Fully undetectable by any antivirus scanner VirusTotal

The invisible icon on install

Lightweight apk which runs 24*7 in the background

The app starts automatically on bootup

Can record audio, and video, take pictures from both cameras

Browse call logs and SMS logs

Get the current location, sim card details, IP, and mac address of the device


AndroRAT requires Python (3.6-3.8) and JAVA 8 (or Android Studio)


git clone
pip install -r requirements.txt


While cloning the repository using Git bash on windows, you may get the following error:

error: unable to create file <filename>: Filename too long

This is because Git has a limit of 4096 characters for a filename, except on Windows when Git is compiled with MSYS. It uses an older version of the Windows API and there's a limit of 260 characters for a filename.

With this:

Easily manipulate other devices, which is quite handy if you are away from your device and need to perform a certain task.

Can generate an APK file that is used as the payload.

APK Inspector(Android Application Analysis)

APKinspector is another open-source project that comes to reverse and analyze Android applications.

Project owners have created a graphical interface to allow visualizing the structure of the application modules this will make security analysts select the good Android application that is safe to use.

APKinspector can be a good addition to the toolbox you use for forensics malware.

This will help to generate reports for permissions used by the application, Search and filter strings, classes and methods, rename users, and more.

APKInspector provides both analysis functions and graphic features for the users to gain deep insight into the malicious apps:


Call Graph

Static Instrumentation

Permission Analysis

Dalvik codes

Somali codes

Java codes

APK Information

Search and filter strings, classes, and methods.

A configuration module to choose whatever modules you’d like to use.

Show a progress bar when opening and loading an apk.

Android Hacking App AndroRAT APK Free Download 2022

Want an Android app to hack? You don't need to look any further because the full version of AndroRAT APK Free Download is now out for Android.

AndroRAT is an open-source client/server application that was made with Java/Swing for the server and Java Android for the client side. AndroRAT is a type of malware for mobile phones that was made in 2012. It is an Operating System (OS) Android Remote Access Tool (RAT) that is used to control the victim or a remote attacker.

AndroRAT can be used as an Android Client-side application on the target phone or as a server-side application on the computer of the hacker or attacker. With the help of this client/server application, you can use your computer to take full control of a single Android phone or device that you want to control.

About AndroRat – The Best Hacking App for Android

To hack any Android phone or device, all you have to do is install a light-weighted Android app on the phone or device of the person you want to hack. You can also learn how to make your own application's APK by using another program called AndroRAT APK Binder. If you want to make your own APK Application, this APK Binder software will give you all of the options you need.

The AndroRAT lets you connect any kind of client app to all of the other popular Android apps that are also on the Play store. This way, the victim wouldn't even know about it, and the app would run anonymously on his Android device or phone.

How AndroRAT Functions

The newest version of AndroRAT can get the most advanced level of privileges on any Android device or mobile phone that has the Remote code and execution of the vulnerability unpatched and then injects the root exploits.

The most dangerous thing it does is take advantage of the most important security holes on the platform you want to hack.

AndroRAT Features

AndroRat can hack not only Android devices but also MAC and Windows platforms. RAT can also be used to talk to the control and command server, which is already under the attacker's control, and it can carry out different commands that can be used to steal all of the personal information and data of the user being attacked.

Some of these commands just steal your messages from the inbox, your GPS location, your Contact list, your files, your Wi-Fi password, and much more. This software can also be used to record video, capture the screen, and upload files to any device.

There is also an AndroRAT that has been installed. This lets an attacker take control of the whole device from a distance and do things like monitor and make calls and messages, look at all the files stored on the device, and turn on its camera and microphone. All of these features can be used at any time without the user being aware of them.

Hardware and software that AndroRAT needs

Now, we'll talk about the things and settings you'll need to hack any Android device with AndroRAT.

Here is a list of these things:

A laptop or personal computer.

A router for wireless.

An Android phone to help a client use an app.

AndroRAT itself.

Java needs to be put on the laptop or PC.

Here are the settings that must be made for the AndroRAT to work:

Turn off the firewall and antivirus software.

Connection to the Internet is faster.

The router port forwarder is the last one.

Note: Before you download and install the AndroRAT, make sure your firewall is off and your antivirus is turned off.

AndroRAT: How to Use It (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Now we'll talk about the steps we'll take to hack an Android device or Android phone with the AndroRAT. Here is a list of these steps:

First Step: If you want to use the Router Port Forwarder to find out your IPv4 address, open the Command Prompt, also called CMD. This will show you your IP address. After you open the CMD, all you have to do is type "ipconfig" and hit "enter." Then you can copy your IPv4 address.

Androrat Github Android Apk Download

Second Step: All you have to do is install the Router port forwarder and then double-click on its icon to open it. The first thing it will do is find your router. When it's done, all you have to do is click the "Add" button, give it a name, leave the "Protocol" field blank, choose any port, like 8086, and then enter your IPv4 address.

