Spy apps for android phone Monitor Any Android Phone

Spy apps for android phone Monitor Any Android Phone
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SPY24 Android Tracking App Monitor Any Android Phone Remotely Introducing SPY24, a fast, intuitive, and one of the best Android monitoring software programs that have personified to meet all the digital safety challenges of your office and home. Be it your employees or kids, monitoring their cell phones and tablets is now easier than ever because SPY24 Android Pie spying works with literally every Android device.

More Than 30 Android Tracking Features

Get acquainted with the world’s most advanced Android spy app that’s easy to use and works with all Android phones and tablets. This Samsung spy app unlocks for you a simpler Android spying solution that’s cost-friendly and effective. But Wait! SPY24 isn’t just spyware for Samsung devices; it works equally well as spy software for LG phones and even the Chinese smartphones from ZTE, OnePlus, Oppo, etc.

View call logs of all incoming, outgoing, and missed phone calls with date, time, and call duration stamps for both caller and the callee.

Read all incoming and outgoing text messages without a heckle with an easy conversation view, or download those chats to an off-server, secure location.

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Spy on IM chats and view call logs, chats, group chats, and all shared multimedia, including photos and videos from WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber , Line, Skype, Kik, and Tinder.

From online to offline, track all kinds of activity from a monitored device, including their GPS location . You can also access location history with date, time, and address stamps.

Keep tabs on the monitored device’s internet browsing, including the deleted web surfing history. You can also view all the bookmarked sites using this Android P spy app.


Get your hands onto any kind of multimedia that’s stored on the monitored device—be it screenshots, camera photos, videos, or even shared content.

Monitor Instant Messenger Chats on Android, Instantaneously!

SPY24 Android monitoring app is powerful and can monitor call logs, chats, and multimedia from eight different instant messaging apps. So When it's about IM spying, no one can do it better than SPY24. Our Android monitoring app is powerful and can monitor call logs, chats, and multimedia from eight different instant messaging apps on all Android P or previous devices.

Spy apps for android phone Monitor Any Android Phone

Spy apps for android phone

Unlock the full potential of Android spying with SPY24’s exclusive features. Our app brings so much to the table that you won’t ever want another Android spyware , ever!

Top 5 Callers

Get yourself the updated list of the top 5 callers every time you sign in to your SPY24 account. Save the fuss of going through every single phone log.

Top 5 Call Durations

Top callers aren’t just enough; get the top 5 call durations, too, with your SPY24 Android spy account.

  • Frequently-Visited Websites

Not everyone enjoys giving another person’s complete browsing history a read. Get SPY24 and review only the top 10 most-frequently-visited websites.

  • Call Time Activity Punch Card

A weekly punch card showing all the calls and their durations for every hour of the day.

Don’t compromise on your children’s safety with slow and groggy Android tracking apps—SPY24 provides real-time Android spying so that you are on top of your parenting, every time.

Spy apps for android phones Monitor Any Android Phone

  • Real-Time Location Tracking

SPY24 tracks and automatically records the footprints of your monitored kids and employees as soon as they make a move. It’s real-time so you won’t be lost while tracking them—that’s the real power of this Android tracking app!

  • Geo-Fencing

For some added offline safety, use our geofencing feature and keep tabs on your kids and employees geographically. You can mark safe and unsafe locations on the map and get instant alerts for any trespassing right away with SPY24’s Watchlist Alerts—works even with Android P devices!

  • SPY24 Remote Control

If it calls for some active intervention with your kids’ cell phone use, SPY24 has the remote commands that you would need to perfectly do that. With Remote device management, you can take control of your kids’ or employees’ cell phones and tablets from anywhere.


Take screenshots of your kids’ or employees’ monitored Android cell phones and tablets and get a more comprehensive insight into their cell phone activity.


Record calls or listens to the monitored user’s surroundings as the SPY24 Android monitoring app can intercept calls and can even access the microphone with just a single click.


When the power of parent-child negotiation seems bleak, use your parental prerogative and temporarily lock your children’s Android cell phones and tablets whenever you want.


Don’t scare your kids about losing their cell phones anymore, because their data won’t be disseminated into the wrong hands, thanks to SPY24’s remote factory reset command.

How does SPY24 Make Android Monitoring Easy?

How long does it take to install the SPY24 Android Monitoring app?

From subscribing to downloading, to installing SPY24, get your children or employees’ Android smartphone or tablet ready for monitoring in just under 5 minutes.

How to spy on an Android device remotely from anywhere?

