SPY24 vs NEXSPY Best Spy App for iPhone - Android 2022

SPY24 vs NEXSPY Best Spy App for iPhone - Android 2022
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SPY24 VS NEXSPY : Which One Is Better?

A lot of parental control apps claim to be at the top of the huge mountain of parental control apps. But SPY24 and NEXSPY are the best two apps. With their features, these two apps have been giving their users the most satisfaction. Aside from the features, many other things make these two apps stand out from the rest, such as safety, the accuracy of tracking, etc. But it makes you scratch your head when you have to choose between two apps that are very close to each other. To choose one app, you have to think about a lot, and I mean a lot, of things.

You might think that nobody wants to spend that much time comparing two apps. Well, that's not entirely true, because we did compare these two apps based on how we used them. Want to know what we learned? Well, this detailed comparison of SPY24 and NEXSPY should satisfy your curiosity.

We've also written in-depth reviews of NEXSPY and SPY24, so if you want, you can use these links to learn more about each app:


We looked at all the important differences and similarities between these two popular parental control apps. This comparison will help you see how each app is different from the others. Also, if you don't want to read the whole article, you can use this table to get a quick idea of what to do. Please note that in the "Pricing" section of this article, we mentioned a special code for SPY24 that gives you a 15% discount. So, don't forget to look at it.

Calls and messages can be followed.

Tracking Social Media


Apps and websites can be blocked.

SPY24's Smart Capture feature lets you take screenshots.


Geofencing and tracking your location

Number of devices to be used




You have to set up a target device before you can monitor it. And most of the time, setting up a device with all the parental control apps is not that easy. Before you can monitor the device, you have to get so many permissions. So, if a monitoring app simply does this, it's a winner because it saves us a lot of time.


Both Android and iOS devices can be tracked by NEXSPY. When it comes to Android, setting it up is a lot of work, and it does wear you down. To put the NEXSPY app on a device, you need to be able to get your hands on it. When you start setting up the device, you'll be given a link to the app's download page. But that isn't what's bad.

The thing that got on my nerves was that I had to give the app a lot of permissions for it to work, which put my patience to the test. I mean, you have to give all those permissions for tracking to work well, but a way that takes less time would have been better.


Let's talk now about how to set up NEXSPY on an iOS device. So, you don't have to have physical access to an Apple device to track it with NEXSPY. If you know the device's iCloud login information, you're good to go. But if the device has Two-factor authentication, things are different. Because then you have to have the device in your hand to get the authentication code. But even then, you don't have to go through all those permissions as you did with Android. For the app to work, you just need to turn on iCloud backup.


Setting up SPY24 on an Android device is not too different from setting up NEXSPY. You'll be given a link to download the app and a unique registration number to link that device to your SPY24 account. After that, you only need to give the app a few permissions. You won't be asked for a lot of permissions like you would be with NEXSPY. The whole process of setting up will only take 5 minutes, which is a blessing.

When it comes to setting up on iOS, there aren't many differences between SPY24 and NEXSPY. If the device doesn't have two-factor authentication turned on, SPY24 also requires you to have iCloud credentials to set up the device, not just physical access. Because if it is turned on, you can't do anything else but get the device in front of you. You could also just call the person you're trying to track and ask for the code. Easy enough, right?

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Conclusion: SPY24 gets the win

So, we can say that SPY24 is the clear winner when it comes to how easy it is to set up on Android. But if the phone is iOS, it's a tie. So, you can choose a side based on the OS of the device you want to protect.

Calls and messages can be followed. 

Both of these apps can track calls and messages on the target device, which is not a big surprise. But the question is, which app does it best? Let's figure it out.


So, if you use NEXSPY to track a device, you'll be able to see the full call log and read SMS messages on the device. You can see the contact's name or number, as well as the time and length of each call. Similarly, you can see everything in the target device's inbox. This means that you can read every text message on the phone. From my use of the app, I can say that the information it records and shows you are pretty accurate. I mean, you have to wait a little while to see the updated data, but that's the same with other apps. So, I don't have a problem with that.


Well, there isn't much difference between NEXSPY and SPY24 when it comes to tracking calls and texts. Like NEXSPY, SPY24 lets you look at all of your calls and text messages. You'll be able to see who called, when, and how long each call was. And now you might be wondering if SPY24 gives you the most up-to-date information faster than NEXSPY. No, not. After a few minutes, the data is updated. Sometimes it takes up to half an hour to update the data.

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Verdict – Tie 

So, when it comes to tracking calls and messages, we can say that NEXSPY and SPY24 are about the same. Both apps let you look at the target device's call logs and SMS, but they aren't always the most up-to-date.

