How to spy WhatsApp voice call?

How to spy WhatsApp voice call?
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Messengers are one of the most popular applications that have been added to the lives of all of us in the last two decades and have done a great service to all of us. Thanks to various messengers such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal or other messengers, we have the ability to easily talk and learn from our loved ones anywhere in the world. This issue has attracted the attention of hackers and they have created different ways to hack these messengers. In this article, we want to know how to hack WhatsApp voice call?

Anyone who unauthorized access to data or computer systems or telecommunications protected by security measures is sentenced to imprisonment from ninety-one days to one year or a fine of five to twenty million rials or both. will be.

A dangerous WhatsApp hack allows attackers to access all of a user's messages and use their accounts to steal other people's private conversations.

This attack allows hackers to appear as a friend and gain access to users' personal accounts. If an attacker is given access to account information in this way, they can use it to attack other people as well. In fact, in addition to the main user, such an attack affects more people and harms their audience.

Socially engineered attacks

Another method used to hack WhatsApp can be considered as socially engineered attacks;

This method uses human psychology to steal information or spread false information.

A security company called Check Point Research was able to uncover a type of attack called socially engineered attacks.

This feature allows people to take advantage of the quote feature in group chats and change the text of another person's reply;

This allows hackers to create fake statements that are legitimate by other users.

Researchers were able to do this by decrypting WhatsApp communications.

Hackers can use this method to view the data sent between the mobile version and WhatsApp web and change the value and position, which ultimately allows them to impersonate and alter messages.

Who wants to Record WhatsApp Messenger Voice Calls?

The corporate sector in general, law enforcement authorities in particular, and plenty of groups of people want to do IM’s call recording. Until now, it was not possible at all, but TheOneSpy cell phone surveillance software has remarkably achieved that goal by becoming the first non-rooted spy app for whatsapp and it enables the user to record WhatsApp VOIP calls on target mobile devices. Now you can get access to the target device and further you can record IM’s voice conversations and upload the data to a web portal.

spy WhatsApp voice calls

How TheOneSpy WhatsApp Voice Spy Software Works?

While monitoring the WhatsApp voice messages having an Android target device needs to be rooted but in a case of iOS (iPhone) target device it should be jailbroken, it will enable you to monitor the WhatsApp Messenger app. TheOneSpy WhatsApp monitoring app can easily record voice of WhatsApp messenger on targeted smartphone and upload the log files on user control panel so the user can easily listen to the recorded voices and short voice messages and download them for future use.

*Install TheOneSpy app on target phone

*Activate whatsApp tracking app using web portal

*Get logs of WhatsApp Voice messages