how to spy WhatsApp voices?

how to spy WhatsApp voices?
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Remotely spy on WhatsApp Messenger

Non-root spy app for WhatsApp IM

WhatsApp Spy ware allows the user to spy on WhatsApp Messenger and monitor all activities in the WhatsApp account. This is useful for avoiding potential dangers in the social media app as it tends towards online bullies, cyber hunters and data breaches. WhatsApp Spyware TheOneSpy works with rooted and non-rooted cell phones and can be installed within a minute and started immediately. Obviously a strong internet connection is needed for a faster data upload process. So, install and download TheOneSpy on a rooted or rootless device and start spying on WhatsApp to protect kids and teens from online threats and get instant reports of all WhatsApp instant messages

TheOneSpy WhatsApp audio spy app

Allows you to access WhatsApp voice messages. Allows you to schedule all activities, such as text messages sent or received, complete conversations of audio or video files sent or received by whom, with a precise schedule.

Now record WhatsApp voice calls by recording TheOneSpy VoIP call without root on your Android phone.

WhatsApp call recording software is the only tool of its kind that allows users to record and listen to WhatsApp one-way calls without rooting the desired mobile device. Users can use TheOneSpy IM voice call recording on their devices to listen to instant messaging voice and video calls. The user can listen and record instant (one-way) calls on mobile devices, and can use social media call recording software without rooting on the Android phone of their choice. Spyware can store instant messaging app contact data in the online portal so that the user can listen to WhatsApp voice calls without touching the target cell phone. WhatsApp Voice / VoIP Call Recording Works with Android OS version 10 and above.

How does TheOneSpy WhatsApp voice spy software work?

While monitoring WhatsApp voicemails that have an Android target device should be rooted, in the case of the target iOS device (iPhone) it should be jailbreak, allowing the messaging app to allow you to Control WhatsApp Messenger. WhatsApp TheOneSpy monitor can easily record the voice of WhatsApp messenger on the target smartphone and upload the log files to the user control panel so that the user can easily hear the recorded voice and short voice messages and for Use in future downloads.

Install TheOneSpy application on the desired phone

Enable whatsApp tracking app using web portal

Get WhatsApp voice message reports

spy WhatsApp voices

How does TOS WhatsApp Voice Messenger Spy Help help you?

WhatsApp Spyware TheOneSpy The use of instant messaging, especially in young teens, forces parents to think about what their young children are always doing in WhatsApp messaging on their smartphones . Employers are suspicious of their company's confidential data, and their employees appear to be working on their smartphones during office hours. WhatsApp Voice spy app enables you to check everything and give you the ultimate spy experience by capturing the WhatsApp screen.

Short voice messages / sent and received

SMS, emoticons, emotion tags / sent and received

Multimedia files, ie movies, photos, music files, etc.

WhatsApp control of others

As mentioned, many people want to have control over whatsApp. But what do you think is the reason? Many people are skeptical of what their children are doing in the virtual world, and many more are trying to control other people on WhatsApp. There can be many reasons for this, but in general, no matter how logical the reasons may seem, it is immoral and wrong. In the following, we are going to explain some of the ways to control others on WhatsApp so that you are aware of them and take care of them.

WhatsApp control methods for others

Hack your WhatsApp

The first and most logical way that everyone can think of to access your messages is to hack your WhatsApp. There are several ways to hack WhatsApp with code that allows people to log in to your account. You need to know these methods well and be careful not to be hacked through these methods

Extracting WhatsApp messages is done in two ways.

1: Extract via Decrypt 12 file and Whatsapp Viewer

One way to extract WhatsApp messages is to use the WhatsApp Viewer application and access WhatsApp backup files on the phone to your computer, which allows you to access all the messages and media sent to the person and Easily control others's WhatsApp through them.

To do this, you need to find the Decrypt 12 file in WhatsApp files and also remove the Key file and decrypt the file using WhatsApp Viewer and open the created file with WhatsApp Viewer. In the video below, this is easily taught.

2: Use your WhatsApp

WhatsApp itself has a feature that allows you to easily extract the files you need and all the messages and easily send all the chats as a file. To do this you must:

In the WhatsApp menu, select the setting option.

In the settings, enter the Chat section and then click on Chat History

Find the Export Chat option and select Export Chat.

You can also select the Include Media option, which also includes media in this export.

Then share the file and send it to yourself via WhatsApp or other messengers and then delete the file from the person's phone so that he does not notice.

Can we access and control anyone's phone?

Yes, after installing the program, you can simply control each person's mobile phone according to the purchased version, but the purpose of making this programs are only to manage the family and complete supervision of children.