Spy app with just a phone number

Spy app with just a phone number
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How to hack a person's phone number? Hacking a number or hacking a phone with a phone number are phrases that we usually hear a lot and we have seen some people who are looking for a way to hack other people's mobile numbers. But probably many of them or even you are not familiar with the exact meaning of hacking and hacking the phone and you have heard or repeated only one phrase over and over again. In this post, we are going to see how to hack a number or hack a phone with a number.

We have written before about spying and its types, as well as the world's intelligence services that infiltrated people's privacy, but this time we do not want to talk about the operating system or a specific website, today we want to talk about the security of telecommunications infrastructure services. And let's talk about a connection that we use every day. Imagine that people can see all your activities and listen to all your phone calls, and they can only do this by having your phone number. Just having your phone number and no need to install the smallest software on your mobile phone and the interesting thing is that you can not do anything because you are not responsible for establishing this communication system and this is really scary.

Spy app with just a phone number

Is it really possible? Just having our phone number hacked?

It's really scary, imagine that all your movements are monitored and spied on by cyber criminals. The question is, is this possible? The answer of a German information security expert who has done research in this regard is positive. An information security expert at the Berlin Security Research Laboratory in Germany says that it is very simple that a hacker can access all your conversations and information just by having your phone number.

To prove this, one of the employees of this research center was even tested with a simple Apple phone, and in the end, 60 minutes of this employee's conversations were accurately recorded and spied on.

But one of the security experts, Carsten Nohl, a German who is a member of the hacking team of this security research center, says that cyber criminals in this hack do not actually hack users' devices, but because of the security weakness in communication systems and infrastructure. There are telecommunications used and the user can not contribute to the security of this mechanism at all.

This very dangerous security vulnerability is known as Signaling system Seven or SS7, which can virtually hack and spy on almost any phone. This test, as we said, was performed quite practically on the volunteer's mobile phone, and after using SS7, the phone was officially hacked with only one phone number. After performing this hack, information such as phone calls, all contacts, text messages and even GPS information and the location of the person in question were visible to the hacker. However, the flow did not end with these cases, and it was even possible to make contact with contacts, etc. in this hack.

As we said before, this vulnerability is not on your mobile phone and actually exists in telecommunication and telephone infrastructure. Installing or preventing the installation of any software on the phone can not cause any problems in the work process of this vulnerability. It's actually the Mobile Network that is being hacked, not your cell phone. You will definitely be horrified and angry to hear this, because your cell phone may have been spied on without your knowledge. Nohl went on to say that almost all cell phones could be hacked this way.

No matter what brand you use, a hacker can use this method to hack your bank accounts, email accounts, etc. because most security mechanisms include Two Factor Authentication or dual-purpose mobile authentication to do so. use. The SS7 vulnerability is almost new and was reported in August 2015. It is interesting to know that this vulnerability exists in the telecommunication infrastructure that is used in more than 800 communication companies in the world.

How does SS7 Defect or Vulnerability work?

The mechanism of this security flaw is not very complicated, the hacker redirects all the phone calls made to the target phone to a device or online voice recording system and then redirects the desired call to the mobile phone user or Re-Route and thus perform a Man In The Middle or MITM attack. If hacked in this way, the hacker can detect the slightest movement of the user and use all other hacking tools to spy on all user activities.

It is interesting to note that Nohl has stated that this security vulnerability has existed in information systems, and that the world's intelligence and security services have been aware of this vulnerability and have even used it.

How to hack a phone number?

So far you have noticed that it is possible to hack a phone through a phone number, but the question that arises is how to do this and what are the methods to hack a phone number? There are many ways to do this, but most of them require learning programming languages. Learning programming languages ​​is not an easy task at all and it takes a lot of time, which is why many people give up. Of course, professional programmers around the world have designed software for hacking phones and made them available to the public, which can be used to easily hack other people's phones.

Plc spy program is also one of the programs designed and offered by the child control system with the aim of monitoring children in cyberspace. This program is offered in several versions with different capabilities that hack the phone both with and without access and through your phone number. Using PLC SPY program, you can take control of your child's phone and have full control over his activities. This program allows you to view the location moment by moment, view incoming and outgoing SMS, contact list, contacts and all images in the gallery. Also, in the new version of this program, which has been released under the name of PLC PLUS, the ability to listen to conversations and

View the surrounding images by the child's phone camera has been added. You can install this version if you have access to your child's phone, or you can send the program link to your child with the name of a useful program and ask him to click on the link, as soon as the child clicks, the program will be installed automatically And then removed from the list of phone applications so that the child does not notice that the program is a trojan.


Hacking through a phone number is possible and you can do nothing about this attack and the telecommunications and infrastructure services should take action to resolve this issue. You can only hope that the operator companies you use are not among those that take advantage of this vulnerability.