Tracking on Social Media 

Not every monitoring app can be used to track social media in different ways. But NEXSPY and SPY24 are both known for being able to track almost every social media app on the target device. But the question is, who does it better? Let's figure it out.


NEXSPY has a very wide reach when it comes to tracking social media sites. It can track every platform, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype, etc. It keeps track of every conversation on WhatsApp and shows you the exact messages. It also tracks WhatsApp calls, which does not mean that you can hear what people are saying. The only difference is that you'll be able to see who your child is talking to.

It keeps track of things like Instagram and Facebook differently. NEXSPY shows you live screenshots of everything that is happening on those platforms. This means that you'll be able to see every page or profile they visit on social media.

So, I can say for sure that NEXSPY makes it easier to track people on social media and gives its competitors a hard time.


SPY24 is not too different from NEXSPY when it comes to tracking social media. You can track almost everything, from WhatsApp to Skype. For example, on WhatsApp, you can see all the saved contacts along with every conversation and WhatsApp call. But you won't be able to see live screenshots of social media activity like you can with NEXSPY. Instead, you'll see the activity more traditionally, in the form of texts.

NEXSPY comes out on top and wins.

When it comes to tracking social media, both apps work well and can be used in many different ways. But NEXSPY is more modern because it takes screenshots, which is a big step forward when it comes to tracking.

Apps and websites are blocked

Both NEXSPY and SPY24 can show you a list of all the apps installed on the target device. They also do more than just show the apps; you can block apps that you think are inappropriate. As soon as the instruction is given, blocking the app happens very quickly. So, there isn't much to compare in this part.

When it comes to blocking websites, however, SPY24 is the clear winner because NEXSPY doesn't have this feature. You can block installed apps with SPY24, but you can also put URLs of websites on the device to block them.

Conclusion: SPY24 gets the win

Both apps use the same method to stop certain apps from running on the target device, and both work very well, so it's a tie. But if you want to block websites, SPY24 is the best and takes the cake.

Smart Capture and Screen Capture

So, NEXSPY has this feature that lets you take a live screenshot on the target device even if you don't have access to it. Isn't that pretty cool? The name of this feature is "Capture Screenshot." And the target device needs to be unlocked for this feature to work. And it doesn't end here. Spyie beats SPY24 because it also has a feature called "Smart Capture." When a certain app is opened on the device, this feature will automatically take a screenshot. You can, for example, turn on Smart Capture for Instagram. Now, whenever that app is opened, NEXSPY will start taking screenshots of everything that happens right away.

So, if you think this is something you would want in a monitoring app, I would recommend NEXSPY instead of SPY24. Why? Well, that's because neither of those things is in SPY24.

NEXSPY comes out on top and wins.

Because it has these kinds of features, NEXSPY is the clear winner. And it's not just about having them; how well they work is also very important. You should be happy, though, because these features do work well.

Tracking your location and geofencing

A tracking app needs to be able to track where the person is. Both SPY24 and NEXSPY know what parents want, so they both include location tracking. In either app, you can find out where the target device is right now or where it has been.

Both apps also have a feature called geofencing. Because of this feature, you can limit your child's location by setting up a radius around a certain location. If the child breaks that rule, you would be the first to know because you would get an email.

Verdict – Tie

Now the question is, which app does it best? Well, it's hard to say for sure, but based on my experience, the NEXSPY app was better at tracking where I was. But that's what I found. You might find something different. So, I think it's best to call it a tie.

Number Of Target Devices

The bad thing about SPY24 and NEXSPY is that you can only add one device/account to each app. So, no matter what app you use, you won't be able to add more than one tracking device to the same account at once.

Verdict – Tie

Taking this into account, I'd like to think that none of these apps are the best.

Pricing NEXSPY

For Android, the cheapest price for NEXSPY is $29.99 per month. For iOS, the cheapest price is $39.99 per month. On the other hand, a SPY24 subscription for both iOS and Android starts at $29.99/month. So, if you look at all of this, it's clear that SPY24 is the best. But other than that, NEXSPY's cheapest plan leaves out a lot of features, which is frustrating. When you choose SPY24's basic plan, you can't use all of its features, but you will still be happy with what you get.

Pricing SPY24 free

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Pricing SPY24 free

Conclusion: SPY24 gets the win

If you choose SPY24, there are no different prices for iOS and Android. Also, the features of SPY24's cheapest plan don't make you feel like you have to go with the more expensive one. So, SPY24 is in front.

