How to spy WhatsApp documents?

How to spy WhatsApp documents?
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Our WhatsApp spyware is an all-in-one monitoring tool that can meet all your needs and wants. With its help, you can easily spy on WhatsApp messages that are done on the desired device. In particular, you will be able to:

Track all WhatsApp chats;

See the time and date of each call.

Access remotely collected data from your online control panel.

Spy on WhatsApp activity even on iOS devices without jailbreak.

In addition, once you install WhatsApp Spyware on your device, you will have access to other useful features that protect your underage children from the dangers of online and your business from data and asset leaks. Are done. For example, you will have the opportunity to:

Monitor incoming and outgoing calls;

View text and multimedia messages;

Track website history

Block inappropriate content and applications.

Track your current GPS location.

Control all other instant messengers including Facebook, SnapChat, Skype and Viber.

Why do you need all these features? it's simple! While the Internet is full of online dangers ranging from cyberbullying to texting and pornography, using a simple app that can only control WhatsApp messages is not enough to protect your child. This is also true for your business, as employees can use any other instant messenger to share confidential information with your competitors. This is exactly why you should choose a WhatsApp SPY24 multi-purpose tracker that can give you access to other required information collected from the device.

Hack WhatsApp using Trojan installation

Have you heard the old story of the Trojan horse? A wooden horse statue with soldiers hiding inside and coming out of it after entering enemy territory? In IT security issues, programs that sneak into the target system and spy on it are called trojans. These softwares work in different forms and in different layers. Some of these programs collect information from the target device and others are responsible for transmitting that information to the person or device of the intruder. Apart from stealing personal information and files, such as videos and pictures, most trojans also have a key logger that can be pressed by the device keyboard, which can tell the attacker which program the victim is in.

One of the reasons you see a virtual keyboard in banking portals is to prevent you from stealing the keys you pressed, which contain the second password and other vital information such as the expiration date and CVV2 on your card. Unfortunately, you may also be one of those people who do not want to use this secure keyboard. The use of keyloggers was as follows.

This can also be done on smartphone platforms that use the Trojan app to spy on keywords you typed into certain apps (such as WhatsApp) and steal your information.

Therefore, be careful not to download and install programs that are published from unofficial and unreliable sources, any free software is not worth downloading and installing because it may be free to hack WhatsApp and your telegram.

spy documents

Hack WhatsApp WhatsApp and spy on messages with the free SPY24 app

This method does not attack WhatsApp messenger encryption and only focuses on user deception. What seriously threatens the security of users in cyberspace is ignorance. In an age when information (the result of data processing) becomes knowledge and business revolves around this axis. Ignorance and lack of information and awareness in such cases will cause you serious problems.

The problem is not technology and the advancement of technology, the problem is the lack of culture, the acquisition of knowledge and awareness about the use of technology. The knife with which the users themselves cut their hands and put the blame on the existence of the knife.

Such risks cannot be reduced as long as the official and state media of Iran, including television, magazines and websites, incite the negative aspects of cyberspace and create a general fear of technology, because they are only addressed. Instead of intimidating, rescuing, filtering and turning a blind eye to technology, we can teach, earn and cultivate useful and effective use along with information in the field of information technology, we can say that we are safe!

Give people a weapon of awareness so that they can take care of themselves, and when this issue is addressed in the larger community, we will see widespread information and psychological security throughout the community.

New method of hacking WhatsApp !!!

Every message becomes famous, hackers are looking to hack it. We want to talk about the new method of hacking WhatsApp.

I will post a news of a new method that I read in the Iranian era

Recently, hackers have been trying to take control of people's WhatsApp accounts using a new method and Weasmail.

A new security hole has been discovered in WhatsApp that criminals can use to access user information.

According to a report by Naked Security, run by the British company Sophos, hackers are trying to access WhatsApp users' information by abusing whistles. These hacking attacks are very pervasive.

Hackers first try to install the standard WhatsApp application on their mobile phone using the user's phone number.

In the next step, WhatsApp authenticates the operation by sending a text message containing a 6-digit verification code to the user's mobile. For this reason, hackers try to perform this operation when the mobile user does not monitor (at night).

In the next step, WhatsApp allows the user to choose between sending a 6-digit code again and an automatic voice call. Because the user does not monitor their mobile, a message will be sent to their Weasel.

At this stage, hackers use the security gap in the network of telecommunications companies to receive these voicemails. Users must enter a 4-digit PIN code to access their whistles, which is basically 0000 or 1234.

To prevent WhatsApp hacking, be sure to enable the security items embedded in the software itself

However, users can open the victims' WhatsApp account by entering the password on their devices.

This is while some hackers enable two-step authentication method for WhatsApp account in which the user has to enter a separate PIN to authenticate again.

Personal messaging

WhatsApp encryption is used when someone sends a message to someone using WhatsApp messengers. Global encryption ensures that only you and the contact you are contacting can read what has been sent and not any other third party, not even WhatsApp. This is because with universal encryption, your messages are protected by a lock that only the recipient and you have the key to open and read. All of this happens automatically: You do not need to enable settings or set up private conversations to protect your messages.