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SPY24 Text Spying Software: Read All Sent and Received Text Messages If your children or employees’ texting behavior is raising suspicions, SPY24 is the text spy app that you need right now! Read all sent or received text messages along with the date, time, and contact stamps without even touching their cell phones that’s the power of the SPY24 text message spy app. You can read any message that was received by or sent from the phone.

How to Remotely Read Text Messages Off Any Android or iOS Device?

Find out how you could remotely spy on text messages off a monitored device using SPY24 .

SMS Tracker – Spy on Text Messages Remotely on Android Cell Phone

SPY24 SMS tracker lets you track and spy text messages on an Android device. SMS spy ing app records text messages and allows you to read all conversations.

  • Text messages

    View all your kid`s messages. With SPY24 you can monitor incoming, outgoing messages remotely. Even the deleted messages will be available to you in your personal Control Panel.

  • MMS

    View all media your child shares in MMS. Monitor the content of every MMS and be sure they don`t get & receive any private photos. Note: this feature is available on Android devices only.

  • Why monitor texts

    Modern kids rarely make calls they usually text instead. To make sure they are not hanging with the wrong crowd it is important to monitor their text messages, especially the deleted ones.

  • Spy on text messages

    This powerful phone app is created to spy on text messages and thus allows you to view all the information received and sent by the device user

  • SMS Tracker – Text Spy App

    SMS Tracker by SPY24 is a hidden app for spying on text messages and saving call histories, contacts, locations, cameras, audio, internet activity, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber , Facebook, Skype, and Telegram.

  • Spy & Track Someone's Text Messages

    Do you need a way to read their text messages? Use SPY24! SPY24 allows you to monitor their text messages on the sly. The app lets you read both incoming and outgoing messages. It’s quick, easy, and safe.

What is SPY24 Text Spy software?

What is SPY24 Text Spy software?

Cell phones were taken over by the smartphone technology, years back, but left us with the legacy of SMS. With SPY24, you can remotely track all text messages on cell phones either received or sent on your kids’ or employees’ phones or tablets. Instantly check names and numbers of sender and other details like time and date stamps and Geo Tags. View all sent and received text messages. Check sender’s name and number. View time and date stamps. View SMS messages Want to know what your kids are talking about and when they are chatting on their phones or tablets? Do you fear that your child could be texting with strangers? SPY24 lets you read all the text messages they send or receive on their phones without touching their cell phones. Do you know that your child send or recieve porn text messages on their phones ? Do you worried about their texting habits? With SPY24 sms tracker, you can remotely check all the sent and received text messages on your kid's and loved one's phone even when these sms may have been deleted from the device.

Why Spy Text Messages

  •   Is SMS tracker Important for Android Phones?Reading and tracking text messages can help you explore the social circle and routine activities of someone. Parents get worried about their kids by seeing them chatting with random people using mobile phones. Conversely, companies need to spy text messages of employees to ensure business protection.  SPY24 SMS tracker enables you to read sent, received, and deleted messages of any of your Android target device.

    Spying on text messages gets better with SPY24!

    When you get SPY24, spying on text messages gets better and easier. You don’t end up going through a plethora of text messages that the monitored user receives every day. Instead, you can put checks on specific words and contacts, allowing you to monitor only the activity that truly matters to you.

    Spy on texts with Watchlist Alerts

    If you want to spy on text messages but want to avoid the hassle of going through each and every one of them, you can add certain words, phrases, and contacts that concern you on SPY24’s Watchlist Alerts. Every time a Watchlisted word or contact appears within the text messages, you will be sent an email for that right away. SPY24 is the best text message spy app and now you know the reason!

    Easy Viewing and Sorting

    When you use SPY24 spyware to see text messages, viewing and sorting become a breeze. One click and you are in the List View; another, and you are in the Conversation View.
    Are you using the best app for spying on phone texting?
    If you aren’t using the best texting spyware, then what are you waiting for? Sign up for SPY24 and start spying on texts in no time!

    Free SMS Spy App

    How to spy on text messages with SPY24. This mobile spy app tracks calls, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, SMS, web history, and GPS location

    Weekly SMS App Free
    Read incoming and outgoing messages, including deleted ones.

    Monthly Spy App Text Messages
    Read all exchanged text messages and iMessages.

    Yearly Spy On Chat Messages
    Spy on text messages free

Why Spy Text Messages

Frequently Asked Questions - SMS Spy

  • Can I Access Both Sent And Received Messages Off The Monitored Device?

    Yes, SPY24 can monitor both sides of a text conversation on the monitored device. Therefore, you can read all text messages sent or received from the monitored person’s cell phone.

  • Can I Access Even Those Text Messages That Are Present On The Target Device Prior To The Installation Of SPY24?

    Any text messages available on the target device prior to the installation of SPY24 will be uploaded to your SPY24’s web account. However, if the text messages are deleted prior to a backup by SPY24, you won’t be able to retrieve them.

  • There Are Too Many Text Messages On The Target Device, How Can I Find The Ones That I Am Looking For?

    You can sift out unwanted messages and can get instant email alerts for those that include your provided keywords using SPY24’s Watchlist Alerts.

