How to spy WhatsApp message android

How to spy WhatsApp message android
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What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is one of the best and most well-known messenger or messaging apps, which has recently been purchased by Facebook for a long time and has been able to attract millions of users during this time From the range of users of a city and province, become a global application or software.

WhatsApp control of others

As mentioned, many people want to have control over whatsApp. But what do you think is the reason? Many people are skeptical of what their children are doing in the virtual world, and many more are trying to control other people on WhatsApp. There can be many reasons for this, but in general, no matter how logical the reasons may seem, it is immoral and wrong. In the following, we are going to explain some of the ways to control others on WhatsApp so that you are aware of them and take care of them.

WhatsApp control methods for others

Hack your WhatsApp

The first and most logical way that comes to everyone's mind so that they can access your messages is to hack your WhatsApp. There are several ways to hack WhatsApp with code that allows people to log in to your account. You need to know these methods well and be careful not to be hacked through these methods.

spy Whatsapp messages in android

Use WhatsApp itself

WhatsApp itself has a feature that allows you to easily extract the files you need and all the messages and easily send all the chats as a file. To do this you must:

In the WhatsApp menu, select the setting option.

In the settings, enter the Chat section and then click on Chat History

Find the Export Chat option and select Export Chat.

You can also select the Include Media option, which also includes media in this export.

Then share the file and send it to yourself via WhatsApp or other messengers and then delete the file from the person's phone so that he does not notice.

Free or Pro version? Which one should we download?

The point is that the free version of the program has an ad display section in the interface, every 5 minutes, so if we want to use it continuously, it may be better to buy the full version through PayPal on the developer's website, or Use cracked versions.

Nmap is the most powerful and complete tool for scanning ports and networks and can even provide interesting information about the names of software used, operating system and their version. This powerful scanner, unlike its competitors, can perform various parameters. Examine the latency and congestion of the network in its decisions, such as fluctuations, and this action will increase the accuracy of this scanner.

It is one of the most powerful programs for cracking passwords. This powerful program that is available in Kali by default is the only program that has the ability to crack Linux passwords. It is possible for this program to succeed and continue cracking operations. If you Not sure if to use John The Rpper or Hydra application and do not know which one to use, it is better to consider John The Rpper application as an offline crack password application

monitoring whatsapp messages

Spy on Android

The best way to spy on WhatsApp on Android for free

When it comes to Android, the best way to spy on WhatsApp comes from someone using the WhatsApp web version ( You need the desired Android device for a few moments and then the job is done. You need a computer too.

Step 1: You need to access WhatsApp from the target phone and open the WhatsApp web settings from the menu. At the same time open the WhatsApp web version ( in your browser. Then follow the on-screen instructions to scan the code on the computer screen. This device will switch on the camera and you have to hold the phone in such a way that the QR code comes between the boxes on the phone. Once you are done, target the device and keep it like something happened!

AndroidRAT app

AndroidRAT app is one of the most interesting hacking apps for Android phones. Part of the name of this program, which is marked with the term RAT, stands for Remote Administrative Tool, which means "remote control tool". Therefore, the nature of the application is determined by its name, and with this program, you can remotely control other people's phones. This app will launch automatically after the contact phone is turned on. Some of the most interesting information you can get using the AndroidRAT app include comprehensive information about your contact list, contact list, text messages, locations, and more. With this program, you can even remotely command to make phone calls, send text messages, take photos with the phone's camera, open the browser screen automatically, and more. So if you are looking for a free and interesting phone hacking program, AndroidRAT is one of the best options available.

Hackode app is one of the newest mobile phone hacking apps for Android that we saw released in 2018, but due to its good performance quality, it has been included in our list of best apps. With this program, you will get access to very interesting features that can be based on SQL Injection , MySQL Server, Whois, IP, etc. So this program leaves you completely free to do various things. So remember the Hackode app as one of the best Android phone hacking apps.

CSploit app is another one of the best Android phone hacking apps. The creators of this application claim that this program is the richest phone hacking application in the Android operating system in terms of functionality and capability. The program supports features such as counting and providing local hosting information, finding variables, finding and changing the Wi-Fi password, installing remote backups, and more. So if you want to access a rich and useful Android phone hacking app, do not forget the cSploit app

A very important point

Many people today are looking for a WhatsApp hacking program without access to a mobile phone or ways to hack the accounts of their loved ones in virtual networks. This is usually because they want to watch the behavior of their loved ones or children in the dangerous digital world. The important point is that hacking people for any reason is wrong and immoral; But if you think your reason is good enough, you can use the above methods to hack WhatsApp without accessing the phone of the person you want.