To control activity on Android phones and tablets remotely, all you need is a one-time installation of SPY24 on the target device.

Is SPY24 Android spy visible on the monitored device?

Our stealth mode provides a 100 percent non-intrusive Android spying solution so that you are always on top of your monitoring experience because we believe the less nudging an app, the better it is!

What Android devices are compatible with SPY24?

SPY24 works on all Android devices running Android 4. x up to Android 13. x. To check your device compatibility, click here.

How can I browse text messages from the target android Phone?

We know your priorities and that’s why our text message spy ing allows for an easy conversation view; no more mess, no more agglomeration!

How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages on android?

Not just WhatsApp, SPY24 Android spy offers IM chat monitoring from nine different apps, ensuring that no stones are left unturned in the making of SPY24.

Does SPY24 work with unrooted Android devices?

Yes, unlike many other apps, SPY24 works with both rooted and unrooted devices.

Which phone brands are compatible with the SPY24 spy app for Android?

All major phone brands are compatible with SPY24. For information about specific models, you could check our Compatibility page.

How is SPY24 Android spy better than other Android spy apps available?

SPY24’s USP is the team behind it that's determined and hardworking. With SPY24, you experience the best Android spying experience that’s free of bugs and lags. Above all, we bring updates to our apps sooner than anyone else. We have also been the first ones to come up with Android Oreo 8.1 compatibility.

Does SPY24 offer spyware for Android tablets?

Our mobile surveillance software for Android works with both Android phones and tablets. You can download SPY24 on any tablet running Android 4.0 or above.

Does SPY24 work with Android 9.0 devices?

Yes, our app works with all major Android 9.0 devices. Please refer to our compatibility page for more info.

Is it possible to hack someone’s Android phone via SPY24?

SPY24 is not a hacking tool; it’s a monitoring tool that has to be used with the legal consent of the other party.

spy apps for android phones:

Being for years in the business of cell phone spyware for Android has only taught us one thing: to be bigger and better with every new update.

And that’s what we are on every day. Many secret tracking apps for Android that started along us have already bid their farewell because

every new Android OS update is making things more complicated; it’s the survival of the fittest only now and we still got it!

Need an Android Pie Monitoring app? Look no further!

The World’s Best Android Monitoring Experience Is Only a Few Steps Away

Tracking your kids or employees was never this easy—just a few minutes of download and installation is all it takes for SPY24 to spy on an Android phone.


With different subscription plans and payment options, getting the right Android monitoring software is now more convenient and affordable.


Use the instructions emailed to you to download and install the SPY24 Android spying app on the target phone or tablet.


Login to your SPY24 Dashboard using the provided account credentials and start monitoring Android cell phones and tablets right away.

More Reasons to Choose SPY24 Android Monitoring Application

SPY24 is the only Android spy software that you need for a fast, responsive, and accurate Android tracking experience. Our app is minimalist and easy to use, while equipped with top-notch spying features that are hard to beat.


From subscribing to downloading to installing, get your child or employees’ Android smartphone or tablet ready for monitoring in just under 5 minutes.


View the uploaded data from the monitored Android device anywhere and anytime with the convenience of the SPY24 Dashboard app.


Get your hands on others’ smartphone activity in real-time with SPY24’s fast and reliable Android monitoring software.


Get your queries answered by our knowledgeable and always-online customer support team. With SPY24, you won’t be left alone with your problems!


Get notified of what matters to you the most. SPY24 gives you the freedom to put checks on specific words, locations, and contacts for instant notifications. Monitor them without having to monitor everything about them!


Our premium Android spyware matched with its nominal subscription fee is what makes SPY24 the no. 1 spyware program for Android devices.

Here's How to Hook Up Your Smartphone to an External Display

With a smartphone monitor, you can carry out your analysis more quickly. Connecting a phone to a computer monitor can be accomplished in one of three ways.

Using a portable display might help you get the most out of your smartphone's newfound power. You may rapidly transform your smartphone into a primary computer by using a portable monitor, allowing you to work more efficiently on a larger screen.

A portable monitor can be connected to a phone in numerous ways, and this guide will explain how to do it. Step-by-step instructions on how to quickly and easily prepare the setup will be provided.

Method 1: Using a single cable to connect a phone and a monitor

The most convenient way to connect a phone to a monitor is with a single USB-C connection. As a result of its simplicity and cost-efficiency, this approach is a popular choice. However, your smartphone must meet certain specifications to function properly.