  • How Long Does SPY24 Keep All The Texting Logs?

    SPY24 won’t delete older text messages uploaded on its control panel. You can keep them for as long as you want.

  • How Many Texts Can I Store On My SPY24’s Online Account?

    SPY24 offers unlimited data uploads from the monitored device, be it text messages, call logs or multimedia.

  • Can I Access Deleted Text Messages Conversations?

    Yes, SPY24 allows you to access even the deleted SMS conversations as the app immediately uploads everything onto its online portal, and that’s why it’s the best spyware to read text messages.

  • How It Works?

    The application, when installed, takes a back-up of the SMS history from the devices. It instantly uploads the data to your user account, for you to monitor.

  • Why you need this feature?

    If your children were spending too much time on the phone calls. Then, you might want to know with whom they were chatting, isn’t it? Then, the SPY24 SMS tracker feature can help you a lot. No root required to access our application so, your mobile phone warranty will in action.

Why Spy Text Messages with SPY24?

  • Even with the advent of instant messaging apps, texting is considered a viable messaging solution, because it’s relatively more discreet.
  • Over 350 billion text messages are sent every month across the globe, of which 6 billion are sent daily in the U.S.
  • Kids consider SMS as a safer platform for their personal conversations. When you monitor text messages on your kids’ cell phone, you ensure that they aren’t participating in any form of unsafe behavior through text messaging.
  • Online predators and bullies prefer texting over many other messaging apps because of the anonymity it provides.
  • Texting while driving is another danger that your child is facing. With SPY24, you can monitor text messages on your children’s cell phones and can even lock their devices while they are driving.
  • If you are worried about your kids’ cell phone obsession, monitoring their text messages is quite pertinent.



“I have a business and need to keep track of my trucks. The best feature for me is definitely the GPS. It shows the location and is constantly updating to new locations, making it easy to track my employees. I would definitely recommend using this product if you are trying to keep track of someone or something!




"I wanted access to my son's social media accounts, and so I tried SPY24. Not only did I gain access, I found that I can control what he can and can't do with his iPhone"




“Why did I decide to use SPY24? Simple, I am not gonna sit and wait for something to happen. I read about Amanda Todd and other kids. Seriously, my son’s safety costs way more than $30.”

What Can You Reveal with SPY24 SMS Tracking Feature?

Now you can see what they’ve been saying with the text messaging monitor that shows you everything.

You Can Totally Rely on SPY24 - We've Got Your Back

SPY24 won't leave you alone with your subscription, because for us, your satisfaction rests atop everything else, and with that, we promise to deliver only the best mobile spy app experience to you!

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    Stealth Mode 100% Invisible

What Can You Learn from Reading Texts?

spy on messages
Why would you want to read someone’s texts? Isn’t it an invasion of privacy? Sometimes’s ethical to read someone’s texts if you’re doing it to safeguard your or their interests.
Parental Control
What kind of messages are your kids exchanging? Are they being targeted by bullies or sexual predators? Kids sometimes don’t know when to ask for help. A quick scan of your child’s texts could save you a lot of trouble down the road.
Workplace Monitoring
Employees don’t always do what they’re paid for. Occasionally, an employee will sell confidential information about your company to a competitor. With SPY24, you can prevent that from happening.
Contacts Vetting
Are your kids associating with the right people? You can run formal or informal background checks on all the contact information you gather from the SMS spy feature.
Can I read text messages on Android/iOS devices without root/jailbreak?
Yes, you can. No root or jailbreak is needed.
Why Pick SPY24?
You can have SPY24 up and running in a matter of minutes. It’s powerful and easy to use. It’s also 100% discreet. Your target will never know they’re being spied on. Finally, it even has the ability to read deleted texts and iMessages
Track cell phone location

SPY24 SMS tracker: Hidden free app for texts on Android

SMS tracker allows you to spy on text on Android phones. It’s hidden, free to download and easy to install. Spying on text has never been so easy. This software is a solution for those who want to track, read, spy on or basically look at someone’s text messages for free from another phone.

Is it possible to spy on text or SMS for free?

SMS tracking is a feature that is not included in the default setup of any OS – Windows, Android, MacOS and so on. To have such a function, you have to install an application. You can find many similar offers, but be careful, as a lot of scams are on the market. Yes, features can be free, but you must use your brain to find the best option. Don’t waste your time; choose SPY24.

Today, people use mobile phones for nearly everything and everywhere. Even children grow up with mobile devices in their hands. Of course, parents have to spy on text messages from another phone to know what is going on with their kids. Every mother, as well as every father, wonders how to view and read someone’s text messages.

Nowadays, cell phones are an integral part of workplaces. A lot of employees work not in offices but at home. They use corporate phones or tablets. That’s why nearly every boss wants to know how to control workers for free. The free spy app SPY24 can be a solution for such a task.

Free SMS tracker for hidden (spy) tracking of text messages

SPY24 is more than a modern SMS tracker (text spy); it’s a complex solution and powerful Android phone tracker. This free app allows you to monitor all received or sent information, MMS and other image messages, including WhatsApp and Viber. You can even spy on Facebook.