Androrat Github Android Apk Download

Third Step: Now, all you have to do is find an app that you want to install on your Android phone and use or control with your PC or Laptop. If you use the AndroRAT APK Binder, you can easily make your app. Now, you need to go to the folder called "AndroRAT" and open the "AndroRAT Binder." Then you have to choose the Build option, which lets you make your fake application. You can also bind your fake application with the Bind+Build option, which can be done with the help of other applications.

But in my example, I'm going to use the standalone method to make an Android app.

The first thing you need to do is enter the IPv4 Address and the PORT, which we found above by using Router Port Forwarding. After that, you just need to click GO and wait until the APK file has been made.

Androrat Github Android Apk Download

Fourth Step: You can now completely control the Android phone where you installed the app you just made by going to the AndroRAT folder, opening it, and running the AndroRAT server application. Then go to the server tab and choose the Select Port option. Then you have to enter the Port Forwarding that you used before. Then open and close the application to restart it.

Once you've done the first step, you'll have to wait for the app to connect to the Android phone you attacked with AndroRAT.

Once it's connected, you have to choose the Android phone you want to talk to from the list in the app's window. Then you have to select the device you want to connect to. After that, you have to click on the Client tab and then choose Open User Interface from the list of options.

Androrat Github Android Apk Download

When your PC or laptop is connected to the Android phone you want to spy on, you can see all of that phone's information. At the top of the application's main window, there are three choices:

Get Android Data: This option gives you full access to the microphone and camera, and it's easy to get all of the contacts and text messages from the Android phone you want to spy on.

With this option, you can quickly send the fake message to the phone you want to hack. You can also call or send a text message from that phone to a number that isn't in the phone's contact book or list.

Monitoring: The last but not least option is Monitoring, which lets you keep a close eye on all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls made or received by that phone. The same is true for the SMS feature that is available on the Phone.

The latest version of AndroRAT adds a new "Antivirus Evasion" module and makes it run faster. This makes it hard for security programs like Avast, AVG, and Kaspersky to find it. The app also starts up twice as fast now because its architecture has been improved, which also makes it more stable. Get the most recent one from the link below, and let me know what you think.

AndroRAT Alternatives

DroidJack is a closed-source, decentralized RAT. It can record phone calls, read and write texts and clipboard data, and find out the phone's IMEI and MAC address.

SpyNote is a Remote Access Tool (RAT) that is mainly used to spy on devices on which it is installed. It gives you a lot of different kinds of information, like GPS, Texts, Phone Calls, and Photos.

Important news: We have now completely changed the interface for binding, which is where you enter the IP address. It is easier to understand and use on older devices with Android 5.0 or lower.

AndroRAT Server: This 2022 update adds a feature that was often asked for on the server side. It lets you set up a server to control all the devices from one place. So, you don't need to bring your device.

You can get the full version of AndroRAT APK for Android for free.

In this article, we talked about "AndroRAT," a piece of software that can be used to hack into Android devices. It's a great piece of software or an app that lets you easily keep an eye on the Android devices or phones you want to target. I hope that your AndroRAT APK Download is fun.

We also talked about how this software works and what makes it special, and then we went into detail about all of its options. We also talked about the step-by-step process for hacking an Android phone and keeping an eye on it from a PC or laptop. If you don't want to get hacked in this way, make sure you always have an antivirus app on your phone.

Update: The latest version of APK has been put out. A bug that made the app unstable has been fixed.

Build v1.3 (Latest).

Download the AndroRAT APK


What is the AndroRat?

Ans. It is a program or app that is used for hacking in a good way.

Is AndroRat safe to use?

Ans. Yes, it is completely safe and secure as long as you don't use it for unethical or educational reasons or if you aren't an IT expert.

How do I hack into an Android phone, tablet, or smartphone?

Ans. Android has very high security, so it's not easy to hack, but a highly skilled hacker can do it with AndroRat and other apps.

Is hacking legal?

Ans. No, if your goal is to hurt someone or do something else that isn't right. But hacking is legal when it is done by law firms, government agencies, or IT groups to get secret information or to teach people. So it depends on the circumstances and what you want to do.

Is it okay to use AndroRat?

Ans. Yes, if you have permission from an IT company or government agency to use the app for hacking. Or you are using it to learn about hacking and do it in a good way.

How do I put AndroRat on my phone?

Ans. The answer to how to install can be found in the main article.

How do I get AndroRat on my Android?

Ans. You can't get AndroRat for Android because there isn't an Apk file for it. So you can only get it on PCs and laptops.

How do I get AndroRat for my computer or laptop?

Ans. I've put the software for PCs and laptops in this article. You can download it by clicking on the download button at the end of this article.

How Does Androrat Hack Any Android Phone?

Ans. Just watch this video and do what it says.

Whatsapp Sniffer – Making WhatsApp great again

WhatsApp Sniffer App

A hacking app that can:

Display messages.

Download private conversations, audio as well as videos of other Whatsapp users connected to your wifi network.

Can also be used to send a WhatsApp message to crash another device.