How to spy WhatsApp screenshots?

How to spy WhatsApp screenshots?
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Whatsapp is one of the most popular chat apps in the world. Millions of users exchange messages daily through private or group chats. WhatsApp is a great and most secure communication service with two-way encryption. However, like any communication you send over the Internet, there are always security threats, especially when it comes to trusting others. Wouldn't it be nice to use the same feature on Snapchat that alerts you if someone takes a screenshot of the screen? Apple also has this feature with FaceTime and Instagram. So, does WhatsApp report calls during screenshots?

Unfortunately, when someone takes a screenshot of your message, you do not receive a report or notification from WhatsApp. After a big discussion, the latest security patch allows users to block screenshots of their chats.

Take screenshots of the conversation without restrictions

Many people use WhatsApp to chat with their friends and family every day. This app is free and you only need a Wi-Fi connection to send and receive messages. Unlike some other popular chat apps, WhatsApp allows users to take screenshots of their private conversation.

However, in the new update, the days when you could wake up and see your chat messages across the web are over.

New security features

New security features allow you to take screenshots of other people's private conversations as well as yourself. However, by default it is not clear. You must go to settings to enable this feature. Otherwise, people can take screenshots of your conversations.

The new feature is currently being tested but should be released soon and we will update the article as soon as it is available. Allows users to add an extra layer of security to each private conversation by setting fingerprint access. This means that only you and the person in front of the chat will be able to see the messages.

This security feature blocks screenshots, so you can not even record your chat messages. Whether or not this feature is available to all users depends on the currently shared user feedback.

Many WhatsApp users are confused by the new feature. Some like the way it works and allow them to avoid taking pictures of the screen completely, while others are not affected by fingerprint verification.

What can I do to keep my account secure?

As mentioned earlier, the main risk to your account security is other people. For example, do not just send something to someone you do not want everyone to see. Yes, you probably trust that person, but what happens if you misunderstand?

So the first thing you need to do to keep your communications private is to avoid feeling comfortable sharing.

Of course, this is not always possible, so there are still things you can do to control your privacy.

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Delete messages

One of the best things about WhatsApp is its ability to control your content. Whether the other user has opened your message or not, you can retrieve it. Simply press and hold the message and tap the trash can icon.

Click "Delete for All" and the message will disappear. The recipient still receives a notification that something has been deleted, but does not know what has been deleted.

You can block people on Whatsapp using the Account and Privacy options. If there is someone you no longer want to interact with, use this tool. Simply tap "Block".

Registration of screenshots in WhatsApp is prohibited

WhatsApp seems to have decided to ban screenshots from private chats by activating fingerprint scanning to access the app.

WhatsApp application is preparing an update that does not allow users to take screenshots of private chats.

This Facebook-owned app is currently testing the fingerprint scanning feature. Users can access chats with the help of the feature and scanning their fingerprints. According to the WABetaInfo blog post, taking this screenshot feature will also make it impossible to take pictures.

WABetaInfo examines beta versions of applications for possible features. In this regard, this blog has published a screenshot that shows the details of the update.

WhatsApp beta screenshots show a message when displaying the fingerprint scanning security feature. The message reads: When the security feature of fingerprint scanning is activated, you need to use fingerprint to open WhatsApp.

In addition, screenshots of images will be blocked. If the application is locked, the user can still see notifications and respond to calls. "We still do not know why WhatsApp has decided to ban screenshots when activating fingerprint scanning," WABetaInfo wrote in a blog post.

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