For example, it is used for tracking text messages, monitoring locations, recording calls, and checking browser and SMS histories. If you decide to look at someone’s texts, choose SPY24. This tool will give you a calm life. Try it!

How to spy on text messages with this Android app

Do you know that the text message reader spy SPY24 is not just a useful but also a very simple solution? You will know how to use it after five minutes. This fact is represented in the app’s popularity among thousands of users around the world. You can join them. Following are three main reasons to use it.

  1. Some married people (husbands and wives) may start writing online messages to other men or women. Who wants to be cheated on?
  2. Many people think that the Internet has a lot of advantages. However, it can be dangerous for kids. There are many incidents of cyber-bullying. Of course, parents want to protect their teens in this digital age.
  3. Businessmen do not wish to waste money on an employee who spends all his/her working time chatting with relatives or friends, watching films, visiting websites, or playing online games.

How can you access someone’s text messages? Easy. Use SPY24. It’s one of the most useful software programs to answer such a question. Thousands of people have already chosen this SMS tracker, and you can join it today.

SMS tracking – When a hidden text/SMS spy can be helpful

Here are some examples:

  • If you’re worried about why your loved one (wife, husband, girlfriend) is typing so much on the phone, don’t waste time and ask him or her. A simple conversation can be a solution, but software can also be helpful.
  • Frequent texting on any smartphone can influence the education of any child. When parents decide to install SPY24, they get information about visited websites and sent emails, photos, SMS, and so on. Thanks to this free message tracker, you can see whether your kids are looking at something forbidden. And, of course, you’ll know secrets about their relationships with their friends.
  • A boss can’t check on his staff by standing over them. If you think that your workers aren’t completing their responsibilities, that they’re wasting working time on useless things, this app will reveal such problems. This free SMS tracker can make your company more successful. Can other spy messages increase your productivity? We aren’t sure.

As you know, getting cell phone text message records is easy, so don’t hesitate; try it for free right now.

Text watcher message spy SPY24: Functions of this SMS tracker

Would you like to know more information about the free SMS spy tracker online? Below, we have collected the main features that allow you to understand the tool better. SPY24 is a call, GPS, and SMS tracker. It has a number of helpful functions:

  • tracking the location of a gadget;
  • spying on text messages;
  • controlling browser activity;
  • getting access to emails, numbers, and names from contact lists;
  • reading Viber, WhatsApp, and Facebook;
  • viewing information about calls;
  • getting a picture at moments when someone unlocks his/her device.

It should be mentioned that this phone text spy sends a notification when a user starts changing his/her SIM card and also allows you to see the SIM card location.

There is one more important function. Many other spy apps for text messaging don’t have it. SPY24 remains invisible as long as you need it to. That’s why the user won’t know about this messenger spy. Use this Android application to read text messages on another phone/tablet without fear. It works like a real spy and can remain your secret as long as you need it to.

How to install the SMS tracker

To understand that the application is useful and easy to use, you can try it for free. It will allow you to see other people’s text messages, and it’s an easy way to get texts from another phone. Follow three steps and you will have access to all functions:

  • Create a web account (it’s free);
  • Download the text tracking app;
  • Track all recorded data.

Tracking is available in your own online account. You have access to it 24/7 from anywhere with an Internet connection. If you don’t want to waste time and money, want to ease your mind, or want access to information, download the free SMS tracker. This text spy is available to everyone.

What is SPY24 SMS Tracker Feature?

SPY24 SMS spying feature helps people to read text conversations from the target device and discover the secrets that have been hiding from them. The SMS tracker captures sent and received text messages, SMS history, contact details, etc. and enables you to access these messages via the online web-based dashboard.
How Spying on Text Messages Can Save You from A Lot of Things?

Today, it is easier to reach kids via spy text messages. It is alarming that; bullies, perverts, and the majority of cybercriminals reach juveniles by sending them text messages. Parents should look after the digital activities of their kids and keep an eye on people who contact them.

Companies use a text spy app to read SMS messages of their employees on company-owned devices. Spying text messages help employers to ensure that their staff is not compromising business information. Also, SMS monitoring helps companies to improve productivity.

Detect Potential Threats & Catch Digital Bullies & Predators:

Keeping tabs on your kid’s mobile phone activities is a must due to the increased number of cyber predators. SPY24 SMS tracker app provides ultimate message monitoring solutions to parents so that they can read suspicious texts and detect people bothering their kids.

Parental Control

Read and Detect Suspicious Text Messages on your Kid’s Device

Employee Monitoring

Read Text Messages of Your Staff & Keep Business Data Safe

How to Set up SPY24 SMS Tracker in Your Target Device?

SPY24 SMS tracker allows easy access to text messages of your target device.

Here is how to start with SPY24:

    Sign up with SPY24
    Choose Opera ting System
    Click on Text Messages from Dashboard
    Read and Monitor Message Conversations
    Rooting or Jailbreaking not required

SPY24 Text Message Monitoring App is a Robust App that Allows You to Spy Text Messages under Stealth Mode.