Spy app to record whatsapp calls

Spy app to record whatsapp calls
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What is WhatsApp Spy ? How to track messages on WhatsApp?

In this article, you will learn how to hack into someone else's correspondence and spy on that person's communications. Have you heard of WhatsApp spyware and other communication programs? Otherwise, it becomes a reason to learn more about them. These two programs are commonly known as spyware that monitors other people's smartphones . One of the things they can do is spy on the popular Whatsapp messenger, which is used by millions around the world.

Spy app to record whatsapp calls

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a popular application that works on all smartphones with modern operating systems such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone ... After installation; the user can access communications by exchanging messages, photos, videos, and other content. With the help of this program, everyone can communicate with their friends and family, have conversations easily, naturally, and at the lowest cost. This software is very easy to use, so the number of fans is increasing day by day. Many of your friends also use its capabilities - you can see for yourself. Hurry up and install and you will become one of the millions of fans of this software

Functional features of WhatsApp:

• Communicate in the group and private chats using instant messaging

• Send photos and photos;

• Exchange audio recordings, voice messages, and video.

• Send geographical location

This app works on all devices and has no compatibility issues!

This app is a new word in the field of network communication. In fact, it lets you connect from anywhere in the world at no extra cost. You can have an Android-based phone and the person talking has an iPhone. No problem, the transfer of messages and files will be more stable than ever.

You can always be in touch with your loved ones

Do I have to use spyware to view other people's WhatsApp messages?

Now that you know what WhatsApp is and why they use it, you can imagine how much private information the app's servers have. So the possibility of hacking servers is not possible and this software and your phone that is hacked by malware

How can I track messages on WhatsApp?

We have to say that your WhatsApp application is hacked and tracked, in fact, it is easier than it seems. Spyware does this today, and we do not need to use our own built-in instructions, this software is available today for both Android and iOS.

These applications create a hidden layer and secretly hack and spy on your phone. Otherwise, always be aware of which software you are installing and what software is installed on your phone to be safe from this spyware because this communication software is safe in itself. This phone is with us.

What does spyware do to others?

✔ View WhatsApp messages sent and received

✔ View details of messages including date and time of sending or receiving

✔ Receive your contacts in WhatsApp Messenger

✔ View messages deleted by you

✔ Covert and remote monitoring by a hacker

Most of these spyware programs are mobile software with very simple installation and activation that allows hackers to control and manage the activities of others in virtual networks so that they can closely monitor your activities.

But these programs are not limited to the control feature or so-called (WhatsApp hack), but also have great features that excite the abusers to have more complete control over your mobile phone.

Below you can see some of the features:

  • Monitor calls and text messages with date and time
  • Report messages from Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.
  • Control and track location and moment and routes traveled
  • Check and control visited websites and implemented programs
  • Ability to block websites, apps and remote contacts
  • With remote management capability
  • And dozens of other professional possibilities…

What are the other real ways to hack WhatsApp?

Use the SS7 bug

WhatsApp Messenger application is the most popular multi-platform application used in the field of messaging and Internet telephony based on the protocol ( VoIP ) all over the world (except Iran, of course). This software can be at a glance and according to many experts, due to the use of 256-bit encryption has a high level of security.

Normally it may take days or months to decode a complete sentence or message! Another secure service called Telegram also has much more advanced encryption.

Although Telegram is not as popular as WhatsApp, many people choose Telegram because of its transparency due to its open-source text, which does not charge even the slightest cost to its users. Normally it may take days or months to decode a complete sentence or message!

Although both applications use end-to-end encryption, both messaging software is not vulnerable to hardware or operating system vulnerabilities and can be vulnerable to exploitation and hacking. And WhatsApp and Telegram messages were stolen. Although both applications use end-to-end encryption, both messaging software is not vulnerable to hardware or operating system vulnerabilities and can be vulnerable to exploits and hacking. WhatsApp and Telegram messages are stolen.

The vulnerability in Signaling System 7 or SS7, which is also the technology used by communication operators, will cause hacking of media messages. SS7 is used by telephone network operators to secure messaging and telephone calls.

Hack WhatsApp using the Trojan installation

Have you heard the old story of the Trojan horse? A wooden horse statue with soldiers hiding inside and coming out of it after entering enemy territory? In IT security issues, programs that sneak into the target system and spy on it are called trojans. This software work in different forms and different layers. Some of these programs collect information from the target device and others are responsible for transmitting that information to the person or device of the intruder.

Apart from stealing personal information and files, such as videos and pictures, most trojans also have a key logger that can be pressed by the device keyboard, which can tell the attacker what keys the victim pressed in which program.

One of the reasons you see a virtual keyboard in banking portals is to prevent you from stealing the keys you pressed, which contain the second password and other vital information such as the expiration date and CVV2 on your card. Unfortunately, you may be one of those people who do not want to use this secure keyboard. The use of keylogger s was as follows.

This can also be done on smartphone platforms that use the Trojan app to spy on keywords you typed into specific apps (such as WhatsApp) and steal your information.

Therefore, be careful not to download and install programs that are published from unofficial and unreliable sources, any free software is not worth downloading and installing because it may be free to hack your WhatsApp and Telegram.


Always be aware that you are installing software and what software is installed on your phone to be safe from this spyware because these communication software are safe in themselves; this is our mobile phone which is attacked by spyware.