What's My Last Word on NEXSPY vs. SPY24?

If you were to ask me which app I would trust, I would say SPY24. Still, there are many ways in which NEXSPY stands out. NEXSPY takes a modern approach to track by putting a lot of focus on features like Smart Capture. But in the end, it comes down to how well an app works. And in that way, I think SPY24 is the winner.

Modern technology has become an integral part of our lives. Currently, there are billions of smartphone users in the world, which is a remarkable fact hardly imaginable a few decades ago.

However, with an increased number of smartphone users, there is an increased threat to digital security. Online abuse is on the rise, and many children have been the target of cyberbullying.

That led companies to start thinking about good ways to protect in the online world. They come up with an answer in the form of smartphone spy app s, which are great for defending and protecting our closest ones from all online dangers. Even companies today are using these spy apps to track and monitor the location of their employees.

There are many types of spy apps out there on the market, and the following are the best ones for iPhone in 2020.

SPY24 vs NEXSPY Best Spy App for iPhone 2022

The best iPhone spy app s

1. SPY24

SPY24 is a great application that is often labeled as the best spy app for iPhone. It functions perfectly on all devices. After you download the app, install and activate it on the target device, you will gain full remote access to that device. In the sea of many spy apps on the market, SPY24 is the best one because it is fully loaded with many great features which are simple and very easy to use.

SPY24 is also one of the most affordable apps out there. You have three different packages to choose from. The monthly subscription will cost you just $39 per month. The quarterly subscription is $87 which is billed every 3 months, and the yearly option stands at, which translates to just $19 per month.

SPY24 vs NEXSPY Best Spy App for iPhone 2021

The following are the top features of SPY24:

Spying on text messages is very quickly done. Just open the inbox of the targeted device remotely and get an insight into the inbox and outbox.

Call tracking is another feature through which you can see all incoming and outgoing calls from the phone you are tracking. Even the missed calls are recorded too.

GPS tracking is an excellent option for tracking the phone if it gets lost or stolen.

With SPY24, you can also spy on WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook easily and without problems. Monitor everything that is happening on these social media platforms. View all photos, videos, and galleries and even access those files that have been deleted.

Spying on a smartphone through SPY24 requires following some straightforward steps. As soon as you download and install the app on the target iPhone, you can start tracking and monitoring everything that is going on on the device. You will have your dedicated SPY24 account online where you'll need to log into and then check everything you are interested in.

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NEXSPY spy is another iPhone spy app created for monitoring and successful tracking. Its features can come in handy in times of need. There are basic but also some advanced features that can help you monitor iPhones and other similar devices without any problems. Regardless of whether you need to check text messages or monitor calls to and from the iPhone, nexspy will do the job for you.

This app is compatible with most devices on the market. If you are using an older iPhone version, then you can use the iCloud spying app of nexspy together with the jailbreak version that other spying apps are offering.

When it comes to nexspy packages for iPhone spying, you can get either Basic or Premium. Both packages can be purchased on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. In general, nexspy is a reliable spy app for monitoring iPhones, but it still lacks some things that, for example, SPY24 offer.

How we rated these apps

We have considered a few important factors when rating these apps. They are the following:

  • Features
  • Compatibility
  • Pricing
  • Customer Support
  • Pros and Cons

tracking SMS messages iPhone

Each of the mentioned spy apps does an excellent job of tracking and monitoring iPhone devices. However, not all are fully compatible with all versions of iPhones, and they also have different prices to use them. Customer support also differs from one app to another, and all spy apps come with slightly different features.

Ultimately, it all depends on personal preference, and which spy app you choose to use for your needs. However, we have done our best to try them all, check their best features, and see their cons first hand. Instead of burning yourself by using all apps and ending up disappointed, we have done that for you. You can use this as a guide about what can you expect from each of the mentioned spy apps for iPhone.

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  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • GPS Tracker
  • Call Logs
  • Web History
  • Photos, videos
  • Conclusion

By comparing all these crucial things in all spy apps for the iPhone, we concluded that SPY24 is the best choice. It provides the best value for money invested, and it is packed with several dozen features that are extremely helpful.

Top-notch customer support, compatibility with all devices, and many pros over cons make SPY24 the best spy app for iPhone in 2020.

Other apps are useful and have their positive characteristics, but SPY24 has something extra that other apps lack. If you want to avoid wasting time trying different apps and see what they offer, we suggest you take our word and use SPY24.

The monitoring process is excellent, and you control and check everything from a straightforward control panel. This quality app is simple, fast, reliable, and very easy to use.