Spy app tracking mobile phone

Spy app tracking mobile phone
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Many users are always worried about their phones being tracked or their phones being hacked. Have you ever wondered if you could be one of those people who remotely track their phone and if it is possible at all?

Nothing is completely safe in the digital world, not even smartphones . There are always a lot of spies to worry about. Hackers or cybercriminals will spare no effort to access your personal information. As Android smartphones become more like PCs in use, spyware and viruses are spreading very fast.

How do we know that our Android phone is being tracked?

Unintelligible messages:

One of the simplest signs is sending mysterious and incomprehensible messages. For example, you may see messages on your phone that contain characters or even numbers, and think that this happened because the phone hung up, in fact, such messages can be similar to tracking codes for people's location, so be careful. Be.

Spy app tracking mobile phone

Has anyone had access to your phone?

Installing spyware and software requires physical access to your phone, so the easiest way to prevent it is to keep your phone safe. When you cannot have your phone with you, be sure to put a password on your phone. The password should not be your date of birth, wedding anniversary, address, or similar.

Check your bills:

If you have a tracking or spy program installed on your phone, the number of your bills will increase. These apps typically use your mobile phone's GPS to send your phone's location via roaming data to those who control it. If you notice a sudden increase in your grip, check this out immediately.

The quick drain of the phone battery:

This can happen for a variety of reasons. But one of the reasons that can quickly drain your phone's battery is the use of programs that reduce the charge of your phone in the background of your phone, such as listening programs.

Although the rapid discharge of the battery can be due to the high performance of the battery, you should not simply ignore it if you see such symptoms and examine the exact cause so that if there is a problem with the program you can remove it from Wipe your phone thoroughly.

Pay attention to the beep when making a call:

If you are worried that someone is listening to your calls, you should be aware of strange sounds and noises during calls. Users often hear a simple beep when making a phone call, just as there is with phone call recording apps. If your communication is poor, then you should expect a much lower call quality, but if you hear a strange sound or the sound quality deteriorates during a conversation, your calls are likely being recorded.

Suddenly the phone turns off and on:

Another sign that you should be suspicious if you see that you may be in the spy constantly is the sudden shutdown of the phone, and if it is for no reason, you should suspect the spy signal and allow the cause to be tracked and controlled. Be your phone.

Is your iPhone jailbroken?

Installing tracking software or spyware on iPhones requires a process called jailbreaking - breaking the lock or circumventing Apple's strict rules for installing software from sources other than the Appstore.

If your cell phone lock is broken, you will not notice any difference in its appearance. But if someone did the jailbreak in a hurry or carelessly, they may not have deleted the software with which they did it. So look for software like Cydia, Icy, Installer, Installous, SBSettings, these are some of the most popular jailbreak tools. Search your phone thoroughly, as these applications do not necessarily show themselves with an icon on the first screen. (Browse to folders)

Find a tracking app:

Not all users search for their folders and phone files, but if you use folder explorers like ES File Explorer, take a look at your messages, photos, and apps folder. Most spyware is not very accurate, it may create files such as 'stealth', 'spy', and 'mobile spy'. Delete any files you see like these. But before deleting files that you are not sure about, seek professional advice.

Constant heating of the phone:

Sometimes you may find that the phone gets hot all the time for no apparent reason. Even when you are not playing with your phone or a special application is not installed on the phone and you may be exposed to spyware risks. But if your phone is charging and warming up a bit, this is perfectly normal, so there is nothing to worry about.

  • Note: In addition to what we have said, you should be careful if your phone's battery life has expired unreasonably or you have constant contact with noise.

Prevent Android phone tracking:

No connection to public Wi-Fi networks:

Avoid connecting to anonymous and public Wi-Fi networks as much as possible, and use VPN s if you have to. This will greatly prevent these networks from installing unwanted applications on your mobile phone.

Lock the phone:

The first step in answering the question of how not to be tracked is to always lock your cell phone. By doing so, we reduce the physical access of other people to our mobile phones, and we get permission from those who intend to install mobile tracking software on our phones.

How to clear tracking programs and spyware

You will probably be safe if you update your cell phone applications and use malware, and delete anything suspicious described above. But one way to make sure the full backup is on your computer and reset your phone to factory settings and then reinstall everything one by one, especially since only reinstall the programs you know and you trust them.

If you use an iPhone that you suspect is jailbroken, upgrade to the latest iOS version, this will restore the jailbreak routine and remove software that violates Apple's rules. But before that, make sure you have a backup.


Today, with the advancement of technology, nothing can be done with bitumen, but with simple care, we can protect our phone from hackers and spyware. We hope that in this article, we have introduced you to these methods.