Access Phone Information Via Email

Spy24 Installation Steps to Control Android and IPhone Phones

Install the program from the download section of the monitoring account according to the provided instruction, after activating all the information of your account, it will be sent to your management panel in the family care system.

Some features of SPY24 MAIL

Automatically forward SMS, MMS & WhatsApp messages to email, or to another phone.Reply to messages easily.،texts forwarded،WhatsApps forwarded.

Call control and monitoring of children's communications

Just install the SPY24 parental control software and simply have your child's call log. In addition to reporting calls, you can also control SMS and other social networks.

SMS and MMS remote control

One of the communication strategies for children in the family that does not cause any sensitivity is sending a text message; But SPY24 software will completely eliminate any possible worries and concerns in this field by sending a complete report from the list of sent and received and deleted SMS, along with details related to the name of the contact and the content being exchanged to parents. .

WhatsApp control of children

Every day, many parents are looking for a useful way to control and monitor their children's activities in this social network. The dangers of misusing messengers like WhatsApp are not hidden from anyone.

Email Program SPY24

SPY24 e-mail program is a program for remote control of the phone and by sending e-mails, it informs the family members about the condition of your child and family members's e-mail program. With our program, you can no longer worry about your loved ones' children, because I am always by your side. This program is very high in terms of security and you do not need to transfer your information to a server or anywhere. The email or number you defined in the app will be sent. This app is very useful for low-end Android and can even be more fully compatible with the highest versions of Android. The purpose of this app is to be able to see how your family members are. Avoid potential danger It is the best program right now.

Control the phone of others remotely

(Remote phone control + download family control program): Since the mobile phone is a personal device that can sometimes contain very important information. But these applications are not as secure as they seem, and they have the ability to send information to other devices.

Installing surveillance and spyware programs on your mobile phone, which are usually installed secretly and unintentionally, can send your mobile phone information to another destination, thereby compromising the user's privacy. Of course, using these features is not always a negative burden and in some cases may be very useful.

Then join SPY24 to provide you with a program on how to control the phone remotely so that you can take control of the phone remotely when necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions About Email Control

Do I need to access the phone to install and activate the program?

- Yes - You must have 100% physical and direct access to the device to install and activate mobile control and tracking applications on your child under 18, but after installing the application you will no longer need to re-access the child's device .

What if my child deletes information before connecting to the Internet?

- Yes - As we answered the previous question, the information will still be sent to you, because before the information is removed from the child device, the software temporarily records a copy of the information to send to the panel. .

Is the software completely hidden after installation?

. Yes - After installation and activation, the software is activated as a system application on your child's phone and then completely hidden.

Special Parental Control Program

  • In this way, parents can easily control their children's activities in cyberspace and real life without the need for a mobile phone hacking program remotely.
  • ✔ The first and most powerful Android software training system for tracking, locating and controlling mobile phones, for the safety of children and other family members
  • Secretly tracking and controlling children's mobile phones: No longer worry about your children's safety inside and outside your family's hotbed. Monitor all your children's activities by mobile phone, including calls, SMS, location, activities in the virtual networks of Telegram, Line, WhatsApp and و and be with them indirectly from moment to moment. .
  • The greatest need for mobile hacking is felt in monitoring the performance of children in social networks and messaging software, so in the family care system, this platform is provided for parents to install a special parental control program to monitor and It is possible to control the activities of children through tablets and mobile phones.

Family Care System in Cyberspace

SPY24 system is a very easy-to-install parental control software that allows you to remotely monitor your child's activities by installing it on your children's mobile phone. Some of these features are as follows:

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