Check to See if Your Phone Is Compatible

A DisplayPort Alt Mode-enabled USB C port on both your smartphone and your portable display is required to connect them with a single USB C connection (DP Alt Mode). In addition, the video signals must be transferred using a USB C cable that has the Alt Mode capability.

Samsung's Galaxy Note and S series, HTC's flagship U series, and Huawei's Mate and P series are just a few examples of smartphones that support DisplayPort. Additionally, the LG G & V series, Razer & ROGH phones, and others have this feature as well. Other DP Alt Mode Compatibility Devices can be found by looking through this compatible list.

Consider Your Portable Monitor Options

The portable monitors come in a variety of sizes, resolutions, color gamuts, and even their portability, depending on the model. If you're looking for a monitor that you can take with you everywhere you go, look for one with a built-in battery. You should have a battery monitor with a capacity of at least 5000 mAH so that you can operate for a few hours without interruption. Lithium-ion batteries are preferable because they are smaller, more resilient, and more efficient.

You will benefit from battery monitors with a keyboard and trackpad, known as LapDocks. They're acting more like a laptop with a decent touchscreen than a tablet. Models like the SPY24 X and NexDock are well-liked and operate well with Android 10 desktop modes like Samsung Dex.

Compatibility is the next consideration. The USB C port on the portable display must be compatible with the DP ALT mode. They should also have enough connectors for connecting the keyboard, mouse, and docking stations. Moreover, To get the most out of your computer, these I/O connectivity options are essential.

The battery-free monitor might be a better option if you plan to use the monitor on a desk near a power source. Connecting the monitor to power should allow you to utilize it.

How to Connect: Now that we've verified that our phone and the monitor are compatible, it's time to connect them:

Start by turning on the monitor's power supply first. Make sure it's plugged into an electrical outlet if it doesn't run on batteries.

Connect the DP ALT mode USB C capable of being used with a portable monitor to the phone and the other end to the phone's USB C port.

Turn on Desktop Mode in the Android settings if your smartphone is running OS 10 or later. There is a Developers option where you can find it.

If you're using an earlier version of Android or your phone doesn't have a Desktop Mode, you'll need to enable the mirror screen.

The phone's UI should now appear on the portable monitor. If you're using a different smartphone, the UI will be different.

Method 2: Use an HDMI adapter for iOS or Android.

If you have DP Alt Mode enabled on your phone or portable computer, you don't need to worry. It doesn't matter if the phone doesn't have Desktop Mode, you can still use the portable monitor to display the phone screen. A simple HDMI to IOS/Android converter is all you'll need. The adapter we'll be utilizing to link your smartphone to a portable monitor is seen below.

If the monitor is not battery powered, plug it into an electrical socket.

This converter allows you to use your iPhone or Android device with your computer via a single cable.

A USB port provides power for the adaptor.

Device matching can be done by scanning the QR Code.

This time you should be able to view what was on the smartphone on the monitor's screen.

Keep in mind that this method simply allows you to view the phone's screen on the portable display, and you will be unable to use the touch functionality. Make sure your phone is in landscape orientation to receive a full-screen view of the display. To further understand how to connect, below is a video.

Three-Pronged Approach: Using a Wireless Dongle

A Wireless Dongle is an option if you don't want to deal with cables. It eliminates the need for a physical cable connection between your smartphone and the portable monitor. Using a wifi dongle is as simple as this:

Use Miracast on Android to share your screen.

After connecting the dongle to the power source, configure it and turn it on (if needed).

Connect the dongle to the portable monitor at this point. Make that the display is on or connected to the power source.

A wireless network can be set up using the dongle. On the portable monitor, you will notice the network name and Pin.

Go to the "Projection Screen" option on your Android phone, which may differ from device to device; this may be "ALL Share Cast" for Samsung or "Projection Screen" for Huawei.

You may likely discover the name of your portable device in this location. Start having fun by pressing on it and connecting.

Use iPhone's Screen Mirroring feature to establish a connection.

To connect the dongle to the portable monitor, follow the first three steps.

In your iPhone's control bar, select the Screen Mirroring option and search for compatible devices.

Connect to the gadget by pressing on it. Miracast is now working on the portable monitor as a result of this.


There are a variety of methods for connecting a smartphone to a portable monitor, as seen in the images above. USB-C to USB-C Cable is the handiest of the three choices we've explored so far because it's simple and easy to use. If DP-alt Mode isn't available on your device, an Android/iOS adaptor can be used to make the connection. Alternatively, you can use the wireless dongle to set up your system wirelessly.